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Bill Shorten appoints two stooges to review the Fair Work Act.

Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten has appointed a criminal, a political patsy and an academic to review the Fair Work Act. This comes at a time when there is a clear cover-up at Fair Pay Australia in the Craig Thomson / HSU fraud scandal.

One appointee, Dr John Edwards is a board member of the Reserve Bank of Australia which is currently engulfed with the Securency (50% owned by the RBA) and Note Printing Australia (100% owned by the RBA) international bribery scandal where at least 9 ex-employees have been charged with bribing overseas officials. The board members of the RBA are guilty of trying to cover-up the bribery and even though Dr John Edwards was only appointed on the 31st July 2011 he is now as guilty as the rest of the board members as the cover-up continues.

Another is Michael Francis Moore who is a former Federal Court of Australia judge and someone who’s history I know well. I have written a book where he gets a substantial mention and his own chapter and there is enough evidence in there to put him in jail for a very long time.

The third appointee is the academic Ron McCallum who is a clean skin to my knowledge and seems to have been appointed to give the review some credibility.

But it is the history of Dr John Edwards and Michael Francis Moore that needs to be looked at as they are clearly unsuitable to conduct the review of the Fair Work Act.

The three were appointed on the 20th December 2011 with a time frame of reporting to the Government by May 2012.

Dr John Edwards

Dr John Edwards is a board member of the Reserve Bank of Australia and has been a good labor boy for a long time.

John Edwards Reserve Bank of Australia

Mr Edwards has a long CV and is well equipped in economics knowledge, but it is two parts of his CV which shows he is a labor boy. That being 1. From 1991 to 1994 John was principal economic adviser to Treasurer and then Prime Minister, Paul Keating. and 2. He has published four books, two being ‘Keating – the inside story’ (Viking 1996) and his most recent book is ‘Curtin’s Gift: Re-interpreting Australia’s greatest Prime Minister’. And Curtin was a Labor Prime Minister.

The problem being is that with all the political appointments and the clear cover-up going on at Fair Pay Australia the last thing you need is another clear political appointment in Mr Edwards. Add that to the fact that the Reserve Bank is trying to cover-up the Board Members criminal conduct in the international bribery scandal, of which Mr Edwards is now part, it is not a good look to say the least.

It is worth noting that when Dr John Edwards was appointed as a Board Member of the RBA his political background was left out of the press release by the Treasure Wayne Swan. (Click here to read)

Likewise when he was appointed to the Fair Work Act review the press release by Bill Shorten left his political background to nearly the end in attachment 2. (Click here to read)

It is worth looking at the mess the Reserve Bank of Australia are in and some of the cover-up which leads back to the Board members.

1.  2007 – Abdul Kayum admits to Note Printing Australia management that he is paying bribes to win contracts. Former Reserve Bank of Australia deputy governor Graeme Thompson is fully aware of this. Mr Kayum has now been charged for bribery.

2. 2007 – Other “serving and former Reserve officials on the boards of Securency and NPA agreed to handle it internally.” (Click here to read the full article)

3. 2007 – Note Printing Australia get legal advice from Freehills lawyers who say no Australian Laws have been breached so there is no need to notify the police. Nine people have since been charged. Freehills role needs investigation as well. If you pay enough you can get any legal advice you want to cover yourself and Freehills are the type of firm that will give you that advice.

4. 2008 – April – I have previously written about the RBA where I say “A whistleblower who worked for Securency went to the Australian Federal Police in April 2008 armed with hard evidence. The Federal Police tried to sweep it under the carpet which they did successfully until May 2009 when The Age newspaper in Melbourne ran a story exposing the corrupt deals at Securency.” (Click here to read the previous post – The RBA part is towards the end)

5. 2009 – May – After the media reports the Reserve Bank of Australia board refer it to the Federal Police and say they knew nothing about the bribes. It turns out they were lying.

6. 2011 – August –  RBA governor, Glenn Stevens and deputy governor, Ric Battellino lie to the House of Representatives economics committee about the bribery scandal.

7. 2011 – October – “THE Gillard government has blocked a parliamentary committee from recalling  Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens to face questions about allegations that some of his most senior officials covered up corruption at the central bank’s  subsidiaries.”

“To ensure the RBA leadership was not forced to appear, it is understood Labor had backbencher Craig Thomson phone in his vote to the committee despite him being on leave from Parliament to celebrate the arrival of his baby daughter.” (Click here to read the full article)

That’s right, the same Craig Thomson who currently being investigated by police and Fair Pay Australia. The board of the Reserve Bank owe him plenty. I am sure that John Edwards would be well aware of that.

Michael Francis Moore

Mr Moore’s history makes Craig Thomson look like a boy scout when it comes to criminal activity.

Justice Michael Moore (far left) Chief Justice Black (second from left) Warwick Soden – Federal Court of Australia Registrar & Chief Executive ( second from right)

Mr Moore graduated with a law degree in 1974 and became a barrister in 1976. His judicial career started in 1989 when he was appointed a Presidential Member of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission by the Bob Hawke Labor government.

In 1994 he was also appointed a Federal Court of Australia judge by the Paul Keating Labor government.

I had an unlawful termination and breach of Freedom of Association proceeding that ultimately came before Justice Moore.

It was against Fairfax Media and Freehills were their lawyers. I was unlawfully sacked in May 2007 and the hearing was some 20 months later in March 2009. There is a saying “justice delayed is justice denied.” Unlawful and unfair dismissals should take a few months at worst to get to hearing. The 20 months I waited is an Australian record to my knowledge and could only happen when the respondents are abusing the system and the judicial officers are compliant.

Fairfax Media and Freehills ran every frivolous argument they could and the numerous judicial officers obliged.

Did Justice Moore take a bribe? Well he is not refuting it so why should anyone else. There is a picture of me on the front cover of my book holding a sign saying “Justice Moore Federal Court of Australia takes bribes”. It was taken outside the Law Court building in Sydney just to show how corrupt the system is. Mr Moore and the Attorney-General at the time, Mr McClelland, had to take action but they could not because the evidence is there to back it up.

Mr Moore is well aware of the photo and the book. (Click here for the book page) or (click here for the website for the book) I even tendered the photo and others like it as an attachment to an affidavit when the matter was before Mr Moore. He said he did not read the affidavit.

I will not get into all the evidence as there is no need, you do not have to go past the front cover. I was at book signing at the Town Hall Square Angus & Robertson bookstore in 2010 and a guy came up to me and said in relation to Mr Moore taking bribes “If you had the evidence to back that up he would be in jail”. I responded “If I did not have the evidence I would be in Jail” He said “Good point” and walked off.

A lady also came up to me at the same book signing and said in relation to Mr Moore taking bribes “What evidence do you have to support that”, Before I had a chance to respond she said “I suppose the front cover of the book for starters.” The book would not have survived if there was no evidence as Mr Moore and the Attorney-General would have taken legal action to have it withdrawn which they could do very quickly. Also I would have been charged with contempt of court. As it stands the book is freely available and is in numerous libraries across the country, including the NSW State parliamentary library which I understand their copy has been given a good workout by the state politicians.

Mr Moore resigned in July 2011 as a Federal Court of Australia judge and in my estimate some ten years or so before he reached the mandatory retirement age of 70. Why? I do not know. But it must have been extremely embarrassing for him going to work and all the other judges and court staff knowing about the book and knowing that there was nothing he could do to stop it because it is true.

It is like the previous link which I will link again (Click here to read) where the Sydney Morning Herald names people they accuse of covering up the RBA bribery. Some of the people they name are: deputy governor Ric Battellino, a former deputy governor, Graeme Thompson, former NPA boss Chris Ogilvy, an assistant governor, Frank Campbell, and Bob Rankin, a former assistant governor and now the bank’s chief representative in Europe.

The cover-up is a criminal offence in itself, so the SMH is accusing them of criminal offences. If there was no basis to that the above mentioned could have and would have taken legal action against the SMH. The fact that they have not says it all. The same goes for Michael Moore. If you have evidence of someones criminal conduct they can not stop you from saying it or publishing it.

There are two key reasons why the review panel needs to be fixed to make sure it hands down a favourable report.

1. The Prime Minister Julia Gillard was the Minister for Workplace Relations when the Fair Work Act and Fair Pay Australia came into effect and any adverse findings would reflect poorly on her and also the Labor Party. Given their current unpopularity they can not afford it.

2. Like any review or inquiry it can quite often lead into other areas and they want to make sure it does not review Fair Pay Australia taking 3 years to investigate the Craig Thomson / HSU fraud.

Bill Shorten and the government are well aware of the above and have been for a long time.

Admin: This website is not about my experiences, but corruption in the judiciary as a whole. In saying that a lot of my knowledge comes from my own experience and a number of parties from my time in court have raised their heads of late. Like Mr Moore above, so over the next few posts they will get mentioned.

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  1. Keep it going Shane. The more this plays out the deeper the hole to bury Due-Lie-Are and her criminal gang of @ssholes.

  2. There appears to me to be a cabal of lawyers/industrial relations advocates/Labor politicians which control/or seek to control the labor industry. The web of intrigue being spun by the likes of Gillard, Shorten and their former employers , permeates the very halls of justice in this great country. Thanks to blogs such as yours, the scum is being peeled back to reveal the putrid mess underneath which goes to the highest leadership in our land-both political and judicial. However, as is happening, day by day, the prayers of myself and my family are being answered- our prayer is simple, and whether religious or not, everyone needs to utter these words- “Let the truth be exposed”.
    With the 4 Corners revelations last night, even the ABC is now part of this exposing.
    It may take some time, but it will happen.
    God bless your blog- you are exposing the truth!

  3. There has never been a Government which will bring in any Law or Act which does not have an escape clause built into it. All Politicians are aware that at some time or other they will be facing the music for their actions over some thing. There fore they must have that escape claws to crawl through. When ever these escape clause (loop holes) are shown for what they are, it then becomes a “Gray Area”! It can be hard to nail the Pollie down, that is untill he/she becomes a liability to the group or party. IE; Rex Jackson.
    Very similar to trying to pick up Quick Silver with a pair of tweezers.

  4. Great work, Shane. Surely we must beat this mob soon! If only we could get the truth from the ALL the media the people might DEMAND AN ELECTION. Fair work is so CORRUPT and run by Gillards MAFIA! The UNION boys like SHORTEN cannot be trusted to do anything honest!

    • Well said Pat,we are a small family business that should not even be under fairwork,but they have stolen our awards and are sending a lot of us bust with the loss of jobs too!!!.We have tried toget any press interest-but even with evidence they do not want to know.They even have Justice Ross Mothballed so no one can get to him with these claims!!,dear Bill & Julia are in it up their necks and have been for years we think.They even have the Commonwealth Ombudsman wrapped too-“It seems that most of your evidence has vanished so We cannot do anything for you”!!.How would they know that unless some-one had told them that and to not investigate our solid claims.However that said-we will continue to fight them until they get kicked out,then we have to take on Tony & Eric,as they know all about it toobut do not have the guts to tackle industrial affairs,shows a lack of confidence on the Libs part ,as far as we are concerned.Keep on complaining its the only way wrongs get put right in this global world,Mike & Tanya.

  5. If Craig Thomson is “cleared of charges” we know that Fair Work Australia is another of Gillards CRIMINAL acts, like attempting to SETUP Tony Abbott in that riot!

      • Susan . . they cannot help themselves. They tell lies, blame Libs and then tell more lies to try and cover up.. . and this means only one thing, that they have NIL respect for the Australian people and their hard earned money
        Problem is, and the PM and her Union buddies are finding out, is that you have to have a very good memory if you tell lies . . and more recently have the digital cameras and mics turned OFF.
        I call on Julia Gillard as the leader of this disgracefull party to resign and call an election so the people can vote for truth and honour as opposed to lies and waste
        Surely she realises that she will not be the leader before the next election anyway. Bill Shorten will take over to try and fool Australia again

  6. Mr Dowling you are one of the cornerstones of Democracy,not to be confused with Murdocracy,it’s so refreshing to read a journalist who works outside the tent.The ex senator Don Chipp once famously said, “We need to keep the bastards honest” Nowadays it should read “How do we keep the bastards honest !”
    I think it’s about time for the establishment of “Integrity Officers”,with the powers of a royal commission, to police the politicians and bring then to account for their illegal actions.

    • Thanks for your support. As a side note I ran into Martin Smith (who was Justice Moore’s associate) on the way home today on the bus as he lives near me. I tried to talk to him, I said “Hello Mr Smith are you still working at the Federal Court” and he panicked (I could see the fear on his face) and he went to the back of the bus. I followed and said the same thing and he got up and said leave me alone and went to the front of the bus. I had also seen him on Sunday and I just said G’day and it was no issue. He must have read todays post. If Mr Moore is ever charged Mr Smith would be a key witness at least and possibly face charges along with Mr Moore. No wonder he had fear in his face.

      • If the case ever gets to court it will be a case of the “Amnesia Assizes”.The only interesting point will be how many different ways he can say “I do not recall”
        At the end of the case it will be interesting to follow the direction of his career as to which lucrative government sinecures he is appointed to as a reward for his services.

      • great work shane i have been going through all of these pages ,unbelivable what these people are getting away with,no wonder this country is such a mess.keep up this please,i [ost some on my fb pagem a lot of people are interested

  7. I am 63 year old and this is probably the last Labour federal govenment I will ever see.
    It seems as though even the ABC is now seeing the plight of our country under the ‘Stalin like’ rule of this government . . . all appearances are stage managed, all opposition is ridiculed and blamed “all the time”, agreements are torn up, people are paid off to provide support (Climate change ‘scientists’ and advisers, Fair Work Australia re Craig Thompson)
    The tragedy of this is that I think Bill Shorten is in a difficult position. He is associated with corrupt Union power and a disgracefull lieing PM. He may go down with the ship when it sinks, and since all journalists are beginning to see the light, this may be sooner rather than later. Maybe journalists have relatives who ARE losing their jobs due to Labour policies, maybe journalists are feeling left out as the PM selects those whose questions she feel will be light and she can answer with spin.
    Maybe journalists have a conscience!

    • Can’t imagine that the ABC cares too much about the plight of our country. It’s probably more likely that the ABC and other like minded media outlets are watching their audience/readers disappear in droves. I don’t share your views on Bill Shorten – he is just another opportunist endeavouring to get where ‘he’ wants to go, and bugger everyone else. I saw enough of him during the Beaconsfield mine tragedy – it was clear then that he was after exposure – rather crass of him. He also has a rather significant problem with his mother-in-law and her involvement in covering up the rape of an aboriginal girl. (The Heiner Affair)

  8. What I can’t understand is for the amount of lies and corruption this Due Liars Party has where is Abbot at question time? I am further worried that he too is tainted in some way.
    If there is one thing to destabilise international confidence in the Australian economy then dealing with maggots is it.

  9. Hi Shane – really great article. Many of us older Australians cannot understand why this has not been bought to head and these crooks taken to task. Then when you stop on think how much advertising the government does in the media – you realise many media moguls dont want to bite the hand the feeds them.

    Just to digress a lttle – have you every looked at the “from little things big things grow” superannuation industry??? What benefits do the members get from the millions of dollars of advertising we see in newspapers and on TV? More money from government/unions to Media!!! Who is on the board of said superannuation companies and what business qualifications do they have???? What a lovely pay off to all the old union bosses who passed on member’s money for ALP election campaigns – $250K a year directorships for life…..

    And finally – now we know the other reason Arbib resigned – making way for the worst NSW premier in history Bob Carr to bcome foreign minister. Wonder how long before Arbib takes on his Ambassadorship payoff – !!!!

    I get more disgusted with all this corruption every day and was so glad to read your articles and to see you are not letting it go.

    Good luck Kind regards Penni Tastula – self funded retiree – Darwin.

  10. Yes, appears our PM has bribed the news media bosses with the promise of heaps of advertising money via ‘legitimate’ sources
    We do not need to advertise superannuation funds. It is compulsory and in most instances it goes to the reputable companies anyway. So there must be another reason for the advertising dollars

  11. I was appalled – shocked beyond disbelief to see former unionist Shorten had been sitting up there in regional Rockhampton plotting away to overthrow the people’s elected leader (not saying Rudd was good or not good, the issue being ‘overthrown’) then to see him rise through his clandestine dealings to launch at Julia’s side.
    Be careful to cast my vote, Bill. Is Kirsten Livermore part of your corrupt platform?
    And note, this too Billy boy – there’s a new kid on the block – and it ain’t you babe!

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