Linda Burney

Federal MP Linda Burney applies for an AVO against a social media user to protect her “reputation”

Federal MP Linda Burney has filed an application for an AVO against social media user McKenzie Raymond with all the evidence pointing to it being a frivolous and vexatious attempt to silence McKenzie Raymond.

Linda Burney claims she feels threatened because McKenzie Raymond has posted online how much she earns as an MP and how many houses she owns which are freely available online on the Parliamentary Registrar of assets.

Ms Burney says she has made several complaints to the NSW Police and Federal Police but obviously there has been no crime committed as they have not charged McKenzie Raymond which is consistent with the lack of evidence in the AVO application below.

McKenzie Raymond claims Linda Burney’s daughter trolls people online, and McKenzie has been exposing her trolling and the daughter filed a vexatious AVO application on her in January 2022. Linda Burney was named as a “protected person” and showed up to court at 2 mentions for the matter. At the final hearing in June 2022 Linda Burney’s daughter did not show up to the hearing and it was dismissed.

McKenzie Raymond had a lawyer for the matter, and she says her lawyer claims she was harassed via SMS and online by Linda Burney’s daughter and has since filed for an AVO against Linda Burney’s daughter.

It seems Linda Burney filed her AVO because her daughter can’t file another AVO within a certain time period so Linda applied for one with her daughter as a “protected person” to get around it.

All the AVO does is complain about McKenzie discussing publicly available knowledge with no actual evidence of any wrongdoing by McKenzie Raymond.

I recorded an interview (15/10/22) with McKenzie Raymond as per below and a copy of the AVO application is below the video.

Below is the AVO filed by Linda Burney:

Linda Burney AVO page 1

Linda Burney AVO page 2

Linda Burney AVO page 3

Has Linda Burney committed a crime by lying in her AVO application?

On page one above, it says that if the applicant makes a statement that they know is false it is punishable by up to 12 months in jail or a $1,100 fine or both.

On page 2 above, it says: 6. Has there ever been a court case or legal proceedings involving you and the defendant? Linda Burney answers “No”.

McKenzie Raymond says that is not true as Linda Burney was involved in her daughter’s AVO application against her a few months ago as a “protected person”. Ms Raymond says Linda Burney even showed up to court twice this year for her daughter’s AVO application against her.

The matter is set down for a mention at the Newtown Court House at 9.30am on Monday the 17th of October 2022 as per the below screenshot for the NSW Courts website: (They have spelt McKenzie wrong below)

I emailed Linda Burney at her 2 publicly listed email addresses, sent her a message on Twitter and asked her for a response. At this point, she has not responded.

There is a long list of Liberal and National MPs who have in recent times tried to silence social media users by abusing the law and it looks like the Labor Party is heading down the same path. It’s an issue that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party should look at.

Update (17/10/22): Federal MP Linda Burney withdraws “vexatious” AVO application against social media user. (Click here to read more

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  1. I like Linda. Give her a break. She has a near impossible portfolio and I don’t mind if she owns a house or two. Bet she rents them our to the right people at an honest rent. Speaker of The House, Bronwyn Bishop had more than a handful and they weren’t cheap. No one except me complained then.

    • You like Linda do you lawrencesroberts? Oh well in that case… You’ve missed the point entirely! It’s not about how much Ms Burney earns or how many houses she owns. It’s about an innocent human exposing online trolling and harassment and Ms Burney trying to silence that with a baseless AVO.

    • Give her a break? From what? Sharing publicly available information?
      There are no grounds for an AVO. She should give me a break.

  2. Who cares if u like Linda. Labor knows it has to be transparent and corruption has to stop. Thats why 90 percent of their voters voted for them I will be voting independant or green next time if albo does not get his priorities right

  3. Pfff, seems like another MP attempting to silence dissent just like previous government MPs, thinking they’re above the law and demanding special privileges, if they can’t handle any criticism or the public learning of their history or ownership assets, they have the option to quit politics, the public are over these politicians carrying on in this manner and abusing the legal system to their own advantage.

  4. Supplementary question here..
    Why do we not hear reports of these happenings via Murdoch 7/9/10 ABC etc, why do we need to rely on independent media like KCA to be accurately informed, why was KCA denied access to press gallery regulated section of Parliament House? We laugh at sanctions placed on press/media in tinpot dictatorship countries, Australia is not much better, freedom of press is a fantasy here, history shows ALP/LNP both operate with same sanctions over our media and happy to push millions in old media direction under guide of government advertising to keep the old barons inside..

  5. Yes, because apparently calling out a politician on social media is now the equivalent of coming around to their house and attacking them. /s

    Keep up the good work, KCA.

  6. If you want to be in the public eye, especially being in politics, ( may I remind you they are suppose to be working for the people) then your life is not your own. How stupid to put an AVO on a reporter!! For telling the TRUTH!! Guess that is some thing politician will find out about.By the way, the average person does not own a hand fill of houses to rent out. These politicians really need to grow up, and if they said the truth we would not need reporters.

  7. Let’s not muck around with a silly little AVO here, Linda. This calls for a full-blown defamation case. May I suggest Sue Chrysanthou to act as your legal counsel? Highly recommended by Christian Porter. Trust me on this one.

  8. Democracy only works if reasoned debate in the public square is possible. If everything is mislabeled, then conditions for deliberative democracy do not exist. This should concern all of us, not journalists alone – because every one of us is now effectively a journalist, thanks to the devices in our pockets and on our desks if we should wish to ask questions about the people in power and post the answers. This has made journalism far more democratic and accessible. But it means that every one of us is now a potential target to be silenced.
    Linda Burney is fighting for an ‘Indigenous voice to parliament,’ yet she and her daughter want to silence all other voices.

  9. Since McKenzie has been misspelled in the documents she can simply not turn up at court, since it obviously has nothing to do with her.

  10. Good work mate, Thanks for assisting this girl, I,m sick of these corporate fake politicians, not only abusing their positions, but in NO WAY represent “WE THE PEOPLE” They think the police are their own private army, they are Disgusting parasites!

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