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Water Minister David Littleproud throws drought-affected farmers under a bus

Water Minister David Littleproud and National Party leader Michael McCormack voted against giving more water to farmers on Tuesday (3-12-19) when they were behind closed doors in a party room meeting, as per the below video, but David Littleproud refused to confirm or deny it.

On the same day, David Littleproud gave farmers false hope by telling them he would do something about the mess that the Murray Darling Basin Plan has become and the water theft by huge irrigators.

One of the lowest acts anyone can ever do is giving people false hope and in this situation, it’s giving false hope to struggling farmers. Farmers are business people and they need to know exactly where they stand so they can make the right decisions and with the current drought situation, their decisions can easily mean life and death for their business.

So, for politicians like Water Minister David Littleproud and National Party leader Michael McCormack to treat the farmers like fools and give then false hope shows how callous and cold they are.

On Tuesday (3-12-19) it was reported that a deal had been struck, after a two-day protest, with Water Minister David Littleproud to investigate the problems and concerns of farmers and irrigators.

The ABC reported:

‘Can the Plan’ protesters that descended upon Canberra yesterday say they have “turned a corner” and secured a deal with Federal Water Minister David Littleproud.

Barooga irrigator and protest organiser Chris Brooks told a group of about 100 farmers outside Parliament House on Tuesday that Mr Littleproud had agreed to seek a review of state-based water-sharing arrangements.

The interstate water-sharing agreement has not changed substantially since the late 1980s.

Mr Brooks said a review would be completed by the end of March in an attempt to provide some certainty for irrigators, many who have had no access to water for two years.

According to Mr Brooks, Mr Littleproud also gave an undertaking to call on state water ministers to give the Murray-Darling Basin’s interim inspector-general Mick Keelty powers to investigate farmers’ concerns across basin jurisdictions.

“We have been given an independent investigator in Mick Keelty who is going to investigate our concerns,” Mr Brooks said.

‘Huge win’

The deal came after about 1,000 protesters travelled to Canberra calling scrap the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

Following Monday’s rally, Darcy Hare from Southern Riverina Irrigators, together with Mr Brooks, met privately with Mr Littleproud, Mr Keelty, and Nationals MP Damian Drum.

“For us to be able to have this backflip, and this candid discussion with him behind closed doors, to come out and be batting on the same team I think is a huge undertaking from David [Littleproud] and I did not expect it,” Mr Hare said. (Click here to read more)

The problem is that while David Littleproud was giving the farmers hope and saying he would investigate the farmer’s problems he was at the same time secretly voting behind closed doors against plans by the other National Party MPs to give farmers more water.

The below video is was on Channel 9 on Tuesday (3-12-19) and says that two National Party MP’s took draft legislation to the party room which would have taken more water from the environment in times of dire drought. Obviously, the water would have been used for farmers. It was supported by every National Party MP except Water Minister David Littleproud and National Party leader Michael McCormack. When questioned about it David Littleproud refused to confirm or deny it.

Why the lies?

David Littleproud definitely has skin in the game whether directly or via friends and family. I published the article titled “Water Minister David Littleproud’s family linked to $20 million Murray-Darling Basin fraud yet he is still Water Minister” on the 28th of April 2019 about David Littleproud’s links to fraud and theft with water in the Murray Darling Basin. (Click here to read the article)

It’s an article that obviously struck a nerve because when Littleproud was on the ABC’s QandA program on the 28/10/19 he used his appearance to attack an unnamed person and Twitter and Facebook users, Littleproud complained about people accusing him of having links to his wife’s cousin’s $20 million water fraud and theft which was clearly in reference to myself and the article I published on the 28th of April which has gone viral with over 100,000 shares of Facebook alone. (Click here to read more)

David Littleproud has as much right to sue for defamation as anyone, which he hasn’t, but if you read the previous articles I have written about him he has no case. What he does have are many questions to answer in relation to his friends and family making millions of dollars from corruption in the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

National Party leader Michael McCormack also has plenty of questions he needs to answer. For example, why did he vote against more water for farmers on Tuesday?

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  1. Follow the money yet again it would seem that our currently serving and x politicians have many fingers in many pies usually through family members or close friends benefiting from water trading something that was quietly slipped through in late Friday tabled legislation that is at least unconstitutional at best.Then look at Indue and the familiar names that sit on that board not to mention the unconstitutional signing off of OUR countries assets to overseas shareholders and we even have a previous lackluster prime minister that has most of his money in off shore tax havens,no wonder OUR country is in trouble.

  2. The Ministers must get off their butt, disclose interests in renewables and water rights etc – let’s see how many politicians’ families have got their fingers in the pie! Wasn’t Turnbull Water Minister – and Littleproud one of his termites – like Zimmerman?

    • why is so bleedingly obvious to all of us but the stupid pollies believe we are too stupid to understand or put 2 and 2 together…………..and then they get caught out as they are not as smart as they think they are !!

  3. Who are Australia servants at present?
    Liberals, Nationals, Labors’, Greens and Senators.
    They will continue dictating to Australians and destroy all the hard work done by Australians, British and European migrants since WW2 which made Australia the greatest country in the world.
    Get rid of the current dictators, use the legal power which every loyal Australian voter has within themselves.
    What is the point of responses which disagree with the corrupt actions of our current politicians if nothing is done to stop them, take action against them, don’t vote for them, because the power within is for compulsory action to be used for the greater good!

  4. Until Australian voters learn to part with the present voting system Libs or Labor nothing will change there are other people you can vote for not just the two major parties give it a go what have we to lose we are behind the eight ball already.

  5. The only thing left for all Australians , collectively and en masse never ever again vote for any Liberal Labor National or Green candidate , State Federal or Local and only give your support to patriotic individuals that want to represent your concerns and with enough balls to immediatley repeal all legislations made Unlawfully After the Australia Act was forced upon us without our permission. Failure to do that is blood on your own hands., yours and mine.

  6. I said in an earlier comment, Littleproud has little to be proud about. He is yet another money grabbing mongrel who could not lie straight in bed. Come on Aussies, get rid of all politicians who are both un-australian and traitors to the country they pretend to represent.
    In Victoria alone, the government has done the dirty deed against CFA members, again.
    We cannot allow this treason to continue.

  7. Once again we have been let down by the Politicians. We have no one to stand up to them and if you do you are treated with contempt. They will find any argument to destroy your reputation and the reputation of all Australians who disagree with their policies. We are stuck, as we only have two parties to choose from ,as the remainder have no clout in parliament. We have to wait until an election and then the lies will start again. We are almost at a dictatorship and I worry for the future.
    I have just spent time in SA and drove along the Murry. The townships are dying, the stores are closing and we worry that we may upset an Asian nation. where are our priorities.

  8. Hello Alan, I fully agree with most of your comment. But we do have an option at the ballot box, if we refuse to vote, then what message do they get.? Worried about a fine.? Don’t. If everyone stands up for the country and refuses to cast a vote then no fines will be issued, noone will have the power to fine all of Australia. We all must stand together. I am not union, never have been, but we need a union of the people of Australia.

  9. It is long overdue that we the sheeple rise up and toss out all the useless bludging MPs in Canberra and States. How many times have we had droughts since White men arrived? And bushfires? Both regular events that rely on water for control. It has been argued that Australia has sufficient water, only in the wrong place or at the wrong time. It does not take genius to see that a solution is readily available. Storage and transport.
    Instead of putting effective policies and solutions in place the Political Elites will hold enquiries and go back to sleep.

  10. The same liberal voters will still vote these thugs in at the next election,They have short memories ..a dam shame ,

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