Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison attempts to stitch-up whistleblower Bernard Collaery by introducing new “super-secret” evidence

Scott Morrison runs the government with an iron fist behind closed doors so you can take it for granted that on Wednesday (10/11/21) when Attorney-General Michaelia Cash declared she wanted to introduce new “super-secret” evidence against Bernard Collaery in the Timor-Leste spying case, that Scott Morrison had approved the move. It is a clear tactic to make sure that the court case is dragged out forever so the public never gets to hear the truth, especially before the federal election.

Even the judge was disturbed:

The federal government is attempting to introduce new “super-secret” evidence against Bernard Collaery in the Timor-Leste spying case, prompting fury from Collaery and warnings from a supreme court judge that it may cause a “perpetual vortex” of delay and secrecy.

Collaery, a barrister charged for his alleged role in exposing Australia’s bugging of Timor-Leste, won a major victory last month, when the Australia Capital Territory’s court of appeal overturned orders shrouding much of his looming trial in secrecy. The court found the risk posed to national security by hearing the case in public was minimal, while open justice was crucial in deterring “political prosecutions”, among other things.

On Wednesday, however, lawyers for attorney general Michaelia Cash told the ACT supreme court that they wanted to introduce “updated” evidence about the national security risks posed by hearing aspects of the Collaery case openly. (Click here to read more)

Then on Thursday (11/10/21), the day after they are continuing their stitch -up of Bernard Collaery but just in time for the federal election due early next year, the assistant Attorney-General Amanda Stoker announced plans to protect whistleblowers:

“The federal government has outlined a detailed plan to reform Australia’s whistleblowing laws and remove secrecy offences to drive “trust and accountability in the public sector”, as new research shows the current scheme is failing to protect those who speak out about wrongdoing.”

The assistant attorney general, Amanda Stoker, told the National Whistleblowing Symposium on Thursday that the government would move to reform the Public Interest Disclosure Act, which is designed to shield public sector whistleblowers from reprisal.

The government was warned of the failings of Australia’s whistleblower laws more than four years ago, in a review by Philip Moss, but has not yet acted on his recommendations. (Click here to read more)

Scott Morrison has made it obvious over the last week or so that the government is in campaign mode for the next federal election which is due no later than May next year and when government go into election mode they try and make sure negatives are hidden. In this article the 2 negatives that Morrison is trying to hide is the truth coming out in the Bernard Collaery court case and the fact that the government hates whistleblowers.

As the above quote says the government was warned four years ago about the “failings of Australia’s whistleblower laws” and they have done nothing except stitch-up whistleblowers such as Bernard Collaery.

Independent Senator Rex Patrick tweeted:

Rex Patrick tweet

Scott Morrison says he has never lied in government 

Scott Morrison’s big lie in this article is that he has had three years to establish a federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) but has refused to do so and he was warned four years ago about the “failings of Australia’s whistleblower laws” but has done nothing other than spend $millions of taxpayer’s money prosecuting whistleblowers to cover-up government corruption.

A federal ICAC and whistleblower protection should be key issues for the federal election as an ICAC relies heavily on whistleblowers to expose corruption. Whistleblowers are also extremely important in any democracy as they help shine a light on a democracy’s failing and Scott Morrison’s government don’t like whistleblowers which should tell voters everything they need to know about Scott Morrison and his government. 

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  1. Where ever you see a Morrison stamp on things you see FRAUD, THEFT and scamming lies,,,to actually hide him and others of the same ilk being exposed for what they actually are,,,”Rules for me and not for thee”

  2. Woodside was the winner in all this and I wonder why their name and their boadmembers names have not surfaced.

    • And shortly thereafter, a certain Foreign Affairs Minister with a penchant for fishnet stockings was elevated to a well-paid position with Woodside petroleum. Nothing to see here… move along…

  3. The difficulty in this revenge attack on one of Australia’s finest and most respected legal professionals is that “Both former Foreign Affairs minister Alexander Downer and Former PM John Howard” as well as Australia’s ASIS officials being the parties that should be sitting before a panel of High Court judges or in Australia’s Federal Court.

    Tis these same 3 principal charlatans that should be tasked with defending their low-belly spying scheme, that had actioned the Australian spying program.

    Howard and Downer and ASIS were acting for 4 privately owned oil & gas energy corporations. This will not be found in the below report.

    ConocoPhillips, Shell Petroleum, Woodside Petroleum, the 4th was a small stake Japanese corporation.

    Shell and ConocoPhillips have since sold off their financial interests, Shell sold to Timor Leste, ConocoPhillips sold to Australia’s Santos, I believe the small Stake Japanese consortium had simply withdrawn. As for Woodside petroleum, the 3rd major party, have simply halted their proposed development altogether.

    Returning back to the engagement actions that had formed the heart of this secretive “non-constitutional conducted case matter.”
    Every Australian person is entitled to face both a Judge & Jury.
    Somehow this entitlement has been denied to Mr. Bernard Collaery

    The cause and engagement of the 2 above-referred-to trusted elected Federal government ministers, along with ASIS Officers, were the actual guilty parties that were acting against the best interests of the people of Australia.

  4. It is like Collaery has become Australia’s own domestic version of Julian Assange, but for different reasons.

    This is about revenge for exposing a former Liberal government for its shocking actions just as it is with the US and Assange exposing the country for human rights abuse. Of course everyone can see what went on in Timor Lest and the bugging, but this case has another purpose.

    It’s clearly meant as a deterrent to anyone who seeks to blow the whistle on a Liberal government. You’ll get hell for a life.

    Let’s hope that this one comes home to roost at some point too, and those who should be brought to justice, actually pay the price.

  5. IMHO, these actions by the collective lunacy of this LNP government is dragging Australia into a fascist state. Such secrecy … such evasive behaviour … such departure from legislated process … the continual announcement of false flags by our so called godly selected “leader” (Oh please!) … such deceit … such infantile behaviour… such an international embarrassment … He has trashed Australia’s standing in the world… He can go … Mr Speaker … the sooner the bl**dy better …

  6. The whole government is corrupt.
    All three branches.
    The executive’s corruption includes the upper echelons of the public service.
    The judiciary’s corruption includes its supports in the legal profession.
    Even the fourth estate is corrupt.
    We need to re-educate all of the corrupt individuals.

  7. Former attorney-general Brandis was one of the moderates who respected democracy and did not take an interest in prosecuting whistleblowers. But we have entered an era where the government is run by cold, heartless bastards who don’t care about human life. RoboDebt, anyone?

    imagine how devastating it would be for his wife if Boyle gets locked up for the rest of his life. One of my closest friends told me that won’t happen, but if he does there won’t be any protests organize by people demanding his release. They will just cop it on the chin.

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