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3 Attorney-Generals in 12 months, Craig Thomson’s mental illness & the Andrew Bolt defamation loss

NSW now has its third Attorney-General in the last 12 months, Craig Thomson tried the mental illness tactic in court and Andrew Bolt lost a defamation case against a barrister. All three matters are relevant to this website but don’t justify a full post so I will cover all three briefly for the Easter Post.

3 Attorney-Generals in 12 Months

Having 3 different ministers for the 1 portfolio in 12 months is a sign of a crisis and that is exactly what it is for the Attorney-General in NSW.

The new Attorney-General appointed this week is Gabrielle Upton who replaced Brad Hazzard. Mr Hazzard, who replaced Greg Smith, had only been on the role since the 23rd April 2014.

Both Brad Hazzard and Greg Smith were total failures in the role and should be investigated for criminal conduct during their respective tenures as Attorney-Generals. I have previously written about Mr Hazzard’s handiwork (Click here to read more) and also Greg Smith’s (Click here to read more)

When a government department has a regular turnover of the minister responsible it allows corruption to run rife in that department and that is what is happening in the NSW Department of Justice

Greg Smith retired from parliament at the 2015 State Election and Brad Hazzard has taken Gabrielle Upton’s former position as Minister for Family and Community Services. It is sad to see Premier Mike Baird keeping someone so corrupt as Mr Hazzard as a minister.

It will be interesting to see how long Gabrielle Upton lasts. Obviously not long if recent history is a guide.

Former federal MP Craig Thomson’s mental illness defence

On Monday (30-3-15) in the Federal Court of Australia Craig Thomson made an application to the court that the matters against him should be dismissed because he is suffering mental health issues. The Fair Work Commission is suing Mr Thomson for stealing Health Services Union (HSU) money when he was national secretary between 2002 and 2007.

The court dismissed his application.

“After the ruling Mr Thomson said he was too mentally unwell to continue and needed to see his psychologist.”

“I have decided today on the advice of my health practitioners that if the judge wants to continue the case, I’m at risk of not being able to conduct that case and degenerating into a stage where I may take my own life,” he said.

“That is something I’m not prepared to do.” (Click here to read more)

Craig Thomson walked out of court and did not return. The case continued without him. (Click here to read more)

Craig Thomson - former Federal MP

Craig Thomson – former Federal MP

This is not the first time Craig Thomson has raised the prospect of suicide if matters did not go his way. In 2012 when he was still a federal politician Mr Thomson raised the issue and it was reported as per below:

“Concern has been growing for the wellbeing of Mr Thomson after he pleaded publicly yesterday for an end to his trial by the Parliament and the media.”

“Is this about trying to push someone to the brink?” he said. “Enough is enough.” (Click here to read more)

While Craig Thomson is certainly under extreme pressure this is only a civil case and he will not be going to jail. The worst case scenario is that Craig Thomson will have to declare bankruptcy which for a thief like Thomson is not such a bad outcome.

There are many criminals who genuinely suffer some type of mental illness and it should be taken into account when a judge determines what punishment they receive. But the mental illness defence is clearly being abused and it is my viewpoint that it is almost guaranteed that Craig Thomson is one of those abusing it.

Andrew Bolt loses defamation case against a Barrister

Well known News Corp blogger Andrew Bolt was successfully sued by human rights lawyer George Newhouse for defamation.

“In the NSW Supreme Court on Thursday, Justice Lucy McCallum ordered a verdict for Mr Newhouse and said News Corp was to pay his legal costs.”

“The terms of the order – agreed to by both parties – requires the article to be taken down from News Corp’s various online sites. Other terms of the settlement are confidential.”

“Mr Newhouse sued over an opinion piece written by Bolt on July 10, 2014, which carried the headline “Fearmongers’ hateful fraud” in The Herald Sun.” (Click here to read more)

George Newhouse - Andrew Bolt

George Newhouse – Andrew Bolt

It is OK to drop the boot into barristers and I know because I do whenever appropriate and relevant. But had you better make sure you’re right on the money otherwise you will be in plenty of trouble. And that is why I raise the Andrew Bolt matter as it reinforces the credibility of what I have said about some barristers on this site.

A prime example is the dodgy Sydney barrister Sandy Dawson. (Click here to read moreAny barrister can and will sue if you defame them because they trade on their reputations and if they do not sue it will likely lead to a loss of business. Mr Dawson has never sued me nor will he because what I written about him is true.

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  1. I can not believe that these guys especially Craig Thompson can get away with this, it is a joke, but I would like to know why he can do what he is doing and get away with,, if it was me I would most likely be in goal now,,, You state all these facts and they must be true because not one are game to take you to court,, BUT WHY IS IT THAT THESE PEOPLE CAN GET AWAY WITH THIS AND OUR GOVERNMENT AND OUR LEGAL SYSTEMS IS IN MY OPINION VERY CORRUPT,, AND SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE TO STOP THESE CRIMINALS GETTING AWAY WITH IT

  2. On your Attorneys-General article, Shane: when you find a “government department” with an Australian Business Number, that “department is no longer a government department, but a private business, and thus not an arm of any lawful government. You may be aware that all governments are now corporatised, which in itself is unlawful, so it is no wonder that corruption is rampant when the whole show lacks legitimacy. The solution is obviously a return to LAWFUL GOVERNMENT.

  3. Corruption and its friends exists because we allow it to and most people are too busy getting on with their lives. People are too busy consuming and living.
    On reflection, after raising three children and in full time work through the ’80s and 90’s I can’t believe how much what’s happening water went under the bridge in those two decades. It’s just a blur to me.
    Corruption is everywhere all the time. It’s part of human nature and systemic. Standing up to it is nigh impossible for the brave individuals who try to call it out. It can’t be stopped and sometimes the system allows examples to be seen to be dealt with. A lawyer once said to me “Don’t expect to get justice here (in the court)”. Courts are mostly about theatre anyway and mostly the complainant is a plaything.

  4. As far as I can see Craig Thomson is a bloody crook and is trying to squirm his way out of punishment for his filthy behavior. Anyone who steals from the hard working nurses of this country deserves a long term in prison and if I were a nurse or a medical professional I would not attend this little scumbag in spite of my oath to the medical profession. The behavior of this scum is indefensible and any law person who gives him credence is as corrupt as what he is. His suicidal pleas are pathetic and all the nurses money he spent on prostitutes is now gone and he cannot afford to pay some corrupt psychologist to pronounce him insane to get him off the hook..” I did nuffink wrong” let him rot in hell.but not before he pays back all the money he stole from our nursing profession. Allan Usherwood from Myalup.WA..

  5. Happy Easter Shane and all the other bloggers on this site.

    I could not believe that Craig Thomson decided not to return to court in the afternoon. The guy has been playing the ‘mental problem’ card all along, hoping to get off.

    It is unbelievable that this has been allowed to happen.

    Indeed if any of us behaved that way, we would be picked up by the Police.

    Corruption is so ingrained in the Australian society, that I cannot see, that it will ever be any different, as the whole judiciary is corrupt, how are you going to stop it?

    • Fully agree with nottwistedyet but the way things are going this dirt bag will get out of this it is a bloody joke, if you or I tried that I feel that they would have locked us up there and then, our whole legal system and government is so very corrupt and nothing seems to be getting done about it,, anyway happy Easter

  6. If Craig Thompson is going to keep up this Mental Health Issue, I do believe that the Justice System has a responsibility to insure his safety. Maybe the Judge can place him into Parramatta Psychiatric Hospital on Governors Pleasure until such time as the medical profession feel he is not at harm of self inflicted injury, or suicidal. It is only fair that the Legal System should go out of their way to assist one of their clients prior to his doing some thing to himself. He has made these threats before and that falls into the “watch and act” category of Suicide Watch. Who will take the blame if nothing is done and he does neck himself? Not the Dam Judge thats for sure, nor the Prosecution, that only leaves his own defence, or the General Public. Haven’t we carried his sleaze bag long enough??

    • It can be done. All it takes is an order… a Health Care Professional. There’s probably a few who would be prepared to help out.

  7. Happy Easter Shane. I agree with you Shane that Craig Thomson is using the “mental illness” defence to weasel his way out of being sued by Fair Work Australia. Thomson is a grub and a horrible liar and will try every dirty trick to get himself out of these incriminating situations. This is the same guy who purposely besmirched and defamed people like Kathy Jackson, Marco Bolano and others. Criminals like Craig Thomson use the “mental illness” defence to avoid being convicted & sued. They truly think that they are above the law. But the good news is that most of the people of this country know that Thomson is a criminal, so as a result Thomson has lost forever. Thomson is extremely lucky he isn’t in jail. Thomson deserves to go to jail, he has no remorse still for his actions.

  8. I’m wondering why Fairfax haven’t been running headline news about Bolt losing his case. They made such jolly out of the “choosing to identify as black” case I am at a loss to understand why they aren’t all gleeful and cheering now. Perhaps the Hockey case against them isn’t going so well and they want to keep their heads down?

  9. Perhaps it is time to apply one of the Law’s acclaimed test priciples to selection of Judges. What would an ordinary man in the street do if he were made a Judge? Probably just as good on the bemch as many of the corrupt people selected to the position at present.

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