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Premier Mike Baird & Chief Justice Bathurst fail to act on paedophile supporter Judge Garry Neilson

Premier Mike Baird and NSW Supreme Court Chief Justice Bathurst have failed for over five months to take any real action against paedophile supporting Judge Garry Nielson. Yet in a matter of weeks action was taken against confessed paedophile, former Bega Cheese CEO Maurice van Ryn, who had been allowed free on bail pending his sentencing.

The obvious question is why can the NSW government can act so swiftly in one matter and not the other. On Tuesday (9/12/14) I phoned the offices of Premier Baird and Attorney-General Brad Hazzard and so far they have failed to respond. They are failing the NSW public and the judiciary by their refusal to take action against Judge Garry Nielson.

Judge Garry Nielson

Judge Neilson scandalised the courts when it was revealed in July that he had previously made statements in court such as “the community may no longer see sexual contact between siblings and between adults and children as “unnatural” or “taboo”. (Click here to read more)

NSW Attorney-General Hazzard moved fast and referred Judge Neilson to the NSW Judicial Commission for investigation. Hazzard also had Chief Judge Reg Blanch remove Judge Neilson from hearing criminal matters until the commission had dealt with the complaint. At the same time it was also revealed that a senior public official referred the whole NSW judiciary to the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse. (Click here to read more)

Magistrate Doug Dick – Wollongong

It has been widely reported in the media the last 2 weeks that confessed paedophile Maurice Van Ryn had been released on bail awaiting sentencing for his crimes. There were calls for the sacking of Magistrate Doug Dick who allowed Mr van Ryn bail.

“Bravehearts, an Australian organisation committed to protecting children from sexual assault, has called for the immediate dismissal of former Wollongong magistrate Doug Dick.”

“Bravehearts founder and chief executive officer Hetty Johnston has written to NSW Attorney-General Brad Hazzard and NSW Chief Justice Thomas Bathurst to express “grave concerns” about the decision to grant bail.”

“In the letters, Ms Johnston called for the immediate dismissal of the magistrate, Mr Dick, and a review of all his decisions made over the past 24 months.” (Click here to read more)

Intervention by Attorney-General Brad Hazzard

“The NSW Attorney-General has called for an urgent review after the former head of Bega Cheese, Maurice van Ryn, was granted bail after admitting he sexually abused six underage boys.”

“Mr van Ryn was allowed to walk free from Bega Local Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to 12 child sex offences.”

“Attorney-General Brad Hazzard said he was “extremely concerned” by the decision.”

“Having read some of the alleged facts, I am extremely concerned about the decision to grant bail,” Mr Hazzard said.

“I have contacted the Director of Public Prosecutions and asked the DPP to urgently review the circumstances and consider lodging an appeal against the granting of bail.” (Click here to read more)

On Wednesday (10/12/14) the appeal judgement was handed down and Mr van Ryn bail was revoked and he was back in jail. The judge said:

“There is a sense that reasonable people in the community may feel something is amiss about a man who acknowledges he’s guilty and who faces the certainty of a long period of imprisonment, continuing to be abroad in the community,” Judge Madgwick said. (Click here to read more)

Royal Commission – Conflict of interest and perceived bias

The Chair of the Royal Commission is NSW Supreme Court judge Justice Peter McClellan which automatically gives rise to the viewpoint of there being a conflict of interest and perceived bias with the Royal Commission investigating the NSW judiciary.  The average person might think that is why there has been no action by the RC regarding Judge Neilson and the likes of Magistrate Doug Dick.

The Royal Commission needs to make a public announcement regarding their investigation into the NSW judiciary and what role Justice McClellan has or hasn’t played and what his role will be in the future.

With the state election only a few months away at the end of March 2015 the Judge Neilson matter could become an election issue. What is most disturbing is that Premier Baird and Chief Justice Bathurst, who is also head of the NSW Judicial Commission, should know better given there is a Royal Commission in progress into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

So Mr Hazzard and the government can take action in two weeks regarding the Mr van Ryn matter yet almost 6 months later there has been no action regarding Judge Garry Neilson. And who has Premier Baird and/or Brad Hazzard contacted to expedite the Garry Neilson investigation? No one, that’s who.

Premier Mike Baird and Chief Justice Bathurst are deliberately playing to go slow game in relation to Judge Garry Neilson. The contempt shown by the NSW government for the public’s well-being is amazing. The issue will not go away and as every day goes by with no action by the government the bigger the problem will become. I will keep on investigating this story and try to do a follow-up article before the NSW election in March.

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  1. I wonder Shane, Is it a case; “If we tell on him, he will tell on us”? I have seen this happen in the Public Service time and again. Black Book Protectionism.

  2. This special treatment of paedophiles should rightly be exposed and if our society doesn’e have the stomach to shoot all paedophiles inculding those sick judges they should at least be locked up forever with the key thrown away. Rock spiders should be exterminated or incarcerated. They should lose all rights. Regards, Warren Olsen

  3. Apart from the fact that I feel physically sick after reading this, I am not at all surprised in the slightest..!!

    Premier Mike Baird has proven to be selectively soft on numerous matters that doesn’t suit his Political Agenda such as “White Collar Crime”, “Elder and Disabled Abuse” and now it appears a Corrupt Judiciary..!!

    Our first line of defence against the “Predictor Class” within out society should be State Governments Police, Courts and Departments of Public Prosecutions, but if the Boss doesn’t want anything to happen, it never will..!!

  4. “The contempt shown by the NSW government for the public’s well-being is amazing.”

    So, what’s new? I thought it was standard practice, at least since the 40s.

  5. They are failing the . . . . .public – your statement in the second paragraph is exactly highlighting the common problem across ALL of Australia at every level of government. It is called ACTING IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST and for any employee or government representative it is accountability and ethics 101.
    We have just witnessed the same here in the West with Dean Nalder and the emperor Colin Barnett failing to honour the same principle. What to do they do? Come out whinging about THEIR OWN interests – not the publics that they are elected to protect!
    In NSW, the publicly elected premier and government-chosen judge are doing the exact same thing by condoning the behaviour of black book protectionism and, that is certainly not in the public interest.
    If these idiots do not understand that principle, are unable to swear to uphold it and honour it then there is nothing left but to sack the damn lot of them.

  6. Seems to me that the Judiciary of the NSW courts are in the main a disgrace and how they could let this man out on bail for what he has done is utterly ridiculous.

  7. Time and time again I am gobsmacked at the leniency of many sentences handed down by many judges.For instance the law says sentence is a maximum of 3 years jail and, or, a large fine, yet they let criminals off with a suspended sentence and no conviction recorded. Are the judges protecting the public or the crooks?

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