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Jailed Australian Journalist / Political Prisoner Shane Dowling to be released on (21/12/18)

On Friday (16/11/18) jailed Australian journalist Shane Dowling had his jail sentence for contempt reduced from 18 months (with a non parole period) of thirteen months to a fixed term of four months.

Mr Dowling will be released on the 21/12/18. An appeal to the high court is highly likely.

in a separate judgement scandalous and extensive suppression orders and non publication orders were also lifted on Monday the 12/11/18 by corrupt judge Hellen Wilson. (after eighteen months trying to conceal  from the public what really happened)

Shane Dowling will publish more information after his release

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  1. Who will put their hand up to say that they got it wrong to put Shane in jail in the first place? Our democracy is hit with a cancer and the people that are trying to eradicate that cancer are put in jail and those that have deep pockets are not even investigated after covering up corruption and crimes and allowed to resign without finding out the true reasons for their resignations.

    In my case the criminally misbehaving Senior Member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal that fabricated her decision has not sought reappointment. What a joke.

    Now they are talking about rewarding the whistle-blowers.

    Stay strong Shane. If you have access to Google in jail please follow my petition that you supported. It is with the title “Australia Post must never cover up IDENTITY THEFTS”
    It is now signed and supported by 7347 people from around the county and some from outside of Australia as on 17 November 2018 at 7:52 pm.

    I hope you will come out stronger and wiser so that the people do not get chance to put you in jail again for exposing corruption and wrongdoings of the people that others in the Main Stream Media will not even dare to go close.

    In my view if the sentence is reduced drastically what is the point in keeping him in jail for another day?

  2. That’s not only great, it is finally some justice for Shane. I’ll be taking Local Courts of NSW to the High Court too, lodging my appeal before the end of this year. People won’t stand for this crap, which extends from the lowest of local courts to the Supreme Court of NSW. Go get em Shane, I’ll be right behind you all the way. Hope you are doing well, despite the place they have had you for too long, and without any good reason.

  3. A very brave Edward (Ned) Kelly and his inimitable ilk knew/know exactly what to do with these cretins who, time and again, only seek positions of putative authority so that they can not only enjoy themselves dispensing grave injustices in Australian courts of law — that belong to the people — but be handsomely paid from the public purse all the while.

  4. Terribly sad when a man has to be jailed for telling the truth. Please tell him Patti is back and wishes him well , thank you ,

    Kind regards,


  5. Shane that is terrific news.The Australian media shows concern for overseas journalists who are subject to suppression but not to one of their own.Truly surprising

  6. Shane – I think you are amazing – never giving up – where are our Labor and Greens fighting for justice now – both parties need to get behind Shane and demand a Royal Commission into the Judiciary! You are brave and courageous! I hope the honest Judges begin to act against their peers who are bringing them into disrepute; and demand changes. Only a Royal Commission with independence is going to resolve this history. Shane your resilence is amazing.

  7. As a kid, I took it for granted this country wasn’t run by corrupt officials like so many countries we looked down on. As Franz Kafka said: “When you find out what’s really going on, you want to die.” People like Shane Dowling make it less drastic to come to grips with the rot that’s ruining our country. May he survive and succeed in his struggle.

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