Royal Commission

Cardinal George Pell is doing the work of the devil while being protected by Pope Francis

Pope Francis’s and the Vatican’s ongoing support and protection for Cardinal George Pell will make it clear to the whole world that Pope Francis and the church at the highest level are complicit in at least concealing the sexual abuse of children. They are still supporting Pell even though there are new allegations against Pell and a Victoria police investigation into Pell’s alleged abuse of children.

Any other organisation would have sacked Pell long ago for his involvement in widespread cover-ups within the church and supporting paedophiles like Father Gerald Ridsdale or at the least stood him down pending their own investigation.

George Pell says he is too sick to come back to give evidence at the Royal Commission but it would appear he got tipped off about the police investigation which has been afoot for 12 to 18 months and is dodging police questioning.

Grassroots campaign

Pell is also facing a new grassroots campaign to help victims travel to Rome to watch Pell give evidence which by itself puts pressure on the Royal Commission, Pell and the Vatican to do the right thing. At least 15 survivors and their supporters will be going to Rome as they have already raised the needed funds via a grassroots campaignThe campaign has been helped by some high-profile supporters such as the below video by comedian Tim Minchin.

(Funds raised by the above song will help the Ballarat survivors go to Rome. (Click here for more details on Tim Minchin’s website)

Latest claims against George Pell

The latest media reports vary but in general there is somewhere between 5 to 10 boys making allegations of sexual abuse over a 40 year period. The reports are said to be based on leaks from the Victoria police.

In December 2015, Sano taskforce detectives investigating historic allegations of abuse publicly appealed for information about sexual assaults at St Patrick’s Cathedral between 1996 and 2001, during which time Cardinal Pell was archbishop of Melbourne. (Click here to read more) This seems to be the exact same time that Cardinal Pell started having heart problems and decided he was too sick to come back to Australia to give evidence.

Southwell investigation

Police have also apparently reopened the Southwell Investigation which was an internal church investigation in 2002 into alleged child sexual abuse of a 12-year-old boy by George Pell in 1962. I first wrote about it in September 2013 (Click here to read) and again in March 2014 in another post titled “Alleged paedophile Cardinal George Pell gives perjured evidence at the Royal Commission” (Click here to read)

“In October 2002, the Catholic Church in Australia posted on its official website a document entitled Report of an inquiry into an allegation of sexual abuse against Archbishop George Pell. The report was compiled by a retired Victorian Supreme Court judge, Mr A.J. Southwell Q.C., who had been engaged by the Catholic Church to conduct an inquiry into the allegation. The inquiry was held in Melbourne in September-October 2002. Mr M. Tovey Q.C. appeared for the complainant and Mr J. Sher Q.C. appeared for George Pell.”

“The details of the complaint are as follows: at the camp, during some form of activity in a tent (such as pillow fighting or wrestling), the respondent, while facing the complainant, put his hand down the inside of the complainant’s pants and got “a good handful” of his penis and testicles. There were other altar boys in the tent at the time, who were participating in the other playful activities. The complainant was shocked, since before that incident he had regarded the respondent as “a fun person, a gentle person, a kind person, he was a terrific bloke”. On each of the few occasions this occurred, the complainant pulled the respondent’s hand away.

On two occasions, in a tent, the respondent took the complainant’s hand, and guided it down the front of and inside the respondent’s pants; the complainant pulled his hand away without having touched the respondent’s genitals. In another incident, which “is not as clear as the other episodes”, they were in the water, jumping the waves, when from one side the respondent put his hand down and inside the complainant’s bathers and touched his genitals.”

“On another occasion, during a walk away from the camp at night, they were walking in Indian file when the respondent grabbed the complainant from behind and put his hand down and inside of the complainant’s pants.” (Click here to read more)

“After a church-appointed inquiry, Pell said he was grateful to God to have been exonerated.”

“In fact, retired Victorian Supreme Court judge Alec Southwell had said that both Pell and his accuser gave the impression they were speaking the truth. Taking into account questions about the accuser’s credibility (he had a criminal record) and the fact that the alleged incidents occurred so long ago, Southwell found he was “not satisfied that the complaint had been established”.” (Click here to read more)

The retired Victorian Supreme Court judge Alec Southwell was on the church’s payroll as it was an internal church inquiry so he was hardly impartial. The full report was put on the Church’s website in 2002 but has since been taken down. Part of it can be read on the Broken Rites Australia website. (Click here to read)

Pressure on the Royal Commission

The latest media revelations put a lot of pressure on the Royal Commission. They have already had Pell in the witness stand a couple of times but have never questioned him about the allegations against him. There is no excuse as the Southwell allegations happened back in 2002 and blatantly need re-investigating given Southwell was on the Church’s payroll. I sent the Royal Commission copies of my previous posts on the subject so they can’t say they did not know.

George Pell calls for a public inquiry into Police leak

George Pell has spent the best part of 40 years covering up abuse in the church and now he is claiming he has been denied justice by the police leaks. Pell is even getting support from Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart. I suspect Mr Hart needs investigating by the police as well. (Click here to read about Denis Hart colluding with Pell to pay a paedophile priest)

Pell is a criminal on the run

Pell has not gotten away with his crimes. He is now living as a virtual prisoner in the Vatican which I understand does not have an extradition treaty with Australia. In one way it is disgusting that the Pope ever appointed Pell as the head financial man for the Vatican. On the other hand, by having Pell in the Vatican it exposes Pope Francis for the fraud he is and makes the Pell scandal an international story as the international media is now covering it.

George Pell is due to give evidence again at the Child Abuse Royal Commission starting on Monday the 29th of February 2016 via video link from Rome. Hopefully he will get grilled like Richard Carlton grilled him on 60 Minutes in 2002 in the below video.


The video talks about the Melbourne Response program which Pell set up in 1996 to compensate survivors. Pell’s supporters use this to say what a great guy Pell is and how he helped survivors. What Pell was actually doing was protecting the church from paying what they should really pay survivors.

For example, the Melbourne Response program ripped off survivors of paedophile priest Wilfred “Billy” Baker.

Data produced to the royal commission shows 21 people claimed child sexual abuse at the hands of Baker between 1960 and 1985.

Three victims lodged civil claims and shared in $501,000 compensation. Sixteen of the remaining 18 victims who went through the church’s Melbourne Response program shared in $555,000. (Click here to read more)

Based on those figures most of the survivors who went through Pell’s Melbourne Response program received about 20% of what they should have.

Attorney-General George Brandis

George Brandis, who has oversight for the Royal Commission, had a secret meeting with George Pell last year at the Vatican which Brandis tried to cover-up. (Click here to read more) What was said at the meeting is even more important now given the current police investigation into Pell. E.g. Did Brandis know about the Pell police investigation when he met with Pell and did they discuss it?

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  1. They should not be allowed to walk amongst us.
    Make them pay rates and taxes too.
    When are the fools who follow these mongrels going to wake up.

      • Below is the 2002 Archbishop George Pell / sexual abuse allegations inquiry report. The report is written by Hon. A.J. Southwell Q.C

        Mr Southwell was appointed as Commissioner by Archbishop Phillip Wilson and Brother Michael Hill (Chairpersons of N.C.P.S. – “the appointors”) to inquire into an allegation by “C” (“the complainant”) that at Phillip Island, in 1961, he was on several occasions sexually abused by George Pell, now the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney (“the respondent”).


        The details of the complaint are as follows: at the camp, during some form of activity in a tent (such as pillow fighting or wrestling), the respondent, while facing the complainant, put his hand down the inside of the complainant’s pants and got “a good handful” of his penis and testicles. There were other altar boys in the tent at the time, who were participating in the other playful activities. The complainant was shocked, since before that incident he had regarded the respondent as “a fun person, a gentle person, a kind person, he was a terrific bloke”. On each of the few occasions this occurred, the complainant pulled the respondent’s hand away. On two occasions, in a tent, the respondent took the complainant’s hand, and guided it down the front of and inside the respondent’s pants; the complainant pulled his hand away without having touched the respondent’s genitals. In another incident, which “is not as clear as the other episodes”, they were in the water, jumping the waves, when from one side the respondent put his hand down and inside the complainant’s bathers and touched his genitals.

        The complainant said that on each occasion in the tent, other boys were present, but the respondent so positioned himself that they may well have not been in a position to have seen it.

        I should interpolate that other evidence showed that it would occasion no surprise that a seminarian would be in a tent occupied by the boys – it could be in fun, or perhaps to restore order or otherwise settle the boys down.
        The complainant agreed that he then made no complaint to any person other than his friend “A” (who died in 1985).

        The complainant said that on one occasion he saw the respondent similarly molest “A”, who turned away and told the respondent to “f##k off”.
        The complainant said that apart from the physical opposition, he did not remonstrate with the respondent; indeed he said that the only conversation with the respondent that he could actually recall was of the respondent telling him (and, I gather, possibly others) that he had played football in the ruck with Richmond reserves. The respondent denied having said that; he had indeed signed to play with Richmond in his final school year, but had not in fact trained or played with Richmond. V.F.L. (now A.F.L.) records have no trace of the respondent having so played.

        The complainant (and other witnesses, including adults) said that among the boys the respondent was known as “big George”, understandably enough. The respondent was not so addressed to his face, and said he was unaware of the nickname.

        The respondent was born on 8 June 1941; he ended schooling as captain of St. Patrick’s College in 1959; he studied for the priesthood and was ordained in 1966; after various positions, he was in 1987, at the age of about 46, appointed Auxiliary Bishop of the Melbourne Archdiocese; among other posts he was a member of the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith from 1990 to 2000; in 1996 he was appointed Archbishop of Melbourne; on 26 March 2001 his appointment as Archbishop of Sydney was announced and he was installed as Archbishop on 10 May 2001 (these latter dates were to assume some importance at the hearing). On 20 August 2002 he took leave as Archbishop pending the outcome of this inquiry.

        The respondent’s general credibility was not challenged. Powerful evidence of good character was given by the present Archbishop of Melbourne, Archbishop Hart, (who has known and been friendly with the respondent for many years) and by other witnesses, none of whom believe the respondent would ever have been capable of committing the acts the subject of the present complaint (some of this evidence would not, of course, have been admissible in a criminal trial, but it is evidence to which I should give some weight. As will be seen, the question whether the rules applying in a criminal trial should have been applied was the subject of submissions by Counsel.)

        The respondent wholly denied every allegation of having touched the complainant or “A” – the incidents never occurred. Of the numerous people who were at the camp either as adult helpers (including seminarians) or as altar servers, and who have made signed statements and/or who have given evidence, none was aware of any inappropriate behaviour by the respondent or any other adult.

        The complainant said that he used to discuss the molestation with “A”; that one day “A” ran away from the camp; the complainant found him, and “A” said he could not stand any further molestation; “A” had a box of matches, and said he was “going to burn the place down”; they lit a fire which became a grass fire out of control but which was brought under control by the C.F.A. At the hearing it was proven that in fact the C.F.A. extinguished a grass fire in that area on 13th January 1961.

        The complainant said that in about 1975 he had told his then wife (from whom he has been separated for some years) and much later his children, of the molestation; and that one night in about May 2000 he was watching television, when news came on concerning the respondent; that he immediately recognised his molester – “the same face and the same loping walk”; he was shocked – he did not think it right that someone who had acted as the respondent had should lead the Church; and accordingly, he complained to Broken Rites, a private organisation, said by Archbishop Hart to provide tenacious and powerful advocacy for those claiming to be victims of sexual abuse by priests.

        He was first interviewed by “B”, of that organisation, when he identified the respondent as his molester. As will be seen, there arose a real issue as to the dates upon which the respondent was first interviewed by “B”.

        The complainant said that the latter encouraged him to press a claim, through the police, and to claim compensation. The complainant did not want to go to the police (for reasons which will later become apparent) and was not looking for compensation, so he let it lie.

        In about 2000, after attending with a friend, “D”, a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, at which sexual abuse was discussed, he told “D” of the molestation, and was advised by him to consult his parish priest.

        In May this year he decided to make a formal complaint; he discussed it with his friend, Father “F”, the parish priest at *** and he thereafter was referred to the N.C.P.S., where he was interviewed by “G”, the executive director. I shall need to return to this interview; it suffices now to say that he then made a complaint substantially similar to that given in evidence, although, it should be noted, he spoke in general terms of more incidents than he referred to in evidence.

        For the full 15 page report click here:

      • Interesting, That Father F Guy ,reminds me of our Local Priest 136 charges ,at least 2 suicides ,and he was let off by a Judge Mate of His from the CC ,John Farrell he has just been in Court ,where the Judge directed the Jury to find him not guilty of 10 charges . But at least he was named this time .

  2. Anything that helps expose Pope Francis for the evil Globalist sugar-coated bullshitter that he is is as welcome as exposing the sanctimonious, insufferable, moralizing Pell for the two-faced weasel that he is.

  3. The overwhelming problem with seeking viewpoints on the above information has to do with a contraption called faith that is likely to be used by those involved in the crimes, those involved in investigating them and those too afraid to speak. i.e.: the use of adversarial tools, instead of fact finding tools.

    It is, as one great philosopher suggested, “faith: not wanting to know what is true”
    and “a casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything”.

    • The millions who are still entrapped by the RC church really don’t know that they are being manipulated. It is just the same as abused women who despite continual beating still stick up for their abusing husbands and say that ‘he really loves me.’ I think what is happening is that they are so afraid their subconscious hides the reason and pretends it isn’t happening.

  4. What a powerful song Come Home (Cardinal Pell I sent an email to Tim Minchin asking him for another song about our corrupt judges who got away with over $2 mil from mafia.

  5. The Catholic Church is a Trans national Criminal Organisation , ” If We Cant Protect our Children We Have No Future ” Since 1915 100 years of So called Freedom has turned out to be 100 years of Paedophilia and Child Abuse ,by Those that We look up to ,or used to , Pell made an out of court settlement for another innocent child he so called abused too, so its not like shock horror not George Pell . I say Bring back the Death Penalty and Start with George .

    • Really interesting comments there about the RCC, George isn’t the only guilty one, there are heaps of others hiding in society in sheep’s clothing throughout the world and they are not only the men. In fact, some historians including some RCs themselves, have written some brilliant stuff about the RCC and the woes it has brought upon the world. Like to know more then first check out Charles Chiniquy’s book 50 years in the church of Rome

  6. It would seem to me that this whole issue (Roman Catholic perversion and Statute Law breaches) can never be resolved until we, the average wo)men in the street, can be satisfied the investigations are neither prejudiced not tainted.

    There are clandestine organisations in every nation on Earth with their own agendas and powers that do not sit comfortably with the State. History has shown over and over that such organisations have incredible power to corrupt and influence legal systems and seemingly lawful outcomes.

    If memberships of these clandestine groups were to be discovered and made public the rule of law we hold so dear, may stand a chance to become reality. Until then we must trust in the integrity, honesty and motivation of the Judiciary, Churches, Parliament, Lawyers, Police etc. That sums up to the reliability and integrity of the Pope, Royal Commisioners, Politicians (Brandis and Abbott in particular), Police investigators. I wonder how many are members of The Knights of the Southern Cross?

  7. Can I return my KCofA t-shirt? I’m clearly in the wrong place Shane and amongst the wrong people. I’m appalled at the ferocious, bad-mouthed lynch mob mentality. Don’t go for my jugular either. It will just reinforce my opinion of the stereotypical left-leaning mobster.
    The Catholic church is far from perfect because it’s made up of human beings. Of course it’s done no good for society, achieved nothing for the ordinary man has it? Why are these allegations re Pell surfacing now. How convenient? Left wing government with their left wing police force doing their dirty work? Did you get it wrong about Shorten or is there a conspiracy theory at work too? Remember Theo Theophanus?

    • I knew about the allegations years ago when he was in Victoria. It was common knowledge The allegations are not actually surfacing but rather resurfacing. Sad to consider that those who knew what was happening and those who were victims are being referred to as stereotypical left-leaning mobsters. Please show a little sympathy for these victims.We knew about them prior to 2002 so they are definitely not new.

    • Further, the same people would not dare take on Islam in the same manner because whether you like Pell or hate Pell, whatever happens he will not behead you or blow you up as our Muslim ‘friends’ have demonstrated will do (for much less). What I am fearing here is the rancid hatred by the leftists, the irrational and cowardly behaviour towards a soft target. If Pell has done the wrong thing let the evidence show that and then punish him accordingly. If it is shown he has covered up for the church sodomites make him pay the price. There are politicians amongst us who committed evil sex crimes, where is the hatred and irrational behaviour there?

      • Is there concern for those victims, the soft targets, who suffered back then? They were not heard then and will not be heard properly now if the discussion is muddied by discussions of leftism. Surely it is time now to stop diverting us from the real issue, the damage done to the victims. The evidence, we know, has always been there but no one who had the power would listen. Please let the victims finally be heard and do not have their voices drowned out by diverting attention from them. Discussion of leftism is clouding the issue and has nothing to do with the victims and those of us who were powerless to help them back then Please let there be some semblance of care for them in this discussion.

    • Far from perfect? Surely you jest … a more corrupt institution than the Catholic church would be hard to find.

      Add to systemic paedophilia, the trafficking of babies around the world (in return for “donations”), the slave labour of orphans and young women, and recently discovered mass graves in Irish orphanages and the Magdalene laundries, while corporal abuse by nuns and priests in their schools have left children scarred for life.

      The current Pope has well and truly nailed his “left-leaning” Socialist colours to the mast.

      George Pell, yet to be proven a perpetrator, is a confessed facilitator of paedophilia and a protector of the predators in his Church. Either way he stands condemned, so don’t bleat about any “bad-mouthed lynch mob mentality” when Australians demand that he comes out from hiding behind the walls of the Vatican to face his accusers.

      You sarcastically say … “Of course it’s done no good for society, achieved nothing for the ordinary man has it?” That’s about the only thing you’ve got right! Nothing for the ordinary man except collect their tithes, under pain of retribution by the Almighty.

      Educate yourself Kathleen O’Connor – in these days of the internet and Google, you can no longer hide behind your ignorance and call it “faith”.

    • Return a t-shirt? Is that the best you can come up with? Really!!

      Perhaps you should leave and go back to being comfortable under your toadstool in your own little piece of heaven!

      I will never support the Catholic Church – ever – or any other church for that matter.

      My own father was a sexually abused child at the old CBC in Yeppoon. As a child I never understood why he drank so heavily or why he hated his father. His mother was also told to return to her husband by a bloody priest on a train when she tried to leave her marriage to save her two boys to give them a better life; told to ‘go back and accept her lot in life’, were the words of that stupid Catholic priest. The result was she was beaten so badly she remained in a hospital in a vegetative state until she passed away. He is also now gone from this world.

      My mother came from Presbyterian stock thus I am happy to be an athiest and will not impose my beliefs on my own offspring – they are free to make their own informed choices! Does this make me a bible-basher? Not at all – I have read it many times and have discovered that all roads do not lead to Rome. They lead to Egypt.

      Shane does a great job of exposing the truth that the idiotic ‘feel good’ mainstream media are so afraid of. He is fearless and it is what we need in this ‘she’ll be right’ so-called lucky country. Oh, and for the record, I am not a leftist, a right-leaning or any of those other daft terms/labels others try to pin on a voter. I am an informed, educated person who is not afraid to make up my own mind.

    • Kathleen. Tend to agree with you. Best to leave the lynch mob to their festerings. Considering the person (David Risdale) being touted as having said that Pell offered him a bribe as silence money has consistently denied any such bribe exists. Leave out a few facts here, add a few fallacies there and you can get reach any conclusion/agenda you are trying to push. But Hey! Never let the Truth get in the way of a good story especially when you are trying to bring down an institution that does not fit the current agenda being pushed by the left. Catholic Churches being burnt down all over Melbourne, being blamed by the media on someone who has been abused by a Catholic priest but only days after islamists were called by isis to burn down our churches…The last part also did not fit into the Media narrative being pushed….Notice the silence from the Feminazis, and the lynch mobs when it comes to Islamic sexual/physical abuse and violent rapes. AND No I am not a Catholic just sick of half truths being told.

      • Personally given the amount of convicted offenders and those that suicided before a guilty verdict , and the Many instances of cover-ups , and sadly the Many suicides involved with the victims , at the very least The Catholic Church should be stripped of its Tax Concession ,but personally I think a bulldozer at every site in Australia involved with convictions for Paedophilia would be a great thing .

        As for Islam Bulldozer ? this is about Pell The guy who made an out of court settlement for groping a child way back when , I think you should do some study and show some compassion for the thousands and thousands of victims . Children and Truth first, church Last !

    • Kathleen O’Connor – I don’t think you are a nasty person, but you don’t understand how hurtful your comments are.

      Unless you are an abuse survivor you can not possibly understand the feelings of humiliation, shame, guilt, lack of self worth that continue for decades after the original abuse. This is made worse by the fact that the word of an adult and especially one in a position of power would always be accepted over a child’s and that other adults knew what was going on and chose to look the other way.

      Imagine if your first ever sexual experience became something for which you would be interrogated in public about, and was the subject for idle gossip and ridicule. That would be bad enough for an consenting adult. Now think about the impact of this scenario on a NON CONSENTING CHILD with responsible adults around that either didn’t care or didn’t believe them.

      Trust me, the outcome for a child that complained was far worse than them suffering in silence. Given the ordeal you would go through by speaking out, you would have to be completely nuts to lie about it. For that reason I have no doubt in my mind about who is lying.

      So now for the first time ever survivors who have the strength to, have the opportunity to be listened to in a compassionate way. For many they have been waiting 40 years or longer for this.

      Please give the victims clear air to speak out. The Catholic Church and other institutions do not deserve your sympathy and the victims, and those who believe and support them, do not deserve your criticism.

  8. When people start putting the rights and innocence of children above and beyond that of the “Catholic Church “we may start to get somewhere , until then those that put the church first are no better than the Pedo’s themselves.

  9. Ms O’Connor ignorance must be rose coloured bliss. I am a survivor or sexual and violent abuse at the hands of priests, brothers and nuns. Your ignorance is breathtakingly cruel.

    I actually think Shane manages to straddle the centreline reasonably well as he attacks corruption and crime. I don’t agree with everything he writes but at least he expresses his opinion.

    If you want to see or understand a bit of how the abuse sanctioned by Pell and the church affects people hop on over to my blog page here on WordPress and have a read. Maybe then your heart might be opened to the plight of the abused and not for one of the richest most corrupt organisations in the world. An organisation that when it suited Pell he likened to a trucking company. But at least trucking companies pay taxes.

    Also do some research into the so called peoples pope and his links to Galtieri and the right wing Argentinean death squads of the early 1980’s.

    Ms O’Connor educate yourself please.

    Your ignorance breaks my heart. Go over to The Renaissance Man and read some of my story. Of a life that has been destroyed that I am trying to reclaim.

    Thanks Shane do stop exposing the evil doers.

  10. Good on ya for giving prominence to the great injustice that continues in our society with church clergy using religion to prey on the innocent and destroying innocent lives.

    No amount of money will make up for the lives that have been altered, devastated and some even lost as a result and consequence of the calculated actions of this men and women in priestly robes who have assumed high positions of trust in our society through deceptive means. The RCC is a “Babylonian church system” that allows its clergy to misuse their positions to deliberately hurt people for their perverted lustful passions.

    Not only does this system commit sexual immorality, it perverts the world with its false doctrines and where it does not succeed its uses force and every kind of influence and powers to bend even the governments by creating civil and social unrest, financial turmoil, terror and wars. The Jesuits are at their full disposal to do their bidding.

    If only the RCC were true to their calling they would do more good than evil even behind closed doors and the security of huge iron gates and an army of lawyers to protect their woeful evil practices in the dark. Their woeful sermons and at times pretentious pious looks and totally evil ceremonies they perform in the name of God, which God had never asked them to do in the first place, are a scourge on our society.

    • Since 1993, Broken Rites Australia has been researching the cover-up of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. To quote from their website the church supported the offending clergy while ignoring the victims If there is a need to realize the importance of for once supporting the victims a few hours reading this site could be enlightening for those who just won’t accept the fact that it did happen and it is now time for you to show some humanity

  11. The Children of the World are counting on us to step out of our comfort zones and do more ,to do anything ,but sit there and wait for our courts or Governments to fix it because it just wont happen , a quick look at this site proves immediately that there will be no Justice from them . There hasn’t been a Royal Commission yet that has had adequate Terms of reference , and Justice Wood Has now been named as a VIP Paedophile at the R/C .

    Of course there are hundreds of Paedophiles still lurking in many churches, men and women that prey on defenceless children .
    We also see Kay Griggs Ted Gunderson and others exposing what is known as Ritual Abuse ,lets Not forget Reina Michaelson Young Australian of the year PHD child Psychologist and her expose / Allegations of OTO, and Channel X Ernie Old And others and Ritual Abuse by Police Judges Lawyers Network Executives and Media Personal .

    I think its time for a Royal Commission into Royal Commissions ,this time we will set the terms of Reference then see how many jails we will fill . Justice is coming one way or another , and for the victims I hope then they can move on and get some peace in their Troubled Lives …………..Inquisitor Bible Believers is a Great Site thanks for the tip ,but I know about the woman of the Catholic church to a degree ,Mother Theresa Comes to mind So does Evil . Come on George, come Home , you put it on the record ,now face the Music !

  12. Believing in a mythical, living creature is the root of all evil. Believers wil lie, cheat, abuse, injur and kill to force non-believers to change their minds and be brainwashed with anthropomorphism.
    Digging deep into the past with a ‘blessed’ book of fiction is not necessary, recent events prove it to be true, past events, missionaries seeking out primitive tribes to torture and brainwash them is further proof.
    Good people do not need a religion to be a good people.

  13. Well looking at the majority of posts here it seems you are pre-judging people on the word of who? Sure there are paedophiles in the Catholic church, and in every other organization throughout the world. Why write such tripe before he is found guilty? If I am ever charged with a crime that I may or might not have committed, then I would shudder if you people made up the jury. I would spend life in prison before the case even opened.
    I was a victim of sexual abuse as a young fellow I know what real victims are going through. I will not however go through the rest of my life hating everyone who walks the streets of this earth.Wait until evidence is given !!.,

    • rodjac should read every one of Shane’s posts relating to paedophile priests. No-one is judging PEOPLE, this is ONE of Shane’s articles on one aspect of Catholic priests who are, and have been identified as being guilty by the very people who were molested.
      You can’t protect the guilty with a fictional scenario full of ifs and buts with yourself as the central character.
      Comments here are not based on prejudice, guesswork or the ‘what if ‘ factor, the comments here are based on all the facts which have to come to light over many years, again, thanks to Shane and the members of KCOA , some members who have been directly affected by paedophile priests.
      This forum does not adhere to lynch-mob tactics, only the facts found in court cases, individuals’ comments and news media publications.
      Join the club and read every article published on this site.

      • Maybe those who are so quick to make this a political issue should also consider the expression that you need to walk in the shoes of the victims. It is cruel to attach these victims whose lives have been damaged or destroyed. Please show some compassion and realize we did not ever expect the truth to come out about what really happened. Now it has started to come out please let the victims be heard. They have been silenced too long and calling them leftist rabble is just another way to try to silence them. To shout them down is not only cruel it is disgusting.

  14. The lunch Brandis had with Pell at the Vatican is an intriguing development. The final release of the Brandis diaries may some shed more light on on this matter.
    The organisation Broken Rites has chanced upon a newsletter issued by St Patricks College,Ballarat.Pell’s secret trip to Australia in March-April 2015 included a visit to his home town, Ballarat, which is the town at the centre of church-abuse allegations (and the cover-up) in western Victoria. Pell’s trip was revealed in the April 2015 edition of the magazine of St Patrick’s College, Ballarat — the school where Pell had been a pupil. The magazine article, which has been seen by Broken Rites, indicates that Pell’s visit to the school occurred about 27 March 2015, “during a short vacation in Australia”. There is a photo of Pell, together with headmaster John Crowley, while touring the school to see its latest extensions.

    The editors of this school magazine didn’t realise that, by revealing Pell’s visit, they were “letting the cat out of the bag”. News of the school magazine article (and the secret trip) reached journalists in Australia during the Commission’s May 2015 public hearing.

    Even the Australian Catholic bishops’ spokesman on Royal Commission matters (Mr Francis Sullivan, from the church’s “Truth, Justice and Healing Commission”) didn’t know about the trip until journalists told him in May 2015.

  15. This story is evolving rapidlyow. Interesting to note Pell’s latest comment that he probably will never return to Australia. He may be acorrupt, cowardly, bully, and a poor example of who the Catholic church knowingly promotes but he is not so stupid as to come home and face the music. The wrong way to go down in our history though.

    Hope we all learn by it and encourage our political leaders to stop treating “churches” as non-taxpaying, unincorporated, charities, money launderers, subject to their own laws but outside ours.

  16. The quicker all allegations are resolved and the complete truth of this disgraceful time in the churches history are revealed, the better. The male domination of the church and the implications of this are becoming more evident. I left the church many decades ago and I am amazed that so many women can still follow a seriously flawed institution. Where does their thinking lie?

    • The Orthodox Christian Churches do not seem to perpetrate corruption and non democratic management as the Roman Catholics have. They have survived down the centuries and seem to have a far more Christian approach to their flocks. They have a beleaguered alternative Pope whom it should be noted Roman Catholics shun like the plague.

  17. More interesting comments and observations coming from people at this site. Perhaps what some people might not have known is that the RCC is not a registered organisation, charity nor a non profit organisation. Exactly what they are in terms of a public entity is not clear except that they are a very powerful church with direct links to the Vatican and the pope and this gives them a lot of leverage in the public arena and the law courts. The RCC is unlike the Anglicans, Uniting Church etc.. which come under the Commissioner for Charities. So the RCC are not answerable to ACRA or any legislative body or any commissioner and here lies their power. In some ways they are above the law and any governing body.

    Yes, believe it or not, they are. The police have trouble charging them and that includes conducting any productive investigation because they can blocked, arresting them, and actually putting any clergy under arrest unless there is overwhelming evidence and that’s a big stretch and unless there is a great public outcry which the media cannot cover-up.

    A lot of clergy abuse cases are settled out of court and that is after victims are subjected to denials and false accusations from the church hierarchy followed by intense questioning by a huge team of highly paid barristers employed by the RCC. Many do not make it to the courts or get any form of justice because to manipulation of the RCC hierarchy.

    Settlement facts and figures from the RCC are rubbery at best but current estimates are that may be $36 million have been paid to victims in Australia alone, actual figures could be a lot more and there are very stringent clauses that prevent them to speak to the media or publish any details of their settlement ever.

    So the RCC is actually a rogue organisation that can never be brought to justice anywhere in the world because of its deep roots and long history that link it to many reputable institutions like schools, charitable works, secret societies, government organisations, governments, royalties, heads of state and even the system of democracy in a country like having a senate and senators in parliament, which are Roman establishments that the RCC claims rights to. Moreover, the RCC is a church-state system, like the Vatican, in short the church rules the state. The church-state is a huge subject by itself. Anywhere where the RCC is in bed with the ruling government is a recipe for disaster and there are many in the world.

    • The Catholic Church can never be brought to justice ? Don’t like the sound of that one ….. Never say never ….every dog has its day , all hell will break loose when the average people find out what is really going on there, and who Francis really is .

    • Everyone and everything can be brought to justice. That’s why Priests all over the world are going to jail, hundreds of millions of dollars has been paid in compensation and people like Pell are on the run from justice. The church is in decline in many countries like Australia for good reason.

      • You miss my point while being technically correct. Australian Law cannot pursue something that does not exist in Australian Law. The Catholic Church have better legal advisors than the Australian Government, and that is how the Catholic Church has managed to remain an unincorporated, tax-free, large property owner, answerable essentially only to the Pope.

        I am unsure where ownership of, and title to, Catholic property in Australia lies. Property in Australia is the only thing of value that Australian authorities could pursue. Fining individual priests would be ineffective. They would not/could not pay and they never own the manses they live in. A hypothetical: could we bankrupt a priest or the Catholic Church under our present laws?

      • Irrespective of of priests being Catholic church members, irrespective of their twisted thinking that they are untouchable, it boils down to a fact, adult individuals are abusing children in a sexual manner without the childrens’ consent.

        When it happens in a church, do the priests think it’s OK because a human being said the ground and the building are holy, sacred and free from evil, probably so with the thousands of years of ‘religious’ brainwashing.

        A tent in a field when on a church camp-out is not on holy and sacred ground, so do the priests still believe they are protected and outside the laws of the country.

        If a male adult member of the public rapes a child in the same field he is not protected from those laws.

        The whole situation is wierd, our Christian laws are based on The Ten Commandments, but good people don’t need religion to be good people, so obviously the Catholic hierarchy have added another Commandment:-

        “A priest of the Catholic Church is permitted to tamper with a minor in a sexual manner without the consent of the minor under the pretense and description of the tampering as sexual education.”

  18. That’s the trouble with faith. Many confuse faith in God with faith in the Church, as though the two things are somehow the same.

  19. While I am certainly no expert on the Catholic Church, nor any other church for that matter, over the years I have seen and heard about the abuse of children in these organisations by those in a position of power over children. To be fair, other organisations have equally heinous reputations, eg, the Boy Scouts. I have always used an old maxim, “where there is smoke there is fire”, and this applies in the Pell affair.

  20. Other organisations are in line Daryl and the perpetrators are being caught. The current subject relates to George Pell and the Catholic Church. References are available on the KCoA site for past articles by Shane which relate to paedophiles from other institutions, their positions in society and details of punishments meted out by the judiciary.
    The articles won’t make anyone an expert, but the facts are written in order to give people an insight into the despicable people lurking in the murky areas of our society, very little of which is announced by news and other media.

  21. This is a Public communication sent to me by John B @ Molested Catholics ……..Who iis Broadcasting the Current Royal Flop Commission ………..Our Prime Minister says that the catholic Church was free to operate in our country provided it abided by our laws.

    Just on the evidence of bishop Mulkhearns it was shown that they did operate (and continue to do so) outside the laws of our country.

    The laws of the country as I understand it include International agreements such as The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The Rights of the Child and conventions prohibiting cruel and unusual punishments and torture.

    The bishop’s best estimate was that they were entirely ignorant in that they were out of touch with the reality of the laws and of the scientific facts of adverse outcomes for children who are raped or abused; the same must be said for their ignorance with regard to women and their reproductive rights. The children and their families were and continue to be objectified by the Church and its hierarchy, the church continues to hold with outdated dogma and beliefs that cause immense suffering to defenceless children that continues lifelong. These methods can only be described in terms of torture, suffering, torment and psychological entrapment.

    It was permitted by authorities to act in this inhumane manner for decades and to have many of those who attempted to speak the scientific facts and the truth of their experience beaten, bullied, humiliated, shunned, charged as criminals, publicly slandered, imprisoned, involuntarily incarcerated in mental health institutions and labelled with a wide range of mental health problems simply because they followed their human instincts of protecting their children and the children of others.

    There is no need to look to other regimes or despots for example as this is example enough for our entire country. Malcolm Turnbull has already confirmed his alignment with his new religion and flagged the continuation of the Human Rights abusing methods operating in our country.

    What penalty does Malcolm Turnbull consider should be placed on the Catholic Church other than its requirement to compensate its victims or will that be considered due payment and they be allowed to continue to control the largest portion of the education of our children and the care of our vulnerable and elderly?


    • Anyone seen any indications of repentance by Pell? Or humility? Do Papists still believe in them? Penitence nil peni tense.

      • I believe those words are Not in Pell’s Vocabulary or the churches for that matter , the only thing they are sorry about is the fact that they have been caught out . Looking forward to hearing him box himself in just a bit more next week .

  22. Australia’s most senior Catholic will have no problems lying in front of anyone. Pell has pals in high places and nothing can touch him or his pals.

    Rome does not change. Not under pressure or in any circumstance. Besides, he has Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Jesuit pope, to come to his aid if and when Pell starts sweating under the collar.

    Apart from all the drama staged by Rome, what is significant is the findings that will be handed down from the commission. Will the victims get the justice they deserve after all these years?

    Will Rome admit to the “enormous mistakes” that were made and exactly what are those mistakes Pell did not elaborate fully. Pell must have carefully rehearsed those answers and he would have been coached by the best lawyers by his side at the hotel room.

    Since all priest confess their sins one to another or their superior, what are the chances of the most senior priest being Pell hearing the confessions of those under his charge?

  23. Stand on the outside looking into the situation from a whole world perspective.
    How many Roman Catholic people are there in the world, an estimated 1.2 billion, more than 40% are in Latin America.
    How many would have heard the name George Pell and his sexual interferance with children.

    There are an estimated 5,439,257 Roman Catholics in Australia, and how many remain faithful and blinkered toward the actions of George Pell and others of his ilk who are guity, even more to the point, how many are ill-educated and wouldn’t believe the truth if they fell over it.

    The billions of R/C’s en masse have been brainwashed and indoctrinated to such a depth that they will never be swayed from believing that the Pope represents, and is God’s greatest gift to mankind.

    The Pope may be dumb,stupid and play ignorant, but he is still the boss cocky and when he is standing on the balcony, or in the Popemobile waving to the multitude, all of whom would willingly kiss his papal ring, he must feel the immnse power which he has over the sheeple, so why wouldn’t he, like the Mafia, protect his henchmen.

    I doubt if the Pope cares about a small percent of people who are against Pell, et al, plenty of babies are being added to his flock every day, ad infinitum.

    • You are on the money there ,and I agree with you ,I also note that the Pope has said 1 in 50 priests are Paedophiles ,That works out to be 8,000 Paedophile Priests still operating within the system out of 413,000 odd catholic priests world wide . I also think that its not just the Catholics who have been brainwashed ,but the whole of society except for the people who have put themselves out to find out what the hell is going on here , or of course the unfortunate victims , but we have all been brainwashed to some extent .

      All I know is that the only people who will stop this is us ,because the ” Beast ” is continually Morphing into something else to stay concealed . Maybe we should have a closer look at secret societies ? And or the use of Lie detectors that would sort the real men from Paedophiles .

  24. G. Pell is nothing less than a child rape facilitator. The lowest of the low, the only thing lower is a child rapist. What scum.

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