Justice Steven Rares

Peter Slipper strikes it lucky and lands corrupt federal court judge Steven Rares to hear his sexual harassment case.

Federal politician and parliament speaker Peter Slipper has stepped aside as speaker as there is a huge shadow over him as he is being sued for sexual harassment by his staff member James Ashby and the federal police are investigating him for alleged fraud of his expenses. The problem is that the judge hearing his sexual harassment case, Justice Rares, has an even bigger shadow over him and is as corrupt as they come.

In the same matter the federal government is also being sued and of course the Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the federal government would be happy to have Justice Rares hearing the matter as they need/want Peter Slippers vote in Parliament.

Anyone who has been watching the Craig Thomson / HSU / Fair Work Australia saga is fully aware of the cover-up which includes the federal government.

Make no mistake the Peter Slipper / James Ashby / Justice Rares matter will be more of the same.

They do not come any more dishonest or corrupt than federal court judge Justice Steven David Rares SC. I did a recent post on Justice Rares’s handiwork on the 18th of March 2012 titled “Justice Rares legalises Optus’s copyright theft and Fairfax Media’s criminal conduct.” (Click here to read the post)

Interestingly enough his NRL / AFL v Optus judgment was overturned on Friday 27/4/2012. You might say that shows the courts working as they should. But the three judges who heard the appeal had no choice given the scandalous decision that was originally handed down by Justice Rares. And what about Justice Rares legalising Fairfax Media’s criminal conduct of fabricating evidence.

I made the call that Justice Rares’s decision was corrupt in the NRL / AFL v Optus matter in March and have been proven right. Do you really believe a layman like me knows more about the law than a federal judge. Of course I don’t. I was able to make the call because Justice Rares’s decision was as stupid as they come.

The Australian public deserve to have an honest judge hearing the matter which would rule Justice Rares out.

Having a judge like Justice Rares helps in a lot of ways e.g. he can rule key evidence out, expedite or delay the case depending on what the government needs and obviously handing down another dodgy judgement amongst other things.

It must be remembered that federal politicians are lawmakers and Australia’s democracy has become a joke when we have a corrupt judge hearing a matter of whether or not a law-maker has broken the law.

Annabel Crabb in the SMH has written in relation the Peter Slipper / Federal Government / James Ashby case: “One suspects the judicial process will – as it is designed to do – test the accusations in light of all the evidence available, including the testimony of those best placed to comment.” (Click here to read the full article)

It made me laugh when I read that. Based on previous form Justice Rares is there to make sure the allegations are tested to the very minimum at best, if ever tested at all. Slipper and the government might file a section 31A application for summary judgement to have the case kicked out before it ever goes to hearing. It would certainly be crossing their minds. If that was to happen I am sure Justice Rares would oblige and dismiss the matter.

Who is Steven Rares? Steven David Rares was appointed a judge of the Federal Court of Australia on the 2/2/2006. He graduated in Arts and Law from the University of Sydney and after two years working in a solicitors’ firm he was called to the New South Wales Bar in 1980. He was appointed a Senior Counsel in 1993. In 2004 and 2005 he was a member of the Judicial Commission of New South Wales and was Chairman of Counsel’s Chambers Limited from 2001 to 2005.

So you cannot say that Steven Rares does not know the law.  Rares knows exactly what he is doing and his days as a judge are numbered so he has nothing to lose. He also does not have much choice. At any time the federal government can have the federal police investigate him and he is gone and he knows that.

Sit back and watch how this unfolds in court but do not be fooled into thinking that Justice Rares is an impartial adjudicator.

The Peter Slipper sexual harassment case James Hunter Ashby v Commonwealth of Australia & Anor is set down for a first directions hearing before Justice Rares on Friday the 18th of May at 9.30am in courtroom 19E at the Law Courts building in Sydney. So if you have the time grab your 3D glasses, a bottle of Coke and some popcorn and go in and watch.

Declaration: Justice Rares has his own chapter in my book “Love Letters from the Bar Table” where I write about his criminal conduct while on the bench.

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  1. You get braver with each post… If this site goes down, should we all go looking for you and have a way to find you.. I wonder how much longer it will be they (the mighty power that they be) allow you to speak freely.

    Corrupt Judge hearing an alleged corrupt Poliie.. No — How could this possibly happen in our democracy…

    Wake up people – we are absolutely allowing this to happen with our continued silence..
    Again I say – they even quote themselves, “they treat the general public as idiots because mostly they are.”

    • There is nothing anyone can do if you have the evidence to back up what you say. And you are right there has been “continued silence” but that is what this website is about. No longer do we need to wait for the old media to report and expose the corruption. We can do it ourselves.

  2. I feel really angry. Really, really angry. The only positive is that if we make it through the next 18 months without our country totally falling apart, that the public will be aware of corruption and will demand that an incoming Liberal government set up investigations into this corruption. I am shocked at the level of corruption in our supposed democracy. Keep up the great work Shane.

    • Hi BB. My hope would be that a change of Government, needed though it is, would not result in a us all stepping back and breathing a sigh of relief (though it would for a time I’m sure). If we owe our democracy anything, it is our continued vigilance regardless of who wields power. The Libs suffer their share of dividers, shysters and subversives just like all the others. Sometimes filtering everything through that tinfoil hat just might be what best informs you.

      • Hey Paul, I’m not saying the blue team aren’t without their con artists. The red team are particularly bad at the moment, that’s plain for all to see. I live in Queensland, it is refreshing to see Campbell Newman in action, it has restored my faith in good leadership.

      • Yeah, I’m in Queensland too. Wasn’t it a remarkable event. Our Laborite Mayor copped it as well.

  3. I have been holding my breath waiting for the day when they take your site down and we loose the last bit of honest and decent reporting about those crooks. I have no words to describe how dismayed I am about the conduct of our Government. We are run by criminals! One covers the butt of the other. I am furious about this. But I am also worried like the posts above what is going to happen to you. No doubt they will not let you go on like this. Good luck and I sincerely appreciate your boldness.

    • My site will be around for many years to come. Although Conroy and the government tried to bring in the internet blacklist to block websites like mine. (They claim otherwise of course) It is an open secret in Canberra (the politicians and the federal police) that Justice Rares is corrupt the same as it was with Justice Moore. What did Moore and the government do? Nothing. Moore resigned last year about ten years earlier than he had to. The shame obviously got to him. As I said in the post Rares’s days as a judge are numbered as well.



  4. as an older aussie it sadens me so much to see who low our elected officials will go secure as much wealth they can before driving of in the merc to a very happy retirement , i read some where no politican will live in poverty ,i understand now ,what low creeps,william.

    • In the wee small hours of their last days they will be wracked with guilt and shame over what they have done to good honest people as they review their miserable and crime ridden lives. There will be no escape from that and no way for them to make amends. That is natural justice. Let them suffer.

  5. Now. who will.”Keep the Bastards Honest?” Bill Shorten this morning on Insider made an absolute fool of not only himself but his Mother in Law too. I just hope the present footwork can block supply, if nothing else, and force an election. I would get quite augasmic if it were to be Shorten delivering the Note to the Governor General to dissolve Parliament.. The ultimate disgrace for the Labor Party.

    • Well she has quite a big secret herself. The Heiner Affair in which she was quite complicit with her benefactor K Rudd.
      Campell Newman ” do your stuff” and blow them all out of the water.
      particularly as there is NEW talk of Kev ( I’m here to help when there was NOTHING BLOODY WRONG!) being recycled!

      Shane thank you for all that you do. You are an example to all of us apathetic Aussie’s who are still maintaining the “sheeeeeeeeeeel be right mate”
      WAKE UP !

  6. The more I read about this affair and all the other Labor debacles over the last few years the more I despair. I hope this site keeps going and won’t be killed by the likes of the really dumb Conroy and the “kill all that disagree with us” Greens. I am truly sick in the stomach over the way this great country has been brought so low by the incompetent and corrupt.

    • Indeed, the corrupt morality of this lot has been kept aloft by spin and hot air that has now descended to burn them. A contemptuous lot that need to be removed. Eureka!

  7. Not sure if a Summary Judgment would stand the scrutiny of the media on this case with Slipper but anyone can follow the directions hearings in the Court by clicking the following link if you can’t get out your deck chair to sit in the court – I am sure it will be a full house watching this case.


    The Federal Court is expensive to litigate in as well as being … well … very close to those in power. While reading Shane’s post I was listening to Tony Windsor on Sky News as he was bleeting away about “separation of powers … the public don’t understand it ..” yeah, right, well we do because you don’t need a law or psychology degree to work out that politicians love power; they will hang on to power by whatever means. I would have to say that Sky News have been going after the government hammer and tongs.

    Pathetic Slipper and his conduct is a blot on all hard working Aussies – how many aged pensioners would like a tenth of his cab vouchers just get to the doctor and home again. The other scum bag Craig Thomson deserves to be ….. (finish the sentence someone) because I am really angry …

  8. Reading the replies here I get the impression that you think the other side of politics will do something about it. Well I think you had better think again this corruption has been going on for hundreds of years under our legal system. It is only because of the internet that the truth is coming out. The other side is up to its eye balls in it as well. The reason this country is going down the tube is because we swap one load of garbage for the other lot of garbage its just wrapped up in different newspaper. As for Annabel Crabb Saying that evidence is no longer suppressed, well what planet is she living on. The suppression of evidence from juries is as common as hell, and it is all done under the guise of a fair trial. Fair to who certainly not the victims.

    • Two words: Malcolm Turnbull (AKA the Member for Goldman Sachs). Wanted the Carbon tax almost as much as his former employer still does….and, like the Mafia or the CIA, one never truly leaves the fold.

  9. Annabel crabb plays her cards for her superiors and than she gets favourable treatment. I see her face alot now on TV and maybe it has alot to do with the way she plays her cards in the best interest of the corrupt. Been a journalist at her capacity she must know what this judge rares is about.

    Maybe a peacefull occupation of parliament house by the people in their thousands might send the message!

    • I don’t care what Annabel Crabb says, evidence goes before a judge, both oral and written and they sift through it all to suit themselves. Sometimes evidence is totally ignored so that a judgment is written a certain way to suit a particular party.

  10. If it wasn’t for people like you and Andrew Bolt – we would all be up that well known creek!! More power to the people with the courage to speak up!! Thank heaven for you!

  11. In any other context this incestuous web of inter-dependent crime and corruption is referred to as Organised Crime. I have always seen the murky backroom deals after the 2010 election as a coup d’etat, wresting government from the Coalition who had won in their own right.

    It has become increasingly obvious, due to your diligent exposure of these people Shane, that they have carefully chosen these Judicial and Bureaucratic appointees in order to avoid any accountability for their corruption – ever. That infrastructure is now in place.

    As you point out, should the heat in the kitchen ever get a little too close to the mark, then the object of scrutinty will simply retire from the scene taking their full taxpayer funded entitlements with them. Nice little set-up isn’t it?

    As always, there inevitably emerges a gaggle of bloated parasitic grubs who are a little too greedy, too narcissistic, too impressed by their own profiles and power that ‘enough’ is never enough.

    While Australians have been ‘asleep at the wheel’ for far too long, it seems we are being roused from our slumbers to find the stench of decay and corruption to be quite overwhelming – from unions thugs (and their lawyers) stealing millions from the pay packets of workers, to our politicians on “parliamentary business” in sleazy back alleys at 4am, to a Queen’s representative who is ‘joined at the hip’ to Party Political ideology (and not afraid to use that position to conceal criminal behaviour), and two Prime Ministers who have never answered for their alleged criminal conduct in a court of law.

    This is a debacle that is leaving international friends and observers slack-jawed that such a brave young nation has descended into this vortex of amoral and corrupt administration.

    If we, the People, don’t demand accountability then we should hang our heads in shame.

    Thanks Shane.

    • my reaction to the comment made by shorten saying i didnt hear what gillard said but i agree with it .with men lis this in parliament we really have serious concerns,so sad he must feel so indebted to her to utter such stupid words,william.


      • Mr “Showbag” Shorten was once married to Debbie Beale, the daughter of Liberal blueblood Julian Beale (great mate of Richard Pratt when he was alive). At another point in his life, Showbag Shorten was living with Nicola Roxon, so he gets around. Showbag ditched Debbie Beale for Chloe Bryce, the daughter of the Governor General – they had a child together whilst they were both married to other people – not so unusual these days I guess.

        I remember writing to Shorten when he was Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and the response came six months later and he had no idea of the issue I raised at all, absolutely none – guess he was really busy on other things … political ambitions are everything but I think he has stuffed it now because of the SkyNews interview – serve himself right.

    • i fully endorse shanes letter what a bunch of ego heads we have no interest in us only their bottom line especialy us poor wretches who live in dobell, what a liar karma will prevail when he has to return some of the ill gotten gains ,william tweedie.

  12. You must just get one Post ready to go then an even juicier story pops up. Glad you’re doing it. I wouldn’t know where to start with this national tragedy of a Government.

    • Yes that is pretty much how it happened. Peter Slipper sued – Rares appointed judge and then the Optus decision handed down on Friday. Other post put on the back burner until next week unless something else pops up.

  13. On a lighter note, and God knows we need it when confronted by this abysmal government, Peter Slipper has really put his foot in it.
    Tonight’s revelations depict a P.M in panic as in order to keep the Labo(u)r brand untainted (sic) she has suspended Thomson’s membership and it even looks like Slipper has slipped up too.

    • She stepped him aside from the Party but has kept his vote intact by putting him on the cross-benches. Window dressing that changes nothing for now. On the other hand, the cost of this may be his vote can be now used as leverage to ensure her continued support. Would he have the gall?

  14. Another punishing post. You’ve got my absolute support, Shane. Please stay safe and sound. No doubt you’ll have that special post put aside in the event something untoward happens. I might suggest you get in touch with Pointman for some tips.

  15. unfortunately our legal system our political system has been infiltrated by sexually perverse decietful untrustworthy selfgratifying liars ,the two party policy is a disaster the voting public have little chance of cleaning the pig pen,both sides are guilty,
    we need extreme parlimentry reform ,polititions should be audited at random,drug test should be manditory for all political members

    • Stringy, I agree with you totally. Political parties are there for big business and the reason for this is it is easier to control a party line than it would be to try and control a room full of independents. But other countries do and they don’t seem to have the same corruption problems that we have.

      • Yes. Any of this behavior from executives in the Private Sector would be loss of the job. But somehow politicians are the Untouchables. It is long overdue that such aspiring “custodians” of the Nation (?) underwent an inquisition from a panel of 11 of their peers chosen by ballot from the community before nomination to a vacancy. Same system as jury service… and why not?

        We see again those elected. then elevated into positions of authority and power with so little life experience or the morality and talent to exercise it except for themselves..

    • Agreed Stringy.

      Checked out our 19th century Constitution lately? It isn’t written to allow for Party politics at all. It doesn’t deal with pre-selection of candidates by the machinations of Parties (not the citizens) with all the factions, power-brokers and head-kickers deciding who will stand for election to our Parliament. It provides that our “Executive Government” will be elected by the Parliament, not our current corruption of Democracy where a Party leader decides who gets what job, what favours are called in, what crony, buddy or ex-lover gets a portfolio.

      We need a new Electoral System as well – one wherein a voter is required to present some form of photo ID, not only to register to vote, but to lodge a vote at a polling booth. Even 3rd World countries dip a voter’s finger in indelible ink to prevent them voting more than once. Branch stacking and electoral fraud is endemic. An electoral system that operates on an “honour system” does not reflect the realities of the 21st century.

      We don’t just need a new broom through our system of government, we need an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner.

      • It is commonplace for pencils to be used when voting. I know of one person who went to several voting stations and simply stating name and address got to vote several times.
        Some system. Mugabi would be proud of us.

      • Think about it Colin – if a person votes six times at six difference polling stations, only random token checks are made to reconcile the lists from different polling places. If Joe Bloggs has been found to have voted multiple times and Electoral Officers question Joe, he simply has to deny it was him.

        With no ID necessary, anybody can claim to be anybody else – Joe can’t be prosecuted. And more importantly, those multiple votes can’t be discounted and rendered ‘informal’ or void because nobody knows who Joe (or his impersonators) voted for – the bogus votes stand.

        This isn’t just a curious ‘quirk’ in an antiquated system – it can determine government, particularly in marginal electorates which are decided on a handful of votes.

        “Vote early, vote often” is an old Labor maxim that people generally thought was a bit of a laugh. It isn’t funny when we end up with the level of graft and corruption that is currently bringing this nation to its knees.

  16. The comment by Nicola Roxon on radio this morning makes it clear that they just want to protect the system rather than see justice done via due process of law. This has to stop. The Parliament is not more important that ensuring those inside it are doing the right thing. I agree also that having the Opposition in power will make the outcomes any different. Regardless of how you feel about Pauline Hanson, the way she was set up and treated by the liberals is nothing short of disgusting.

  17. I would not be one bit surprised if all this two party argy-bargy corruption and ineptitude is just a way to get the UN to say OK, you people cannot rule yourselves, its time we stepped in and just ran the place. God help us all if that happens. After all, isnt that what they have done in Greece and Italy by appointing bankers as PM without any kind of election? Spain and Portugal are next to fall. Watch carefully to see how that is managed.

  18. how about we file charges against them just like Brian Shaw did, but in the High Court for breaches of the Constitution which harms the People of Australia. Until we collectively file lawsuits, they will continue to do as they please as they are acting in their private foreign Corporation/s capacity & as such can & do what they like.

  19. ive said it once before and ill say it again the people off australia need to uprise and show our elected politicians that we are not afraid of taking them on and placing them under arrest and put them all on trial and we only have to do this once and from then on every politician will be afraid of the people and the only reason why they are doing what there doing is because they know that we dont have to guts to uprise and as soon as the australian people have the guts to uprise then the sooner this country will be back on track and i for one would be more then happy to organise australias first uprising.

  20. Shane, you suggest that Slipper “strikes it lucky” in scoring a corruptable judge. Nothing ‘lucky’ about it – that’s just the way the whole farce has been set up.

    It will be interesting to see what Rares thinks he can get away with considering an international spotlight will be shining in his court. Will they all be like rabbits caught in the headlights? Will they be like any other cockroaches and scuttle for cover in the bright light of scrutiny – cutting the Slipper loose? We have to wonder why this character has enjoyed ‘protected species’ status until now – he must have the goods on somebody.

    News out today from the Temby investigation into the HSU. May I suggest that the union thugs had every reason to believe they’d get away with what they have been doing for years.

    With Swan’s Budget imminent, check out if they will do what they did last year. In 2011 Swan announced a $10 million grant to the ACTU to “facilitate member education”. Curiously, it had previously been reported that the union movement had paid $10 million to the ALP in funding.

    In effect, by reimbursing the union movement that exact same amount under the guise of a ‘grant’, we have money laundering in plain sight and challenged by nobody. While the snouts are gobbling in the trough, the only losers are long-suffering taxpayers whose $10 million eventually ends up in ALP coffers.

    It gives ‘quid pro quo’ a whole new slant don’t you think?

    • Blackswan, I find it unbelievable, that the ALP, in effect, are directly receiving $10M from taxpayers. Surely Shane that is a story in itself!!!!!

      • It is worth a story but I only have so much time and I try and focus on judicial corruption. If I was working on this site full time I would be more likely to do a story like that. Hopefully some time in the future I can work on this site full time. Until then I have to many judicial corruption stories to write about.

  21. Big Bad PD, not “directly”, but certainly by a circuitous route. We have been asleep at the wheel – no wonder the political classes treat us all like dozey idiots.

    I wonder how many union members have received their $10 miilion worth of facilitated “education” from their union bosses – and about what? Their right to know how the unions have squandered their hard-earned union dues? Maybe why Carbon Fraud will drive them into penury as living costs become untenable for low-paid workers?

    Wakey, wakey Australia ….

  22. Hobson’s choice. Abbott or Gillard? Take your pick and I drop my “r’s” from time to time.
    Keating had a term for it; unrepresentative swill

  23. Chris Pyne’s evasiveness appears to be proof that dirty tricks and dishonesty is a bipartisan thing. I suspected as much that Slipper’s proclivities were already known well inside Liberal circles and that they would be used (clumsily) as a hammer when the time came. Wonder who else is in there only because of their blackmail-ability. Wonder how many quality people missed pre-selection so the compromised and easily manipulated could be allowed through. The system only runs on corruption it would appear. No wonder our Governance is so dismal.

    • I feel quite sure that keeping the dirty secrets for some time downt the track is par for the course. Why didn’t the Libs contect the election outcome when Rudd came in. there were easily enough irregular votes to alter the outcome. Even the AEC admittted that but the Libs just let it go.

  24. Hi Shane, I hope you have ALL your evidence backed up and encrypted in triplicate or quadruplicate even, in very secret locations. I think that you are brave to take them on and find it very disturbing that you haven’t been dragged before the courts. That says to me that there is more than a grain of truth in your posts and I find that very worrying. Keep the bastards honest!

  25. I am so glad I stumbled across your site Shane, you, like myself, are someone prepared to put a name and face to your comments and beliefs.

    We fight a government so out of touch with reality and self obsessed with survival, nothing is out of the question.

    All the best, you have another solid supporter here! aussiecriminals.com.au

    • Yes Robbo, too many timid souls who fear the consequences of their real name. But it is time to be seen and heard. For too long now. we have far too many elected into the political arena as custodians of the Nation who have insufficient life experience or the morality and talent to exercise it. We should bring our troops home for the enemy has been here all the time.

  26. Well the Commonwealth have applied for a strike out motion against Ashby – if the Court accepts the Commonwealth’s arguments, then criminal charges would not result, only civil ones. It will be before Justice Rares on Friday. Will be interesting to see the orders made.

  27. Interesting to see this morning that Mr Ashby’s counsel have applied to the Federal Court to have the matter heard by a jury rather than a single judge.

  28. Comment moved from the about page by moderator.


    Submitted on 2012/06/04 at 9:45 am

    I have just read the following in The Age; looked around for somewhere to vent my spleen and discovered this site.

    “Slipper’s expenses out of the bag but rest likely to stay secret
    But the Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon, has said the government will shield remaining MPs from such scrutiny by moving Parliament outside the reach of FOI”.

    We cannot let this happen, first she is trying to protect the Judges now it is she and her colleagues, It is said that we get the Government we deserve, I cannot think of anything I have done in my life that I deserve this rabble!!

    • Let us see what the MSM will make of this if there is any substance in this. Roxon firewalling politicians and their expenses can’t be allowed surely in any open and accountable government. Oh, it’s the Australian Federal Government we’re talking about and we know just how bad it can get when we have this bunch running the show.
      Btw if the economy is booming why is it that more shops are closing up my way and at an accelerating pace? The outlook is grim Swannie baby and just because the miners are doing great doesn’t make for a booming economy.

  29. We can be in no doubt that these reptiles are still working feverishly to cover their conniving backsides …….

    ” … Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon, has said the government will shield remaining MPs from such scrutiny by moving Parliament outside the reach of FOI.”


    “In case the Australian government does try to move the Parliament out of the reach of FOI, on Friday the Herald asked the Parliament for the expenses of every member of the House of Representatives and the Senate.”

    If she gets away with this, we can kiss goodbye to any accountability in the expenditure of public funds by these public servants at all, and it will be open slather as they find even more creative ways of misappropriating funds for ever more spurious claims.

    What next? More Cabcharge vouchers for a little curb-crawling through the Cross? No, wait, they’ve already got away with that one.

  30. A case concerning sexual harassment against executives of Commonwealth Securities Ltd was dismissed a few months ago in the Federal Court. The solicitors for the respondents were Freehills and the barrister was Kate Eastman. The woman suing Comsec was Vivienne Dye.

    The costs were awarded on an indemnity basis against Ms Dye and the judge on the case, Justice Robert Buchanan, said taxation of costs would be an extra burden on Comsec, so just said $6 M would be OK. Ms Dye was on a Centrelink payment at the time.

    I have this sinking feeling regarding the Ashby case against Peter Slipper ….

    • I know Freehills and Kate Eastman well. I have also had dealings with Justice Buchanan. Thanks for that. I will have a look and they will get mentioned in an up and coming post.

  31. Democracy it seems, is dead in our beautiful country, if it indeed was ever alive. Communism is not an option, so what does that leave without a truly valid constitution like the U.S. has, That is, unless, if you can believe the likes of Ron Paul, who claim it has been raped since the early 20th century by congress & the Federal Reserve. So what choices are we left with to turn things around, revolution & anarchy?

  32. Enjoy your site. Half your courage. Great stuff. Can’t believe with all the evidence available against Thomson and Slipper that the dysfunctionals give them their support. Mairi

  33. I see from today’s news as you predicted Justice Steven Rares has done as instructed by our AG and dismissed the harassment case against Peter Slipper .

  34. I see lots of allegations of corruptions on this site, but precious little in the way of specifics. Disenfranchised litigants projecting their personal failures onto the ‘system’ by disparaging it are a dime a dozen in law. Please be more specific about these corruption allegations if you wish to be taken seriously, rather than with condescending sympathy over an outcome you were unable to handle, and can’t seem to move on from – you’re expending alot of negative energy to keep a self-destructive fire inside burning. On the other hand, if you’re allegations are true, and you can be a bit more dispassionate and objective, you have a great case to make to Australia, so keep it up. But get some help too – you can’t do this on your own: the tone of the site is evidence for that.

  35. Sorry. The original Optus decision was a sensible one. But it seems if you disagree with something the decision must be corrupt.

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