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Fraudster and crook Clive Palmer and his perjuring wife Anna ramp up the lies for the Queensland election

Billionaire fraudster and thief Clive Palmer is again telling lie after lie in the Queensland election and this time with the help of his wife Anna who is running in the electorate of Currumbin, which also happens to be my electorate, and his held by Laura Gerber who is an LNP member.

Clive Palmer is currently facing criminal charges for funnelling money out of his companies to help run his federal election campaign in 2013. (Click here to read more) Given the situation, you would think that Clive Palmer would keep a low profile instead of openly and blatantly committing election fraud by lying to voters as nothing more than a spoiler campaign against the Labor Party to gain favours with the Liberal National Party.

Once again Clive Palmer is using company money to fund the Queensland election with The Guardian reporting:

Clive Palmer’s mining company has tipped more than $4.5m into his spoiler political party with more than 50 donations to his Queensland election candidates disclosed in the past week.

Queensland voters are being subjected to a barrage of anti-Labor adverts from Palmer’s United Australia party on television, in newspapers and on social media, and in the form of text messages from his mining company Mineralogy.

Since late August, Mineralogy has pumped $4.6m into Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party and its candidates.

The bulk of the donations from Mineralogy are in the form of cash transfers, with smaller amounts declared as in-kind wages from company staff helping the party. (Click here to read more)

If Clive Palmer is using his business’s money to run the political campaign, he obviously wants a business/political return on investment. 

Clive’s wife Anna, who is also a qualified lawyer, is in the ad below telling blatant lies about the Labor Party, who are in power in Queensland, bringing in a death tax and death duties.

Given Anna Palmer lies so blatantly and publicly trying to fraudulently get votes from people how truthful was she in the witness stand when she was called to give evidence in the Federal Court last year about her husband’s dodgy financial dealings.

The ABC reported in March 2019:

Clive Palmer’s wife has told the Federal Court in Brisbane that she approved the transfer of about $180 million to a Bulgarian company controlled by her husband, but doesn’t know what happened to it.

Anna Palmer was questioned at a public examination by liquidators investigating the collapse of Mr Palmer’s Queensland Nickel refinery in Yabulu, north of Townsville.

She told the court that in 2018, while she was director of her husband’s flagship company Mineralogy, she approved a transfer of 130 million Swiss francs ($A180 million) to a Bulgarian company called Palmer Investments.

The court heard that under the agreement, Mineralogy had to then pay interest on the money, which wasn’t repayable by the Bulgarian company for 50 years.

Barrister John Peden — acting on behalf of liquidators — questioned how the loan could possibly be of benefit to Mineralogy.

“Wouldn’t it just have been better to stash it under the mattress?” he asked.

“No,” Mrs Palmer replied.

Mrs Palmer said it was an investment that was about “diversifying assets” and rejected a suggestion she was “disposing” of the money.

“Have you asked your husband [what happened to the 130 million Swiss francs?]” Mr Peden asked.

“I don’t remember,” she replied. (Click here to read more)

Anna Palmer doesn’t sound credible at all with the evidence she gave in the witness stand under oath with her selective memory and blatant lies which equates to perjury.

Clive Palmer knows he has no chance of winning any seats in the Queensland parliament so why is he spending $4.5 million? He attacks the Labor Party to help the Liberals who he expects to get favours from for his mining and business interests the same as he did in the 2019 federal election.

Clive has a history of threatening media with defamation as per the below video where he threatened Jordan Shanks who publishes the Friendly Jordies YouTube Channel in September 2019.

The fact that the Party is called Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party says it all. It’s his Party and it is there to benefit him.

I sent Clive and Anna Palmer an email as per below asking if they would like to respond to this article.

Sent: 28 October 2020 18:14
Subject: Media request

Dear Sir/Madam

I will be publishing an article soon titled “Fraudster and crook Clive Palmer and his perjuring wife Anna ramp up the lies for the Queensland election”.

Anna’s perjury relates to the evidence she gave in the federal court last year. Clive being a fraudster and crook relates to many things including, but not limited to, him ripping off workers, his current criminal charges and his lies during the Queensland election.

Would they like to respond so I can add their response in the article? Can you please respond by 10pm tonight so I can publish.


Shane Dowling

I haven’t had a response at this point but if I do, I will update this article.

Just for the record, I will be voting Independent the same as I have for many years.

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  1. How many lies have been told by the major political parties and how many election promises have been kept in any election that you can remember .
    Do you remember the Joe Hockey budget emergency that fizzled out when the Liberals were sworn in , how about Bob Hawkes rail line from Adelaide to Darwin that he never delivered ? How about the computers in all the classrooms ?
    If Clive can scare Qld Labor into not introducing death tax on Qld if Labor are reelected then I say he’s got good value from his $4.5 million investment for all of Qld

      • Virģinia, I have watched them for many a long year and you’re right. Many people have suffered gravely at the hands of major political parties, not that I have ever seen any party do anything about that.
        They are all too concerned with themselves and forget who puts them there.

        ‘Remember the people they will remember you. Forget the people and they will forget you.”

  2. One only has to remember that ALL political parties tell LIES for personal gain,when any politician lips move HE/SHE is telling porkies ALL the time

    • Not all political parties are crooks. The Great Australian Party is transparent and is a breathe of fresh air to the whole party system. The GAP app soon to be released will change the whole way parties connect with their constituent allowing the constituent to look at the policy and if elected to any proposed bills for modification and application.

      • Good intentions fizzle out when individuals are elected, the lurks and perks are handed over in a manila folder, then ways and means of attracting extra $$$$$ are in front of them, if picking up the $$$$$ could not be noticed, many are tempted and the proof of honesty or dishonesty will arise.
        Their speech during the election campaign will be full of honest promises to please all those who vote for them, then once elected we eventually witness the corruption appearing before us every day, a large amount of corruption is un-earthed by The Kangaroo Court Of Australia.

  3. its just Karma . Labor doesnt have a leg to stand on when it comes to false advertizing in this election and a number of other recent ones . The worst case was the election before Campbell Newman was elected and a triumvirate tried a defamation angle on Newman .
    Its not right what Palmer is doing but Labor is just getting Karma

  4. Did Palmer pay the workers their wages? He certainly left them high and dry.
    Didn’t Palmer ‘borrow’ something like $3million (taxpayers money) from Government?
    Palmer is a bum with money (OP’s). He can’t govern himself let alone a State or Nation.
    Palmer’s interest is money. Nothing else.
    Imagine the country with this imbecile at the helm lol.

    The only reason Palmer spends money is so he can TAX IT BACK.

    Anyone else would be locked up. Sent to a shrink. Why isn’t Palmer held accountable?

  5. I’m all for voting for the Independents in the upcoming Queensland election. With what is going down in Australia right now and indeed the rest of the world it is vital to vote for Independent candidates wherever possible I believe. I understand your negative views of Palmer and for sure he has been suss in the past however we are at a critical time and need at the very least to have a minority Govt in Queensland with Independent representatives in my opinion. If this Queensland Labour Government has control then heaven help us.

    • Lisa,

      Independent or not, if Palmer was a person of good standing, and equipped on every level to govern, then he would get my vote

      However, he is not a person of good standing, and he is not equipped to govern.

      He should be banned from all aspects of politics.
      He is a joke. Everyone can see him for what he is.
      Sleep with a dog get up with fleas.

      End of story.

    • Do you recall, witness or read about the two Independents who made a mockery of a Federal Election when Gillard was not destined to win, so what you believe is unfounded

      Independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott have broken Australia’s political deadlock by agreeing to back Julia Gillard in a Labor minority government.

      After more than a fortnight of suspense, Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor today revealed their intention to give Labor their crucial votes, meaning it has secured the 76 seats needed to rule.
      Australian politics does not need Independents with unknown qualities to leave Australia voters in suspended animation for an excessive amount of time.

      Oakeshott’s actions were not forgotten at a later date.

      More voters should have at least a modicum of knowledge relating to politics and the way politicians affect voters’ lives.

      • It has been said that at election time we should vote for the candidates who promise us the least. In that way we will end up with the politicians who disappoint us the least.

  6. As you so rightly point out in your report, Clive Palmer has been charged with serious crimes that are punishable with imprisonment. But has Palmer previously been convicted of similar crimes in the past? And has his wife previously been convicted of perjury? I ask because describing Palmer as a “billionaire fraudster and thief” and describing Palmer’s spouse as “his perjuring wife” suggests that criminal convictions have been recorded against both persons. Palmer is on record as listing “litigation” as one of his hobbies. And from all reports, his hobby has proved to be quite lucrative for him. This suggests that Palmer would be willing to protect his reputation at the drop of a hat if he feels he is being unfairly impugned.

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