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Julia Gillard is the 1st PM to face criminal allegations at a Royal Commission. A good day for Australian democracy

Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is the fourth Australian PM to give evidence at a Royal Commission but the first PM to face criminal allegations at a Royal Commission. When a leader or former leader of a country is held to account or made to answer allegations of crimes or corruption it is a sign of democracy at work at the highest level. It does not matter whether you like or dislike Julia Gillard you should take notice of her appearance next week as I believe it is a real game changer.

No longer is anyone above the law, at least not as far as the court of public opinion is concerned. Remember it is the online community that drove and kept on driving the AWU fraud and many other crime and corruption issues of recent times.

Julia Gillard’s appearance at the Royal Commission is really just the cream on the cake when you look at the fight against corruption in this country. The tide against corruption has been building in Australia for a couple of years now and there is no going back. The list of people who are on the wrong side of that tide has been growing by the day. There are 2 Royal Commissions in progress and one just finished and then there is the ICAC hearings in NSW which has been exposing widespread corruption on both sides of politics. There are also plenty of other issues about to raise their heads and other inquiries not far away, some of which I have written about and some I will write about in the near future.

But let’s focus on Julia Gillard and her expected appearance at the Trade Union Royal Commission next week. Julia Gillard is meant to give evidence next Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in Melbourne although the Royal Commission has not confirmed the details yet. Although the RC has confirmed that Gillard was advised of a date to give evidence in early September.

Below are two videos of Julia Gillard from 2012 which are worth reviewing before she gives evidence. The first video shows Julia Gillard misleading parliament regarding the AWU fraud and trying to blame Ralph Blewitt. The problem for Ms Gillard is that Bruce Wilson told a different story when he did an interview on the ABC and contradicted what she told parliament. The second shows Ms Gillard avoiding answering a question in relation to when she wrote her acceptance speech when she took over the job of PM from Kevin Rudd. It will be interesting to see if she tries the same technique when she is in the witness stand. 

Below is the video showing Julia Gillard misleading parliament and lying about the AWU fraud

(Click anywhere on the above video to watch)

Below is the video of Julia Gillard refusing to answer a question about preparing her acceptance speech for becoming PM 2 weeks before she stabbed Kevin Rudd in the back. Will she duck and weave and refuse to answer questions at the Royal Commission the same way?

(Click anywhere on the above video to watch)

One of the things that the lawyers for the Royal Commission would have done is to have gone through all the public statements of Gillard and worked out were the lies are. If they have done their job properly then the barrister who will question Ms Gillard, Jeremy Stoljar, should have a career making day. Then again Julia Gillard is very cagey and fast on her feet and more than capable of destroying Stoljar if he is not prepared, as the Canberra press found out a couple of times.

Other witnesses to give evidence next week that I have previously written about include Julia Gillard’s old boss and current Federal Court judge Justice Bernard Murphy (Click here to read) and John Cain Jnr (Click here to read). Or for all the KCA posts on the AWU fraud click here.

Corruption is being exposed everyday now and it is the new norm so people should get used to it and feel good about it.

Update: Julia Gillard to give evidence Wednesday the 10th of September. She is the only witness scheduled for the day. For the full witness list (Click here) Hearings now in Sydney this week for the AWU.

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  1. Nice to have you here in Melbourne Shane. I hope your trip is successful and you can provide us keen KCA followers with all the real facts as you see them behind all the lies that are about to be told!

  2. Shane yes it is great to see those be held to some sort of account, that once thought that they where bullet proof.

    Yet again I wonder even if the Royal Commission recommends that Gillard and others be charged with criminal offenses, if they will ever be charged or spend a single day in jail.

    I must admit I did have a giggle when the Commonwealth Bank was mentioned, it just seems like they have a finger in everything and it does start to make you wonder how much they have over our Political Elite … 🙂

  3. Julia Gillard’s life may change in a big way this week. Her past in knowingly stealing from the AWU will be finally exposed in it’s entirety. Jeremy Stoljar will be ready for Gillard, when he questions her this week. I think the questions will be virtually on her willing involvement in the fraud, right through to her blackmailing to Australia’s media over the AWU fraud 3 years ago when she was prime minister. Gillard will be ripped to pieces by Mr Stoljar, Gillard can no longer run & hide from this. Gillard’s lies will be exposed and used against her. This week coming up is a great week in Australian democracy for sure. No one, not even a former prime minister is above the law. This Royal Commission will surely ruin Julia Gillard’s reputation, and the Australian people will notice.

  4. Shane, No doubt she is lying but isn’t that what lawyers do? She’s probably guilty as hell too but this is all old hat. Strandely she is still the darling of the feminist set so she will get away with anything.Regards, Warren Olsen

  5. It is about time that those who thought were untouchable, be brought to justice! They are truly cringeworthy and deserve to be punished!! If any one of us had committed those wrongs, we would have been in jail long ago!!

    Keep up the good work Shane, it is good to know there is someone out there who keeps us well informed!!

  6. my prediction on juliar’s strategy: “the files are lost, i don’t recall”.

    anyone wishing to donate to her defense fund can join their nearest friendly mafia union. and don’t worry, your union will extort plenty of money from your employer so your union fees won’t need to go up.

  7. As far as I am concerned Julia Gillard is a liar and along with her cronies in the unions and the Labor party they should all be in jail. The Barry Island bully was on of our less intelligent imports, She should have stayed in Wales and played footsie with her UK Labour party mate Neil Kinnock he soured to fame and a million bucks a year in the common market fiddle. Bring us back some juicy facts from the RC Shane it must be comeuppance time by now The clips were a great prelude to the further lies that will be forthcoming next week. Allan From Myalup WA…

    • Beautifully said Allan. Julia Gillard & other corrupt people in the labor party & the unions do deserve to go to jail. They have all gotten away with so much. Their day is coming to them. This week will be a historic week.

  8. You are right Shane, it appear that corruption is being tackled Australia wide albeit slowly, but it is moving the right way.
    Corrupt politicians, crooked cops, criminal union activity, failure of ASIC and the ACCC to do even the basics of their job – TIME FOR SOME SERIOUS CHANGES

  9. The biggest problem with any of the Inquiries, be they HoR, Senate or even the RC, is that they tend to get politicised. (Call me jaded or a cynic – don’t really care; I’ve seen it occur often enough).

    When the recommendations with the reports get handed in to Parliament, all of the party politics, allegiances, dirty-deals, etc come out to play. Even the majority of mainstream media join in the games.

    It is because of sites like this, that I do not buy any mainstream media – they would have to be the ultimate in brainwashing. Good expose on this mess Shane. Enjoy Melbourne and keep up the good work.

    • What the mainstream media fail to tell us, and the outright lies, about judicial corruption is only the tip of the iceberg. They are part of the same mob. (Moderator: Rest deleted as off topic)

  10. Great video’s, makes me remember even better all the lies we were told, day after day, after day.

    Shane it is years ago you started this web-site, so I am very pleased you will be in Melbourne and see the result of your work first-hand.

    I hope you let us know how it is going, I hope to watch it on the computer and I wish you the very best with the reporting finally of the scandal we have had to put up with for so many years.

    I wish you success !!!!..

  11. Shane; the solicitor Mr Murphy and the defrocked one have to turn up at the RC in Melbourne next week. They will be easy meat to expose but of more interest is Mr Cain junior. He apparently is gone as well and with him Mr Andrews and Victorian State Labor. This I think is the big story———-any ideas?

  12. I think Ms Gillard would have worked out all answers to possible questions asked by the Commissioner and she most possibly will get away with it!

    • Elizabeth. I must agree. Like many others on all the relevant sites, I have been following the trail of iniquity from the beginning. It is difficult for these moral crusaders to keep up the pressure due to the infinite resources available to the enemies of the nation and a saprophytic judiciary. Having watched the TURC proceedings I am amazed at the outright impertinence and disrespect shown the the Commissioner not to mention the perfidious lying. There is no doubt that JG and her cohorts will be surrounded by a phalanx of grovelling QCs determined to filibuster and immobilise the RC. It is my hope that Shane will continue his excellent campaign to illuminate the corruption and that we, the honest mugs, can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    • I am afraid so. I hope she does not make mince meat of SC assisting. Gillard is a liar and the media believe her. We all know her famous defences. They are either ” I have answered that question” or “I did nothing wrong”. Remember her savage dog attack on Tony Abbott while supporting Peter Slipper? She did not call out Slipper for misogyny but attacked Abbott. That was how ruthless she was to stay in power and continued to destroy the country.

      I cringed hearing her voice again.

  13. 60 Minutes Interview ‘Will Rock The Abbott Government, what a load of rubbish.
    Will Liz Hayes be so enthusiastic about doing a story on .
    Bill Shorten rape investigation, Shorten not cleared, police insufficient evidence to proceed.
    Julia Gillard had criminal allegations made against her in 1995 when she was accused of helping her boyfriend steal money from the Australian Workers Union
    Royal Commission into union corruption and close ties to the Labor party.
    I don’t think so.

    • So little coverage has been given to the RC, except of course if there is a chance to bag Kathy Jackson, it makes me wonder if Gillard’s appearance will even make the news. I expect the editors will be sitting waiting. If she gets over the top of the Commissioner it will be headline news. If she crumbles under the spotlight, well I’m sure there is a kitten trapped in a drain pipe somewhere that can fill the main headline.

    • There was absolutely nothing there to rock the Abbott Government. It was Liz Hayes trying her very hardest almost to put words in the blokes mouth. When she couldn’t get the answer she wanted, she’d try another way. By the end of the interview, you realised there was no story to tell and what a deceitful troublemaking advertisement “Will Rock the Abbott Government” What a disgraceful interviewer!

  14. Perhaps the simplest question(s) for Gillard at the RC might be:

    “If you were acting in the capacity as legal adviser to Bruce Wilson personally, why did you see fit to use the name ‘Australian Workers Union’ in the establishment of a legal entity that you knew was being kept secret from the union, also a client of your firm? And why did you see fit NOT to advise your client, the AWU of the use of their name in the incorporation of an unrelated legal entity?”

    This should get the ball rolling for an interesting exchange of ideas between Gillard and good Mr Stoljar.

    • Yep, we don’t have witness protection schemes in Australia that work at the RC. And anyway, Union thugs will get to witnesses anyway. Big help to Gillard.

  15. As per my opening comment on this site…..it certainly appears that the lies have been flowing well and truely from our former PM at the RC into Union Corruption. Hardly surprising to me and many others I suspect. Pity that Blewitt’s original statements have been mostly discredited due to his previous track record. She can’t recall the $5000 put in her bank a/c to go shopping etc???……it’s all too long ago etc etc. Methinks this is all a gross “error of judgement”…….a convenient term for blatant lies and disceptions in very frequent use today! Would like to hear any comments you have to make, Shane.
    Thank you.

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