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Peter Faris QC is now representing Kathy regarding the Bill Shorten rape allegations. Is court far away?

Peter Faris QC is now representing Kathy who alleges she was raped by Bill Shorten in 1986. This could be a real game changer as Mr Faris is no rookie and is regarded as a very successful criminal lawyer. He is also a former Chairman of the National Crime Authority.

Until now Kathy has by and large been doing the best she can by herself and reliant on the police investigation. As we know on the 21st of August 2014 the police announced that they would not be charging Bill Shorten ­as they were told by the Office of Public Prosecution ­that they believed there was no reasonable prospect of success.

Now Kathy has Peter Faris QC in her corner the chances of her allegations being heard in court at least to some degree have greatly increased and it has been reported that Mr Faris has taken the first few steps.

The Australian reported on Monday that “The woman has recruited high-profile barrister Peter Faris QC, who has informed the Victorian Director of Public Prosecutions, John Champion, that his client wants to review the DPP’s decision not to press charges”

and: “Mr Faris has written to Mr Champion seeking documents that appear to lay the groundwork for further proceedings aimed at challenging the legal basis for the DPP’s decision. Mr Faris asked the DPP to confirm the nature of his decision, whether he was prepared to reconsider and whether he would provide the reasons why Mr Shorten was not charged. The letter, sent on Friday, seeks access to the police brief and any other material Mr Champion used when making his decision.” (Click here to read more)

Chris Merritt who is legal Affairs editor at The Australian was also interviewed by Ben Fordham on 2GB on Monday which is worth a listen. (Click here to listen)

Peter Faris QC 2

Peter Faris QC

Once the matter hits court in some shape or form the evidence then becomes part of the court records and I would then expect to see a lot more of the evidence in the mainstream media as they will have no excuse not to report it as most have dedicated court reporters.

Bill Shorten and his Lawyers

Mr Shorten and his lawyers would be extremely worried people at the moment. It is one thing to out muscle and out manoeuvre Kathy but it is nearly impossible to do that with a quality barrister or lawyer and I have no doubt that Peter Faris QC is up to the challenge.

Bill Shorten’s position as alternative Prime Minister is what makes his position so difficult. Mr Shorten does not need to lose in a court of law for his career to be destroyed as losing in the court of public opinion will end his career just as easily if not easier.

That is what puts Mr Faris in such a strong position even though the case is a difficult one. The length of time that has passed does make it harder to prosecute the case but not impossible as we have seen with the Child Abuse Royal Commission and cases of similar age where offenders have been jailed.

I like Kathy’s story as it shows someone who does not give up and I know a lot of the readers of this site have the same fighting spirit. Kathy has a lot better chance of having a win in this case than some people give her credit for and even if she doesn’t she has already won in many people’s eyes given her spirit.

I have written numerous posts about this subject (click here to read) and probably would have waited a while to write another but I thought it was important to write this post and give Kathy the support she deserves. The reason being is that only the 2 media organisations listed above wrote a story on the case this week which is disappointing given the public interest. But as long as Kathy and Mr Faris keep on pushing the rest of the MSM cannot ignore it forever and I know Kathy has a lot of support on social media which counts just as much.

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  1. What fantastic news Shane!

    Mr Faris is a very tough and experienced QC and I do hope that Kathy really does get her day in court. I can’t wait to see the look on Shorty’s face when he has to front this one and the dear MSM cannot hide either….surely! T.Plib will be licking her lips until the day…….I can just see it now.

    All-power to Kathy and Peter Faris in their quest with the DPP !

    ………..BRING IT ON!

  2. It would appear that the Police really do nothing while crimes are being perpetrated by people within the Political Elite and those within the Hooked Up Club (like the Banks).

    I am skeptical now of any and all Politicians from either side of the house, it really makes you wonder where Australia is heading, as this is a situation that can’t keep going on forever and I would rather see some concept of civilization equality of justice restored, rather than the alternative that history tells us can happen..!!

  3. What disappoints me it the way politicians (Christopher Pyne) closed ranks to support Shorten. Shorten has NOT been cleared in this matter, far from it, the police have just said that they did not have enough evidence to maKE the charge stick.

    • No he did not close ranks! The Government is letting the legal process take it’s course. If they get involved in any way they will be accused of damaging any future case/ avenues of inquiry.

  4. What a great bit of news.

    I felt so very sad for Kathy, that she was not listened to and it seemed that the Police had not really gone out of their way to find the truth.

    After all if ringing someone after all those years on the phone is all of a sudden going to remember things. These people should have been visited.

    Nobody better than Peter Faris, I wish them all the best and a bit of luck to bring this matter out in the open.

    Now, will Bill Shorten stand down????????.

  5. This is the court case against the now leader of the opposition, how is it that it’s 90% of labour political members that are on the receiving end of corruption,  fraud and sex related charges, yet people still vote them in? They probably think that they’ll get a piece of the action, ha ha Regards The Tun

    • yes, why do the labor politicians get away with their corruption fraud and sex related charges? When will the general public ever wake up to them?

  6. What scenario we have in our political system,we have just removed a dysfunctional government with a crooked leader and a guy who thinks he is Gregory Peck. Now we have in the Labor hierarchy an alleged rapist that has more skeletons in the cupboard than the local cemetery, a potential deputy leader who is married to a drug crook with some pretty lousy form, what a legacy for a lucky country, for God’s sake lets get some law in this land that so we can discourage these blatant crooks out of the system.It has become a complete joke. I have never been a fan of Gough Whitlam but bless his soul he was an angel compared to this rabble. Go for it Kathy let the truth prevail and the best of luck in pursuing your struggle for justice. Allan from Myalup

  7. Difficult to make a comment here Shane as there are so many legals to consider.
    Can we then just consider Mr Shorten as a person of interest. Ms Kathy would seem to be legitimate in her claim. It just takes one more person to lodge a complaint and it’s over. Regards.

  8. Although I would like to see shonky get his comeuppance when I saw the adulation given to J. Gillard et al at the memorial service yesterday and the disgraceful disrespect shown to Tony Abbott and John Howard I will not be delaying an exhale. It seems that that attitude at the top of Labor ranks to the law and their lack of common respect and decorum is mirrored by many Labor voters. Labor is riddled by thieves, corruption and deceit at the highest levels.

  9. While I hope Kathy receives the justice she seeks, I don’t believe there exists sufficient evidence to proceed against Mr SHORTEN, given the amount of time since the alleged offence occurred. In order to nail an individual of this bloke’s calibre, you’d need to pull out all stops in order to receive a satisfactory conviction.

    Knowing something and than trying to prove it, to a point beyond that of a reasonable doubt, are two entirely separate issues. As a long time serving copper, I know how tough gaining a satisfactory result can be ?

  10. Early this morning I sent two posts to Bolt’s blog, one pointing out the details re Kathy and her representation, which was posted by the moderator, and the other asking why HSU Vic staff, including Kitching, and officers being recommended for charges hasn’t been mentioned whilst much time has been devoted to the AWU and CFMEU on his site. No surprise, post two didn’t make it past moderation.

    • A.B hasn’t learned his lessons there Climate Realist. From past and present performances, I don’t think he will.

  11. I an sorry to say that I am not waiting with bated breath for Shorten to suffer his comeuppance.

    The system is pathetic when minor crims cop a flogging, when pollies and their cohorts miss out on copping the brunt of a judges sentencing.

    For instance, Gillard is a guilty as Ronnie Biggs in robbing taxpayers money from a (gravy)train, and the huge sentence for being guilty to that is that there is no insurance cover on, in or for a government..

    I will bear my proverbial in Bourke Street if Shorten cops the same punishment as Rolf Harris, because the little toe-rag deserves it, the un-Australian git !!

    Printed or not, this item, my say is, intelligent, low-paid people have had a gut-full of over-paid loonies in high places, looking after their underpants contents while fart-arsing around Australia pretending to be the magnificent, gold-plated gods sent to save Australia from Opposition Politicians garbage, and the system reverts to the same coloured grass in another paddock with a change of government, but the recipe for the manure spread around remains the same.

    • Yes there does seem something wrong here. Rolf Harris gets 7 years for touching a girl on the rear and that creep in South Africa gets 10 months for killing his girlfriend, and Kathy doesn’t even get a hearing for her rape charge.

  12. All good comments to date and the majority I totally agree with.
    Shane, what’s your comments and feelings on this case? Does Kathy have a case given what we already know that can possible bury Shorten or not?…….I am very interested in your opinion. Will these blogs have an effect, given social media is very much on the rise?

    • I think she does have a case and I think the evidence will come to light by the actions Peter Faris QC takes. The blogs are starting to take over where the mainstream media do not go, so they have already had an effect.

    • Once this is given more mainstream time, if a court case goes ahead, watch for other possible victims that now feel safer to come forward. It has happened in every other high profile rape/pedophilia case so cannot see why it wouldn’t happen again unless Billy really is a one time only naughty boy.

  13. I could be wrong, but I haven’t seen this story make the news, or have I missed it?
    Could one imagine the headlines if it were a story about Tony Abbott!!

  14. I like Kathy’s fighting spirit as well and she has our support in her fight for justice. I just hope Peter Faris does his job and help Kathy. Mr Shorten would be worried now, & I have no doubt he raped Kathy. Shorten must never get away with this.

  15. Bill Shorten is personally fronting next election’s keystone propaganda piece the thus-far nonexistent $100K degree, has appeared on fluff-central Kitchen Cabinet and even laid down some Christian credentials in a challenging environment. He’s got his media mojo back and the mainstream press seems happy to keep the status quo

  16. I want this creep Shorten charged and incarcerated. I cannot stand him and I cannot for the life of me see how the populace cannot see through him. I think it is as plain as the nose on my face that he is a perpetual liar, cheat, fraud and deserves to go to hades now. He simply smirks his way through life and gets away with it. He can’t even pronounce English properly with his pronounced lisp.
    Shane…what has he got over the MSM or are they all a pack of Bolshevics? Surely not all of them?
    I see very little Melbourne press on this RC, sometimes there is a small par on a rear page somewhere! Does the Sydney Press do the same as Melbourne and hide it?
    He’s obviously as guilty as sin and has been known to be a creep and a pants man all his life….I do hope Kathy gets her rightful dues and they put him away for a long, long time. Do many of the Union and Labor hierachy ever sleep in their own beds much?

  17. One thing I would ask is where are the ‘Sistas’ in all this. Imagine what the Handbag Squad would be saying if the accusation of rape was against Abbott.

  18. Much as I hope you are correct Shane, I suspect the MSM/ABC nexus won’t be prepared to admit they were wrong if not complicit in Shorten’s denials, having already swept the case under their expensive and thick Broadloom in the same way they did Gillard’s AWU involvement. As everyone knows in Canberra, Shorten has had a reputation for many years about not being able to keep his fly done up. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and Faris QC doesn’t take on cases like this just for the hell of it.

  19. What disapponts me in all this is the conspiracy of silence by the media! Imagine for one minute if this was Tony Abbott being accused of this? The media would be in a feeding frenzy! That would be just the ABC! Yet this bloke Shorten escapes scrutiny in any form. The conservatives are being decent about it, the same would not happen if the shoe was on the other foot! Think about it! The media would have you believe that Bull Shorten is more popular than Abbott and more electable! This guy is a complete scumbag! A union thug and bully. Just ask Kathy Jackson, who do you think organised the smear campaigns against her, including the leaving of shovels at her door? While supporting the guilty Thompson and Williamson in parliament. Publicly and with ALP finances? What does that tell you! Next PM? God help us all!

    • Tony H is spot on…..if this was any one of the Lib frontbench (or back bench for that matter) it would be hitting the headlines. There must be a DRIVER in the MSM that we can rely upon to get this scumbag on the front pages and ultimately put away once and for all.
      Shane, surely you must know a media clique you can get to join our cause. Realise you are doing a great job with KCA but I’m sure we’d all love this continual dirt on Shorty to be hitting the headlines…….why hasn’t the MSM picked up on his pronounced lisp….he needs elocution and mouth washing-out lessons in my opinion too.

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