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Liberal Party dodgy backroom deals. Are they any better than the corrupt Labor Party

Tony Abbott announced last week that Liberal Party officials will be banned from acting as Lobbyists as far as the federal government is concerned. Why were they ever allowed in the first place and what about the states that have Liberal Party governments? This is a band-aid solution, which without further reform, is nothing more […]

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Confessions of a Faceless Fool. The real Bill Shorten story

Bill Shorten who is running for the federal Labor Party leadership has more skeletons in the closet than any other federal Labor politician which is a sign that nothing has changed and that the Labor Party has learnt nothing from their mistakes. Worse still for Bill is that some of those skeletons are coming back to life with a fresh […]

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Tony Abbott and his friend Cardinal George Pell. Perceived bias for the Royal Commission into child sex abuse

Prime Minister Tony Abbott gave a personal reference in court for the former priest Father John Nester in a child sex abuse case in 1997. Father Nester was later struck off as a clergy by the Vatican. Add this to Tony Abbott’s and the Liberal Party’s extremely close relationship with Cardinal George Pell who has admitted […]

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PM Tony Abbott makes it three Prime Ministers in 3 months and most likely two elections in 12 months

Australia is in for a rough ride politically for the foreseeable future. The make-up of the senate when it is finally decided in the next few days is a major reason which will quite possibly lead to a double dissolution election in the next six months or so. But one thing that is needs to be acknowledged is […]

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Kevin Rudd and Therese Rein made millions from their contract with a Nun

Therese Rein instituted Queensland Supreme Court proceedings to legally enforce a contract with the estate of deceased nun Frances Jane Edwards in 2006. By doing so it is estimated that Ms Rein saved herself $4.5 million. Frances Edwards was Therese Rein’s original business partner when she set up the rehabilitation business Work Directions in 1988 (now Ingeus) and Ms Edwards […]

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