Circumstantial evidence that Scott Morrison directed the $100 million Sports Rorts fraud is being ignored by the media

Scott Morrison was sacked as CEO of Tourism Australia by the John Howard Liberal Party Government in 2006 for major financial fraud valued at $184 million which was almost identical to the current $100 million Sport Rorts fraud scandal. Both matters centre around abusing government processes and procedures to get money from the government. At Tourism Australia the tender process was abused and with Sports Rorts the process of allocating government grants was abused.

In both matters, Scott Morrison also refuses to answer questions or ducks and weaves to avoid giving direct answers. Although Morrison has denied he was a decision-maker in the Sports Rorts scandal but that lie is starting to unravel as the below video reports on the email trail linking Bridget McKenzie’s fraudulent grants directly to Scott Morrison’s office.

The Sports Rorts scandal is quite easy to understand. The government corruptly used $100 million in sports funding to try to buy votes in marginal seats or seats they were trying to win from other parties at the federal election in May 2019.

(The above video is from The Project on the 31/1/20)

Scott Morrison’s history of government rorts by abusing processes and procedures

Some people try and throw doubt over why Morrison was sacked as CEO of Tourism Australia but I wrote an article in June 2019 titled “Looks like PM Scott Morrison was sacked as Managing Director of Tourism Australia in 2006 because of fraud and theft” and started off by saying:

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison was sacked as Managing Director of Tourism Australia in 2006 and he has always refused to say why. One thing is for certain, it had to be massive wrongdoing by Morrison. Why? Because Scott Morrison, who was State Director of the New South Wales Liberal Party from 2000 to 2004, was sacked by a Liberal Party Minister in the Liberal Party John Howard government and they don’t sack one of their own for a minor reason or even a major reason. Morrison’s sacking had to be something, at the very least, bordering on criminal and more than likely actual criminal conduct.”

“Since 2006 Scott Morrison has refused to answer questions about his sacking and little has been known about the reasons for it until now. Journalist Karen Middleton published an article on Saturday (8/6/19) which she spent 6 months investigating and to me it makes it clear Mossison was likely sacked for deliberate lies and deception in relation to the awarding of government contracts worth $184 million.”

Karen Middleton writes in The Saturday Paper:

Thirteen years after Scott Morrison was mysteriously sacked from a senior public sector job as managing director of Tourism Australia, a six-month investigation by The Saturday Paper has created the clearest picture yet of the events surrounding his dismissal.

Documents obtained by The Saturday Paper under freedom of information laws show Morrison received a pay rise less than a month before he was sacked, taking his annual base salary from $318,031 to $332,030, with discretion for his employer to add up to 2.5 percent on top.

Around the time of Morrison’s dismissal, it was suggested he was paid out after having his contract terminated more than a year early. Sources have since confirmed this.

It was long speculated that the sacking was the result of a personality clash between Morrison and Bailey or differences over her plans to restructure the agency.

But late last year, The Saturday Paper uncovered an auditor-general’s report from 2008 examining the handling of three major contracts, which had delivered a scathing assessment of Tourism Australia’s management.

The report provided the first indication as to the real reason Morrison was removed.

The contracts were worth $184 million, and the auditor focused most on the two biggest – those with companies M&C Saatchi for global creative services or advertising campaigns, and Carat for media placement.

The audit report revealed that information had been kept from the board, procurement guidelines breached and private companies engaged before paperwork was signed and without appropriate value-for-money assessments.

Both before and since becoming prime minister in August last year, Scott Morrison has refused to answer questions about why the tourism minister took the unusual step in July 2006 of sacking him as head of the agency. He has also refused to answer questions about the handling of the contracts, which were signed the previous year. He did not respond to questions for this story before time of press. (Click here to read the full article)

It’s starting to become more obvious by the day why Scott Morrison is so keen to crack down on whistleblowers because there are probably a few dozen people in government who know the real reasons for Morrison’s sacking and if they have access to the documents they could bring him down. Morrison has known he is in trouble for 6 months since Karen Middleton started her FOI requests for documents from government departments. That would be an added reason why the Morrison government have gone so hard after whistleblowers in the last few months. (Click here to read more)

Morrison has also “always refused to explain but he also left as the head of Tourism New Zealand in a hurry in 2000 with similar complaints about his performance and conduct.” (Click here to read more)

Direct evidence versus circumstantial evidence in the Sports Rorts fraud

Direct evidence is starting to leak that Scott Morrison had direct input into the Sports Rorts fraud as the above video shows. But there is also plenty of circumstantial evidence showing Scott Morrison’s history of abusing the system of government spending as per his 2006 sacking at Tourism Australia. It’s an issue the old media in Canberra have failed to follow-up and they should have.

Scott Morrison was at the Canberra Press Club on Wednesday (29/1/20) giving a speech and the first few questions by the media hit hard on the Sports Rorts scandal but Morrison did was fail to answer the questions or avoid giving any real answers. A legitimate question they should have asked would have been:

Q. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, given you were sacked as CEO of Tourism Australia by the John Howard Liberal Party government in 2006 for abusing the system in relation to a $184 million government tender why should anyone believe you weren’t involved in the $100 Sports Rorts fraud scandal which is almost identical?

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  1. leopards do not change their spots, Morronson has the form and I’d bet another with a large Cayman bank account,he always appears to be a snake oil salesman and has the look one can only say is smarmy and dubious as he peddles his BS with waffle waffle and more so, Turnbull taught him well

    • Morrison is chalk to Turnbull’s cheese. What they do have in common, however, is unbridled ambition, toryism (in Morrison’s case, a moronic evangelical fundamentalism), plus ruthless narcissism. These dubious qualities they have inherited in abundance from their backstories and spurious cvs without the further requirements of political mentoring or cronyism.

  2. Morriscum has never been worth $200,000+ salary package and has never had the necessary skills to be Prim Monster. But it is such toadies that corporate leaders encourage because those toadies know that they are on a gravy train and will do everything possible to stay there, regardless of the adverse impact on Australian voters.

    • Back in the 1970s, I taught Social Sciences at Randwick BHS. We all get together each year to catch up and relive all the great times we had together. One colleague later went on to teach Social Sciences at Sydney BHS when Scott Morrison was a student there. He recalled Morrison main forte being debating. This proved to be a good training ground for the future politician because you often had to argue cogently for a position that often you did not agree with. Morrison was also a frequent visitor to the Social Sciences staff room where he would insist that his HSC Geography teacher review his assessment scores because they were too low. This also occurred a few times with his mother in tow to support his claims. His determination to get his own way was therefore very evident when he was a teenager. I should point out for the record that I also attended Sydney BHS some years earlier.

      • Interesting. An egotistical, self entitled (enabled by his mother) bully. His wife would enable him too because she would “submit” (pentecostal). Stepping aside then is not anywhere on his mind. He would have a coterie of people who also enable him, and others who are probably afraid of him and want approval who will snitch for him
        He does work in politics, and there would be others just as bad, and a few others who are very concerned by now, waiting for the right moment to get rid of him. He did outsmart Malcolm Turnbull. Australia is in trouble.

  3. Your description of SCOTT MORRISON is exactly as I have determined …An EGO driven ..a bully who will fight ‘tooth and nail” to get his own way .. ‘by hook or by crook” a DISGRACE thank you for your input..

  4. Morrison and his group of cronies who follow him around are nothing but opportunist grabbers. He will not make any form of a decision until the group has thrashed out all the pros and cons of how they can use any thing to their own advantage. This person is a Major Snake Oil Sales Man.

  5. A simple solution for all voters who dislike Labor or LNP, don’t whinge, cry or complain, vote for another political party.
    Doing nothing except complaining does not achieve anything, action when voting is known as The Power Of The People.
    Apathy of the majority is allowing Australians to lose their independence as the nation as a whole, the joke on them is that they think the government rules Australians, stop the rot with a sensible vote

  6. Does anyone here believe in coincidence? As I was reading this fine investigative reporting, what story came on the tel-lie-vision at the same time on SBS? Yes, what we’re discussing here!! How much longer do we allow the scumbags in the ‘act’ to continue with their theft? It’s all well and good to vote for independents and/or 1Nation, or whoever is ‘giving us the best deal’, but from where I sit, the Australian people need to hammer these a*&@wipes with letters &/or emails letting them know we’re onto their scams & we as people DEMAND this unconstitutional, corporate so-called government be dissolved. If QEII can say yes to BREXIT, surely, as our sovereign she ‘should’ declare that we pull out of all treaties not voted on by the public, ie: Paris Accord (Climate Change Scam), Agenda 21/30, ICLEI etc., etc. End of rant. PS: As always, good reporting & thanks for keeping us informed.

  7. Surely most people can imagine Scott Morrison confidentially talking to Bridget McKenzie saying,’Look Bridget, take a hit for the party by resigning & I will make it up to you & make sure you are appointed to commission boards, offerred company directorships, etc., etc., & any loss of your salary & benefits will be more than outweighed by the new appointment incomes.”
    Pretty damn obvious that these arrangements happen regular & the dumb voters are ever aware they happen.

  8. Have not voted for either of the two major parties for ten years. I am now 80 so do not see any improvement in either major party in my remaining lifetime.

  9. Isn’t it scary that unqualified people can hold such positions of power in this country. Did Mr Morrison not understand the prerequisites for awarding expensive contracts when MD of Tourism Australia? Was he in over his head in a job he had insufficient experience to perform, incompetence, or was it just plain fraud and dishonesty?

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