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Bill Shorten and the $500,000 awarded to another rape victim

Kathy, who was allegedly raped by Bill Shorten outed herself in an interview with News Ltd which was published on Thursday (2/10/14). She in effect said that the police covered it up with one example being that they failed to interview all the witnesses. This is consistent with numerous other rape cover-ups by the Victoria Police. One victim, Jemma Ewin, was awarded $500,000 compensation in August this year.

The rape allegation against Bill Shorten is a ticking time bomb that is getting louder and louder and will not go away and it got a lot louder when Kathy outed herself in the media this week. When it goes off is anyone’s guess but it will be sometime between now and the next federal election.

This website has covered the rape investigation since last November with numerous posts (Click here to readand I will continue to do so because it has numerous ramifications for federal politics. The reporting of the investigation also shines a spotlight on the failings of the mainstream media and the rise of people using social media in their attempts to get justice.

Key point – Kathy has done at least three interviews and has not asked for money.

Kathy (she asked that her last name is not published) has to my knowledge not asked for money for any interviews and that gives her more credibility than if she had asked for money. It also points to her wanting justice and nothing else.

Brief background

Kathy raised the rape allegations on Facebook last year and then made a police complaint. The Mainstream media reported the a “A SENIOR Labor figure is under investigation by Victoria Police after it was alleged he raped a teenager” in November last year but did not name him even though Bill Shorten was being named on social media. I published my first post on the 29th November 2013 naming Shorten.

On the 21st of August this year Shorten outed himself after it was reported that the police would not be charging the “SENIOR Labor figure”.

On Thursday News Corp published their interview with Kathy. (Click here to read) Part of that interview is in the below video.


On the same day News Corp published their story Channel 7, Channel 9 and Channel 10 ran with stories. Radio Stations 2GB (click here) and 3AW (Click here) broadcast interviews with Kathy on Friday (3/10/14). None of them added a lot of additional information but worth noting because it shows the story is growing

Jemma Ewin and other Victoria police rape cover-ups

It was reported on the 14th August 2014 on the ABC’s 7.30 Report program:

“It was a sexual harassment case that set a new landmark in compensation. This week the Federal Court upheld a half million-dollar payout to Jemma Ewin, who suffered repeated unwanted sexual advances from a co-worker. Despite the hefty civil penalty, a criminal charge of rape was never brought because of a lack of evidence. Jemma Ewin now wants an inquiry into why it the police didn’t proceed in the hope it might encourage more women to report sexual assault.” (Click here to read the full transcript or watch the report)

So the question has to be asked why did the Victoria Police never charge Claudio Vergara with rape? The police at one stage even told Jemma Ewin that they felt she had made it up yet she able to get compensation of $500,000 in the Federal Court for the rape that the Victoria police said she made up.

Mrs Ewin’s lawyer, Rod Keuris said of the police investigation “they were more trying to disprove the matter than prove the matter”

In another case in 2009 also on the 7.30 Report:

“A woman, we’ll identify only as ‘Kate’, who claims she was raped by a Carlton player, says she was offered $20,000 by Victoria Police after it bungled its investigation of the case, and rejected it. There has since been a settlement.” (Click here to read more)

Both cases sound very similar to Kathy and her allegations that the Victoria Police did not do their job properly and covered-up the allegations against Bill Shorten.

Political impact – Sacking Bill Shorten

The Labor Party is in crisis at the moment even if they do try to appear united. They all know they can not go to the next election with Shorten as leader because if they do the biggest issue during the campaign will be the rape allegations. And they need a new leader now to give them as much time as possible to build support with the voters.

All Shorten’s enemies in the Labor Party have more fire-power than they need now to get rid of him. But do they have the stomach for the fight?

Next step for Kathy is quite possibly civil proceedings and then what does Bill do? Fight the claim and have it drag on for a long time, maybe up to and past the next election and in voters minds? Or does he settle, which will be seen as an admission of guilt by many voters no matter what spin Bill puts on it.

Another possibility is the Kathy could institute criminal proceedings herself where there is no statute of limitations. That would be the biggest danger of all for Mr Shorten.

Kathy is not going away

Imagine being a Labor Party candidate knowing every time you make a public appearance at the next election campaign it is almost guaranteed that you will have to lie and deceive on behalf of Mr Shorten about the rape. And you know that the public are not going to believe your garbage.

Once Shorten breached Crisis Management 101 and failed to go on the front foot and deny the allegations publicly last year he lost the battle. Anyone in Crisis Management will tell you that and from here on in Shorten is fighting a losing battle.

It’s up to Kathy whether or not she takes any further action but that does not mean Bill Shorten is off the hook if further action is not taken. Voters will want answers and a fully detailed account of what did or didn’t happen before they vote at the next election. And giving a fully detailed account will not happen as it is too dangerous for Shorten as he might get caught out lying and it will not save his political career anyhow. Bill Shorten has to make a move but what does he do? Whatever he does do is a huge risk but to do nothing is worse.

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  1. The 2 radio interviews are a must listen.

    An explosive allegation from Kathy in the 2GB interview – that she gave the police the name and phone number of a key witness but they hadn’t contacted her (the witness confirmed that she hadn’t been contacted by police when Kathy called her).

    Kathy also challenges Bill Shorten’s statement that he only knew her “briefly” – Kathy states that she had been in weekly contact with Bill Shorten for a period of 18 months and points out that 18 months is a long time in the life of a 15 year-old.

    • gIVEN there was political interference from day 1 in the Gillad/Wilson case when they were a pair of nobodys it beggars belief there would be no political interference in this case e specially with a labor state government

    • You might be right. But if so, then the big question is why would the liberal party remain silent on this issue? Will they use it as an ace up their sleeve if he makes it to the next election as leader? Or will they even go so far as not mentioning it during any election campaign?

      • A few years ago, Steven Bradbury, the speed skater, won a Gold medal for Australia in the Winter Olympics, when the 3 champions ahead of him all miraculously fell over. The Liberal Party are behaving in the same manner. Labor have got themselves into a vast amount of trouble through their own incompetence, stupidity and corruption, but imagine how much lower their poll figures would be if the Liberals had actually been DOING SOMETHING, rather than snoring loudly. Labor OWN the media, and the Liberals just let them constantly monopolise the message presented to voters.

    • Paul, you bet he will tough it out with the help of his numerous mates in the msm.
      He has spent a life time climbing to the top, and will not give up the leadership easily. However, I still believe he will eventually be forced to utter the well worn words ” I am resigning for the sake of my family”
      He is a well known womaniser, however, it remains a mystery how he could pull anyone, he is such an ordinary little bloke.
      He cheated on his first wife, and dumped her at a football match.
      And they expect us to believe, he is more popular than our current PM.
      Pull the other one.
      His speech to his unions mates on the back of a truck was laughable.
      Even some of his journo mates laughed.
      I note he is looking very stressed, under that painted on smile.

  2. Seems Tamworth likes silencing anything to do with Randy Bill the Rapist too , we have a big Blackboard on the side of a disused shop where 2 times [so far] I have put up the details about Bill Shorten and His Sleazy ways ,but to my surprise someone rubbed it off ,ah some people will do anything to stop justice and protect sleaze bags .

    Just last Friday o wrote him a very impolite letter setting out my concerns ,don’t think I will get a reply to that one . Sack Bill Shorten but either way its a Fabien Party .

  3. Kathy is a brave woman, who wants justice for what happened to her in 1986. The Victorian police has questions to answer of why they didn’t go further in their investigation of Bill Shorten. Did the Victorian police only interview witnesses who are friends of Shorten?. Bill Shorten is truly a joke of a person, he has no credibility whatsoever, and must resign as labor leader right now. His involvement in labor party/union corruption is legendary, & now this rape allegation will not go away. We had 3 bloody years of Julia Gillard trashing this country. Im not going to accept a possible prime minister in Bill Shorten doing the same thing that Gillard did for 3 years.

  4. Kathy has been very courageous to take it to the press. Of course after Neil Mitchell interviewed her, they did not have discussion on it, neither has it been on their news-service, where a wink from Mr Abbott is discussed and on the news for days on end.

    I also listened to the interview she had with Ben Fordham, where she mentioned, that the Police phoned one of the witnesses, she was asked to tell what she remembered of the day 28 years ago. It is much easier to say on the telephone, that you cannot remember anything, as when then police-man was sitting opposite you! No that is not good enough.
    Especially in the case of a rape, which is a life-changing experience. Even worse when she was only sixteen.

    But being labor, he will try and stay on, they all do in that party, look what happened with Gillard.

    I believe the Liberal party will not mention it, as they believe their personal lives should not be discussed in Parliament.

    I do hope, that Kathy has the wherewithal to take this matter further, it is the only way for her to get some peace, she is entitled
    to, in my opinion, this event has ruined her life.

    • I agree, and to think the our Prime Minister could not even look at his watch.

      Just imagine if our PM was accused, Labor would demand a public hanging, nothing less.
      David Marr that investigator extraordinare would be on every ABC news show ranting and raving in his unbearable pompous way.

  5. Mr Shorten is a positive for the Liberals at present, as any one that visits the House of Reps., question time could attest to.
    But you Shane have given Kathy good advice re her taking out criminal proceedings.

  6. Now that Kathy has come out about this she needs to draw all her courage and go hard as she can to get justice. Justice will come and its about time it did

  7. Why is the Victorian Young Labor Party not reported to the Royal Commission for Child Sex Abuse so that it can be investigated – Victorian Young Labor Party /Labor Party had a duty of care to Kathy.

    Investigations may reveal others in similar situation.

  8. We all need to get behind Kathy and give her the support she needs to see this through. As for Mr Shorten I would ask him why Kathy would risk his attention and his many union thugs, sorry mates if she was not telling the truth. She seems clear and objective to me. I have said this before how different this would have been if the perpetrator was Tony Abbott, the squealing from Labor, the greens and the left wing press would have been deafening.

    • Why, would anyone risk the wrath of union thugs.
      Just listen to the recordings of the RC and it is quite plain you are risking life and limb.
      There is something here that stinks stinks stinks.
      Would not trust the SHORT ONE TO WALK THE DOG

  9. Just another weak effort by Victorian Police dept. A total disgrace that this can be shoved under the carpet.

  10. typical,if it was an everyday Australian we would have been convicted already,just the usual cover up grrr

  11. What will out Shorten is his refusal to deny he raped the girl.

    Quite possible that Shorten knows if he denies it, it will be too much for some and they will come forward to the media.

  12. Bill must be a kind hearted bloke. Should any female have publicly accused me of raping them , they would be still bouncing around in a Court room, and everything they own or have in a bank account being transferred to me!

  13. I would be very surprised if every political party did not have a member with skeletons in the closet. Isn’t that why the parties refrain from slinging too much personal mud?

    • Realist; just a guy in the bush but can pick up bullsh.t at a thousand meters. We all know what is happening here————–just hope the courts get on with it.

  14. I’ve called Shorten the night watchman from the first day he was appointed. I reckon the ALP knew they needed someone to just hold the place in line for a few years. It’s going to be hard to get any credibility after the tag team of Rudd and Gillard. Albo may be the peoples choice but he doesn’t polish up very well. Bowen looks like he’s auditioning for the part. We’ll see closer to election day. If the ALP figure they have a chance with new blood Shorten is a goner. Meanwhile, Shorten gets busy auditioning for his next job.

  15. Kathy needs to file a civil claim against Shorten.
    Not sure about due process in NSW or Vic.
    In Qld you can’t run your own case in a Criminal Court. It’s up to the Police or Crown Prosecutor, if they prosecute or not.
    I am sure that there are many who will assist her with funding for a civil trial and ESPECIALLY for a JURY trial.
    In Qld, the Plaintiff has to pay for the jury in a civil matter.
    A damning point against Shorten, made by a contributor to this page, is: WHY HASN’T HE SUED HER FOR DEFAMATION?
    If he dared to….. Kathy would be able to present her evidence. If her evidence was found to be fact, then it would show Bill Shorten guilty of gross misrepresentation of his character and not necessarily defamatory, given his high “public” office.
    The Police would then be severely compromised, if they did not then pursue a criminal case against the man. When we say “police”, we are talking about the decision makers at the top.

    • You can run your own criminal case in every state including Queensland. It is federal law.

      Crimes Act 1914 – Section 13

      13 Institution of proceedings in respect of offences

      Unless the contrary intention appears in the Act or regulation creating the offence, any person may:
      (a) institute proceedings for the commitment for trial of any person in respect of any indictable offence against the law of the Commonwealth; or
      (b) institute proceedings for the summary conviction of any person in respect of any offence against the law of the Commonwealth punishable on summary conviction.

  16. Where are the furious “Sistas” who castigated and abused Abbott for looking at his watch and punching a wall???? Shorten has NOT been cleared of the rape accusation, the Victorian Police have said not enough evidence is available at this time to insure a conviction. Perhaps is the police did their job a little better a charge could be made.

  17. How could a person of this character & history become the leader of a major political party, let alone a potential Prime Minister……………………?????

    What is this country coming to?

  18. Surely the young lady who was an alleged rape victim should have been counselled over this and maybe a lawyer provided or asked to take her case on Pro Bono so that this disgraceful time should go before the court? Something is badly wrong with our judicial system and our police force if they say they ” do not have enough evidence”

  19. This just shows how inept the Police Department is in Victoria in allowing this man to avoid being further interviewed as should Kathy again. Sorry state of affairs.

    • This rape accusation must be pursued and every witness or interested Party must be interviewed. It is not good enough that the Victorian Police sweep this under the carpet because the accused is a high profile Victorian.

  20. A politician’s reputation has got to be his most treasured asset. If he didn’t rape Kathy, surely he’d sue her for defamation. Bill, why on Earth don’t you sue her?

    • The Kangaroo Court is to be commended for their exposure of the Bill Shorten rape accusation. This girl must have her day in Court as is expected in a free and open Country like Australia. People should not forget that the Victorian Police did not say that Shorten was not guilty, simply that they did not think enough evidence was available at this time to secure a conviction.

  21. This allegation must be brought before a court. It won’t go away on its own…

    Imagine the situation if BS Billy manages to slime his way into the Lodge.

    We would have a PM who is an alleged rapist, attended by a deputy PM whose husband/partner is apparently a convicted Drug Dealer…

    What world leaders are going to be comfortable consorting with them?
    It has to be resolved, one way o the other.

  22. They will not touch Shorten. Fairfax Media and the ABC back him in everything thing he does. Even his Marriage.

    • That girl must have her day in Court or Shorten must never be allowed to become Prime Minister of our great Country.

    • I could not agree more. It seems that this obnoxios person is above the law and the ABC support him in all ways possible. I hope the police have the guts to open this case up and show that he is not a ‘protected specie’ and have to face the consequences.

    • Bill Shorten must feel very happy in the knowledge that the MEETOO movement is far left wing orientated.

      Murray Raynes

      • It looks very likely that was put in the too hard basket for Vic Police to follow up and Shorten will find his way to the Lodge in Canberra . Seems to me to be a sorry state of affairs in this country for people like this to get the highest office in Australia!

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