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Peter Dutton’s corruption allegations that will almost certainly end his political career

Peter Dutton will be forced to address corruption allegations next week when parliament resumes because 2 whistleblowers, which includes an acting AFP Commissioner, have shined a light on corruption during Peter Dutton’s time as Home Affairs Minister and the suspect $billions paid to dodgy contractors.

The biggest issue for Peter Dutton is how he justifies organisations that were $2 shelf companies with no assets, such as Paladin and Canstruct, won $billions in contracts with the Home Affairs department on Peter Dutton’s watch.

With Peter Dutton’s poll numbers showing his popularity with voters is already extremely low it is hard to see him surviving the well documented corruption allegations with calls for an independent inquiry which will grow louder when the federal parliament sits over the next 2 weeks.

The first whistleblower Ian Stewart, who is a former director of Paladin, was on Nine’s Sixty Minutes program on Sunday night alleging Paladin paid bribes to PNG officials to help facilitate Paladin fulfilling their $532 million contract to run security on the Manus Island offshore Australian immigration detention centre.

The SMH reported:

On Manus Island, Australia’s other offshore detention centre, a former director of contractor Paladin has separately alleged that millions of dollars were paid to Papua New Guinea officials via a bank account in Singapore to obtain visas and work permits for Paladin employees. Former director Ian Stewart said that when executives flagged corruption concerns with Home Affairs, they were told to avoid putting them in writing.

“It’s inconvenient to have a report like this out there, and no one wants the inconvenience of it,” Stewart said. (Click here to read more)

The second whistleblower was the Acting AFP Commissioner and in 2018 warned Peter Dutton about Mozammil Bhojani

The Home Affairs Department handed a multimillion-dollar offshore detention contract to an Australian businessman just one month after federal police told then minister Peter Dutton that the man was under investigation for bribery.

Documents tabled in federal parliament reveal that the AFP’s acting commissioner told Dutton in July 2018 that Sydney-based Mozammil Bhojani was under investigation over suspected bribes to Nauruan politicians. The payments were made to secure preferential access to millions of dollars worth of phosphate for his company Radiance International.

But despite the verbal police warning to Dutton, documents obtained by this masthead show that the following month – August 2018 – the Department of Home Affairs entered into a fresh contract with Radiance. The contract, signed by Bhojani, was to provide accommodation for refugees and asylum seekers at a particular location. That contract ultimately paid the company $9.3 million in taxpayer money.

Just one month after the contract was signed, police arrested Bhojani and charged him with paying more than $100,000 in bribes to two Nauruan officials. Bhojani pleaded guilty and was convicted in 2020. (Click here to read more)

The first whistleblower Ian Stewart says when “executives flagged corruption concerns with Home Affairs, they were told to avoid putting them in writing” and the second whisteblower the then Acting AFP Commissioner gave his warning to Peter Dutton verbally.

It sounds like Peter Dutton was running a criminal enterprise and he wanted as much communication as possible done verbally especially when it came to corruption so there was no paper trail.

In 2017 it was reported:

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has been accused of mismanaging offshore detention centre contracts, with an independent audit alleging more than $1 billion was spent over the last four years without proper authorisation.

A report from Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) detailed “significant shortcomings” in the management of contracts for security and welfare services on Manus Island and Nauru.

It cited $2.3 billion in payments made between September 2012 and April 2016, which it stated were not authorised or recorded correctly.

“$1.1 billion was approved by DIBP officers who did not have the required authorisation and for the remaining $1.1 billion there was no departmental record of who authorised the payments,” it stated.

The report further stated that contract variations totalling more than $1 billion were made without a documented assessment of value for money. (Click here to read more)

Peter Dutton was Minister for Immigration and Border Protection from 23 December 2014 – 21 August 2018, Minister for Home Affairs from 20 December 2017 – 30 March 2021 and Minister for Defence from 30 March 2021 – 23 May 2022.

Just from the above we can see Peter Dutton liked all talk on corruption to only be done verbally and that government contracts worth $billions could not be traced back to who authorised the payments. These are the actions of a criminal enterprise not an open and publicly accountable government department.

I published a video on YouTube on Wednesday (26/7/23) titled “Peter Dutton is in hiding after the AFP have thrown him under a bus for corruption allegations” as per below:

(Click here to watch the above video on YouTube)

Not long after I published the above video, I found out that Peter Dutton was overseas on holidays but that would have not stopped Dutton issuing a media statement addressing the issues, which could have put the issue to bed, if he wanted to.

I published the below video on YouTube on Thursday (27/7/23) titled “NACC sitting on Peter Dutton / Home Affairs corruption report but won’t release it. NACC cover-up?” as per below:

(Click here to watch the above video on YouTube)

Why wasn’t the inquiry into corruption at Home Affairs ordered when Labor took power in May 2022 like the Robodebt Royal Commission?

Channel 9’s Sixty Minutes and the SMH have broken big corruptions stories over the last couple of days at the Home Affairs department but the foundation of those stories have been known and reported on for a long time. For example, I published an article on the 18th of October 2022 titled “Peter Dutton and his dodgy $1.8 billion deal with Canstruct who had no staff, no revenue and no assets. Will the NACC investigate?” which starts off:

Peter Dutton and the previous federal government awarded a company called Canstruct International a total of $1.8 billion in government contracts in very suspicious circumstances given they had no staff, no assets and no revenue when they won their initial contract.

This is relevant now as it was raised again in parliament in February 2022, as per the below video, and given Dutton and the deal would have to be a prime candidate to be investigated by the new National Anti-Corruption Commission.

(Click here to watch the above video on YouTube)

I also made a formal complaint against Peter Dutton to the National Anti-Corruption Commission, regarding Peter Dutton, on the 12th of July 2023 (Click here to read more) which relates to an article I published an in October 2020 titled “Federal MP Peter Dutton covers up $39 million fraud and theft at the Australian Border Force”.

In April 2023 I published an article titled “Peter Dutton’s dirty laundry of corruption scandals is a mile long and overshadows his leadership” which outlines numerous corruption scandals involving Peter Dutton but only scratches the surface as the list of corruption allegations against Dutton is a mile long.

Given the government have not already set up a Royal Commission into the years of corruption at Home Affairs points to the government not being serious about corruption. But if they don’t set up a powerful inquiry over the next couple of weeks when parliament is sitting then they have totally failed.

It’s impossible to see Peter Dutton surviving and what’s written above is alone enough for a powerful prima facie case of corruption against Dutton.

Peter Dutton has stayed silent not because he is on holidays but because he’s a former police officer and he knows too well that what he says can be used against him in a court of law.

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    • I began to sense a rat when, as a QLD policeman, he crashed a patrol car and, after recuperation he claimed he was no longer capable of driving. His compensation payout was followed by his resignation. Was this the beginning of his wealth accumulation?

      Jim R

  1. Dutton along with others need to go to jail and all there wealth taken from them it is clear they have obtained wealth by deception

  2. No one departs the Qld Police Force willingly. It is too lucrative. What did he get caught doing?

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