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Bill Shorten tries to cover-up the vote rigging scandal that had him elected leader

Bill Shorten told the ABC on Friday (10-4-15) that the vote rigging scandal had been independently investigated by the NSW branch of the Labor Party and that one person had been suspended from the Labor Party. Bill Shorten gave no specific details and his statement raised more questions than it answered.

One thing is for sure and that is Bill Shorten is very worried that journalists will keep digging. He was very careful to put the blame and responsibility with the NSW branch of the party for what happened and the so-called “independent investigation”. Shorten has deliberately left plenty of wriggle room for later so he can lie like there is no tomorrow if he needs to.

One of the most concerning aspects is that it is two Labor Party insiders that have been pushing for a full investigation. The two insiders or their supporters have blown the whistle to the media because they have obviously been blocked from having an investigation by the Labor Party’s senior management.

The SMH reported: “The party’s NSW general secretary Jamie Clements said on Friday he would write to the NSW Electoral Commission for advice on whether that body could administer ballots for future state Labor leaders.”

“It follows concern raised by two senior Labor officials – John Graham, the NSW branch’s left-wing assistant general secretary, and Australian Manufacturing Workers Union state secretary Tim Ayres, who is also on the national executive.”

“They had been pushing for a thorough investigation after revelations that the addresses for scores of voting papers for the national ballot between Mr Shorten and Anthony Albanese were altered by NSW Labor head office. It is understood that addresses for 73 ballots in the seat of Auburn were changed. About 40,000 ballots were cast.” (Click here to read more)

Previously there were 50 dodgy ballots then the Labor Party said on Friday it was 73. The real number is most likely in the thousands. The Labor Party are in crisis management mode and have also said they are now investigating the possibility of having the NSW Electoral Commission run the next election for Labor Party leader. Sounds like more spin to me.

The ABC interview

I recorded the relevant part of Bill Shorten’s interview with the ABC which is in the video below. For people who are new to this story please read the previous post. (Click here to read the post)

(Click anywhere on the above video to watch)

The ABC and other mainstream media who have access to Bill Shorten need to ask a lot harder questions. Such as why the Labor Party have not made the independent investigation report public as it is clearly in the public interest to do so.

Why the cover-up? Who knew what and when?

It has been 18 months since the election for Labor Party leader in October 2013. So the big question that needs to be answered is: Who knew what and when and why have they been covering this up?

Why did Bill Shorten not make a public statement on the issue last year? He had to have known then. Why did he wait until it was leaked to the media?

What did Senator Sam Dastyari’s staff member know and do and who did he tell to change the addresses and who changed the addresses and what happened to the envelopes once they arrived at the new addresses etc. These are basic questions Mr Shorten should order Mr Dastyari to answer but of course Mr Shorten won’t because he knows the answers and how damaging they are.


Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese

Don’t worry people, Bill Shorten is on the job and he tells us that there is nothing to see here and that we should all move on. Thank Christ for Bill, for a moment there I thought we might have a major problem that goes to the heart of a democracy which is open and fair elections of our politicians.

Independent investigation by the corrupt NSW Labor Party into themselves

Bill Shorten and the Labor Party are claiming there was an independent investigation into the vote rigging. That is clearly a lie. The NSW branch of the Labor Party is rotten to the core and their corruption has been in the media on an almost daily basis for the last 4 years or so. For Shorten to say they independently investigated themselves is a joke.

The person who investigated the scandal would have been paid by Labor and/or was a Labor Party member. They would have also been given only the information that the Labor Party decided was relevant information and everything else would have been withheld. And it was ultimately a NSW Labor Party review tribunal that swept the scandal under the carpet. That is hardly independent.

News Ltd reported:

“The NSW party’s review tribunal found 73 out of 124 changes to branch member postal addresses before the ballot had occurred in the Auburn electorate.”

“However, tribunal chairman Greg James QC confirmed on Friday that nothing had emerged from the review to suggest the election of Mr Shorten as leader was flawed.”

“Mr James also found there was no prospect of a further inquiry producing any such suggestion.”

“NSW ALP secretary Jamie Clements said the party’s administrative committee had agreed with Mr James’ finding.” (Click here to read more)

Yep, some members of the Labor Party agreed was other members that everything was fine. They’re treating the voters like fools. If they really want an independent inquiry to get to the truth then have an open and public inquiry.

The SMH broke the story and I wrote a post that I published early Thursday morning. The SMH ran with another story Friday and then the ABC asked Shorten questions when they interviewed him Friday morning. From there NSW Ltd and others picked up on the story. The story has gathered pace and as I said in the last post it will be an election issue at the next federal election “unless there is an open and public inquiry”. The chances of that happening are basically zero, so watch the Liberals and other political parties raise it at the next election.

Unfortunately whenever Bill says “there is nothing to see here” the mainstream media regularly shut up and stop asking questions. The good news is that social media will not shut-up and will keep driving the issue until we get answers and if we do not get legitimate answers then it will cost the Labor Party votes at the next election.

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    • Your Not the only one Bill Shorten is a Criminal a Rapist and a lying thug , we the people must act soon to stop this or it’s goodbye Australia , What Did the Anzacs Fight for ?

      • How come someone claiming a priest molested them 40 years ago, even if that priest is long since dead and cannot defend themselves, is given 100% credibility and interviews on the ABC, but a girl claiming a living, and serving in parliament, senior labor figure raped her is dismissed as a liar and not worth giving air time to?

    • me too – labor politicians are liars along with their unions – as for Bill Shorten I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him

  1. Then it’s clear you need to effectively voice your objections widely, not privately. But that’s difficult in our country whose mainstream media is but a surreptitious extension of the political processes currently in place. Remember the representative government you vote for is rarely representative at all, but considered by politicians as a lottery win to do as they please when they please.
    “Job well done” to those that can see this to be able to voice their objections without fear or intimidation and beware of those that cannot, will not or worse still, pretend they cannot see what you’re talking about!

  2. Shane.
    You must be joking “the media will keep digging”
    There is something very shifty about Mr Shorten in more ways than one, and media scrutiny is zilch.
    The PM cannot look at his watch, and they go ballistic, yet Shorten has been accused of rape and they say nothing.

    • Most of the media hate Tony Abbott and want to see him go. Unfortunately the media love Bill Shorten because he is seen to be the “hero of the workers”, and a person with a so called easy going personality. The media have not done their job properly on Shorten. They have never investigated his background in union corruption & theft over the last 20 years and have purposely turned a blind eye & a deaf ear over that. Some parts of the media have tried to investigate Shorten but haven’t gone further as it should. Thanks to this website and other websites, Shorten has been exposed for the corrupted person he really is, and now he is rightfully tainted because of it. Shorten can never defend himself because the evidence against him is true and he can never say anything in response because he knows it. The only thing Shorten can do to defend himself is creating ridiculous lies. The mainstream media is gullible to his lies, thankfully social media isn’t.

  3. Nothing surprises me about Bill Shorten. Shorten will do nothing about this vote rigging scandal because he is behind it!!. It seems that those two people plus others in the labor party have had enough of the corruption of NSW labor & probably Bill Shorten as well. It’s obvious that there are some enemies of Bill Shorten in the labor party. They have obviously have seen the way he operates and I think they are trying to put a stop to it. Sam Dastyari and NSW labor have now been exposed as corrupt (of course we already knew that), and let’s hope now that the coalition government go extremely hard on Dastyari & Mr Shorten. This vote rigging scandal is corruption going right to the top, led by Mr Shorten.

  4. Bill is doing a Hillary post Benghazi, “What difference does it now make” (if we all lied and covered up the facts of a terrorist attack that killed 4 Americans).

    Seems to work for her, no media scrutiny of note, even now when it has been shown she used private servers and has wiped them clean even after they were subpoenaed by a congressional committee.

    And Bill wants to be PM. With the same lack of scrutiny and plethora of lies and cover ups he may well get there. Time to emigrate across the ditch if that happens.

  5. “”The NSW branch of the Labor Party is rotten to the core and their corruption has been in the media on an almost daily basis for the last 4 years or so.””

    I agree with the statement above, but, you should have also mentioned that the NSW Liberal Party are corrupt as well! How many have resigned in disgrace?

    Both parties are rotten to the core. We should chuck them both out and start again!

    As for Blinky Bill Short changed, he is a leftover of the old Union hacks and should just quietly disappear into the sunset.

    • sorry, don’t agree with you – Tony Abbott and team are excellent quality – labor party is rotten to the core

  6. What is it with the main stream media? Are they all gutless and useless or just simply lazy and hopeless? Why don’t they dig and delve deep into the history of this and other festering rumours of politicians (of all persuasions). I want my elected representative to be squeaky clean, intelligent, honest and to be people of integrity. That seems to be a rarity in parliament these days. There is far too much swirling about Shorten for me to ever be able to respect him as a leader, let alone PM. He said of the rape allegations that the police said he was innocent but the police had merely said there was “not enough evidence for a conviction”. That is not quite the same as innocent in my books.

  7. The average Australian politician treats the average Australian like they are all retards, and at election time they all hand out lollies for the full sized kiddies. Dastyari is another crook supported by the Labor party to dish out the political filth that we have to endure between elections. On TV insiders he looks like an east end spiv and would look more at home in a car yard than in Sydney fiddling leadership elections. That bent election that got Shorten into leadership will cost Labor a lot more than Dastyari expected when all is revealed about Shorten’s crappy history. At least Albanese has a little bit of integrity even if he uses the English language like an Italian but what is more “Impordant” that he would be a better leader for a sinking party than Shorten who is slowly sinking into the abyss of wannabees with his blubbering during his ABC interviews that even the extreme left wing public broadcasters are sick of his crap. Allan Usherwood from Myalup.WA.

  8. I only wished that the media would not let this rest. They will be the first to make sure it gets buried.

    It will be only the few people such as you Shane, who will attempt to keep it going.
    It was the same with the rape-allegations, it was only Shorten who said it did not happen, the Police did not have enough evidence to get an eviction.

    Mr Dastyari, another unsavoury character organised this change of addresses. Mr Dastyari of Craig Thomson fame, whom he paid all legal fees with the courtesy of the ALP.

    A lovely pair together Dastyari and Shorten, both in Parliament, both not to be trusted.
    It is absolutely shocking that we have to put up with this corruption.

  9. In evidence presented to TURC, Michael Williamson appointed a friend who would give him a favourable outcome to as to the operations of HSU East, and Cbus appointed investigators who would absolve them of misconduct in leaking of member details because Cbus failed to supply all the evidence. That is the modus operandum of the ALP, its unions and friends so to expect an unfavourable outcome from this ‘independent’ investigation, you would have rocks in your head. I note that Greg James who is Craig Thomson’s counsel was in this farce. I wonder if his fees for the Thomson matter have been paid or was he acting on the tribunal on a promise of payment of them by NSW ALP.

  10. This just goes to show how independent is an independent investigation when the fox is actually inside the hen house and running it?

    Dumb question perhaps but as the ALP is a federal political party, why then is their elections not conducted by the AEC (the federal electoral commission)? After all, the unions insist that the AEC conduct their elections for various positions but it is just not good enough for the top of the ALP to perform in the same manner?

    Shorten making statements about the possibility of having the NSW Electoral Commission conduct the election does not make sense either. The federation of Australia is bigger than the state of NSW, so is the federal ALP then why not the utilise the AEC? But then again, I do have to pose the question: how far does the corruption in the ALP extend in NSW?

  11. I remember following the contest between Shorten & Albanese, fervently hoping Albo wins it.
    Both of them were given air time on TV to state their cases, in the days leading up to the ballot.
    Shorten was his usual blustering self, trying hard to present himself as the best man for the job.
    Then, on the last day before the big vote, Shorten was given one last interview on TV.
    At this stage, no one knew for sure what the outcome would be, but it was looking very much like Albo was the favourite.
    I was expecting Shorten to be his usual blustering self, for this last interview, hammering away his message to the very end…..but to my surprise, he wasn’t.
    Shorten was a completely changed man, on this day before the ballot. Very softly spoken, totally relaxed, not trying to sell himself or score points. Answering every question matter of factly, calmly, almost humbly. I had never seen him like this before, and it gave me the distinct gut feeling he already knew what the result of the next days ballot would be.
    The only thing I couldn’t figure out, was whether he knew he would win it, or whether he knew it would be Albo.
    Ever since that day, I’ve never had the slightest doubt that Shorten knew for sure he was going to win against Albanese, even before the big vote took place. And this was at a time when no one else, not even Albanese, knew for sure who would win it.
    Reading this above article brings it all back & it fits in perfectly with what I deeply suspected at the time.
    I wasn’t sure how he did it, but it was so clear he had rigged the result, somehow.
    Even back then, there was no way Shorten could honestly beat Albanese, in a popularity contest.

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