Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard’s Richard Nixon moment.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the former US President Richard Nixon have something in common in that they both went on national television and showed total contempt for their positions and the public when their own reputations were at an all-time low. The two videos below show this.

The Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has shown total and utter contempt for the Australian public in refusing to answer one small question on the ABC Four Corners program on Monday night 13/2/12.

It has been written about in the papers the last few days and shown on TV. But you have the watch the 2 minutes preceding to get the full picture of her ducking and weaving which leads to this exchange with the reporter:

JULIA GILLARD:  I heard your question and I’ve answered it.

ANDREW FOWLER:  You haven’t answered the question.

JULIA GILLARD:  Well, I’ve given you the answer I’m going to give you.

Well she had not answered the question and did not care who knew it.

She obviously feels that as PM she is above the public and voters. It will go down in history as one of the biggest political blunders that Australia has ever seen.

Given that polling figures show she is the most unpopular Prime Minister that Australia has ever had, and with many in her own party wanting her gone, it was not a blunder she could afford.

It reminded me of former US President Richard Nixon and one line he said in the famous David Frost interviews he did in 1977 three years after he had resigned. Richard Nixon is best remembered for the Watergate Scandal and below is what it says on Wikipedia and below that is the video with the key line.

“The Watergate scandal was a political scandal during the 1970s in the United States resulting from the June 1972 discovery of a break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C., and the Nixon administration’s attempted cover-up of its involvement. Effects of the scandal eventually led to the resignation of Richard Nixon, the President of the United States, on August 9, 1974; the only resignation of a U.S. President. The scandal also resulted in the indictment, trial, conviction and incarceration of 43 people, including dozens of top Nixon administration officials.” (For the full article click here)


Below is a 2 minute extract from the Four Corners episode titled “The Comeback Kid?” which shows Julia Gillard in full flight (Click here to watch the full show)



The fallout from that one blunder has escalated over the last two days and it is just a matter on time before Julia Gillard resigns whether on her own initiative or not.

Julia Gillard has a history of this arrogance of which the best example is a previous post titled “Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s criminal history and her hypocrisy with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange” which shows like Richard Nixon, she thinks she is above the law and whatever she does is legal because she is the Prime Minister. (Click here to read the post)

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  1. Due-Lie-Are will do down, infamously, in Australian history as the most devious, deceptive, deceitful, despotic, delusional, de(….?) prime minister, ever.

    • other than john howard that is, “read my lips! never ever never have a gst” now thats devious , wouldnt you agree amcoz? huh huh?

  2. Julia Gillard is an ex-lawyer, like the MAJORITY of our politicians. Why are so many lawyers attracted to parliment? Because they have already been taught the art of sophistry (i.e.lying) in their legal education and are the most suitable candidates to become lying politicians. Our lawyers and politicians believe they can bend the truth to achieve whatever they want and they will get away with it and they usually do. Julia would be furious she has been caught out, as it usually works.
    This is why the German inquisitorial legal system is so superior to our English adversarial system. Germans judges are ONLY interested in the TRUTH and can quickly and efficiently reject any sophistry to the point that lawyers don’t even try. Meanwhile our lawyers get rich using sophistry as our judges allow sophistry as a matter of legal principle, i.e. the right to argue whatever crap the lawyer comes up with or, in other words, the unstated right, the right of the lawyer to get rich doing this.
    I wonder if German politicians are not so skilled in lying, as ours are, as they haven’t had the practice ours have.

  3. I would not want to be Tim Mathieson for all the tea in China You have to feel sorry for the him surely but I guess he of all people would know all her vices. How could he believe a word she says if she is prepared to lie and cheat in her solemn role as PM.
    Her contempt for Australians gives the impression she’s nothing more than a low life toe-rag whose only priority is herself.

    • what a right wing beat up, just dont mention, core and non core promises as it totally compromises your ivory tower propaganda and gary i would like a sticker that says ‘nuke all the blind rednecks’ like you.stay sad and mean mate as you deserve it.

      • Hey Molloy, so you are from the other end of the political spectrum, so what. This is a blog, free speech you know. Anyone can state their opinion. You write as if they are not entitled to it. Which Labor / Union faction do you belong to? Idiot

    • I’m sure he knows all her vices, and no, I seriously doubt that it’s necessary for him to believe every word she says. He will disappear from the scene is suddenly as he appeared.

      Maybe she needs another of Mr Dadon’s Middle-Eastern mystery holidays?


  4. In relation to Tim Mathieson, when she finally either gets the knife or resigns (with what she would undoubtedly think) with grace and dignity, Tim’s position might be on shaky ground.

    I believe Tim is an accessory, like a handbag if you like, acquired a the time of pre-election for a little more credability. ( a bit like hawkeys makeover in the early 80’s)

    Well what happens to old out of date handbags? If by chance you read these posts Tim please take note of the posts above, accurately describing your handler.

    • I haven’t seen any main stream reporting on Tim Mathieson’s fraudulent Gold Coast property dealings? He isn’t just a handbag, he is also corrupt. Just not as corrupt as his girlfriend.

  5. Reminds me of the old bumper sticker that was around in the 80’s ‘ Dont tell Mum I’m a politician.She would be so embarressed.She thinks I play piano in a Brothel ‘

    Just how low can this person go?

    If she was in the private sector she would have been sacked if not jailed ages ago.

  6. Gillard had no reason to believe her verbal gymnastics would not suffice to preserve her teflon coat – after all, it’s worked for her many times in the past.

    In your previous post Shane, on her history as a Union lawyer having an affair with her AWU client (a typical indicator of her complete lack of moral or ethical principles), she continually answered any challenge as to what she knew and when of the missing Union millions by saying exactly the same thing – “I’ve already answered that question” – when no record of any such answer exists.

    This week in Parliamentary Question Time she did the same thing in response to direct questions and her very obliging Speaker allowed her to get away with it.

    In the post-Nixon years it was made clear that the only reason Nixon was not also put on trial and probably imprisoned was that the issue was not about Nixon as an individual, but about putting the very Office of the Presidency on trial. That set a very unfortunate precedent for any Democracy of the West, and rendered these people immune from ever be accountable for their criminal behaviour. Nixon obviously considered himself to be vindicated simply because he’d never been required to answer to the American People under the Law.

    It seems that any incumbent of our highest political offices will never be prosecuted for their lying, for perverting the course of justice – their vested interests, their ‘connections’, their past criminal acts – because to do so would bring the Office of our Prime Minister into disrepute around the world, and we can’t have that can we?

    It’s no wonder these individuals, so graphically profiled in the Kangaroo Court, consider themselves to be above the Law – simply because they are. It has taken decades for the infrastructure and judicial appointments to be made which will ensure they never answer to anybody, least of all the Australian People.


  7. It seems odd that Gillard infers that she had no control over her office for at least 2 weeks before she knifed Rudd and, more recently, continues to pretend she’s “I know nothing” Manuel ( from Fawlty Towers ) denying her knowledge of her office instigating the Australia Day riot.
    If she doesn’t know what her own staff is doing, maybe a visit to Bill Shorten’s Mother-in-Law would be an honourable solution and probably mark a future celebratory public holiday.

    • I doubt Bill Shorten’s Mother-in-Law would even know what she was meant to do unless it involved flower arranging and big hats.

      • Wrong, wrong, wrong Paul. Bill Shorten’s mother in law was seriously implicated in the Heiner affair. She can do much much more than arrange flowers.

  8. listen to these bitchy comments about the prime ministers partner, can you imagine what your reaction would be if a lefty attacked howards wife who also lived in $30,000 a night hotels paid for by the taxpayer so little johny could watch the ashes cricket games, hypocrisy thy name is you.,

  9. save your vitriol as i will never visit this ridiculous site again as i cant stand biased garbage designed to overthrow a democratically elected govt, howard had a bevy of scandals, awb, union bashing, kids overboard and 60,000 innocents slaughtered in an illegal war to control oil stocks and some of you have the gall to want to criminalise the present prime minister, dont look in the mirror honestly as you will not like what you see, i will leave you to wallow in your born to rule conservative misery,bye now!

    • I have actually written about Johny’s handiwork before, but you have only read one post so how would you know. You probably do not care, just on here for a bit of spin to try and help Julia. And your argument is that because Johny did all these things wrong so should Julia Gillard be allowed. Interesting concept.

  10. Mr Molloy always has the ABC. On the other hand, I should imagime the ABC won’t be pleasing him too much at present! I guess they had to change tact in order to reverse their ratings plunge!

    The Johnny you talk about is argueably the best Prime Minister this country has ever had. Didn’t agree with him all the time, but largely he did it for his beloved Country.

    Rather glad you won’t be visiting this site again. And good luck at the next election Mr Molloy.

  11. i’ve decided to stay now to try and educate you vonthurn, and yes i hope for good luck in the election and a plethora of independants are elected. shane you commit the sin you accuse me of by assuming i am a labour voter, i will not vote for either of the putrid major parties who are there to get their hands on power and build power for their party. the path is long lost i’m afraid, oh dear now you hate me more as i am a filthy independent voter who cant be controlled by spin and vonthorn our numbers are swelling by the day with the disgusting antics of your idols. yes bring on the election as there are some nasty lessons to be learnt by politicians of all colours. have a nice day voters and choose carefully.

    • J Molloy, this site is to expose fraudulent activities that we on the margins hope will be exposed in the main stream media. Not interested in your personal rants.

      • the fraud seems to be very lopsided. please explain this on the margins bit, you seem to be right slam bam in the very middle of it.

      • Great J Molloy, if not at the margins that shows that the author’s strategy to expose fraud is working. Your post is very encouraging.
        Perhaps a message back to your minders saying that there is in fact no hope left for this Government?

      • just because you’re not paranoid doesnt mean they are not out to get you bbpd hahaha, it must be a strain being as important as you.

      • i have to agree there is no hope left for this govt and we need a change, but jumping out of the lefty frying pan and into the right wing fire is a suicide pact not a survival strategy, i am so sorry to upset your little club with disaggreements but lifes like that even for conspiracy theorists. if you put it up dont be surprised when it is held up to the light. looking forward to continuing the debate but dont console yourself by falsely saying i am part of a plot, or have a MINDER?, there are a few of us free thinkers still out there.

  12. People underestimate the effect of blogs that are honest and independent like this one. Lots of political hacks, fixers and spin doctors send their eyes and ears (and mouthpieces) to these sites to try and warp debate.

    For their construct of lies to function, it must control the narrative.

  13. Dear Bamftiger, they should go out and get a real job. One that contributes.
    Your comment is very encouraging!

  14. I feel that Gillard, and her comrade socialists have absolutely NO heart-felt attachments, or true feelings for OUR beloved Australia.

    “…I SOUGHT the endorsement of MY colleagues (NOT Kevin’s) to be the Labor Leader AND to be the Prime Minister of THIS country…” (Gillard hasn’t even laid CLAIM to it as being hers, or else, she would have been PROUD, and CAREFUL to call it by NAME) for, she DIDN’T say – “to be the Prime Minister of AUSTRALIA” – she said “..to be the Prime Minister of THIS country..” What a PUT-DOWN (what an UN-grateful IMMIGRANT) – Gillard’s an ALP Fabian socialist; and so, she does NOT even REMOTELY resemble the AUSTRALIANS I grew up with. The ALP Fabian socialists see AUSTRALIA as just another ‘chess piece’ to be taken, to THEIR credit (in their ALP Fabian socialist’s GLOBAL aspiration game) a piece to be TAKEN.
    The ALP are just one member of a huge SELF-seeking opportunistic ‘club’ of SELF-patronising MORBIDLY intelligent “schoolies”, who think that the rest of us ought to ‘look UP to their sort’ – well, I, for one, look DOWN upon such people as these as being extremely BASIC morons – FULL of knowledge (which was DRILLED into their grey matter by ‘ROTE’) who couldn’t produce one single iota of ‘COMMON’ sense among the WHOLE Godless lot of ’em put together.
    I reckon EVERY decision they make (whenever they can manage to LIE and CHEAT their way into office) would FIRST have to be very carefully measured, or screened against the Stated Aims and Requirements of the Fabian Society’s SOP’s – before it goes anywhere.
    I reckon these ‘colleagues’ of MS Gillard’s would HAVE to have been her OTHER Fabian Society members, like Swan and the ‘faceless’ MP’s that Kevin Rudd made mention of re: his ‘DISMISSAL’ by the ALP Fabian socialists.

  15. You are so right Mr. Schofield. I wish every voter in Australia researched the Fabians and see for themselves what their ambitions are. Wolf in sheep’s clothing is a very apt coat of arms for these dangerous, Marxist, creepy, creeping scum.

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