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Hillsong’s Brian Houston, who failed to report at least 5 other victims of his father to police, escapes conviction for concealing his father’s rape of 1 child

Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston has been found not guilty by a Magistrate for concealing his paedophile father’s rape of survivor Brett Sengstock when he was a child.

Brian Houston admitted concealing his father’s rape of Brett Sengstock but Houston says he did it because Brett Sengstock asked him not to report the crime to the police which Brett Sengstock denies.

The ABC reported: Magistrate Gareth Christofi on Thursday found Brian Houston not guilty, after concluding he had a “reasonable excuse” for not reporting the matter.

In his judgement, Magistrate Christofi found Mr Houston knew or reasonably believed that Mr Sengstock did not want the matter reported to police.

During last year’s hearing, he (Sengstock) gave evidence that in one of their 1999 phone calls an “angry” Brian Houston claimed his father had been “tempted” by a young Mr Sengstock. (Click here to read more)

But there were at least another 5 survivors that Brian Houston knew about, and failed to report to police, so why wasn’t he charged with concealing those rapes as well?

In 2016 Brian Houston admitted in an interview on Channel 9 that there were at least 6 survivors he knew of, but he had never gone to the police. Below is an edited video with Brian Houston’s confessions from a 2016 Channel 9 interview. I originally published the video in 2019 and updated it yesterday:

The full Channel 9 Inside Story interview is below:

It was no secret the NSW police were avoiding charging Brian Houston as the investigation lasted 5 years, which was almost certainly on the instructions of former NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione 31 August 2007 – 31 March 2017 and then NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller 31 March 2017 – 31 January 2022. Andrew Scipione was, and possibly still is, a Hillsong member.

Brian Houston was charged on the 5th of August 2021 and it is likely former Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s friendship with Brian Houston played a part in the NSW Police dragging their feet during the 5 year investigation.

In July 2019 I reported “Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his wife were on stage leading prayers in front of 21,000 people on Tuesday night (9/7/19) with the Hillsong Church’s Brian Houston who is still under investigation by the NSW police for concealing the sexual abuse of children by his father Frank Houston.” (Click here to read more)

I have no doubt Scott Morrison and his wife Jenny attending the Hillsong Church in such a public manner in July 2019, that was widely reported, put pressure on police not to charge Houston and I also have no doubt that Morrison and Houston knew that as well. It would another 2 years before Houston was charged even though the Royal Commission outlined all the evidence in 2015.

I published an article in November 2019 titled “NSW Police refuse to deny PM Scott Morrison has interfered in the investigation into paedophile protector Brian Houston” and I emailed questions to the police about interference by Scott Morrison, but they refused to respond. (Click here to read the article)

The below video is Brett Sengstock talking to the media after the court judgment (17-8-23). (Click anywhere below to watch the video)

Brian Houston committed obvious and blatant perjury in 2014 at the Child Sex Abuse Royal Commission and I published an article in October 2019 where I dissected the transcript and showed the lies that Brian Houston told on the witness stand. (Click here to read the article)

In March 2022 Hillsong Church’s new head, Pastor Phil Dooley, dropped a dirt file bomb on Brian Houston on Friday (18/3/22) outlining his harassment of 2 women dating back 10 years. (Click here to read more

So, in summing up I find it amazing that Magistrate Gareth Christofi would believe Brian Houston who is a former second-hand car salesman, who set up a multi-level fraud scam known as Hillsong Church, who has a history of perjury at the Royal Commission and who cheated on his wife by sexually harassing women in the church.

But the last words are for Brett Sengstock, he is an absolute champion of man and who has fought the good fight for many years and has helped shine a light on the evil that is Brian Houston and Hillsong Church.

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  1. Standard calibre of the judiciary in Australia, some but obviously not all, seem to feel it’s their obligation to protect and defend the indefensible, covers the majority of religious based organisations who deny claims of sexual assaults and assisted down the track by judiciary right up to the High sad for those whose lives have been damaged by the various Churches.

  2. Excellent reporting Shane – Scipione and Scottie’s neighbour Fuller and a clearly corrupted Magistrate – and no justice for Brett Sengstock. It reminds me of the Magistrate (in Tamworth, early February, 1961) – and how I would love to find out his name – who found the case against my abuser when I was 11 years old – not proven. That was over 60 years ago – but I have come to the position of understanding that he was – like Christofi – a magistrate who was part of a cabal of paedophile protectors. Nothing can now convince me otherwise. I feel a sense of anger on behalf of Brett for the lies which have in his case apparently triumphed…

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