Attorney General Nicola Roxon

Bob Brown and the Greens prostitute their soul and integrity and use WikiLeaks and Julian Assange for some free PR.

The Australian Greens party are pretending they are doing everything possible to help Julian Assange and WikiLeaks while in fact they are doing nothing. All they are doing is using WikiLeaks and Assanges’s predicament for some free PR and advertising.

For the Greens to do this make them nothing more than low life political parasites with no ethics or integrity.

The Greens led by Senator Scott Ludlam have been highly critical of the Australian governments treatment and lack of support for WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. One slight problem with that! The Greens are part of the Government. The above picture is courtesy of The Australian and they did a story on the Greens/Labor deal. (Click here to read)

If The Greens were to go into the Australian Prime Minister’s office and say they will not support the government anymore unless the government gives Julian Assange the full support that every Australian citizen is entitled to, what would happen?  PM Julia Gillard would direct the attorney general Nicola Roxon and other government officials to start doing just that.

So why haven’t the greens done just that? Because it is not a priority for them. And given that it is not a priority I find it disgusting that they are getting around masquerading that is.

The Greens are some very sick and perverted people to use Julian Assange’s predictament to boost their own profile knowing full well they have no intention of giving him their full support.

I was at a speakers forum last Friday night at the University of Technology, Sydney and the speakers were Scott Ludlam, Australian Greens Senator, Christine Assange, mother of Julian Assange, Humphrey McQueen, historian, Australian National University and WikiLeaks and Assange lawyer Jennifer Robinson.

Mr Ludlam had a lot of good things to say but he kept on pointing the finger at the government while failing to make the point that he is part of the government, so therefore he is part of the problem.

Below is an edited video of some of what Mr Ludlam had to say and my comments.


I have decided to take Mr Ludlam’s advice and start a petition to put pressure on the Greens so they reach the pain threshold, as he says in the video, and for them to take real action in supporting Mr Assange.

The Greens should withdraw their support for the government until Mr Assange is given the maximum amount of diplomatic, legal and consular support that he is entitled to as an Australian citizen

If we let the government get away with this then who knows, maybe tomorrow it could be you. Remember David Hicks was locked up for years without trial or charge and tortured. Even if Hicks was guilty he was entitled to a trial in a fair and reasonable time but the Liberal Party government of the day sold him out. The Liberals seem to have learnt their lesson and have come out in support of Assange and WikiLeaks in relation to Julie Gillard saying that what WikiLeaks and Julian Assange did was illegal.

This issue is no longer about Assange. It is about a government in a democracy doing the right thing and supporting its citizens.

To sign the petition click here.

I will do another posting on the forum I went to last Friday night in the next couple of days.

But make sure you support the petition and let the power of the people be known. We will not tolerate crap from the government anymore, and that includes the parasite Greens.

And lets name and shame the greens

Senator Bob Brown, Senator Christine Milne, Senator Rachel Siewert, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young,  Senator Scott Ludlam, Senator Richard Di Natale, Senator Penny Wright, Senator Larissa Waters, Senator Lee Rhiannon and MP Adam Bandt. They should be ashamed of themselves, but like standard politicians they will lie and crap on about why they have done nothing. If you would like to contact the Greens and ask them why they have done bugger all click here for their contact details.

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  1. Bob Brown may have had soul and integrity…..once. I do however remain deeply skeptical of Assange, his motives, and his backers. There have been whistle-blowers with far more damning information over the past ten years who have been studiously ignored by the global media, yet Assange quickly became, and remains some sort of poster child for something or other, in fact he himself is now a bigger issue than the information he supposedly has revealed. Hell the mainstream Press were even pimping Wikileaks before any actual leaks had been revealed. Simple maxim for this kind of thing…”if its in the paper, someone wants it in the paper”.

  2. Very good point. The same goes for the Greens not making waves about our Governments support for the US to wage another war, this time against Iran. Nobody in government or opposition is doing anything to prevent us having to take sides in another war of imperial agression.

    • Testing kc integrity: greens have been opposing all of these wars constantly. Just because the media doesn’t cover it doesn’t make this true. Face it, this site supports the libs who put us in this situation to begin with and continue to support these wars.

  3. What a load of codswollop! I and many other WikiLeaks and Julian Assange supporters are very happy for the assistance of Scott Ludlam. He has spoken up very loudly on the subject in Parliament and travelled to both the UK and Sweden in an effort to assist in this matter. How dare you insult anyone on the panel of the Forum, that you were so graciously allowed to film. I doubt in future you will be given any support for your site by those involved.

    • Yes, speaking up in Parliament and going to the UK and Sweden. Great Photo opportunities and PR for the Mr Ludlam and the Greens. Name one thing that Mr Ludlam and the Greens have actually done that has directly benefited Mr Assange and WikiLeaks.
      And like I said in the post why haven’t they demanded the government give WikiLeaks and Mr Assange their full support otherwise they will withdraw their support for the government. What, you do not think they should do that? Aren’t you curious why they have not done that?
      And you say “How dare you insult anyone on the panel of the Forum, that you were so graciously allowed to film”
      Oh so that is how it works, you want to stand up for Wikileaks Mr Assange’s free speech but not mine or anyone else who criticises the panel. Thanks for that.

  4. Words are extremely cheap Gail – and as Shane says, it’s also great PR for Green politicians (who get exactly the same rich, gravy-train ride as every other pollie). The only thing that counts in the political World is VOTES – and the Greens are too damn yellow to put their VOTES where their mouths are as far as Assange is concerned. Just as they’re too damn yellow to speak out about the organised crime at our airports that killed a very brave police officer, bankrupted a senior customs officer and put an innocent tourist in hell – despite having received dossiers full of irrefutable evidence, that Gillard (and every other official minion of Government), has received.

  5. Mr Ludlam likes to keep his head down as does Bob Brown. It the tactic of making the bullets and getting some one else to fire them. It is mostly used by cowards who don’t want to come of the fence, that way they can swing back and forth supporting which ever is the most beneficial argument to suit their cause.
    Mr Assange and WikiLeaks have brought out the truth where Politicians are concerned by showing the world just what these people say and do behind closed doors and when they feel they are safe from scrutiny. As is well know all politicians are adapt at lying, backstabbing and the good old two-faced friendship smile when the need arises.
    Mr Assange deserves to be treated like any other citizen of this country. Just as those who are caught drug running or paying bribes in foreign countries get full consular assistance.
    I feel Ms Gillard may have a lot more to hide then is suspected at this time.

  6. with the queensland election looming and a federal election not too far away ,this is a chance for australians [real australians,not imports.]to rid ourselves of the deceitful untrustworthy lying corrupt anti australian self gratifying ,political circus,break the monopoly of the two party system,there are other options ,
    one nation google the agenda,one of the policies is to put the power back to the people
    bob katter,his policies are to reinstate our primary industry and manufacturing industry,
    both of the present parties have changed the constitution illegally ,it can only be changed by a referendum,
    privation of our services in a recipe for disaster,we must stop letting these idiots from ruining our country

  7. Shane, I agree with you, absolutely.

    The most galling thing I find about all the Wikileaks revelations is that from my reading over the last two years, I have yet to see ONE instance where the perpetrators of a gross wrong-doing have ever been brought to trial.

    • I’m yet to see anything from Wikileaks that couldn’t be obtained elsewhere, or is of any lasting consequence. And no, nothing from them has led to any kind of investigation or charge anywhere to my knowledge. I still think the whole saga is a devious Dog-and-Pony show intended to distract and stifle real investigation of real wrongdoing. In a way Ludlum swanning around getting face-time on media but doing nothing illustrates my point. Its all part of the show, and everyone gets something out of it. Except us of course.

  8. Of course the Greens won’t stand up and be counted because they are the greatest bunch of impostors ever to walk into a parliament…..anywhere.

    Bob brown is no more than a political opportunist, with populist, or no, policies, chipping away around the edges of the real issues, and pushing the Greens ideas of big issues, like gay marriage and late term abortion. What a joke they are, and even they know it.

    As another poster says, he’s on the gravy train like the rest of them, and he’s intent on staying there, happy that he’s conned 10% of the voters, and wallowing in the opportunity to run the country from a position of 10 seats in BOTH houses (and bear no responsibility for the f*** ups) as the incumbent (in name only) PM is too weak to stand up to him because he may throw her out of power. He wouldn’t of course, because he’d be irrelevant to the Libs, and he loves being the pseudo PM.

    The Greens have reached the zenith of their political rise, and I anticipate that following the next federal election, and that may be a lot closer than we think, they could hold less than 5 seats with none in the lower house. From there they will go the way of the Democrats, and I think the Democrats had a lot more to offer than the Greens will ever have.

  9. Shane, I salute you and your brave and unpopular stance on the Greens. I have long been asking why the Greens have not forced the Government to reverse the NT intervention (which is creeping into other States by the way – ‘intervention creep’ they call it). I know the answer of course, but no one seems to see through the Greens’ patent hypocrisy and self-interested motivations. their days are truly numbered and we will be left with a country covered with scars, trauma and with any semblance of democracy lying in ruins.
    I would write more but must finish my article on the Greens and their co-opting of the debate on biomass ….
    Well done, and thanks.

  10. I wish you were right about the Liberals having learnt their lesson Shane. I followed Wikileaks Twitter advice and wrote to all and sundry around Christmas. Gillard didn’t bother to reply.
    I would attach a copy of my reply from George Brandis (Shadow Attorney General) but can’t see a way to do it. So here’s a portion of it quoted verbatim
    ‘On the issue of Wikileaks and Julian Assange, the Coalition condemns the irresponsible disclosure of sensitive national security information by Wikileaks. However, it is not at all clear that Mr. Assange has committed any contravention of Australian law by positing this information.’
    Their subsequent passing of the Intelligent Services Amendmaent Bill 2011 (known as the Wikileaks amendment) and more recently a new extradition law under the smokescreen of Rudd’s challenge, both passed in lockstep with Gillard, would suggest that nothing has changed. Assange is toast if they think they can get away with it. So keep the pressure up. Lots of letters to the editor coming up.

  11. I think there is more behind this. Politically he would be a good score for the greens. They know this, particularly with Brown gone. I know the thinking as his most manic left as left you can be advisor is Felicity Hill, a person I definitely wish had not been my daughter.

  12. Tell me which party has approached the ACCC regarding the denial of payment from Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and the others to Wikileaks? Clue – not the ALP or the Coalition.

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