Tony Abbott

PM Tony Abbott makes it three Prime Ministers in 3 months and most likely two elections in 12 months

Australia is in for a rough ride politically for the foreseeable future. The make-up of the senate when it is finally decided in the next few days is a major reason which will quite possibly lead to a double dissolution election in the next six months or so. But one thing that is needs to be acknowledged is that a challenge to Abbott’s leadership by Malcolm Turnbull would already be in the planning.

We have been given the government we had to have given the failings and corruption of the previous government.

Will Abbott make a good Australian Prime Minister? I don’t think so. But we should at least give him a honeymoon period to see what he is like as PM. He does have a number of things going for him though. He is following two of the biggest duds the country has ever seen in Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard so that in itself will make him look good. Secondly the Labor Party will spend quite some time with in fighting and blaming each other for the election defeat and be in no position to be an alternative government anytime soon.

The Senate issue

The government will not have a majority in the senate and will have a hard time passing many of their promised policies through the senate as the Labor Party and Greens will be in a position to block legislation until June next year. After that the new senators will take office and the exact make-up is unknown at this point but it will most likely be a situation where a number of independents have the balance in the senate. Whether this will make it easier for the government we will not know until then.

If the government had won control of the senate there would be no talk of a double dissolution election, as all they would do is wait until July next year to pass legislation that was being blocked.

There are many issues that could trigger a double dissolution election. The obvious one being that the government have said they will introduce legislation to abolish the carbon tax in their first week. If Abbott does not hold firm on this they will lose a lot of support and if they do hold firm it will most likely be blocked by Labor and the Greens and lead to another election early next year.

No Lies Mr Abbott

Tony Abbott needs to have a good look at what happened to Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd. Social media made sure they were never allowed to forget all their lies and it will do the same for Tony Abbott if and when he starts lying. Based on the history of other PM’s it will not take him long. Probably only a few weeks, if that. With social media politics is moving to a new level of accountability and no one is above it.

Malcolm Turnbull challenge

Malcolm has never been one to play second fiddle and he has an ego just as big as Rudd’s if not bigger. He is not in politics to be a minister, he is there to be PM. A challenge by Turnbull is a certainty and probably only 18 months away. There will be white-anting by Turnbull and his supporters almost immediately. That is how they play the game.

The Labor Party

Kevin Rudd announced his resignation as leader of the Labor Party. The problem Labor has is that they have no one of any real quality to take over. Most of them are crooks or not competent enough. One name that has come up is Bill Shorten who is probably the biggest fraudster left in the Labor Party. If he does become leader he will not go anywhere and be easy fodder for people like me simply because he is that corrupt. I have written numerous posts where he gets mentioned and the most popular is the one titled “Has Bill Shorten gotten one of his staff members Pregnant? Shorten calls the lawyers.” (Click here to read) The man is a real grub.

KCA’s Election performance

This site could have done better that is for sure. But I do think a pass mark of 5 out of 10 is fair given that fraud and theft by Kevin Rudd, Therese Rein and their company Ingeus has been put under the spotlight. The three posts that I have written have received over 23,000 page views and growing. Others have picked it up as well on blogs, Facebook and Twitter etc. It would probably be conservative to say that over 100,000 people have been made aware of their fraud and theft because of those posts. (Click here to read the posts)

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  1. #auspol

    What a bunch of rhetorical rubbish.

    Speculative hyperbole.

    Mr Turnbull may one day lead the Labor potty, with whose ideology he appears joined at the hip. But he already did his dash as a Liberal.

    And Prime Minister Abbott will, I am laying New York City to a single brick on a lay-down misère dead-set certainty, be Australia’s greatest-ever Prime Minister. Or something pretty darned indistinguishable from that.

    And will retire from the Prime Minister-ship when he chooses.

  2. This was purely an election which the people did not want. 1/2 are declaring they never voted at a referendum to allow their corporation to exist – and can not vote at their elections. 1/2 the young voters didn’t vote because they have no interest in it and the rest did not want either party but feared the threat of a fine if they failed to vote. Maybe all have short term memory loss because Abbott is powered by the most dangerous criminal of them all = lest we forget what happened to Pauline Hansen and many others under Coward’s leadership. I sit neutral. Until there is a worthy party who are working for the people by the will of the people then they can all go and get knotty. The world is sitting back laughing at the weakness of the people of Aus who simply take all this disgusting antics. Look at Iceland for an example. I assume someone can tell me what is good governance?

  3. I remain certain that Turnbull’s primary loyalty to the needs of Goldman Sachs and their ilk will be the driver of his agenda.

    • Yes, Paul you’re right about the banksters,especially with Corbet and his ilk behind the scenes.
      I think that politicians should be the same as sportspeople and when they are on the hustings they should wear clothing that carry decals that indicate the corporations and companies that have contributed to their party.
      The elephant in the room with the LNP is the Opus Dei who have a shadowy influence within the Libs kitchen cabinet.

    • Totally agree with you, as Malcolm Turnbull will go where the money and power lead him. He is a money and power hungry grub tarred with the same brush as Rudd. In my opinion, I wouldn’t turn my back on him, not for one moment and he would have learned a few extra points from Gillard and Rudd on how to go about back-stabbing and undermining your leader.

    • Hi Paul; Mr Turnbull is the Manchurian Candidate for GS. He owes his wealth to them via their buyback of the OZ franchise.

  4. Okay, I got as far as you saying you don’t think Tony Abbott will make a good PM and you have lost me for good. After all the years of total bs from the likes of Rudd,Gillard, Rudd and to finally feel happy with who our PM as of last night your words are most unwelcome.

    Bye bye

    • Yes Terri, I too thought that saying that Tony will not make a good PM was a touch premature. Give the guy a chance at least.

      And in the worst case, I do not think that anybody could be any worse than the corrupt and incompetent people we had before Tony was ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE (again, unlike what we had before). Anything at all is a HUGE step up.

  5. Congrats to Abbot, but I do not support your comment that Rudd/Gillard were complete duds when you consider Abbot claiming a ‘budget emergency crisis’ and Arthur Sinodinos on the ABC last night saying the economy is in ‘sound condition’ and paves the way for long term Lib incumbency.

  6. Altough I applaud your work Shane, done for meagre reward, I think Abbott will make a great PM. He is a most humble man and one of his strengths is his very capable and experienced team. Sensible and hard-working men with long portfolio experience like Billson, Hunt, Fifield and many others who have strong family and Australian values in my opinion. It will be interesting to see how Turnbull settles into his role, whatever that might be in Cabinet. I think the Coalition team is one of the strongest to ever come from an opposition irrespective most have learnt their job in opposition rather than at the coalface. The next six months will be interesting and I believe Tony’s team will steer the ship on a straight path to a much better and confident future for all.

  7. I can’t disagree with anything you have said Shane. The prospect of Turnbull as PM is nothing short of horrifying in my opinion, in light of his history with the US banking system.

  8. Readers who are annoyed at criticism of Tony Abbott just don’t get it. This website is against corruption in all political parties – Labor, Liberal and anyone else.
    Abbott has referred to the ALP as being run by “faceless men”. But when asked by the Australian Electoral Commission to provide the names of those who had given money to a slush fund to counter Pauline Hanson he refused.
    If Tony Abbott thought he was above the law when a cabinet minister what is he going to be like as PM?

    • And if I remember correctly one of the “members” of that slush fund was Costellos father in law.
      When Howard and Costello were asked whether or not they new of the slush fund they denied any knowledge of of it before its existence became public.
      Abbott publicly defending them and taking one for the “team”.
      He was promoted soon after.
      If anybody really wants to see Abbott’s “true” colours then they would do themselves a favour and have a look at the interview O’Brien did with him on the 7.30 report when the bovine waste hit the fan.
      I have never seen a politician hang himself with such expertise.
      Obriens expressions and pregnant pauses are worth a look.
      I voted for the coalition to get this corrupt labor/union government out of my life.
      That Abbott happens to lead the coalition meant nothing.
      If Turnbull had have been leading them, that would have been a problem.

  9. Since Whitlam in 1973, grubby dirty politicians have been taking our rights and country away, both sides working together for their international masters. Abbott sadly will make no difference, he is the leader of the local chapter of a global machine. The agenda is to strip Australia of all that is good about it. That includes the economy, strap yourselves in its going to be a hairy ride from here. More jobs will be lost, the government will dip further into super and be very careful with your bank account. Bail-in anybody? They can do it, its on the RBA website.
    Conspiracy theorist? Take a look at all the stories Shane has done over time, you tell me.

    • Well said Glenn, as I said in my first post a couple of years ago, the governments, PLURAL, of this country are ruled by FABIANISM. We are losing Australia by stealth and no one can see it.

      • Not ‘no one’ Rodney as you say – there are some like yourself who DO see what’s going on behind the scenes. Please don’t put ‘everybody’ in the same basket.

  10. Give the guy a break he’s not prime minster yet and people are pulling him down. Just look at the grubs he has replaced and give him a go fair suck of the sauce bottle cobber. I knew last night this was a setup from day one when they put Krudd back in I give him six months hell be gone on 500 hundred grand a year and all the perks its like he really needs it.

  11. Shane, you are entitled to your opinion, but, as a supporter of a large part of your work, I was disappointed to see you adopt the mantle of an Abbott knocker before he has even been appointed by the GG. I thought you were a believer in a fair go, and if I suspect you are not, then I will be a supporter no longer. I don’t think I will be alone,
    David Hadley

    • David, have to say after reading the post I tended to agree with you. Was very disappointed in the tone taken in regards to Tony Abbott. People seem to forget the very tough road ahead of the Coalition and it can not be turned around overnight and indeed not in the first term. God knows the real debt level because Labor have never told us the truth and in the end the debt grew enormously over the last few months. I hope everyone give Mr Abbott a fair go and allow him to settle in and get on with the job of leading our once great nation!

  12. The Senate issue. No wonder this country is in a mess with the ridiculous government system as it is at present. LNP won the election, but can’t make any decisions without the approval of Labor and Greens who still have the final say, but the majority of people don’t want them interfering. The circus management has changed but the clowns and monkeys still dictate the cost of lollies and ice cream.

    • I would be interested in hearing why you think its rubbish. You have a reliable chrystal ball? I think its entirely plausible. The Senate will likely have a lot of new members with no big party affiliations, its entirely plausible we could have a double dissolution.

  13. Shane, I have to disagree with you with regards to Tony Abbott. I believe he has good strong values and genuinely cares about the Australian community and will make a great PM and hope that he proves all the doubters wrong. I had been a lifetime Labor voter but they lost me over the past 5 years due to corruption, infighting, self serving attitudes and terrible waste of our taxes with Tony Abbott along with his team winning my vote for stability, caring and strength. I could not and would not support a Turnbull led Coalition because that would be too much like voting for Labor again. Turnbull like Rudd is a self serving man who considers himself superior to everyone else and he is not!. He may have money but does not have much else going for him.
    With regards to Shorten, the past 6 months of seeing him doing interviews and watching his demeanour suggests to me that perhaps he has a problem with alcohol. The week before the election he was slurring his words in an interview and early last night when they crossed to his electorate he was constantly swaying and was finding it very difficult to stay upright. You could see supporters behind him sniggering at him as he swayed his way through the interview. Plus he looks pretty damn awful getting more and more gaunt. I cannot see anyone who deserves to be leader of the Labor party because they have ALL let Australia and Australians down badly by throwing such incompetent leaders at us and to top it off, continuing to give and receive preferences with the Greens which highlights to me that nothing has changed in the Labor/Greens coalition and support for Craig Thomson with a deal done by Albanese.

  14. Shane,

    I do disagree with your assumption that Turnbull will challenge Mr Abbott.

    Turnbull has not got the wherewithal to carry that through.
    I think we have to give Mr Abbott a fair go. He has taken an enormous amount of lies and untrue accusations against him for years and he came through that as a good person.
    There are always two sides to every story and also do not forget we are all humans and we make mistakes. It is the way you mature from those, which make a person.

    I have also heard from Shorten, that he is going to make waves about the carbon-tax, so they have not changed. They say they know, where they have gone wrong, sorry I think they are delusional.
    They are the same rotten self-satisfied mob as they were before.
    So if we have to have another election, I can live with that.
    I cannot live with the continuous corruption of the Labor-Party.

    • This election has sickened me on many levels starting with the Labor party who still just do not get it. The Coalition were elected with a mandate to scrap the Carbon Tax, MRRT and to reinstate the Building Authority (discarded by Labor at the Unions behest) but we have heard Labor MP’s all stating that they will obstruct that. Do they not realise that the majority of voters decided to give Mr Abbott that mandate?? What they (Labor) are saying is we don’t care what the voters want we will do what we want…they just don’t learn!
      The biggest act of treachery and hypocrisy is the Greens doing preference deals, first in the Senate with of all parties the Anti Climate change (climate sceptics) Party to shore up their vote and in the house of reps with a Coal Mining millionaire Mr Palmer. The Green vote has dropped by 3% this election so hopefully if Abbott is pushed to a double dissolution they along with Labor will lose more votes. The Greens doing these deals with the parties they chose shows to one and all just how sleezy hypocritical and corrupt they are and should be wiped off the face of Australian politics.This Senate debacle really does need addressing especially when a party who received only .22% (1 fifth of a percent) can get a senate seat.
      Rudd/Gillard/Rudd’s Labor/Green alliance lost my lifetime vote and the fact that they are willing to block the scrapping of the Carbon tax will lose my vote forever and am sure many others will feel the same.
      Labor lost the election for many reason including infighting, instability and wasted billions but mainly because they stopped listening to the Australian voters and until they start to listen again…..Well????
      Congratulations Mr Abbott, hard fought but fair and fairly positive in comparison to Labor Lies campaign.

  15. Interesting Post …I agree with a good deal of it.
    But I disagree with the Turnbull challenge part (unless there is some real crisis in the Coalition)
    The reason I disagree with this is simple and I’m amazed you did not appear to take it into account.
    Abbott was voted in in with a majority of at least 30 seats, for Turnbull to try and knife an elected Prime Minister would be absolute suicide for him, he would be universally hated…look at what happened to Labor!!
    They (Labor) are finally starting to understand this…its not even good to change leaders in opposition let alone an elected leader, at least 90% of the Liberals would be aware of this.
    For that reason I think Abbott will rule unchallenged, Turnbull is not such a fool that he would commit suicide by challenging…and even if he was, I seriously doubt that half the coalition would support him for the above reasons, also he was a dud last time, more suited to Labor and the greens really.

  16. Suse to a certain extent I have to agree with you. I too have a feeling Tony Abbott will make a great prime minister. Pains me to say it because I’m one of those life-long Labor supporters, but I just have this sense of authenticity about TA’s character; seems the right man for the times.

    Labor has blown it.

    They have become essentially a party of political correctness and forget that a lot of their traditional base is not on board with the apparently mandatory concerns of climate change and gay marriage.The Libs know this and they continue to scoop-up the old Labor voters who, like me, feel disenfranchised—especially when a Labor prime minister so offends Christians and the Bible as he did on Q n A last week.

    And Kevin Rudd banging on in his alleged concession speech about Ben Chifley’s “light on the hill” made me feel sick. Rudd, et al are just modern political careerists…..they’ll appropriate anything for their vapid modern day ALP….including the Bible.

    I still voted Labor yesterday, but it was with a heavy heart. Labor must rediscover the reason it exists…or die.

    • Labor of Curtin, I agree with most of your post.The ones pushing for gay marriage do not want it to go to a referendum because they know that the majority of voters are not in agreeance so they are lobbying for it to be decided in federal parliament which is not the place for such a decision but Rudd ran with it knowing full well what the outcome would be. Climate change! What Climate change?? A great money earner for some! Modern day Labor are the thought police Nanny state creators who like to poke their nose into every area of our lives trying to control everything we say and do. Only they know what is best for us (in their minds anyway). I think what has happened is that Labor has moved so far left to be sitting on the fence of communism/fabianism while the Coalition is more in line with old Labor Values that I grew up with and that is why so many of us feel more attuned to Abbott and Coalition philosophy. Labor did not deserve my vote and it felt great to give it to the Coalition. My deceased uncle, a Minister in a previous Labor government would be rolling in his grave at this current mob.

      • Your opinion and others I read here and elsewhere on the net suggest to me a lot of people need to take time out and to take a Gonski!

  17. I recall that in the past Turnbull declared that he would not stand again and then changed his mind. Why? Some comments on Turnbull’s site a year or so back it was suggested his role for the bankers was not over and he has to not renege. A IOU was called in?
    His job is now harder, but look for an issue used to undermine Abbott.
    Not sending our boys to more war in Syria and then Iran may well be it.
    Hopefully, Abbott will not be suckered as his predecessors were by the lies and false flags to get in involved in the Middle East. That is the job of our Parliament! Pity Howard and those who followed did not accept who their real Australian employers were which did not want to sacrifice our soldiers, they are not foreign interests.
    We shall see where Abbott, Bishop and Turnbull stand in the near future, I fear.
    Research which candidates he has supported with expected loyalty from them expected on demand.

  18. Tony Abbott will lose lot’s of supporters if he lies…they will vote for the independents. They won’t ever vote for corrupt Labor. Tony Abbott has seen what has destroyed Labour, > corruption + lies, and he and his party would be foolish to break ANY promise.

  19. Shane, I think you owe all your followers an apology for stating you don’t think Tony Abbott will “make a good Australian Prime MInister”. Yes, you are entitled to your personal opinion, but why pass such a comment on your site without any reasons given.
    I agree with ‘Terri, Plumber Perth, Labor of Curtin, Nottwistedyet & RP man ‘. At least Abbott deserves a chance to prove himself as PM. He appears genuine & trustworthy & I honestly think he believes he can make a difference. Only time will tell & only then , Shane, can you pass judgment with facts. Time may prove you right, but then again, wrong ! As others have stated above, i’m a bit disappointed with your comment re this matter, but anxiously await your response. Stick to what you do well, exposing corruption. Leave out personal political comments.

      • Shane,
        We all know you have an opinion, but we respect you for your forensic investigation, and by introducing maybe’s and might or might not be’s, diminishes your site and what you do. I would have thought the last thing you would want is the slightest hint of partisanship. Trying to introduce doubt re Abbott becoming PM makes you look like a Fairfax journo which I’m sure you are not. If you dig something up about him, by all means let us know.

      • You need to read the post again and most of the posts on this site. I have done plenty to expose corruption in relation to the Labor Party. So how can anyone say that “the last thing you would want is the slightest hint of partisanship” which suggests that I am supporting the Labor Party. I support no party. Even in the post I say “We have been given the government we had to have given the failings and corruption of the previous government.”

  20. A fairly accurate article, especially regarding Turnbull. Abbott has got himself involved in some chicanery over the years (Hanson, Mal Brough, testifying for paedophile priests), but he doesn’t have his great protector John Howard to fall back on these days. If he can’t revoke the carbon tax and “stop the boats” in the first 6 months expect the leadership rumours to start drifting out of Canberra. Abbott also lacks negotiating skills so expect a double dissolution election mid-2014.

  21. I think people really want to believe now the Liberals are in the corruption will stop. I don’t think many politicians have their noses Not in the trough! Time will tell.

    • I know a way you can lose a lot of subscibers,Keep up the shit stirring with the cooalition and they will jump ship immediatly. There is no evidence that is circulating on the leadership and you would be better off finishing with the AWU scandal. I would suggest you investigate the probable new Labor leader and his shenanakins in the AWU saga. forget about leadership challenges we have had a gutful of them. Allan from Myalup WA.

      • Im Not jumping ship. Keep them all accountable Shane, I and most people just want a honest party and we don’t care what their name is! So Alan whats good for one Party is Shit stirring to another?

      • Allan you say “Keep up the shit stirring with the cooalition and they will jump ship immediately”. I do not think I will lose many at all. Most people who follow this site know there is corruption on both sides of politics and therefor do not try to dictate what I can and can’t write. Stop wasting the space of the comment section telling me what I should and shouldn’t write.

      • I’m not jumping ship either, but I think and hope you are wrong, Shane. No one is perfect, but a man who sacrifices so much of his time doing good for his community and others, has got a head start on all those other self-serving buggers.

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