Attorney-General Christian Porter

Scott Morrison reveals the Liberal’s strategy for covering up corruption after the new Federal ICAC comes into force

Scott Morrison has revealed to the Australian public how he and the Liberal Party will cover-up corruption when the new federal anti-corruption body is finally set up and passed into law by the government.

They will use the same strategy that Morrison and the Liberals have used in the last few days to cover-up the sex scandals exposed by Four Corners on Monday night featuring federal MP’s Christian Porter and Alan Tudge. The strategy includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Saying the matter was in the past so there is nothing they can do which is what Scott Morrison has said.
  2. Publicly issue outright lies as Attorney-General Christian Porter has done.
  3. Refuse to answer questions as both Porter and Tudge have done.
  4. Play the media like a fiddle like Scott Morrison does with the journalists in the Canberra Press Gallery.

Four Corners Canberra sex scandal episode” Click here to watch: “Inside the Canberra Bubble” (9/11/20)

The Four Corners episode is outlined as per The Guardian report:

ABC’s Four Corners on Monday has outlined a series of sex and sexism scandals allegedly involving two federal cabinet ministers, attorney general Christian Porter and urban infrastructure minister Alan Tudge. The Inside The Canberra Bubble episode included a claim that Porter (who was married at the time) was canoodling with a young woman in that famous Canberra bar, Public.

Four Corners aired allegations that Porter had a long history of sexist behaviour, outlined an affair Tudge had with his then media adviser, Rachelle Miller, and painted a picture of the culture in the capital as boozy, toxic and sexist.

Tudge has said he regrets his action, while Porter is considering legal action over what he called “totally false” allegations. (Click here to read more)

Christian Porter issued the below press release not long after the show on Monday night:

The big mistake for Christian Porter is that he did an interview Tuesday morning with Gareth Parker on radio station 6PR in Perth, which is where Porter in from. Porter lied, deceived, and ducked and weaved throughout the interview and even contradicted the press release he sent out the night before as per above. The 6PR interview is in full below.

Gareth Parker / Christian Porter. Interview on 6PR (Click on the triangle on the left to listen) (Click here to see on the 6PR website)

The reporters and editors for Four Corners were quick to Tweet on Tuesday about Christian Porter’s lies and his ducking and weaving in the interview. Some of the Tweets are below:

Tweets by Four Corners Executive Producer Sally Neighbour

“Why are you now complaining about not being contacted when in fact 4Corners sent you 5 emails over 2 weeks setting out the allegations in explicit detail, and asked you 21 specific questions, only 1 of which you answered on the record?”

“Christian Porter just told 6PR the bar story was ‘based on a rumour’. This is wrong. It was based on 6 corroborated eyewitness accounts.”

Tweets by Four Corners reporter Louise Milligan


“Is it inappropriate to have affair with staffer of other minister’s office? Again, Christian Porter dodges question”

Tweets by Four Corners reporter Lucy Carter

“Christian Porter has now acknowledged on 6PR that Four Corners did contact his office multiple times over two weeks. We requested an interview and put direct 21 questions to him.”

“6PR has the Attorney General on live now. They have now twice asked Christian Porter if he had an affair. He has twice dodged the question.”

In the press release Monday night Christian Porter claimed he was never contacted by Four Corners journalist Louise Milligan which implied that he was never given an opportunity to respond to the allegations but in the interview the next morning on 6PR he admitted that Four Corners had contacted his office numerous times.

Telling such a blatant lie puts a question mark over everything Porter has said in relation to the issue. Add that to the fact that he ducked and weaved and refused to give a straight answer when asked several times if he had previously had had a sexual relationship with a staffer then he has no credibility at all on the matter.

Federal ICAC

If you look at the above that is clearly the strategy that Scott Morrison and the Liberals will use when a federal ICAC is finally implemented and they want to continue to cover-up corruption. 

Under the current draft legislation, the federal ICAC won’t be able to investigate any crimes or corruption that occurred before it was set up so the government will drag out setting it up until just before the next election or maybe even after. Why? So none of their current corruption can be investigated.

And when the government is asked about why the new ICAC isn’t investigating crimes they will just put out press releases full of lies like Attorney-General Christian Porter did on Monday night and then lie about it in the media the next morning as Porter also did and nothing will happen because the journalists in the Canberra Press Gallery fail to do their jobs on a daily basis.

Scott Morrison is starting to outsmart himself with the games he is playing with the federal ICAC but that might be his undoing because everyone is noticing.

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  1. Unbelievable! The leader of our nation is willing to go so far as to exercise corruption to conceal corruption? He’s a Christian?

    An ‘anti-corruption’ body that will ‘conceal corruption’?

    But if course, this will apply to a certain, ruling, monority.

    The majority of Australians who conceal corruption will be taken to task.

    A Government and its leader intending to take steps to conceal corruption? To protect themselves as lawbreakers. That’s where every evil begins: in the heart, with intention.

    The concealment of corruption is deviant and can have no good end. It’s a crime ahsinst the people and Australia.

    Boot him and his corruption out.

  2. Corruption on all levels of politics has always been and always will be.

    They are all out for their own personal gains. There are many in Parliament who should be held to account on the crime of treason against the people of Australia with this covid scam and now ‘The Great Reset’ (a.k.a. Agenda 21) has been voted into this country as of yesterday. This means they will all continue collecting their big fat pay cheques and keep milking the people for all they can as they know their days are numbered.

    Throw them out? Yes we can under the Constitution but most Australians are either not aware of that fact or are too scared/apathetic to do so.

    A great time to focus on yourself and your loved ones and prepare for the future.

    • lisa, this current government will not bother itself about the significant breaches to the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900, also it seems that Australia’s Governor General is little more than an empty vessel.
      Furthermore, one can no longer hold any trust in Australia’s Electoral Commission, like all other Federal government appointed Commissioners… The chances are these persons owe their comfortable sinecures to this dreaded anti-the-Australian-people treacherous Lib/Nat coalition party government.
      The most available resolution write may be to write en-masse to the Federal Governor-General so there can be no uncertainty by the Australian people, of how loathed they are in having the treacherous Lib/Nat government continue their non-constitutional governance,as so stated has by many of the independent news broadcasters dotted across Australia.

      Another is to vote for any and all non-aligned independent candidates come the next election in our Australia.

    • The most Corrupt & Treasonous Politicians in the past 20 Years who have used Government to increase their & their Family’s wealth & lock it in for the long term are Kevin Rudd, Malcolm Turnbull and the Turnbull 2.0, Scott Morrison.
      These 3 Globalist Elites have done the most damage to the Future of Australia and its prosperity, the stripping of Freedoms with those most affected being the ever attacked working class. The 3 have been personally responsible with their Government in deliberately driving up the cost of living to increase their own Personal Wealth & this sickens me.
      Funny how both Rudd & that Tired Old Whinging Ghost Turnbull turn up on their ABC every time they think their Wealth Income Streams are most at risk.. If Trump does end up proving the mass cheating by the Democrats & is reinstated as President that will place the Income Streams of Rudd/Turnbull at real risk again. Turnbull 2.0 Morrison has already sold out Australia’s Sovereignty to the UN & their preferred World Leader China (NOT America) on behalf of the other 2 Treasonous UNAustralian Twats.

    • Throw them out Lisa, and with whom do you suggest for their replacement, plus The Constitution has had many changes over the passage of time, therefore it is suggested that you read the Section relating to, ‘The Will Of The People’ and discover the intense actions to be undertaken to get rid of ‘Them’, then search for a person of legal standing to represent you and the ‘majority’ of Australians who will vote ‘To Get Rid Of Them’.

  3. Nothing new in any allegation of corruption and affairs, my local member here took 2 of the towns beauties to Canberra,both left ASAP claiming they are all SCUM in Canberra ,seems he was procuring new blood for the members,one only has to realize that Canberra is and always been a cesspit of slime, legal brothels, drugs and was the center of the porn industry,these slime called politicians want to be call horourable what a joke that is,seems none there has any HONOUR or morals

  4. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. The head Lawyer of the land misbehaving and now telling big fibs, is that not what they are, a gang of thieving lying pirates. Christian is only behaving in the way his species has been conditioned to do so in the land of Hoity Toity, and far as the name, well they always come with the deception of an opposite. “Trust Me”

  5. Journalism is in the pits in this country, similar to the political scene. There must be more than two witnesses (who obviously had an axe to grind) who would come forth from both sides of the political sphere and tell stories, why pick on only two pollies. Rudd, Gillard, Turnbull and others of recent years have all let the side down in a big way. Good journalists with any investigation talents are virtually non existent as can be seen by tv, radio and newspaper reports. We are led to slaughter by the media which is overall gutter rubbish to say the least.

  6. Morrison the failure on all fronts commercially was quick to throw PO Australia head Christine Holgate under the mail truck for doing her job. Holgate rewarded achieving staff with a few watches !! Christine will likely walk at our expense with a few $million. Meanwhile our Covid releasing lying NSW premier was in a close and personal relationship with another criminal outright crooked politician……..but thats okay she is a good puppet with Morrison stringing her along.

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