Liberal Party troll and propagandist Avi Yemini sues Labor Party troll @PRGuy17 for defamation

Liberal Party troll and propagandist Avi Yemini, who has a criminal conviction for assaulting and stalking his wife, has sued anonymous Twitter user @PRGuy17 for defamation for calling him a criminal and a threat to national security. It raises many questions with one obvious one being: How does someone who pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife and has a criminal conviction for it sue someone for calling him a criminal?

Avi Yemini has previous form for using the courts to try and silence critics while at the same time making up and publishing blatant lies about people he doesn’t like so it’s a bit rich for Avi to sue anyone for defamation. (See below video) But if AVI wants to protect his online reputation why hasn’t he sued, “far-left extremist” as Avi told a court last year, Tom Tanuki who regularly drops the boot into Avi?

This matter has been getting a fair bit of media attention the last few days because Avi Yemini has taken legal action against Twitter to try and find out who @PRGuy17 is so he can sue him/her for defamation. Some old media journalists are suggesting it could have ramifications for all social media users, but I doubt it. What it might do though is shine a light on how trolls working for major political parties such as Avi Yemini and @PRGuy17 really operate and who are their puppet masters.

The @PRGuy17 account was set up on Twitter in March 2020 and defended Victorian Premier Dan Andrews and attacked critics of Andrews during the COVID19 lockdowns in 2020/2021 etc. So, calling @PRGuy17 a Labor Party troll is fair and reasonable. But for some reason, the media have ignored Avi Yemini’s close association with the Liberal Party which I believe is just as important as the widely reported close association @PRGuy17 has with the Labor Party.

Avi Yemini was convicted of assaulting his wife in 2019

It was reported in June 2019:

Right-wing social media personality Avi Yemini has this week been charged with assaulting his ex-wife. In court, Yemini’s former partner detailed the devastating and lasting impacts the assault has had on her life.

The 33-year-old from Melbourne pled guilty to charges that related to throwing a chopping board at his ex-wife, Sarah Lyford’s head as she prepared the couples dinner, as well as sending a series of explicit text messages where he called Ms Lyford a “P. O. S” and a “c***” as per the Herald Sun. The physical assault and text-based abuse took place between July 2017 and November 2018. (Click here to read more)

The chances of Avi Yemini winning a defamation case because someone called him a criminal would be zero because it’s true. This only leaves being called “a threat to national security” but Avi gets called a lot worse than that every day. So, what is motivating Avi to sue @PRGuy17 for defamation?

Tom Tanuki, who Avi says is a “far-left extremist”

Tom Tanuki is a writer, satirist and anti-fascist activist and does weekly videos on YouTube. One of Tom’s regular targets is Avi Yemini who Tom describes as a bullshit artist, a habitual liar, a complete narcissist and a grifter all of which are backed up by evidence. In the video below Tom Tanuki outlines how Avi Yemini tried to take out an IVO (intervention order) to stop Lucky Lance from making videos about Avi. The below video is a good laugh and gives a good background about who and what Avi Yemini is.

Another couple of good videos Tom Tanuki has published on Avi Yemini is one on Avi and his cancelled “press pass” (Click here to watch). And another video titled “Avi Yemini’s Invasion Day MEGAGRIFT” is described as “Avi Yemini’s mining fresh new depths of shameless grift with his fellow con artists at Rebel News. Pity they can’t be bothered hiding it!” (Click here to watch)

Avi Yemeni and his Liberal Party connections

If the matter was to go to a hearing it would end up being extremely embarrassing for Avi Yemini as his past, including his assault on his wife, would be highlighted in the court case so the financial benefit must outweigh the potential embarrassment of the court case for Avi. The only people to benefit from suing @PRGuy17 for defamation are the Liberal Party and its members who are also likely to be funding most if not all of Avi Yemini’s legal fees for the matter.

Avi Yemini has had a connection to the Liberal Party since at least 2016 as the below picture shows:

From left: Edward O’Donohue MP, Avi Yemini (IDF Training), David Southwick MP, with their petition’s first signatory, Ivan. Photo: Office of David Southwick MP

From left: Edward O’Donohue MP, Avi Yemini (IDF Training), David Southwick MP, with their petition’s first signatory, Ivan. Photo: Office of David Southwick MP in April 2016

The above picture was taken in 2016 when Avi Yemini teamed with Edward O’Donohue, who was then a Liberal Party MP in Victoria, and David Southwick MP, who is now the Deputy Victorian Liberal Leader, and launched a petition calling for increased police presence in the Caulfield area. (Click here to read more)

On the 9th of June 2022 Avi Yemini went on Andrew Bolt’s show on Sky News to discuss the defamation issue as per the below picture. Andrew Bolt is also a compulsive liar who pushes propaganda for Rupert Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch and the Liberal Party. Anyone with any self-respect would never go on the show which I suspect says everything you need to know about Avi Yemini. Bolt would have only had Avi Yemini on the show because it benefited the Liberal Party to find out who @PRGuy17 is.

Avi Yemini was and still is a big supporter of Clive Palmer and his United Australia Party. Below Avi is with Craig Kelly who was the front person for the UAP. Clive Palmer spent $100 million during the 2022 election and never had one person elected. What Clive Palmer did was give preferences to the Liberal Party so a vote for Clive Palmer’s UAP was support for the Liberal Party and Avi Yemini supported them as much as possible.

Avi Yemini and Craig Kelly

Avi Yemini and Craig Kelly

Whatever Avi Yemini does almost always seems to benefit the Liberal Party so the people who are demanding to know who @PRGuy17 is and who funds him/her should also be asking the same questions of Avi Yemini as he is a Liberal Party troll as much, if not more, as @PRGuy17 is a Labor Party troll. Has Avi Yemini received any money from the Liberal Party or its supporters and has Avi Yemini received any money from Clive Palmer for the free advertising he gave Palmer’s UAP during the 2022 election?

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  1. Great work KCA, your exposes of such malicicious people and illegality in Australia is a fundamental strength to our Democracy.

  2. Avi’s ‘case’ with ‘PRguy’ in my humble view could be a setup to further warm the public’s acceptance to digital ID legislation. Remember Morrison touting the need for ‘100 points of ID to open a social media accounts’? This is where we are heading…. Requiring a Digital ID to access anything and everything from social media to grocery shopping otherwise you’ll be completely shut out from participating in society. A bit like a Covid Vaccine pass…. Wait what? 😉

    Look at Craig Kelly playing his part also jumping on the bandwagon demanding the identity of PRguy be revealed.

    The left and the right here are merely dialectic opposites playing their respective parts in this Hegelian scam. Avi, a grifter of the highest order.

  3. I see his brother is Manny Waks, who has also previously sued him for defamation. Not a nice guy for sure, Avi that is, not Manny.

    • If I recall correctly his brother is a well known advocate for survivors of sexual assault specifically amongst orthodox Judaism and Avi the little grub accused him of protecting pedophiles…let that sink in for a minute. His brother helps people who suffer and Avi defamed him. Can you imagine how much it takes one orthodox Jewish brother to sue another…speaks volumes about the little grub.

  4. One mention of Bolt was enough to realise his political connections, losers extraordinary is the best description, shows how low the Liberal Party will stoop, can see him fitting in with the new Opposition Leader, both out in the wilderness where they need to return for 25 years at least.

  5. Finally an Avi expose; well done! Carry on!
    I smelt a very big dead rat when he created “Fight The Fines” to fund people to challenge their covid fines which were all dropped by the Police anyway once Court Hearings were appointed. Then he and his solicitor didn’t counter sue as many others had knowing Police are all sub-contractors and threw their subbies under the bus. Where did all the “Fight The Fines” money end up as there were no legal or Court Costs to pay?
    Why didn’t Avi sue the Police who falsely arrested and kidnapped him dumping him off some where a long way from the Covid demo in Melbourne?

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