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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese busted protecting Peter Dutton with a fake corruption Inquiry

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced a corruption inquiry (Monday 31-7-23), to be headed up by Dennis Richardson, into Peter Dutton and the dodgy contract dealings when he was Home Affairs Minister, but it is already pointing to a cover up to protect Peter Dutton at least as far a key allegation is concerned and most likely the whole inquiry is a cover up.

A key allegation that is meant to be investigated is that an acting AFP Commissioner told Dutton at a 12th of July 2018 meeting that Sydney-based Mozammil Bhojani was under investigation over suspected bribes to Nauruan politicians. But despite the verbal warning a month later the Department of Home Affairs, which Dutton was Minister, entered a new $9.3 million contract with Mozammil Bhojani’s company Radiance. (Click here to read more)

If you are new to this story a lot more background information to this matter is covered in an article published on the 30th of July titled “Peter Dutton’s corruption allegations that will almost certainly end his political career” (Click here to read the article)

For some scandalous unexplained reason Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, after he announced the inquiry (31-7-23), allowed Peter Dutton to have a secret meeting with AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw and the AFP now changed their evidence. It is my understanding that Opposition Leaders cannot meet with the head of any public service department unless approved by the Government which raises the question: Why did Albanese approve Dutton meeting with Kershaw?

At a Senates Estimates hearing on Friday the 4th of August 2023 AFP Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan, who said he was also at the 12th of July 2018 meeting, told the hearing that the evidence they had previously given the Senate that Peter Dutton was briefed on the 12th of July 2018 meeting that Mozammil Bhojani was under investigation for bribery was wrong. 

The Peter Dutton lies, AFP lies and the time line don’t stack up as per the below video. The video is a must watch and you will see 3 Senators expose the AFP lies. But a quick look at the time line:

  1. On Tuesday the July of 25th the SMH reported on the Mozammil Bhojani $9 million contract, “The Home Affairs Department handed a multimillion-dollar offshore detention contract to an Australian businessman just one month after federal police told then minister Peter Dutton that the man was under investigation for bribery.” (Click here to read more)
  2. On Monday the 31st of July Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced a corruption inquiry (Monday 31-7-23), to be headed up by Dennis Richardson, into Peter Dutton and the dodgy contract dealings at Home Affairs when Dutton was the Minister.
  3. Some time between Monday the 31st of July and 9am Friday the 4th of August Peter Dutton had a secret meeting with AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw.
  4. At a Senate Estimates hearing on Friday the 4th of August, that started at 9am, AFP Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan told the inquiry that the previous evidence that the AFP gave the Senate was wrong and that Peter Dutton had not been briefed by the AFP about Mozammil Bhojani being under investigation for bribery.

As you will see in the below video AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw did not inform the Senate that he had a meeting with Peter Dutton but instead Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan let it slip that Kershaw and Dutton met and that is why I refer to it as a secret hearing.

If fact, Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan says in the below video that they were not even going to tell the Senate at the hearing that they had changed their evidence and he says the AFP would have told the Senate “in a few days”. 

The video is well worth watching because it goes to the heart of corruption in the federal government. The 3 Senators who expose the corruption with their questions to the AFP are the Liberal’s James Paterson, Labor’s Deborah O’Neill and the Greens’ David Shoebridge:

(Click here to watch the above video on YouTube)

In the above video Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan is all over the place ducking and weaving which is very telling and one of the best lines is when Deborah O’Neill says words to the effect “If I am to take what you are saying on face value” which is in effect saying “I know you are all lying like there is no tomorrow”.

Deborah O’Neill says in the video that Peter Dutton has since stated that the meeting on the 12th of July 2018 did not happen but they AFP say it did happen. So, who’s lying? Initially Neil Gaughan tried to defend Peter Dutton and claim that Dutton hasn’t said the meeting didn’t take place but later when Deborah O’Neill again says Dutton claim the meeting didn’t take place Neil Gaughan says nothing.

The bottom line is that the Labor Party set up an Inquiry into corrupt allegations and then allowed 2 key witnesses, the AFP and Peter Dutton to meet, and then the evidence changed to the benefit of Peter Dutton. In less than 5 days after Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced the Inquiry into Peter Dutton a key part of the Inquiry is now redundant.

One of the most important parts of any corruption investigation is to make sure witnesses do not meet and discuss the alleged corruption as they might collude to give false evidence which is what has clearly happened in this case. 

This matter will be back before the Senate Estimates in the future and hopefully the Senators will grill the AFP again and expose more lies.

Politicians from the major parties are happy to shine a light on government corruption when they are in opposition but once they get into power they do not want to know about it.

Anthony Albanese walked the walk and talked the talk when he was opposition leader and wanted to become Prime Minister. Albanese promised a National Anti-Corruption Commission but once elected he reneged on public hearings, he did have a Robodebt Royal Commission, but no one knows if anyone will be held accountable.

And now Albanese has an Inquiry headed up by Dennis Richardson who was the head of ASIO when Australia illegally bugged East Timor in 2004 and Richardson still claims no crime was committed by Australia in East Timor. Dennis Richardson is not a person you want investigating government corruption and having him head up the Inquiry is an insult to the public.

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison was well known for having fake inquiries whenever he wanted to cover up corruption and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is following in his footsteps and if he keeps it up he will eventually follow Morrison out of government. But he probably doesn’t care.

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  1. Most interesting reporting here, gives one the impression of business as usual for the current and former governments, corruption and the more important cover-ups to protect their mates, confidence in AFP borders at zero, from one scandal to the next, seperation of powers appears to be zero once again.. confidence in PM scores another zero…. confidence in old media reporting on these extremely important matters another zero …the investigation by the shown Senators sheds a bright light on these allegations and full commendations to those Senators, awaiting the next report from KCA.

  2. Thanks very much, KCA for once again being the one bright light in Australia’s dark, sinister, political cesspool.

    I formed my opinion during the early 2000’s that the leading political parties in this country have a secret obsession to work together for the benefit of the political industry.

    That’s how I describe politics in Australia. An industry, with all participants working together for the common good of all its players.

    Reece Kershaw & Co, under the corrupt cover of the AFP, federal and state governments and MSM, continue to contribute to this insidious web of criminal activity that has left me in no doubt that we are in serious trouble.

    I feel my vote at every election has no value whatsoever.

  3. I agree completely with the two previous comments.
    Why bother voting for any Party hoping to get real change happening
    when they are just busy covering each others bums.
    Nothing changes

    • So how do we change it? It’s not time to give up. This is time to fight while the waters are muddy. Max Chandler Mather from the greens is on to something with rental policy. If the public gets real and puts pressure on to stop negative gearing on multiple investment properties and stops foreign investment in our housing market (mostly Chinese and money laundering criminals) perhaps Australians will get a go. That’s not going to happen though is it ? No one wants to do anything to stop the rot and call out the criminals. We can’t just give up. Morrison et al need to see jail time.

  4. There has always been a nasty little undercurrent of corruption in politics, but the current crop of shysters is on another level. Blatant, shameless and full of hubris the left and right have become wings of the same bird. A bird of prey that feeds on greed and cruelty through economic terrorism. A war on the poor. While the wealthy swap mansions and rake in tax free profits from selling them the rest of us hold on to what little we have left or descend into park life in a tent. Just as well Howard disarmed the population.

  5. Following on from above comments about the Establishment covering its arse, I wandered into the NACC website to see what gives.
    1-7-23 to 7-8-23—587 referrals—76 outside of jurisdiction—183 referrals possibly corrupt—87 referrals awaiting assessment—157 referrals at second stage of assessment.
    NACC doesn`t have to consider or respond to every referral. Investigations MAY be——–
    1. Held jointly with Commonwealth agency or State or Territory body. 2. Referred to Com agency for possible investigation.
    3. Refer to Com agency for consideration.
    4. Take no action.
    5. Of course, investigations will be secret unless NACC deems otherwise
    Early days, but on the surface, it`s more EAC (Establishment Arse Covering).

    • Well researched Roscoe, taking a wild uneducated “guess” would say option number 4 would be well used, probably need to replace the number 4 key on their keyboard on a regular basis . General consensus among those who read alternative news outlets is that “established arse covering” comments are most relevant…sad reflection on our once great proud country, and previous comment that was lucky Howard disarmed the population..

  6. Thank you KCA, once again your research has great value. Our governments have been corrupt for years, it is only now that things are coming to the surface. Our so called police can tell bullshit and are never accountable for their lies/corruption. The everyday person is held accountable for every word they say, does anyone not find that strange . If this keeps up they will all cook their own goose, hopefully people will get up in arms and make sure each of them are held accountable. Can anyone tell me why Albo looks different every time he appears any where?

  7. To me it’s politics trumping (no pun intended) justice. Albo’s not stupid. As long as Dutton is Opposition Leader Albo knows he has him where he wants him-essentially unelectable when the next election rolls around.

    • I hear what you say and tend to agree, Bob, but this is the reality, I believe. Just run through the choices available for opposition leader, in amongst that mob … not a lot of bona fide persons to choose from really.

      I see it like this.

      Each and every member of the LNP are responsible for Robodebt. They were all part of the crew (LNP party) that sailed the “good ship” LNP and were all knowledgeable of all the facts, regarding the illegality of Robodebt, long before it was “stopped”. They ALL let it happen. No one made a stance or questioned it … surprising really … don’t you think?

      Not to mention all the other scams, rorts and abuse of political and public financial process. “Watch out let me get out of the House of Representatives” to avoid a vote.
      You cannot share the same caucus or party room for years, and not pick up on the stench, let alone NOT SPEAK UP AND SAY SOMETHING!

      IMHO, every member of the LNP, (except maybe 3-4) just looked down at their phones to avoid eye contact, when Bill Shorten spoke each day during the last sitting, about Robodebt or Synergy 360. The stench will remain for some time yet.

      The previous 9 – 10 years of the Coalition governments has destroyed elements of Australian society and community. We are starting a long way back with a new government that still has to gain full trust of the Australian people.

  8. All comments well said. Albo true colours are now on show . Crooked as the rest of them . The culture of corruption, lies and greed is embedded into the government and all its arms . They the government have been very busy especially over the last 20 years getting all branches of the government and public services to toe the corruption line

  9. Albanese promised an NACC with open public hearings but renege when he set it up & now has no public hearings. That solved the problem of public hearings when politicians are investigated for corruption . We, the voting & paying public should demand open hearings & organise a public petition to reverse his decision. WE HAVE THE POWER as their employers..

  10. Three or four years between elections is too long to wait before throwing out a government. Bring in the people’s power to seek recall of Parliament so the damage it does is minimised.

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