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Confessions of a Faceless Fool. The real Bill Shorten story

Bill Shorten who is running for the federal Labor Party leadership has more skeletons in the closet than any other federal Labor politician which is a sign that nothing has changed and that the Labor Party has learnt nothing from their mistakes.

Worse still for Bill is that some of those skeletons are coming back to life with a fresh Fair Work Commission inquiry into corruption at the Heath Services Union.

Add this to numerous recent incidents, many covered on this site, and Bill Shorten if elected as leader will be nothing more than the Mafia Don of the Labor Party and the voters will know this. So let’s have a look at some of those recent incidents and it is the HSU we will focus on as Bill Shorten is right up to neck in it. He claims he put the HSU into administration to clean up the corruption, the reality is all he wanted to do is put his own crooks and cronies in charge of the HSU.

New Fair Work Commission inquiry

It was reported on Friday (20/9/13) that the Fair Work Commission has started an inquiry into the Health Services Union regarding new allegations of corruption and cronyism. The new allegations relate to this year and they have Bill Shorten’s fingerprints all over them.

Some of the new allegations are: “Jobs were not advertised, but were instead handed to factional Labor Party allies, former councillors or council staff and their relatives, and a former state MP, Nathan Murphy.” (Click here to read more)

It is Bill who put the Union into administration to sideline Kathy Jackson and even worked the phones to do so which shows up in a couple of Statutory Declarations. (Click here to read the Statutory DeclarationsHe had his preferred candidate, Michael Moore, a corrupt former judge appointed as the administratorThen he supported the new crooks that are now running the show.

This site has written three recent posts on the matter which has helped put the spotlight on the HSU and Bill Shorten. The first being on the 14th July in a post titled “Bill Shorten tried to stab Julia Gillard in the back one last time. Return of corruption at the HSU” (Click here to read) and then on the 20th July in a post titled “Does Kevin Rudd support the Bill Shorten backed “Kimberley Kitching for Senate movement”? Andrew Bolt does!” (Click here to read) and on the 18th August  a post titled “The return of the Labor Party, HSU, stolen money, defamation and a prostitute. And this time it isn’t Craig Thomson” (Click here to read)

I have spoken to a couple of people with first hand knowledge of the current complaint and who are personally involved and this story has some real legs and if it goes as far as it should then Bill Shorten will have plenty of questions that he needs to answer.

How can Bill Shorten be an alternative Prime Minister given his intimate involvement in the return of corruption at the HSU?

Other recent handiwork by Bill Shorten

I will not mention them all and leave it up to commentators to write their favourite corruption tale about Bill Shorten, and there are many. But one of my favourites is when Bill Shorten as Employment and Industrial Relations Minister appointed Bernie Riordan, secretary Electrical Trades Union New South Wales, as a Fair Work Commissioner. Bernie Riordan at the time was a thief on the run from his own members after he had stolen $1.8 million from the union. Bernie Riordan pocketed the $1.8 million in directors fees from industry boards he sat on that was meant to go to the Union.

In a previous post I wrote:

At the end of February 2012 Electrical Trades Union New South Wales secretary Bernie Riordan “accused of pocketing $1.8 million in directors fees was appointed a commissioner of Fair Work Australia just the day after long-running legal action against him was withdrawn.” (Click here to read more)

I wonder who put the call through to make sure the legal action was dropped so he could be appointed to FWA? “Bill Shorten was the one who appointed Bernie Riordan as a commissioner. He did not just decide to appoint him the day after the legal proceedings had been dropped. The planning for appointing him would have been weeks in the making. It looks to me that Bill Shorten did a deal to appoint Bernie Riordan as a commissioner to save embarrassing the union movement and the Gillard Government even more.

He probably did a deal with the people who launched the legal action against Bernie Riordan along the lines that he would appoint him a commissioner and they could move up the pecking order in the union and Labor Party. The point to this is that is consistent with how Bill Shorten operates.” Then there is Bill Shorten’s penchant for stabbing Prime Ministers in the back. The voters will not forget this.

Lastly but not least is the infamous interview Bill did with the Melbourne paper the Herald Sun in 2012 denying a rumour and claiming he had called his lawyers but failed to say what the rumour was. Bill seems to think if he does an interview and denies something without saying what it is, then that is the end of it. Imagine if Bill was PM? What would he be like then? I wrote a post after his interview saying what the rumour was but never heard from his lawyers. I wonder why? (Click here to read the post)

The Labor Party Leadership and why you should care It is up to the opposition to keep the government of the day honest and accountable whether that is the Labor Party or Coalition (Liberal Party and National Party). Governments that go unchallenged and unchecked become riddled with corruption which is what happened in NSW and other States where there were weak opposition political parties for long periods.

It is also important that the opposition at least be a possibility of an alternative government which keeps the pressure on the current government. With Bill Shorten as leader the Labor Party will never be a possibility of an alternate government as he is rotten to the core. The Labor Party needs major reform to weed out corruption which Bill Shorten will never do given he is at the heart of it.

The title of this post is a slight take on the title of the book “Confessions of a Faceless Man” written by Bill Shorten’s successor at the Australian Workers Union Paul Howes who is very much in the Bill Shorten mould.

Update: (29/11/13) I published a new post titled “Bill Shorten accused of raping 16-year-old girl in 1986. Victorian police are investigating” (Click here to read)

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    • Thank god someone is prepared to call the corruption in Labor for what it is and not being scared of the faceless men!

  1. In a way, I hope this crook Shorten does get the Labor leadership. That way we may have some chance of several years of a Coalition government to get things back on track. Surely with all this mud flying about, something will stick or he will do the dirty on someone close to him who knows the truth and be digging himself out of the mire forever trying to deny and defend his criminal actions?

  2. Bill shorten is a sinister person who will go down as one of the most grubby, criminal, lying, blackmailing politician this country has ever had. This man has no moral fibre whatsoever. He will cover up corruption at any cost that involves the unions and doesn’t give a damn who knows about it. Shorten thinks he’s above the law who thinks that he deserves to be prime minister one day and that being prime minister is his destiny. If Shorten ever becomes prime minister the country will be sunk into extensive corruption, the corruption that Shorten has already done will be nothing compared to he will do as prime minister. Shorten is a person that can turn on his friends like a snake in the grass if they disagree with him, just ask Bob kernohan & Kathy Jackson. Those 2 people have had their careers ruined because of Shorten, because they wanted to stop union corruption. I believe as well Shorten is a womanizer which that infamous incident with one of her female staffers is not the only time he has been caught out with his pants down. The labor party will be in opposition for the whole time if Shorten becomes leader. Tony Abbott & others in the coalition government would be laughing their heads off at Shorten becoming leader. Someone should write a book about Shorten’s life and the criminality & corruption he has instigated & been involved.

  3. Labor leadership options are all bad.
    Shorten as outlined here or
    Albanese – well his History is also very bad
    – A/State Secretary of the NSW Labor Party when bad stuff was going on.
    – his wife was Deputy Premier of NSW in the bad times
    – he is listed as Factional Leader of NSW Socialist Left
    Would not want either to be in Leadership role and obviously Labor will pay the price.

  4. Shane, the greatest problem we have is that there are, and always will be, far too many left-wing, semi-comatose comrades out there who will continually prove themselves to be “useful idiots”! Shorten, Howes and their ilk will always claw their way out of the muck as long as they have the support of those “true believers” who spread the lies they hear! Someone will always be there to tell them what to think, and they are too stupid to know that the “facts” they’re hearing are, in fact, absolute fairytales! I know, I have one in my family!

  5. Does it matter that Bill Shorten is the Governor General’s son-in-law? Would there be a perceived bias for (or against?) him if ever there was a Kerr/Whitlam/Fraser type situation?

    • “if ever there was a Kerr/Whitlam/Fraser type situation?”

      It will never happen that way again. It can’t. Shorten entering into a dynastic-type marriage is just one reason why. There are others.

  6. How is Bill Shorten tied up with the HSU? Who made the complaint to the Fair Work Commission? Is somebody really trying to expose the crooks in the HSU and Labor Party or will there be another cover up?

  7. Bill Shorten (curlies) as he is better known in my circles,is probably the biggest crook in the current parliament now that Gillard has chucked her presence.I am glad the Kangaroo court has relit the case of the corrupt AWU leadership, it a disgrace to the lucky countries reputation,fortunatley the union movement in Australia has lost favour with most of the working force due to peope like Shorten who have pilfered the funds of the working people for years and now they are paying the price,Allan from Myalup.WA

  8. Bill Shorten is a crook! He cannot , or refuses to correctly pronounce the name of his rival.
    Albo should shorten Shorten’s name to Short, and it would then shortly become clear that
    Shorten would be seen to have the short end of the stick politicaly. Shortly it will become obvious that the short little Mr. Shorten will be a few votes short.

  9. I can’t stand sight nor sound of him. When he appears on my tv or radio I run to change the channel. There is something slimy and power hungry about him and I fear he wouldn’t let truth get between him and his ambitions.

  10. To have a second bite at the cherry, I predict that Albenese will win the leadership ballot due to party membership involvement and Shorten will undermine the party just like Rudd, he is a power hungry and corrupt. I hope he succeeds in further corrupting Labor.Allan From Myalup WA.

  11. Bill Shorten is exactly what you call him. He has been ever since his young days.
    He already was involved with the AWU scandal, Gillard was involved in, and the corruption and thefts go back to before this clown was born into it.

    An enquiry will be torpedo’d by this man, I remember all the posts about him, years ago and for him to become Opposition leader would be a disaster.
    I do think, that the current Governor-General somehow cleared the legals in regard with her son-in-law being a minister of the Crown. However, I cannot see how this could be done if Shorten became Opposition-Leader, according to me that could not be legal.
    We will soon see.

  12. Shonky Shorten, the man with the personality of a house brick, is this a man you could trust? Let me see, intimately involved with the downfall of two prime ministers. In Gillard’s case professing loyalty right up to the last minute.Yes you can trust this man! just watch your back.

  13. I am very surprised that Andrew Bolt was going to support Kimberley Kitchen for the Senate! He is usually quite strong supporter of the Liberals in Vic , so there must be some tie up here thru other ways!

  14. His grandfather and father were union leaders on the wharves in England, and maybe inbred unionism is Shorten’s forte. Does his pig-headedness not allow him to believe that others want the top seat, and like him will use lying, cheating and backstabbing to get there.

  15. Shorten Howse all tarred with the same brush. I hope Abbott does an inquiry into these grubs who run the unions and there fore basically run the country.I am the same as some of the comments when he comes on he turns my stomach with his holier than holier approach to matters that the LNP are addressing that these knit-wits implemented.

  16. I understand that the Fair Work Commission are undertaking a full investigation in relation to the latest allegations in the HSU Vic Branch. Kimberly Kitching and Diana Asmar will no doubt be running to do a huge cover up of the finances. Bill Shorten ensured Asmar’s campaign was fully funded through a bottomless pit of money and should therefore be accountable as well. I wonder if the HSU members are aware that the Assistant Secretary and Treasurer, Leonie Flynn, was undermined by Asmar and her cronies. Brave girl, keep up the fight. Sounds like you’re not getting much support to keep the bastards honest. God only help us if Shorten is successful ahead of Albo for Prime Minister.

    • Hate to say it, as my parents were immigrants from Blighty, but I think Australia can do without these imported union types. My Dad, an electrician, was in the ETU, and called them nothing but scumbags, stirrers and crime. He saw what they did to the English coal mining industry and said they had way too much grunt here. Shorten, ha, how can a guy like that ever be called the “Honourable” something or other. Can’t even keep his flies zipped. Then there is the AWU scandal when he was Roxon’s boyfriend. Still like to wager he has the missing docs locked in a safe somewhere. What other hold could they have had over Gillard?

      • Maybe a bit off topic, but I also agree wholeheartedly! Almost every time we see a Union Rep rabble-rousing on TV, they have a very noticeable English or Scottish accent! I’m only one generation separated from that lot too, and it disgusts me, especially when you see what they’ve done to their own countries!

  17. Here !here! to fidopus and bob mack’s comments,I watched Shorten on TV yesterday and as he stated “we must be honest with the voters or we will be caught out” I could hear the skeletons rattling.I couldn’t resist emailing him and telling him just what I thought, Albo would win the leadership because his skeletens are less visible and he could spend his time undermining the Labor party in opposition just like Rudd.Allan from Myalup WA.

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