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Exclusive: Billionaire Kerry Stokes cut off the phone and electricity at his son’s unit when he didn’t need him anymore in a divorce battle

Billionaire Kerry Stokes abandoned his son Russell when he was only young and let him grow up in Sydney’s Kings Cross from the age of 16 living in a bedsitter paid for by unemployment benefits.

For some unexplained reason, Kerry made contact when Russell was 27 and invited him back into the family fold but that only lasted until Kerry had finalized his divorce from his second wife and then Russell was discarded again with the electricity and phone being cut off at his unit. Russell wouldn’t see Kerry again for a couple more years and only after the intervention of Kerry’s third wife.

Below is an interview I recorded with Russell Stokes on Tuesday (26/11/19) who is the outcast son of billionaire Kerry Stokes who controls Seven West Media and other assets.

In the podcast, we cover the above as well as Russell’s 11 years living like a hermit in a bedsitter from the ages of 16 to 27 after both his mother and father had deserted him.

Russell Stokes is autistic and has attention deficit disorder (ADD) but he’s not hyperactive and mostly stayed in his room at Kings Cross in the early years.

Ten’s of thousands of parents around the country have children who are autistic and/or have attention deficit disorder but their parents don’t abandon them.

Russell’s motivation to speak publicly is because his parents defamed him in two books that were published about 5 years ago. One was a book by Margaret Simons book titled “Kerry Stokes: Self-Made Man” published in 2013 which Kerry Stokes wasn’t interviewed for and he didn’t cooperate with. To counter Simons’ book Kerry Stokes paid journalist Andrew Rule to write another biography titled “Kerry Stokes: The Boy from Nowhere” that was published in 2014 which Kerry was interviewed for.

Being abandoned

Russell says his parents made him out to be a difficult child and that’s why they abandoned him. In the podcast, Russell gets to tell his story. He says the lies in the books have kept him awake at night for years and he can’t sleep properly.

Russell says when Kerry contacted him when he was 27 Kerry said he would be back in the family fold, would be traveling the world and he would be set for life. Kerry set him up in a unit at Brookvale, bought him a car, new clothes and suitcases for all the traveling he would be doing. This made Russell extremely happy as you would expect given he was abandoned by his parents at a young age.

Then after about 4 months, Russell saw in the media that Kerry had settled his divorce from his second wife Denise. Within days Kerry had cut off the electricity and phone to Russell’s unit. Russell has no doubt that Kerry wanted to keep him on side in case he was called as a witness in the divorce proceedings but once it was settled, he was of no value to Kerry anymore so he was discarded again.

In the below podcast Russell Stokes tells his story in a clear and concise manner and tells an interesting story.

(You can also watch the podcast on YouTube by clicking here)

This article and podcast is a follow-up to the article I published on the 9th of November 2019 titled “Billionaire Kerry Stokes said to his banished first son Russell “The only thing you’ve achieved is to embarrass me”. (Click here to read the article)

As I said at the end of the previous article:

“Just because you are born into a wealthy family doesn’t mean you’ll get an easy run in life. Since 2014 Kerry Stokes has spent $millions using his lawyers to try to silence me from writing about him and his corruption but it’s not just me Kerry tries to silence. As the above article shows Kerry Stokes also does everything he can to silence his own son.”

If Kerry Stokes responds to this article, I’ll update it or do another post.

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  1. Kerry Stokes may be a Billionaire but please never define him as a man. A man in the Australian vernacular is a bloke who stands firmly by his family, regardless of who or what his family may be. He prays to the almighty (Dollar) and has absolutely no redeeming features at all.

  2. Strange how life has no meaning to soul-less, wealthy sub-humans including John Patrick Alford born on 13 September 1940, he was adopted and became Kerry Matthew Stokes.
    He supposedly had a hard life at a young age, so is he bent and twisted inside with an evil mind he causes one of his children to suffer a hard life.
    Married for times…..??

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