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Internet Truth Train runs over journalist Paul Bongiorno who is caught pushing Union lies for $$$

The Internet Truth Train is about to claim another victim in veteran Channel 10 journalist Paul Bongiorno who has been caught out lying and deceiving on behalf of the Unions. It is also now worth revisiting Mr Bongiorno’s time as a priest, friendship with Cardinal George Pell and when he lived with notorious paedophile Gerard Ridsdale.

The first to write about Bongiorno’s support of the Unions seems to be Fairfax Media’s Paul Sheehan in Sunday’s paper (30-8-15). Sheehan focused on the lies Bongiorno has been telling but does not seem to understand why he is doing it. The answer is simple and that is Bongiorno is on the Union’s payroll via his job writing for The New Daily which is owned by the Industry Super Funds who are in turn controlled by the Unions.

What is very disturbing is that one of the Industry Super Funds which owns The New Daily is CBUS which has been investigated by the Trade Union Royal Commission and has been found to have acted corruptly. CBUS is in effect one of Bongiorno’s bosses.

The Paul Bongiorno – Union sting

Paul Bongiorno worked for Channel 10 for many years as a journalist. It says this about him on The New Daily website:

Paul Bongiorno AM is a veteran of the Canberra Press Gallery, with 40 years’ experience covering Australian politics. He is Contributing Editor for Network Ten, appears on Radio National Breakfast and writes a weekly column on national affairs for The New Daily. He tweets at @PaulBongiorno.

Mr Bongiorno has also written for The Saturday Paper. 

The New Daily is well-known in the media as being nothing more than a Union troll site. But the average person would not know that so having someone well known like Bongiorno to push their propaganda could be more successful than it might otherwise be. Even more so when he does it in other media like The Saturday Paper or on Twitter where Bongiorno conceals his paid association with The New Daily and therefore his paid relationship with the Unions.

A prime example is Sheehan’s article which says:

“Now that all the correspondence leading to Heydon’s decision not to give the 2015 Sir Garfield Barwick Address has become public, it is obvious that he never saw the address as an overtly political event. He was clearly under a misapprehension.”

“In the relentless campaign to get rid of him, the case has become significantly more tainted and dubious than Heydon’s original error of judgement.”

“Typical of the over-reach was The Saturday Paper which on July 11 published a piece under the headline, “Bill Shorten and the $80 million unions royal commission”. It was written by Paul Bongiorno, a former long-term journalist with network TEN.”

“The headline was based on Bongiorno’s reference to “Tony Abbott’s $80 million unions royal commission”. No source was given for this apparent 30 per cent blow-out in the cost of the inquiry.”

“The figures on the website of the royal commission tell a different story. Its operating budget is $61 million, over two years. This includes the cost of an Australian Federal Police taskforce. As of June 30, 2015, the royal commission had cost $28 million.”

“It was not only within budget, it was under budget.”

“Bongiorno went on to write: “The Prime Minister is oblivious to the dangerous political precedent he has set with his Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption. All that matters to him is immediate political advantage.”

“He subsequently used Twitter to ramp up his attacks – August 13: “The game’s over for Dyson Heydon”. August 19: “Our pathetic, do-nothing government”. August 21: “Abbott and Heydon unmasked”. August 27: “He [Heydon] must go”.” (Click here to read more)

Now when you know that Paul Bongiorno is on the Unions’ payroll it is very clear why is telling the lies he is and pushing the Union propaganda. Mr Bongiorno makes no mention of his writing for The New Daily on his Twitter account or on his profile on The Saturday Paper. Wonder why?

A lot of what Bongiorno says is factually wrong and other claims he does not support with any evidence. Unions are using him and his credibility being associated with Channel 10 to push their propaganda. Others are clearly noticing his deliberate lies as the Paul Sheehan article shows.

Some of his other recent Tweets are telling.

Paul Bongiorno 2

I have followed the Royal Commission closely and Shorten was never much of a target in the beginning except for his role in covering up the Julia Gillard / Bruce Wilson AWU fraud. The Royal Commission has barely covered Shorten’s role in the Gillard matter but has uncovered a lot of issues that no one ever knew about until the Royal Commission started investigating. Shorten is an obvious target now though.

Bongiorno’s claim is weak at best and it is a bit rich for him to say Four Corners is lying given his $80million lie regarding the cost of the Trade Union Royal Commission.

Paul Bongiorno 3

On Thursday the 27th of August the Unions asked Dyson Heydon to put off his judgment so they could make further submissions and they also requested further documents. Yet if you read Bongiorno’s Tweet above he implies that Dyson Heydon has deliberately delayed his judgment and then says “He must go”. Bongiorno is acting as a propaganda man for his boss who are the Unions.

So Paul Bongiorno clearly has a conflict of interest being on the Union payroll while attacking Dyson Heydon and the Royal Commission with lies. Yet Bongiorno thinks it is OK to conceal his Union links from the reader. Bongiorno is one very dodgy person and one hell of a hypocrite.

Paul Bongiorno, Cardinal George Pell and Father Gerald Ridsdale

Paul Bongiorno was a Priest in Ballarat and went to school with Cardinal George Pell. Like Pell, Bongiorno also shared a presbytery with paedophile and defrocked priest Gerald Ridsdale. Whether all three lived together at the same time I do not know. Bongiorno says he knew nothing of Ridsdale’s crimes:

“I had no idea what he was up to,” he said. “And when people look at me quizzically, I say let me tell you this.

“There are married men and women now who sleep with their husbands and wives and don’t know that their husband or wife is having an affair.

“Let me tell you that Ridsdale never came to the presbytery in Warrnambool and said, ‘Guess how many boys I’ve raped today’. (Click here to read more)

There are a number of problems I have with Bongiorno’s denial of knowing what Ridsdale was doing.

Firstly, his good friend George Pell supported Ridsdale in court when he had pleaded guilty, so it didn’t bother Pell. And we know by the below Tweet on the 26th August 2015 that Bongiorno is still a supporter of George Pell which a lot of people would find sickening given Pell’s role in the abuse cover-up.

Paul Bongiorno

Secondly, we now know given his sell out to Union crooks that Paul Bongiorno is a compulsive liar who lacks integrity and honesty. So anything he says should be questioned. It is well known that a lot of people in the church covered-up Gerald Ridsdale’s abuse of children including George Pell and it looks likely that Paul Bongiorno is another one of them.

Like most crooks Paul Bongiorno thought he would never be caught being paid to tell lies regarding the Trade Union Royal Commission. And it now looks like Paul Bongiorno has a few skeletons in his closet. But the Internet Truth Train is catching up with all journalists who lie and deceive. Bongiorno isn’t the first and he won’t be the last.

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  1. A very enlightening article . The Unions are obviously in damage control and worried about what is uncovered by the Royal Commission . CFMEU has been exposed with over $4m in recent fines. Boral currently have a claim of $24m against CFMEU in Victoria. There must be a lot of very worried crooked Union reps around Australia.

    ps David Hanna Qld chief of CFMEU resigned last week , he also resigned as Vice President of the Qld ALP. Watch this space.

  2. In today’s society it is dishonesty by the individuals who people once respected, politicians, judges, lawyers, media personnel, advertisers, traders and the like which, like a disease, affects honest people more than than they should have to tolerate.

    • Exactly right. Politicians are supposed to represent and be accountable to their respective electorates, and enact laws on our behalf. Judges are supposed to be independent arbiters of those laws, but are political appointees. Lawyers infest political parties and make their living arguing the details of law that politicians did not enact correctly as long as clients do not admit guilt. Media personnel have long since forgotten the basics of the use of English in reporting and fact checking. Advertisers blatantly misrepresent their products in the knowledge that consumer law is written by ineffective politicians.

      I wish they would stop the party politics and start governing OUR country. They all seem to take us for fools. I’m nearly over them. Despair that they are capable of understanding. Whoever gets it thru’ their thick head first will get my vote next time.

  3. I have never been able to cop Bongiorno’s lies, he has lied as long as I can remember, the trouble is that most people just have no idea of what is really going on and therefore have no idea, that they are being lied to.

    I hope they catch this man, he is a very dangerous man in my opinion.

  4. I’m with ‘not twisted yet’, have not been able to stomach Bongiorno for many a year and refuse to watch anything with him involved in it on any channel. No one that shares a house with someone is oblivious to their comings and goings and even more so when you work at the same place. You know exactly the roster, where the person should be and when they should be there and to have him pretend he never saw anything to make him suspicious of his pedo room mate is beyond the bounds of belief for all but the purposely blind.

  5. Bongiornio I never liked, knowing some of his dodgy associates Pell Ridsdale and the like. There is only one thing about Bongiorno that is an asset in modern journalism and that is his awareness of he fact that whatever you write in the news whether it is true or in Bongiorno case bloody lies, there is always plenty of fools to believe it. He is just another union stooge, if it looks like a lie and sounds like a lie it’s probably Paul Bongiorno. But he is not alone among politicians and journalists that are pretty conservative with truth. He probably served his apprenticeship with all those crooked union bosses that are well versed in deceit, its in their DNA. Allan Usherwood from Myalup WA

  6. IMO, Paul Bongiorno has always come across as a “labor stooge” willing to badmouth the Conservatives just for the sake of appeasing the Lefties. Sad little man.

    Not surprised to learn of him ‘being on the take’.

  7. We certainly need the likes of the ITT to break the stranglehold the media has in running the country. If there were no media politicians would have more time to run the country. We will also have better politicians if they don’t have one eye on the next media conference. Press conferences are a sham when you get a heap of journos at the same conference giving reports that suggest they were all at different places.

  8. Listen to ABC radio in the morning and hear Bungjurno’s weekly rant against all things Abbott with the full assistance of Fran Kelly. It is quite sickening and after reading this I now know why.

  9. Paul Bongiorno is a massive grub who is deliberately misleading the public with his lies. The whole Dyson Heydon thing is a non-story, but journalists like Bongiorno & the labor party/greens/unions are spreading these lies so they can destroy this Royal Commission. I only wish that the Royal Commission supoena the people who have been spreading these lies like Bongiorno has, because they are breaking the law with their defamatory statements about this Royal Commission.

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