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How Scott Morrison and the Hillsong Church stole Christmas

Australian media such as Channel 9, The SMH and Channel 7 have used Christmas and Christmas day to start promoting the Hillsong Church and Pastor Brian Houston in a positive way even though Brian Houston is still under investigation by NSW police for concealing his father’s sexual abuse of children.

It’s absolutely disgusting and a slap in the face for survivors and without a doubt has either direct or indirect influence by Prime Minister Scott Morrison who has previously used his position to promote Brian Houston and the Hillsong Church.

Why would they promote someone who blatantly perjured himself at the Child Sex Abuse Royal Commission?

The evidence shows there is a clear media campaign running behind the scenes involving at least the Seven West Media owned Channel 7 and the Nine Entertainment owned Channel 9 and The SMH to polish up the reputation of Hillsong Church and Brian Houston. It could be argued that those media companies should be charged along with Brian Houston for trying to conceal his crimes. 

What makes the conspiracy so obvious is the fact only a few weeks ago it was a scandal in all the media that Scott Morrison tried to take Brian Houston to Washington while he was under investigation by NSW Police and the White House said no. Then out of the blue, some of the old media have started promoting Hillsong and Hillsong is not even a mainstream Church as they only have 34,000 followers in Australia compared to other Churches who have hundreds of thousands if not millions. 

The SMH reported on the 19th oo December 2019: “For those wanting a more spiritual experience, celebrate the reason for the season at Believe, Hillsong Church’s Christmas spectacular.” (Click here to read more) What The SMH should have said is: to avoid being fraudulently ripped off don’t go to Hillsong Church’s Christmas scam and if you do make sure you don’t leave your children alone.

I sent emails to 3 journalists who published / broadcast stories on the subject which were Angus Thompson at The SMH, Amber Laidler at Seven and Mike Dalton at Channel 9. Mr Thompson and Ms Laidler haven’t responded, although Ms Laidler, SWM Chairman Kerry Stokes and SWM CEO Ryan Stokes sent read receipts confirming they had read the email.

Mr Dalton emailed me and said: “questions concerning content in Nine News, should be directed to Sydney News Director, Simon Hobbs.” I emailed Mr Hobbs and he hasn’t responded.

The email I sent to Angus Thompson is below and the emails to the two others were similar.

Sent: 26 December 2019 13:42
To: angusthompson@smh.com.au
Subject: Media request – Hillsong Church

Hi Angus

I have a couple of questions for an article I am writing. In your article you published on Christmas day titled “Catholic Archbishop warns against ‘identity politics’ and ‘narcissism’” you mentioned Hillsong Church where you said at the end of the article:

Hillsong churches similarly preached that Christmas was a time to bring the message that God was there for people facing great hardship.

  1. Why would you mention Hillsong Church given it is such a small Church?
  2. Did Scott Morrison’s association with Brian Houston and Hillsong have any influence on your decision to add Hillsong to the story?
  3. Did you write that about Hillsong or did your editor add it at the end?
  4. Are you aware that Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston is currently under investigation by the NSW Police for concealing his father’s rape of children?
  5. Do you know why both Channel 9 News and Channel 7 News also quoted and filmed Hillsong Church in their 6pm shows on Christmas day?

Can you please respond by 5pm today in case I have any follow-up questions.


Shane Dowling

Kangaroo Court of Australia

If any of the journalists do respond to the emails I sent them I will update this article or publish another article with their responses. While it is obvious the journalists have been directed by management to add Hillsong Church and Brian Houston to their articles this time, from now on, any journalists writing about Hillsong and Houston will need to take ownership of why they are supporting them given they should now know are aiding and abetting crimes. Saying management told them to do it won’t cut it from now on.

The evidence of the media campaign is below. It’s well-known the Hillsong Church has been using a PR consultant to try and hide the criminal conduct of Brian Houston and keep him out of jail. It is also well-known that Scott Morrison does what he can to help the Hillsong Church and Brian Houston. Nine Entertainment Chairman Peter Costello has strong links to both Scott Morrison and Hillsong. And Kerry Stokes will use Seven for any purpose if he thinks there is a dollar in it for himself.

I wrote an article on the 7th of September 2019 titled “PM Scott Morrison, his mate Peter Costello, the $700,000 fundraising scam at Channel Nine and what the Old Media haven’t reported” which gives a lot more details on why Peter Costello is supporting both Scott Morrison and Brian Houston.

On Christmas day Channel 9 and Channel 7 broadcast news reports for their 6pm News programs quoting and filming Hillsong Church and Pastor Frank Houston. I watched the Nine broadcast on the internet that was shown in NSW, as per the below video, and immediately Tweeted that Nine CEO Hugh Marks should apologize. I later found out Channel Seven had also run a similar story which is also below. There have been some comments on social media that Channel 10 also did the same, but I have not found the video.

All the stories at Seven West Media and Nine Entertainment were meant to be about the messages the Churches were saying and promoting on Christmas day and its well-known that many of those Churches regard Hillsong Church as scammers so they were probably embarrassed to be associated with them.

The Channel 9 story is below: 

Brian Houston infamously once said to a survivor that it was his fault his father, Frank Houston, sexually abused him because he had tempted his father. That is consistent with Brian Houston and the Hillsong Church having so far refused to sign up to the National Redress Scheme to pay compensation to survivors of the paedophiles in their church.

The Channel 7 story is below:

Hillsong Church is really just a fraud that uses a multi-level marketing type scam to make its founders multi-millionaires. 


Jenny Morrison, Scott Morrison and Brian Houston at Hillsong Church on Tuesday night (9/7/19)

There can be no denying that Brian Houston covered up his father’s crimes because he has admitted it on TV as per the below video.

The SMH haven’t always been puppets for the Liberal Party. That seems to be a recent problem since Peter Costello led Nine took over. In an article titled “Praise the Lord and pass the chequebook” from 2005, before The SMH was owned by Nine Entertainment, they wrote:

“The quickest way to degrade the gospel,” says Costello, “is to link it with money and the pursuit of money. It is the total opposite of what Jesus preached. These people have learnt nothing from the mistakes made by the American televangelists.” 

That was a quote from Reverend Tim Costello who ironically is the brother of Nine Entertainment Chairman Peter Costello who all the evidence points to being the man who ordered CEO Hugh Marks and staff at the company to support Brian Houston. Below is Peter Costello at Hillsong Church in 2005.

Peter Costello - Hillsong 2005

Former federal treasurer and current Nine Entertainment Chairman Peter Costello at Hillsong Church in 2005. Nine Entertainment owns Channel 9 and papers such as The SMH and The Age etc.

Other recent articles on this website that give a good backgrounding to what is happening with the Hillsong Church cover-up are “NSW Police confirm PM Scott Morrison’s mate Hillsong’s Brian Houston still under investigation for concealing paedophile father” and “NSW Police refuse to deny PM Scott Morrison has interfered in the investigation into paedophile protector Brian Houston“. Now some of the old media are in full swing trying to cover it up.

And that’s how Scott Morrison and the Hillsong Church stole Christmas. It’s meant to be a time of giving, but for them, it was all about repairing their reputation and putting pressure on the NSW police not to charge Brian Houston. They couldn’t care less about the survivors and there was no mention by Houston in Nine’s or Seven’s stories about Hillsong finally signing up to the National Redress Scheme and paying compensation to the survivors of Brian Houston’s father’s sexual abuse or survivors of other paedophiles in the Hillsong Church.

If Houston was charged it would not only do a lot of damage to the Hillsong Church but also Scott Morrison which would drag out for years because there would be a court case and if found guilty then jail and finally Houston being deported back to New Zealand once his jail term finished. That’s why there is a huge effort at the highest level to make sure Houston isn’t charged.

The Directors and CEO’s of Nine Entertainment and Seven West Media should issue an apology to all survivors.

I was meant to be having time off to start writing a book but this story was too big to sit back and not write and for obvious reasons a lot of other media are not going to write about it because they wouldn’t be allowed to by their management so somebody had to. A positive is that this story will fit well with the book and possibly get its own chapter.

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  1. Scummo the Moron son has past form for being a lying thief fraud,and leopards do not change their spots,It’s a wonder that scummo like JWH who did give millions to Hillsong,doesn’t do the same,have a happy clap and pass the plate.

  2. Thanks for this article.
    I once asked a 90 year old paedophile, who had molested generations of his family, including babies, why he did it.
    He simply replied, with an almost saintly look on his face…”because they love me”.
    I have seen that look on other faces and I know that they are not saintly, but are ‘essential evil’.

    • The complete reply would be: “I had sex with those kids because I could…because they loved me and therefore trusted me it was open slather!”

  3. Hillsong cult is purely a money making organization that does not, in anyway, preach, or represent the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    The Bible tells Christians not to mix Christianity and politics, which was where Constantine, the Roman emperor at that time, 325.a.d., married Christianity and state together, to produce the first mega church, which we know now as the Roman Catholic church.
    This idiocy of our pretend head of state, Scott What’s his name, utilizing his possibly paedofile mate, as a means to get, possibly, lots of votes, money, and to hell with any morality, true Christianity, is a tragic betrayal of all Jesus the Christ stood for.
    But, do those who control religious organizations, as they rake in the dollars, demonstrates how far, already, Christianity has been sold out, to worship their fake god, money.
    Perversity is totally entrenched in all supposedly Christian denominations now, (check “50 Years in the Church of Rome”, by Charles Chiniquey,) and other authenticated historical books, of what is now the Vatican.
    It surely is not Christian, even in name, and proximity of our pretend, fake prime-minister, Scott What’s his name, to such a ‘religious’ mugwump, now contesting charges of paedophila, is a threatening expose of what is coming.
    Our nation controlled by chose rushing Australia into the One World Church, which will soon control our nation, the world.
    Communism is not the enemy, but Romanism!
    True Christianity is a personal relationship, by those who believe our Lord Jesus Christ was the Son of GOD, without any need for subjugation to whims, control and insanity of power crazed ‘religious’ nutters who have now ‘crucified to themselves the Son of God afresh. Heb.6:6
    Maybe Scott wants a papal blessing as he sells Australia even further down the shute, into abject poverty, religious domination, totally under the control of Big Mumma.
    Scott What’s His Name should stand down from his position, call another election, so, possibly, apathetic voters may get a chance to elect a bloke who is interested in getting Australia out of the horrific financial pit into which previous politicians, of all parties, have, historically sold us.

  4. Bike rider gangs can’t associate in public, but our PM can associate with paedophiles! Give me a bikie anyday! Shame on our PM who is supposed to set the example?

  5. They are anthropomorphists hiding under a pretend umbrella called religion of which there are 1400 major religions in the world, in which different races of people have wide and varied beliefs.
    Politicians live in the current age where investigations pertaining to the myths and mysteries of the Dark Ages are being brought to light to separate the facts from the widely-believed fiction when religion was used against people young and old as a threat of infinite serious punishment for bad behaviour.
    Under that umbrella of fiction and myth, paedophilia is still a serious, disgusting offence against children, therefore Morrison and his cohorts should keep their beliefs to themselves and do the job which taxpayers pay them to do.
    Associating in any way, shape or form with a known paedophile is within itself not upholding the law, of this Morrison is guilty, and any person or persons individually or in the media who are supporting him are also guilty.
    If individual citizens acted the same way they would be ‘crucified’ by the media and their common hypocrisy would be witnessed again, as the media take great pleasure in running with the fox while running with the hounds.

  6. The only way we will see justice is when the people as one say enough is enough, otherwise i cant see paedophiles sacking themselves from government when they have so much support .

  7. Too much apathy Bob, and the media never give out facts and truthful reports, read about the actions undertaken by the self-appointed ‘king-pin’ Kerry Stokes with his corrupt and crooked cohorts, continually trying to destroy the truthful reports via KCoA.
    Australia is not governed in a democratic way, it is controlled by dictators, those being politicians, judges, lawyers, local councillors in all Australian States and Territories.
    Dictators make their own laws which do not protect the ‘people’ as would happen in a democracy as explained here:-

    [quote] People
    The aggregate of the individuals who comprise a state or a nation.
    In a more restricted sense, as generally used in Constitutional Law, the entire body of those citizens of a state or a nation who are invested with political power for political purposes (the qualified voters).

    The Australian Constitution is ignored by the dictators, all of whom are members of private corporations with legal, registered Australian Business Numbers.
    One man tried to secede from Australia and started his own ‘principality/country/province’, read the account of his trials and tribulations.


    • Spot on Bob, and Jonde is a great example of the apathy he cites. He’s right, of course, but also far too sceptical about the capacity of the silent minority. A majority of people isn’t required to achieve meaningful change, just a few percent who are clear about where they’re going and the courage to take the first step. The rest are sheep, and will follow, wagging their tails behind them.

      • Thankyou Jonde for an accurate assessment of the Australian Government and society at large, I agree with you and know of what you speak about. Also though I am in agreeance with Peter because whilst the majority in Australia are sheeple like, it only takes a few loyal dedicated Aussies to start something that could have a positive impact for Australians at large, sadly all we do is exist waiting for someone else to go first though .

      • What you write and think Peter is not working, a few percent to take the first step, isn’t that what KCoA is doing ?
        Many others take the first step, legally, in the polling booth but the majority of apathetic voters are too lazy, disinterested, selfish, happy with their lot, don’t think that their vote matters….and the first to whinge among their ilk about every government move, decision and action with which they disagree.
        My answer is, “You got those you voted for, if you want a change, do something about, whinging does not change anything.”

      • You’re right, it’s not working Jonde. Not yet. I was responding to your post that suggested the situation was hopeless. It’s not. But the more people think it is, the more likely hopelessness will be manifest in reality, because we are creating it unconsciously. You are me a few years ago, before clearly understanding how it worked.

  8. Morrison must be a pedophile, as I suspect other Crown servants Tony Abbott, John Howard, George Brandis, and Peter Hollingworth are.

  9. This stat dec presented to the Child Abuse Royal Commission by a Pastor who was present at the 22 December 1999 urgent meeting held to consider Frank Houston’s sexual offending might enlighten people. His recollections were this –

    “Brian Houston had told us that the complainant wanted to remain anonymous and did not want to make a formal complaint. 14. We did consider whether we needed to compulsorily report the offence to police. However, my recollection is that legal advice had been obtained, and this advice was to the effect that the complainant could report the matter to police given his age, and that there was no obligation on the National Executive to report the matter to police. I do not recall where the legal advice came from, or who sought the legal advice.”


    A copy of the meeting’s minutes were handed to the Royal Commission.


    These minutes note that legal advice was obtained as to what action Assemblies of God should take. This was also written “The complainant does not wish to be identified and does not wish to make a formal complaint.”

    More evidence to do with Frank, after more complaints of sexual misconduct came forward in 2000. Those offences occurred in NZ prior to 1970.. Again the complainants did not want to take it further, just justice to be done internally by the Assemblies of God. Basically they wanted Frank Houston gone from the church forever.

    “A total of six specific allegations have been investigated by the New Zealand executive relating to improper touching of genitals. The New Zealand Executive believe that the allegations are substantial and they have no reason to doubt them. At this stage, all of the complainants appear to want to avoid publicity and trouble but they do want justice to be done.”


    The conduct of this matter at the time was handed over by Brian Houston, President of the Assemblies of God, to his Vice President, Pastor John Lewis. Others decided what to do with Frank.


    It would seem that the cover up years later as to what happened back in 1999 and 2000 has got Brian Houston into hot water now. Should he have respected the wishes of the complainants? They were adults and could have chosen to go to the police (in Australia and New Zealand) but they didn’t.

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