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Peter Dutton and his dodgy $1.8 billion deal with Canstruct who had no staff, no revenue and no assets. Will the NACC investigate?

Peter Dutton and the previous federal government awarded a company called Canstruct International a total of $1.8 billion in government contracts in very suspicious circumstances given they had no staff, no assets and no revenue when they won their initial contract.

This is relevant now as it was raised again in parliament in February 2022, as per the below video, and given Dutton and the deal would have to be a prime candidate to be investigated by the new National Anti-Corruption Commission.

The Guardian reported in November 2021:

A Brisbane construction company had $8 in assets and had not commenced trading, when it was awarded a government contract – ultimately worth $1.6bn – to run Australia’s offshore processing on Nauru.

The contract was awarded after the government ordered a “financial strength assessment” that was actually done on a different company.

Canstruct International Pty Ltd had eight $1 shares in assets in 2017, company filings show, when the department of home affairs asked accountants KPMG to assess it for its ability to “provide garrison and welfare services” for more than 1000 refugees and asylum seekers on Nauru.

Since then the contract – originally worth $385m – has been amended seven times without competitive tender. The contract now totals $1.6bn. With just over 100 asylum seekers and refugees still held on the island after eight years, it now costs more than $4.3m each year – more than $350,000 a month – for each person held. (Click here to read more)

In January 2022 the contract was amended an eighth time and extended until September 2022. The total of the contracts rose to $1.8billion as they received another lazy $218 million of taxpayers’ money. But Canstruct International has since lost the contract and finished up in September 2022. (Click here to read more)

Peter Dutton would already know he is a huge chance of being investigated by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) on numerous issues such as the Canstruct International $1.8 billion fraudulent tender process yet the media give Dutton airtime to discuss the design of the NACC. It’s a case of the Fox helping design the Fox trap and making sure it doesn’t work as it should.

The below video starts off with federal Labor Senator Tim Ayres raising the $1.8 billion Canstruct International fraud during a Budget Estimates hearing in February 2022. Then it is followed by Peter Dutton trying to justify secret hearings at the National Anti-Corruption Commission because it could damage people’s reputations, people might commit suicide and somehow it’s The Greens’ fault. And finally, Peter Dutton talks on Four Corners about his assets and how he became rich. 

Peter Dutton was a Queensland police officer for 9 years and he knows there is no justification for the NACC to have secret hearings except in exceptional circumstances. The fact that Dutton raises suicide as a reason and tries to blame The Greens shows he is grabbing at straws hoping someone will buy it.

I wonder how many of the alleged criminals that Peter Dutton arrested did he offer to have their charges and court hearing done in secret because he was worried about their reputations if it turned out they were innocent, and he was also worried about them possibly committing suicide? We all know the answer. Not one!

When the National Anti-Corruption Commission starts they will need to employ someone full-time just to deal with complaints about Peter Dutton and his mates like Angus Taylor and Scott Morrison. But when the dust is settled, I have no doubt that Peter Dutton will turn out to be one of the worst offenders, if not the worst, in ripping off the public.

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  1. Who stood to make money out of this deal? Who were the Directors? Who were the Shareholders? How has Dutton and Home Affairs justified this Commonwealth contract?

  2. Would like to make a prediction on these matters, there will be no retrospective investigations carried out, rather obvious both sides schemed to accept the framing of the legislation to protect each other, rebirthing of FBI Director Hoover’s activities, that is, get dirt on the opposition to control all outcomes.
    As reported by KCA previously, untruths told by AG on percentage of secret hearings comparison with NSW ICAC combined with ‘public interest’ insert in legislation and threshold for seriousness of complaints etc, a well orchestrated smoke screen which protects both they say….watch this space, failures won’t be reported by Murdoch 7/9/10 or ABC, relies on KCA etc…

  3. So KPMG did a report on Construct International. Surely the report would show it was a sham company. If not, KPMG is useless and incompetent. Or, it’s accurate report was ignored, which was it I wonder.

  4. And let’s not forget the $423 million Manus Island deal which Dutton approved. This involved a company called Paladin whose registered office was a shack on Kangaroo Island.

  5. As I said on this site a couple of years ago it is the most corrupt government in Australian history they have it so stitched up that if your not willing to keep the corruption hidden then you don’t get a start , so basically we’re all screwed and will continue to get screwed . I encourage everyone to vote in the next state elections sff party or the independents it seems to be the only chance we have at trying to get rid of this corruption and make those responsible accountable

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