Premier Gladys Berejiklian

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s covid lies exposed by WA Premier Mark McGowan

The failed management of the covid crisis in NSW is underpinned by Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s continual lies at the daily press briefings which have been highlighted by WA Premier Mark McGowan at a media briefing on Friday (20-8-21). In this article, we’ll look at some of Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s key lies which she repeats daily. The failed NSW covid strategy is having a huge impact on the whole country and will continue to do so until it is managed properly so not only do the journalists have to call Premier Berejiklian out on her lies more but so do other State Premier’s.

In the below video WA Premier Mark McGowan exposed 2 key lies that Premier Gladys Berejiklian tells daily. Firstly, Berejiklian implies she has the support of other Premiers for her covid strategy which she clearly does not as McGowan trashes Berejiklian’s failed covid management in the video.

Secondly, Gladys Berejiklian claims the Doherty covid report says there can be less restrictions when the population is 70% vaccinated but that is only one of the conditions as there also needs to be low covid case numbers etc which Berejiklian fails to acknowledge at her daily press briefings.

In the above video Mark McGowan references the Doherty Report which is the what the national cabinet of the Prime Minister and State Premiers have based their covid strategy agreement on. The Guardian reported (20/8/21)

The national plan states that in the second phase, when vaccination rates reach 70% in the population aged 16 and above, lockdowns will be “less likely”. In the third phase, with vaccination rates of 80%, leaders would only ever pursue “highly targeted lockdowns” and vaccinated Australians should be able to travel interstate.

And that is what Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s keeps on saying every day and why she is pushing vaccinations, but she deliberately ignores other key facts in the Doherty Report, that other Premiers aren’t missing, which makes likely easing of restrictions anytime soon in NSW very unlikely:

Most of those jurisdictions used national cabinet on Friday to push for Doherty Institute modelling to be recalculated, after publicly warned that the modelling underpinning the targets was based on low Covid-19 community transmission, not an uncontrolled spread of hundreds of cases a day as is occurring in greater Sydney. (Click here to read more)

Given NSW had 825 new covid cases today and with some predictions it could as high as 2200 a day in the next month even a 70% or 80% vaccination rate won’t lead to eased restrictions and interstate travel etc and that is the big lie that Premier Gladys Berejiklian is promoting daily. 

You can read the Doherty Report yourself below and watch the below video and decide for yourself if Premier Gladys Berejiklian is being honest with the public.

The Doherty Report: (Click here to read the report: DOHERTY MODELLING REPORT REVISED 10TH AUGUST 2021)

In the below video University of Melbourne Professor Jodie McVernon, Director of Doherty Epidemiology answers journalists’ questions about the Doherty Institute modelling for National Cabinet. I have not watched the whole video, but Professor Jodie McVernon says vaccination by itself is not enough and she says at the 11.40 mark once the numbers are in the 1000’s or 10,000’s the horse has bolted which is telling because NSW recorded 825 new cases on Saturday (21/8/21) and the number has been going up.

Below is NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian at her covid press conference on the Saturday 21st of August 2021 where she keeps telling the same lies about everything being rosy when vaccination rates are at 70% at the end of October and 80% by mid-November. But at the same time, she refuses to acknowledge that with the current rate of growth there will be 1000’s of new covid cases daily in October and November and the hospitals will be overrun and lockdowns and restrictions will need to continue. And as I said above Berejiklian implies she has the support of the other Premiers for her covid strategy which she clearly doesn’t have going on the border closure with Queensland and what WA Premier Mark McGowan said in the above video etc.

In the below video you will also see NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian use the deliberate strategy of rambling on for ages with the same answer over and over and then doing a runner after about half an hour. She does that to avoid any real scrutiny or accountability.

Covid and the restrictions are causing stress for many so it worth watching the below lamb ad again which should put a smile on your face:  

Scott Morrison and border bans get roasted in Australia Day lamb ad – January 2021. Morrison had the ad edited to delete him at the end for when it ran on TV but below is the full ad.

I could also say Prime Minister Scott Morrison should be calling out Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s lies but he is complicit not just in NSW failings but in the overall failing of Australia’s covid strategy. The longer that Premier Gladys Berejiklian keeps on getting away with her lies the bigger trouble that NSW and Australia will end up being in.

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  1. Why is the KCA the only media source that can point this out? The rest are still believing the chronic liar in the federal government with his latest mistruths and distortions which he claims are related to the Doherty Report. It’s like another performance of Scotty’s make believe magic wand play school every day.

    Endless bullsh*t from Gladys and Morrison, but both are the ones that are by far the most responsible for this current disaster.

    Let’ s make it clear, Glady’s failed entirely with avoiding hard enough lockdown (she knew better than Victoria), and because she cannot tell the truth she’s also divided Sydney and decided to blame the people – well those from poorer often Labor electorates. She does not have the confidence of many Sydney people. She went heavy handed straight away with the cops and punishment too. She’ll be lucky if she doesn’t cause a rebellion in Sydney now, something is festering up there for certain.

    Morrison failed on building of finding effective quarantine and his invention called Borderforce also failed in letting every infected case into the country. Then there is aged care and the disabled where little has changed either. They just don’t respond. And we still don’t have any effective genuine quarantine, talk of maybe next year, that’s all. What if an even worse variant arrives?

    Now Morrison simply does not have enough vaccines for the younger demographic, but hey lets just keep on making up more bullsh*t announcements and pretending. 3 point plans, 4 point plans, roadmaps. It’s all waffle.

    Any attempt to blame anyone else given Gladys and Scotty’s monumental failures is just pure gaslighting.

    Yet once again in the MS media today, we have the apologists out again in full force. “Morrison can still win” is the meme once again.

  2. And then we’ve heard “Bruzz” Barilaro trying to blame a small outbreak in Shepparton, and the ACT government for having to lock down the NSW Riverina/Monaro area. I don’t know anyone in the ACT region that hasn’t already seen right through the Gladys and Scotty garbage. Surely the rest of the nation can’t be that stupid to believe a word they say (or don’t say).

    • “I don’t know anyone in the ACT region that hasn’t already seen right through the Gladys and Scotty bullshit.”

      Same for Barilaro’s bullsh*t

  3. Karma is about to catch up with Berejiklian during the soon to commence, Maguire corruption case. She will need Morrison to keep her out of gaol.

  4. Dedicated rusted on Liberal (what a misnomer!) & National Party supporters only use 1 half of their brains… If Morrison & Gladys said black was white they’d agree. If Satan was put up for election by the Libs, they’d blindly vote for him.
    It doesn’t help fair & honest reporting to have the likes of former Australian, now Yank, Murdoch controlling so much of the media in this country.

    • I for one, a ‘rusty’ 58 yr old male lifelong LNP voter, have ‘broken off’ and away from the mendacious, oleaginous turpitude that is Morrison’s LNP and I WILL NOT BE VOTING LNP.

      I cannot imagine being but the only one!

      Australia is, and deserves, so much better…

  5. The Doherty Report does what it was commissioned to do. It sets out scenarios that the Federal Government wanted to talk up. Unfortunately the general populace take these scenarios as valid predictions. The first question Doherty would have asked the Feds is, “What outcomes do you want to pursue??” Morrison would be well aware.

  6. Cases are not deaths. Seasonal flu must be counted in the cases. The elderly and those with co-morbidities should be protected, let the rest go to work, to school, etc. as this virus has a 99.8% recovery rate.

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