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Journalist Shane Dowling has been jailed for exposing paedophile judges and judicial bribery

Australian journalist Shane Dowling has been jailed for publishing articles exposing paedophile judges and judges taking bribes. The exact charge against Mr Dowling is contempt of court because he repeated in court on the 3rd of February 2017 part of an article he had published and also for publishing an article about the contempt proceedings in breach of suppression orders.

Chief Justice Tom Bathurst has been trying to jail Shane Dowling since he sent an email to all the judges of the Supreme Court of NSW and wrote an article in September 2016 titled “Paedophile priest gets 3 months jail for raping 3 boys by NSW Supreme Court’s Justice Hoeben”. (Click here to read) In the email, which was also published in the article, Chief Justice Tom Bathurst was named as a known paedophile and 17 other judicial officers were named as known paedophiles or suspected paedophiles and allegations of judicial bribery were also raised.

Chief Justice Tom Bathurst had the NSW Police raid Mr Dowling’s unit in June 2017 and charge him for sending the email. The charge was withdrawn by the Commonwealth Director of Prosecutions on the 28th March 2018 as it was a blatantly malicious charge.

Mr Dowling raised a number of precedents in his last article which support why he shouldn’t have been found guilty as he was only exercising his right to free speech and political communication. Click here to read the last article: Journalist Shane Dowling to be sentenced to possible jail for criticizing a judge and Registrar Christopher Bradford

There are many articles on this website outlining what happened including the malicious police charge that was eventually withdrawn. Some links are below:

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Friends and family members will be looking after this website and Shane’s social media sites while he is in jail.

As further details of Shane’s incarceration become available I will update below in the comment section and on the KCA Facebook page and KCA Twitter account.

You can email your outrage and disgust to the federal Attorney-General Christian Porter at Christian.Porter.MP@aph.gov.au and ask him to intervene because what Mr Dowling said raising allegations of judicial corruption is political communication and protected under the Australian constitution as per the 1997 High Court of Australia precedent Lange v ABC. His Twitter account is  and his Facebook page is: christianportermp

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  1. Almost judges are corrupt and so are the police. So sorry about Shane but hopefully true just might prevail. The govt needs to put a stop to all the corruption but won’t as it makes them $$$.

  2. Sent this off to MP

    I would like to express my concern about the incarnation of Mr. Shane Dowling. You government people need to put a stop to all the corrupt court judges and police. We all know the reason why you don’t which is it generates the govt a lot of money. You are all a load of crap that don’t listen to ordinary people who go on about their everyday life in the proper way and the the corrupt police, lawyers and judges take over their lives. It is about time someone steps up and does something genuine to stop all corrupt activity. I’ll give you one example why does Sunshine courts share the same building as the Sunshine Police?

    • […] …the *incarnation* of Mr. Shane Dowling. […]???

      I’ve seen some odd Freudian-slips being used to help *flesh* out a story, but this’n takes the cake, David. Be careful someone doesn’t try to bring about your incarceration. ;^)

  3. For how long has Shane been jailed? He may yet end up not having to serve any substantive amount of it. It would help if you could always put the date at the top of each article. For some reason, people who post articles online seem quite averse to put the date at the beginning???

  4. Just sent this email to Christian Porter

    “What can one say other than to express one’s disgust and outrage at the news that Shane Dowling has been sentenced to incarceration on a bogus charge of contempt. With suspected pedophiles crawling all over the country’s legal system, how can one expect to have anything but contempt for this blatant misuse of the justice system. This has gone on for way too long. The people are waking up to what has been going on.

    The sooner the hammer comes down on these creepy criminals, the better the world will be.

    How about you do the right thing and intervene on Dowling’s behalf. Priest gets 3 month’s for pedophilic rape of 3 boys and journalist get 3 months for outing the judges for protecting the pedophiles. Sounds very similar to the Tommy Robinson issue.

    We’re all waking up to this sorry state of affairs and we DO NOT like what we are finding out.

    • Phil, somehow I just received notice of your post today, 20 Feb 2019, when it was posted in August last year. Anyway, the point in your post I’d like to respond to is the comment about Tommy Robinson. If you are referring to media reports about his actions, I’d suggest you’re being misled. If you check out his WIki page, his real name is not Tommy Robinson at all, having used a few different names over the years, and is a self-professed Zionist. In simple terms, this guy is a professional bullshit artist, so I would be very careful comparing Shane’s treatment to his.

    • Difference is Tommy Robinson is a right wing fascist racist and I don’t excuse myself from using those terms because they are correct. He only highlights what suits his agenda. There is a reason behind the British courts keeping details from the press most prominent being protection of the victims. He cares not a jot about victims or their family only about his infamy and cowardice. Claims to be a man of the people, well guess what? We’re all people regardless of religion, colour or creed. He’s a racist nobody who is given credence by the same biased media who tell us all is good in this world while people needlessly die because of greed and hatred.

  5. Email sent, especially since I was cc’ing Porter yet another complaint about NSW In-Justice.

    Sent: Wednesday, 22 August 2018 3:13 PM
    To: Christian.Porter.MP@aph.gov.au
    Subject: Shane Dowling

    Dear Mr Porter

    I see from the Kangaroo Court website that they are asking people to bombard your office with emails in support of Shane Dowling, and to demand that his jailing by biased and corrupt Judges be examined by a higher and more moral power.

    As you are aware I am also a victim of the same corruption which runs rampant through NSW Justice and its courts, and employees, and therefore am happy to support Shane Dowling in his quest for justice.

    Once again Mark Speakmann and the state of NSW have allowed NSW Justice to punish a whistle blower and truth teller, to cover up shameful dealings and criminal conduct by its own employees and their personal friends.

    A corrupt Judicial system is not an asset for a country, it is an embarrassment and disgrace, especially to those involved in running it.

    I remain disgusted at the levels of corruption being allowed to continue in NSW courts.

    (Name removed for my own safety)

    • Your use of the term “In-Justice” is not only apt, but very important, and the simple reason is that it is but ‘ínjustice’ that is served upon people whenever ‘justice’ fails to prevail, which only obtains when it (justice) is being directed by incompetent buffoons, and these incompetent buffoons making a mockery of Australia and its law need be roundly ridiculed at every available opportunity. You will have noticed that many jurists, right along with many others who enjoy deluding people, like to keep trotting out the term ‘miscarriage of justice’, as if the ‘good intentions’ on their part gives them the right to keep promoting the word “justice”. They don’t like using, or even hearing, the word ‘injustice’, even though, quite apart from it being far easier to say, than the weaselly-worded “miscarriage of justice”, it is the truth. If everyone makes it their business (which it most certainly is!) to use the word ‘injustice’ or ‘injustices’, whether in polite conversation or in our courts of law, it will catch on like any other buzz word is known to do. It really is an ‘injustice’ of the very first water whenever any jurist uses the term “miscarriage of justice”, just like when a jurist refers to ‘HIS/HER court’, because Australia’s courts of law belong to its people, as does its ‘often unjust’ laws. QED

  6. Popped this in the reader`s comments in the Guardian today in reference to an article about Dutton for PM and possible incarceration—-‘Then we can join Shane Dowling who looks like fronting up for his second term in the boob for exposing corruption. Funny how ALL the media are ignoring his adventures.’.

    • This is the even greater travesty, that the ENTIRE Fourth Estate has remained silent on the subject of Shane’s revelations. Perhaps a potential Prime Minister still wants facts surrounding events at a Young Labor Camp kept quiet also.

  7. Draconian methods and measures to help the elite of the legal fraternity feel good about themselves. Although it is 2018 we still don’t enjoy a true democracy. We survive in a draconian society ruled by politicians and judicial officers each of whom have a somewhat narcissistic bent on preserving their distance from accountability to the populous of the nation in spite of the rule and measure that they hold each of us common folk too. The very disappointing outcome where tolerance of a passionate person is so destructively rewarded unnecessarily, and for whose benefit other than the emotional baggage of those officers?. So many coverups, where will it all get sorted back to integrity and ethical conduct?

  8. I am so sorry that Shane suffers victimisation and abuse at the hands of these corrupt individuals in power positions…..A voice once again silenced for being honest and letting us all know the corruption that is rampant in this country. My family included High court judges who would be rolling in their graves knowing what is taking place in our so called justice system now. Freedom of honest speech quashed!!!!

  9. Having attend at least (6) Court attendances with SD, just maybe, if more people supported him and
    could turn up to court and support, these MONGRELS wouldn’t get away with what they continue to get away with daily.

    People need to start filling the courts to
    to stop this ROT!!!

    Lots of VICTIMS on Twitter are slowly sharing their experiences 🤨

    I leave you with this thought: Peadophiles are receiving less than (4) months Jail, some even suspended sentences, home detention for ABUSING a child, yet SD has already served (4) months after being STITCHED up 🤦‍♂️

    • That is what is happening and will get even worse when the mores if society are considered not important. Rapists or paedphiles should be sent to jail for life. Not 3 months or whatever. Exposing corruption is not a criminal offence but hiding it certainly us! I hope Shane is heard and his case dismissed. This is about creating fear of exposing the truth but we must not allow this to interfere with the focus of justice for victims and their families and keep this wonderful country clean from this injustice for the people of Australia.

  10. Thanks Karma Two, I photo’d your letter to Christian porter & will send the email to him registering my disgust with the jailing of Shane Dowling for speaking the truth in speaking against corruption in our legal system. This country is supposed to be a democracy where we are free to speak.
    May I suggest all Shane’s followers take the time to show their disgust too by emailing Christian porter , the Federal Attorney General & give him a piece of their mind.

  11. The editors

    I attended the sentencing of Shane this morning. It was a very sad event. Shane was a brave boy at this most stressful moment, which sadness was compounded at its conclusion, as he was escorted under an overabundence of police and prison personnel, to the basement lockup of the Supreme Court building.

    There were times during the summing up when Shane was ridiculed by the judge, as a loser reduced to living in a boarding house. A loser who, due to his intransigence in defying suppression orders of the court, had rendered himself unemployed. She aluded to him as an unstable mental retard, deserving of no mercy by the court, but one to be made an example of for his defiance.

    Reference was made by her to his previous incarceration of four months for a similar offence, by accusing him during this time, of attempting to manipulate the prison system by faking illness in order to have access to alternatative milk supplies, while in the prison system.

    The whole serious event and test of free speech which Shane Dowling spearheaded and paid a very high personal price, designed by him as a public example of corruption and manipulation in the judicial system of NSW, was peppered with irrelevances by the judge, (who shall remain nameless), in her unsuccessful attempt to downplay and deflect attention away from core concerns of the Shane Dowling protest, through defiance of suppression orders he considered to be vexatious and designed to stifle free speech and criticism of suspect judicial office holders.

    • Who was this disgusting lump of a judge! words fail me, my despair at what goes on at top levels in this country is huge.

    • How dare that judge make fun of any one with any form of alleged mental illness. Even if it was fact a judge cannot redicule anyone having a mental health issue or being homeless and clearly this was the judges way of taking the focus off the legal community. That in itself is discrimination. We as a community have worked for years to reduce the stigma and to then associate it with Shane because he identified corruption is an injustice in itself! It also holds a penalty regardless of one’s status! They just do not have a clue about humanity and for me l am happy to go to jail to support NO corruption by any member of the Australian public. So stand tall Shane as people know what is the facts of this matter. Sadly we do live in a time of covert known corruption and this is the result if one tries to bring it to the surface. It is built on fear of recrimination and what has occurred in this instance. Many of those involved loose out big time if this occurs. What a sad time we now exist in! Everything covered up and justice hidden somewhere but where? No social mores whatsoever.

  12. We are outraged by the jailing of Shane Dowling. Corruption within the judiciary and legal fraternities must be exposed. Just like bank corruption, many things have been covered up from society. Shane Dowling, a journalist, should be entitled to free speech. Shane Supporters

  13. Dear Christian Porter

    Recently there has been a lot of stories of abuse and the cover up of abuse being exposed, this needs to happen if our society is to change from a society where 1 in 3 children are abused before they turn 18. The law has been a law unto it self for a long time, with paedophiles receiving no jail time, or very lenient sentences, with no consistency or mandatory sentences across Australia, and great opposition to introducing mandatory sentences where this has been proposed. I find it abhorrent that Shane Dowling has been jailed for exposing the corruption within the system. I ask you to urgently intervene because what Mr Dowling said raising allegations of judicial corruption is political communication and protected under the Australian constitution as per the 1997 High Court of Australia precedent Lange v ABC

    The parents and families affected by the corruption are sick and tired of this blatant abuse of power.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    yours sincerely.

    • Okay Mad, here’s the problem. Imagine you’ve grown up being abused by your parents, but since it starts when you’re a baby, or a toddler, you don’t know it’s wrong. Then, when you grow up a bit, you slowly begin to find out that what your mum or dad are doing is considered abhorrent by polite society. Even though you’re now aware of what’s happening, you still have to rely on your parents for survival. What do you do? Go to the Police, or Child Protective Services where they simply farm you out to other incestuous abusers who don’t care about you at all? Go to people like Derryn Hynch, Rosie Batty, or Bruce Morcombe, in the hope they will help? What if you do, and find you’ve gone from the frying pan into the fire?

      The longer you contemplate it, the more afraid you become of the consequences for the family members you love, despite their flaws, so you don’t say anything to anyone, but it’s written all over your face for those with eyes to see.

      Having to constantly pretend all is okay when it’s plainly not, predisposes you to careers which are built on pretence. Law, Police, Medicine, Military, Religion, Education, Politics, and the media in all its forms. There you feel safe, because you are surrounded by others in the same predicament, and protect each other from harm against an angry self-righteous public.

      Now, let’s say you want to resolve this once and for all, what do you do? Demonize the “perpetrators”, who are really victims themselves of abuse they received when they were kids? Or make a safe space for them to come out of the closet so they can be healed, and forgiven for their sins, which is the only long term solution?

      Think about it in depth, as I have, after hearing of a case or two that my wife dealt with while working in Sydney for a foster care organization.

      What was that thing Martin Luther King said? “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

      Tough love.

      • So you’re saying the best way to deal with child sex abuse is to not punish it and just let paedos go on their merry way?

      • How you managed to infer that from my post says more about your thinking than mine. Read it again. Slower.

  14. The editors

    Is it possible to obtain a copy of the summation by the judge. This document needs to be studied in full. As bad as the outcome was for Shane, I did note some valid criticisms by her which should be addressed.
    If Shane’s protest defending free speech is to gain traction, all issues need addressing honestly.


  15. “[I]t is the greatest absurdity to suppose it in the power of one, or of any number of men, at the entering into society to renounce their essential natural rights, or the means of preserving those rights, when the grand end of civil government, from the very nature of its institution, is for the support, protection, and defence of those very rights; the principal of which, as is before observed, are life, liberty, and property. If men, through fear, fraud, or mistake, should in terms renounce or give up an essential natural right, the eternal law of reason and the grand end of society would absolutely vacate such renunciation. The right of freedom being the gift of God Almighty, it is not in the power of man to alienate this gift and voluntarily become a slave.” ― Samuel Adams
    This is happening here in America also, If we do NOT stand as one we are all slaves to the CORRUPT system. The whole world has been deceived by the rapist, murderers, evil men and women… God help us if we ALL do NOT STAND UP .

  16. Is it legal for a judge sum up his personal life and ridicule him? Isn’t she to stick to the facts and address only the issue at hand. They’re closing ranks and shaming themselves. How would she address a paedophile judge? Would she just sum up how good he’s been for justice and excuse the crime?

  17. Of importance in this matter is the fact that the sentence of Shane for 18 months demonstrates the true evils inherent in this Liberal government and how more and more Australian people now abhor this detestable Liberal party.
    Consider how the Liberals had done their utmost to stave off a Royal Commission into the nations entire financial services sector, while Commissioner Kenneth Hayne and his capable team of QC’s are in the midst of revealing the enormous amount of Australia’s financial and Bank industry fraudulent undertakings that have been going on since who knows how long.
    I have observed how, and feel comfortable to allege that Australia’s former Attorney General George Brandis had a great deal to do with stifling Australia’s 2 Regulatory Authorities, ASIC the corporate regulator, also APRA as the Banking prudential regulator.

    This same Liberal government is also responsible for severely rupturing the Justice system in favour of the wealthy and corporate elite now being privileged throughout Australia.
    Meanwhile, this same political party is fragmenting itself into disunity and chaos based on their own party choice of who among them is capable enough to assume the mantle of Prime Minister, that sees Bishop Morrison and Dutton scrambling all over each other to have a crack at becoming Australia’s next Prime minister.

    The whole foundation of Australia has been irreparably damaged from the moment the Budgie Smuggler was pushed forward as the new Liberal party Prime Minister.

    Any persons that choose to deny these facts may as well throw their own hat in the ring to become a new Prime Minister, bearing in mind they must also be an untrustworthy person in order to keep the Liberal government scoreboard continue to tick over ….from its headquarters location situated on the bottom of the Sydney Harbour in NSW.

    • Don’t you dare make this political mate. As if Labor, or the Greens are any better. It’s not isolated to one party, one person, one judge. It’s systemic, and rants like yours belie a fraudulent attempt to turn this crisis into opportunity for Labor. Division, whether political or otherwise, can only have one aim – to conquer, which reveals your underlying intent. Treason against Australians.

  18. Susan

    I sat through the entire summation by the judge. I considered her reading to be a character assignation. Very little more substance was in it.

    But again, there were points that should be addressed.

    One glaring statement she made was, no child had been presented to the court as evidence of child abuse against the accused judge. That point needs to be addressed.

    In the real world, judgement by association is the norm. ” Show me your friends and I will
    Show you your future”.

    Now this point is the entire context of Shane’s protest. Again, in the real world, trial by association is often the only evidence to make up (and often conclude), our personal judgements of another’s character; in the case of Shane’s accusation of paedophilia against a judge based on lenient sentences against known pedophiles. That is not enough evidence for a court to act. It’s a good point the trial judge made.

    Casual accusations based on association are a good tactic used successfully at times to flush out a criminal, but won’t stand up in a court of law for good reason.

    Is anybody aware on this site, of more than circumstantial evidence surrounding Shane’s accusations, which may assist his protest to move forward in a positive manner?

  19. A sorry,sorry day when an Australian citizen gets incarcerated for18 months (reduced to 13) for speaking the truth & 19 year old deadbeat father who became frustrated, slammed his 10 week-old baby son picked up the baby & threw it so hard on to the wooden floor that it sustained facial injuries & permanent brain damage. The judge sentenced the father to 4 years’ jail’ then reduced the sentence to a non parole period of just one year. his son is nearly brain dead.
    Where’s the justice when Shane Dowling received a heavier sentence of a minimum 13 months.
    A sad day for Australian justice & it’s legal system

    • Yes. A very sad & sorry day that any human being could ever do that to any child.
      WHAT is going on with people that they can’t / won’t deal with frustration NON-violently.
      WHEN will people learn that violence does not / will not solve their problems!?
      ONLY peaceful, sensible behavior solves problems!
      Unless killing off a few ‘Psychopaths’ will reduce their numbers & thus their power, but then I am a Psychopath 🎃 !?

    • Yes. EXACTLY! What this was all about in the first instance.
      A priest or ANY child abuser MUST get much longer sentences for such serious crimes.
      THIS is where the system has failed the children, & the community.
      THIS is what MUST be addressed & CHANGED, OR we will have systemic pedofilia into perpetuity, aka Catholic Church & others.

  20. Hi all,

    Does anyone know where SD is being retained??

    No decision has been published so there are still supression and
    non-publication Orders inforce.

    This is part of the problem, the Judicary continues to act secretly, which defies the objects of a Fair Trail and Natural Justice.

    These proceedings were Open Court and having attended several hearings, I remain bewildered how the Suppression and Non-Publication Orders remain inforce.

    Joe Zidar

  21. It a pains me to say this but until that awful show A Current Affair gets hold of the story and runs and keeps running with it, nothing will happen.

    • The only other person I know who defied court suppression orders and as a result went to Jail for his stance on rapist and publicly identifying them was Derrin Hynch, now a Senator he may just help Shane or offer some advice. As he would certainly know how Shane is feeling. I have no doubt that the boys inside are looking after him. Given that he is trying to expose Corrupt Judges, Magistrates, Pollies & high ranking Public Servants. GOOOD ONYA SHANE, EVERY DECENT PERSON ON THIS PLANET SHOULD BE SUPPORTING YOU, THIS IS A WORLD WIDE PROBLEM. I believe that the only way we will stop Pedo’s is for them to be Jailed and put in mainstream and have violated on a daily basis so that they know how the kids felt.

      • If you’re expecting Hynch to help, you’re seriously mistaken. Empty vessels make the most sound.

  22. UPDATE…Capalino lose poisonous honey suppression order protection in NSW Supreme Court against jailed journalist/political prisoner Shane Dowling..A 14 day stay has been put on the matter giving Capalino opportunity to appeal to High Court..Mr Dowling was also awarded costs

  23. jailed journalist Shane Dowling has bail and appeal directions hearing this coming week on the 8th and the 10th

    • Let us witness justice being done. Those who ferret out the depravity of the elite should not end up as martyrs.

      The scales of justice are a lopsided imbalance that needs to be put under the spotlight.

      Shane, you walk alone, whilst the rest slap you on the back for your stand.

      I hope that justice as perceived by the ordinary bloke is done.

    • OK so you’re out now? How would you like everyone to show support? I was going to share your info on the Pauline Hanson, Cory Bernardi and Katter Party pages since the conservatives independents are more likely to support you right?

    • Didn`t the Chief Magistrate Di Fingleton in Qld, go to gaol for ordering another magistrate to comply with her instructions? Is Bathurst over-reaching his authority?

  24. Save the Bees Australia
    Yesterday at 06:19 ·
    Australia joins China , Iran , Burma, , Ethiopia, Sudan in jailing Journalists. In what many will see as corruption the mainstream media including the ABC have been ordered not to report on Mr Dowling being jailed.
    The treatment of Shane has been severe and unjust. Shane is in jail for 13 months for calling a series of judges pedophiles.
    Mr Dowling was entitled to be enraged that judges were giving pedophiles included pedophile Catholic priests light sentences. Shane concluded Judges giving the light sentences must be pedophiles themselves.
    Behind bars Shane Dowling became a hero this week by defeating Capilano Ltd in the highest Sydney court of appeal.
    Shane has been scathing of the conduct of Capilano Ltd and billionaire owner CEO Kerry Stokes . Shane single handily embarrassed Addison law firm by getting his suppression orders removed in relation to several viral articles about Capilano Ltd.
    The judgement is highly critical of the tactics used by Capilano Ltd legal council suggesting their conduct had the potential to have had a chilling effect on freedom of speech.
    Fairfax media and the ABC are ignoring the crucial roll Shane played in informing consumers about potential problems with imported honey.
    You can email your outrage and disgust to the federal Attorney-General Christian Porter at Christian.Porter.MP@aph.gov.au and ask him to intervene because what Mr Dowling said raising allegations of judicial corruption is political communication and protected under the Australian constitution as per the 1997 High Court of Australia precedent Lange v ABC. His Twitter account is @cporterwa and his Facebook page is: christianportermp
    Please Share 🙏🐝

  25. Still trying to insert mention of Shane`s Crusade in the MSM, but blocking of comments means you have to wait for opportunities. What`s that line about ‘critical mass’? Sooner or later, we`ll break through.


    I was released from jail on Friday the 21st of December 2018. I’ll write about the experience in the new year. The worst thing about jail is the boredom. One of the positives is that judicial corruption will now be the foundation of my application for special leave to appeal to the High Court of Australia.

    The NSW Court of Appeal published their judgement on Friday (21/12/18) where I won on severity of sentence and had it reduced from 18 months (with a non-parole period of 13 months) to 4 months fixed. But I lost on the conviction part of the appeal and will take that to the High Court. (Click here to read the judgement) I have only had quick look at the judgement and will do a full post on it in the next few weeks.

    Read more: https://kangaroocourtofaustralia.com/2018/12/22/australian-journalist-political-prisoner-shane-dowling-released-from-jail/

  27. Do as I say not do as I do

    Some things that happen in law, make you sick in the guts and ‘a little cheese off ‘ with what goes on. I know we are only the little people, if we can enough of the little people, we want change and to make it happen

    • Interestingly, the ONLY way change will occur if enough of “the little people” get together and get informed, so they can unify and coordinate their efforts.

  28. it comes as no surprise to me that there are several judges whom are paedophiles. What other reason do they have for giving rediculously light sentences to these damaged people. How these judges live with themselves, beats me. Congratulations to Shane Dowling for having the guts to out these monsters. He at least is trying to protect our kids, unlike these filthy rotten judges, who prey on our most vulnerable possessions. Here’s to Karma.

  29. There is absolutelly NOTHING the Cabal can do to you, that is worse, than what awaits them, on the other side, of the veil of eternity. No! Not even torture and death is worse than that. Eternity is a very long time. What hope have they? What peace have they? You will be free and in their torment they shall see you Free and in Glory!!!!

  30. It is a shame that all western civilizations are under attack from within. Why is it that our government officials are selling out their citizens? It is so a one world government police state is created for the elite and any people that survive the coming war will be their slaves. Most of us know this is the end game and they will not stop setting up for a war of race against race, tribe against tribe, country against country. Any way to divide and conquer the general population. They are poising us with vaccines, fake food, and chem trails.

  31. I sent this one to CP.

    I have just read about the treatment of Shane Dowling by the corrupt courts of N.S.W and am incensed. How do we, Australian citizens, expect to respect the law and our courts when itis clear that anyone who speaks the truth, for any reason, ends up incarcerated. This has seriously gone too far. So many people know about the pedophiles in our courts, and in government, and it will all come out one day, and there you will be trying to explain why NOTHING was done about it. And everyone will know that people like Shane made the truth known, and not only was it ignored by all who should have acted, but he was punished for it, for trying to protect the children, and reveal the level of corruption that we ALL have to deal wi9th, everyday.

    I tell you, the people of this country are not known for making a huge fuss about anything much, we get on with our lives. But when this gets out, and more men in influential positions are discovered to be pedophiles, which will happen, what will you have to say to the rest of us?

    This will not go away. Too many people know, and more people are informed of this everyday. This is your problem. What are you going to do? Please act now. This is top level corruption. This is NOT the U.S. We expect action.

  32. Thank you Donna, the people of Australia must expect more of the misleading contretemps and false testimony from Scomo’s Liberal/Nation coalition party government, this government already fails the Australian Constitution by not governing in the best interests of the Australian people.
    By the edicts in our Constitution this political party must be revoked of its authority and its acceptance as a candidate for all future State and Federal elections.
    Scomo had elected to follow the strategy of Australia’s most treacherous and treason engaging former PM, John Winston Howard, only Scomo is worse as he is supporting a Pentecostal corporation. Historically and up to today, corporatism as a business model contributes nothing of benefit to humankind.

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