Chief Justice Tim Carmody

Paedophile Judge Clifton Hoeben finds in favour of corrupt QLD Chief Justice Catherine Holmes

Queensland taxpayers have paid for corrupt paedophile NSW Judge Clifton Hoeben to go to Queensland to hand down a dodgy judgement to protect the rapidly diminishing reputation of Queensland Chief Justice Catherine Holmes. The judgement relates to corruption allegations made against Chief Justice Catherine Holmes by Sydney QC David Rofe in a report that was tendered as evidence to a Child Protection Commission of Inquiry headed by then Chief Magistrate Tim Carmody in 2012 in Queensland.

Chief Justice Catherine Holmes made a complaint to the Queensland Legal Services Commission in 2013, after the report was made public by Tim Carmody, against the lawyer Michael Bosscher who tendered the evidence at the enquiry on behalf of his client Kevin Lindeberg.

It strikes at the heart of justice if a lawyer can face disciplinary charges for doing nothing more than making submissions on behalf of their client at an enquiry. Michael Bosscher didn’t write the offending elements of the submissions as they were written by Sydney QC David Rofe. Mr Bosscher also didn’t make the submissions public as that was done by the Inquiry head Chief Magistrate Tim Carmody.

So how does Michael Bosscher end up on the receiving end of a frivolous and vexatious complaint from Queensland Chief Justice Catherine Holmes? Because she will do and say anything to cover her corrupt paste and the legal fraternity have rallied around her to help cover it up.

It is also an attempt to put the final nails into the coffin of the notorious Heiner Affair which is one of the biggest and longest running cover-ups of political and judicial corruption the country has ever seen.

There are a lot of twists and turns but some key points that make the story easier to follow are:

  1. Heiner Affair – In 1990 the Queensland Government led by Premier Wayne Goss shredded evidence of child abuse including the rape of a 14-year-old girl. Not long after whistleblower Kevin Lindeberg made a formal complaint to the Queensland anti-corruption body CJC which is now known as the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC).
  2. Forde Inquiry into child abuse – (1998–1999) – Chief Justice Catherine Holmes was a barrister at the time and worked assisting the inquiry and allegedly acted corruptly by failing to fully investigate the Heiner Affair.
  3. 2007 – David Rofe QC produces a report for his client Kevin Lindeberg that says that up to 68 criminal charges could be laid in relation to the Heiner Affair. Including criminal charges against Chief Justice Catherine Holmes.
  4. 2012 – Tim Carmody headed an Inquiry into child protection in Queensland in 2012 and Kevin Lindeberg made application for Mr Carmody to stand down from hearing part of the inquiry for perceived bias. The application included the David Rofe Report. Mr Lindeberg’s application was filed and presented by his lawyer Michael Bosscher. (Click here to read the Kevin Lindeberg’s application)
  5. 2013 – Tim Carmody makes Kevin Lindeberg’s application public which also makes the David Rofe Report public. Chief Justice Catherine Holmes makes a formal complaint to the Legal Services Commissioner (LSC) against lawyer Michael Bosscher claiming the allegations against her in the Rofe Report are untrue.
  6. The LSC institute proceedings in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal against Michael Bosscher for unsatisfactory professional conduct or professional misconduct for tendering the David Rofe Report as evidence at the Carmody Inquiry. (Click here to read more)
  7. In April 2016, corrupt NSW judge Clifton Hoeben in flown into Queensland to do a hatchet job on the case. (Click here to read his judgement) In November 2016 he hands down the penalty which is Michael Bosscher being reprimanded publicly. (Click here to read his judgement)

Chief Justice Catherine Holmes

Catherine Holmes has been the Chief Justice for Queensland since September 2015. The previous Chief Justice, Tim Carmody, was forced to resign just over 12 months into the job after complaints from other judges.

Grossly incompetent as a judge

In 2014 Gerard Baden-Clay was convicted by a jury of murdering his wife. In 2015 three judges sitting as the Court of Appeal, which included Justice Catherine Holmes, set aside his murder conviction and downgraded it to manslaughter on the basis that the “prosecution had failed to exclude the hypothesis that Gerard Baden-Clay unintentionally killed his wife“. (Click here to read more) This was a defence that Gerard Baden-Clay’s own lawyers hadn’t argued so it was not for the judges to argue it on his behalf. The judgement was scandalous and undermined the public’s confidence in the judiciary and there were public protests in Queensland.

In 2016 the High Court of Australia overturned the judgment and the murder conviction was reinstated. Should someone as incompetent as Catherine Holmes be a judge let alone Chief Justice?


Former Queensland Premier Anna Bligh with Chief Justice Catherine Holmes

Justice Clifton Hoeben – Sentenced paedophile Priest Robert Flaherty 3 months jail for raping and abusing 3 boys

The irony of the whole situation is that the person who is protecting Chief Justice Catherine Holmes’s rapidly diminishing reputation, Justice Clifton Hoeben, has a scandalous reputation himself. Justice Hoeben is the Chief Judge at Common Law in the New South Wales Supreme Court and in August 2016 he, along with 2 other Appeals Court judges, sentenced paedophile catholic priest Father Robert Flaherty to a non-parole period of 3 months jail for abusing and raping 3 boys.

It will go down in history as one of the most scandalous judgments any court has ever given and the net effect is Father Robert Flaherty basically got off scot free. The only person I know who would let a paedophile off with three months jail is another paedophile and I wrote the article titled “Paedophile priest gets 3 months jail for raping 3 boys by NSW Supreme Court’s Justice Hoeben” in September this year accusing Clifton Hoeben of being a paedophile. Justice Hoeben is aware of the article because I emailed him as shown in the article and he’s not denying the allegation. (Click here to read the article)

Justice Clifton Hoeben is a disgrace and the last person who should be sitting in judgment of others and Chief Justice Catherine Holmes should be ashamed of the fact that he is her protector.

Heiner Affair –  (1990) (Click here to the Heiner Affair website)

“The Heiner affair is the long-running controversy surrounding the Goss cabinet’s 1990 shredding of documents relating to child abuse – including the rape of a 14-year-old Aboriginal girl – after it aborted an inquiry into the former John Oxley Youth Detention Centre.”

“The documents had been compiled during an inquiry headed by former magistrate Noel Heiner that was set up in the final days of the Cooper conservative government in 1989.”

“The complaint to the Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee (PCMC) was lodged by former union official Kevin Lindeberg in February 2008 and concerned the handling of the Heiner affair by the main corruption watchdog, the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) and its predecessor body, the Criminal Justice Commission (CJC).”

“Attached to the application for review was a nine-volume audit produced by Sydney QC David Rofe that contains details of 68 alleged prima facie charges that he believes could be brought against public officials past and present.”

“They include Prime Minister Kevin Rudd – Mr Goss’s former chief-of-staff – the Governor-General Quentin Bryce, who took no action after requesting and receiving a report on the affair from then Premier Peter Beattie in 2003, and six serving Queensland judicial officers.” (Click here to read more)


Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

Forde Inquiry – (1998–1999)

“The Forde Inquiry, or formally the Commission of Inquiry into Abuse of Children in Queensland Institutions, was a special inquiry into child abuse in the state of Queensland, Australia, presided over by Leneen Forde AC, a former Governor of Queensland.” (Click here to read more)

Chief Justice Catherine Holmes a was counsel assisting the Forde Inquiry and Sydney QC David Rofe alleges in his report that this is where Catherine Holmes acted corrupting in refusing to fully investigate the Heiner Affair.

David Rofe QC – 2007 – Report on the Heiner Affair

David Rofe investigated the Heiner Affair on all available evidence and wrote a nine-volume audit that contains details of 68 alleged prima facie charges that could be brought against public officials past and present.

Carmody Inquiry – (2012-2013) formerly known as the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry

The Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry was established to review Queensland’s child protection system. The inquiry was headed by Tim Carmody. (Click here to read more) Michael Bosscher submitted Kevin Lindeberg’s application that contained the Rofe Report which led to the complaint by Chief Justice Catherine Holmes.

Michael Bosscher on behalf of whistleblower Kevin Lindeberg

The David Rofe Report has more credibility than either Chief Justice Catherine Holmes or Justice Clifton Hoeben and as far as I am concerned it stands at least now as being true and correct. Michael Bosscher was doing nothing more than his job and both Chief Justice Holmes and Justice Hoeben know that as they have lawyers making submissions before them every day. If Chief Justice Catherine Holmes had concerns about what was written about her why didn’t she try suing someone for defamation?

This won’t be the last time Justice Hoeben covers up judicial corruption in Queensland as he’ll be back to hear a freedom of information case involving the former Chief Justice Tim Carmody who was taped calling the Queensland judiciary “scum”. Who can argue with Tim Carmody on that point given he was Chief Justice and should know better than anyone.

Declaration: Justice Hoeben is one of 11 (yes that’s correct 11) NSW Supreme Court judges who have dealt with the ongoing frivolous and vexatious defamation proceedings against me by Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes and their lawyer Justine Munsie. He kicked out my defence and refused to allow me discovery and interrogatories.

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  1. This opens a few particularly interesting cans of worms. Firstly, what side of the fence does Carmody really occupy. On the one hand his appointment as chief justice was, to say the least. highly questionable, but then he did (apparently) demand establishment of a judicial commission. That said, Carmody’s description of the Queensland judiciary as ‘scum’ was right on the mark. I would however dearly love to know why Carmody desperately sought the presidency of the QCAT kangaroo court but later stated that he no longer wanted that position. It can’t in my opinion be anything to do with his supposedly ailing wife as she is now furthering her own judicial career. Secondly, whether or not he admitted as much on record, one can reasonably assume Bosscher concurred with the opinions of David Rofe (who is now probably unable to defend his point of view due to diagnosis of dementia).

  2. In Queensland we have seen paedophiles get off very lightly, it seems as though the Queensland judicial process is a haven for these people, the government need to move swiftly to oust these people from the positions they hold.

  3. Central to the Heiner Affair from its very beginning was the flagrant breach of section 129 of the Criminal Code by the Queensland ALP Goss cabinet in ordering the destruction of documents that were known to be required as evidence in expected court proceedings. The perpetrators justified their illegal act of destroying the Heiner Inquiry documents with perverted interpretations of section 129 of the Criminal Code; they asserted that it only became a crime to destroy evidence once proceedings were actually “afoot” – that is to say once the court proceedings had begun.
    Well, the jailing in Queensland of a minister of religion for destroying portions of a girl’s diary – before he went to trial – put that self serving interpretation to rest.
    Just take a moment to reflect on this contrived interpretation of the Criminal Code – It is okay to destroy evidence provided the court proceedings have not commenced – and that is precisely what has been peddled by opponents to an inquiry into the Heiner Affair.
    The protracted story of the ducking and weaving of many people tainted by the Heiner Affair continues, with mates corruptly looking after mates at the very top of our political / legal system.
    The whole twisted Heiner Affair with its incredible network of political and legal mates scratching each other can only be satisfactorily resolved with a top level independent judicial inquiry.

    But now another line of chatter has developed, – the Heiner Affair has dragged on for so long that no public interest would be served by any further inquiry, so just let it drop.

    These are clearly lines being used to cover up and protect corruption in high places.

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