Rupert Murdoch bribed Walter SofronoffNews Corp

Corrupt judge Walter Sofronoff was bribed by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp to leak ACT Inquiry Report to Janet Albrechtsen

At the same time Walter Sofronoff was illegally leaking the ACT Inquiry Report, to propagandist Janet Albrechtsen, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp was negotiating with Sofronoff to cash in on the dodgy ACT Inquiry findings.

A lot of people are asking what motivated Walter Sofronoff, a former judge and Solicitor-General of Queensland, to put his career and liberty at risk by breaking the law with his leaking of the ACT Inquiry Report to Murdoch’s Janet Albrechtsen.

Below we will see the evidence showing some of the benefits that Walter Sofronoff was planning on receiving and they are linked to News Corp. But firstly, it’s worth noting this is not the first time this exact scam has happened.

Bruce Lehrmann’s barrister Steve Whybrow previously illegally leaked court documents to Janet Albrechtsen to embarrass Brittany Higgins and Shane Drumgold which benefited Bruce Lehrmann. Steve Whybrow’s payoff was free promotion, for his barrister services, via a written and video interviews with Janet Albrechtsen published on The Australian’s website and YouTube channel.

There are also other financial benefits for Steve Whybrow for leaking the documents, such his continuing to represent Bruce Lehrmann, which I outlined in an article in June 2023 titled “Bruce Lehrmann and his barrister Steve Whybrow should face contempt of court charges for leaking documents to harass Brittany Higgins” (Click here to read more)

No action at this point has been taken against Steve Whybrow or Bruce Lehrmann but the matter is meant to be under investigation.

The big difference this time is that Walter Sofronoff has admitted to leaking the ACT Inquiry Report to Janet Albrechtsen which is illegal. And also the fact that the leak has embarrassed the ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr and Attorney-General Shane Rattenbury who are in a position to take action themselves and they have by seeking legal advice for possible charges.  

Walter Sofronoff was bribed by Rupert Murdoch

Walter Sofronoff leaked the report to The Australian’s Janet Albrechtsen weeks before he gave it to the ACT Government and at the same time he was organising to give a talk at the Queensland Media Club hosted by The Australian’s Hedley Thomas on the 25th of August. The talk has now been cancelled given the heat that Walter Sofronoff is receiving after the leaking scandal.

So, weeks before Walter Sofronoff gave the ACT Inquiry Report to the government, he illegally leaked it to Janet Albrechtsen while at the same time he was organising to give a talk, with Hedley Thomas as “Event compere” as per the below picture, on the ACT Inquiry which would be worth $50,000 to $100,000 of free advertising to promote Walter Sofronoff’s services as a Barrister.

A clear and powerful prima facie case of “Quid pro quo” (“something for something”). In other words, a bribe.

To be clear. I am not making any allegations of a crime or corruption against Hedley Thomas as there is no evidence of him doing anything other than being booked as a compere. But Hedley Thomas’ position at The Australian, which is on the poster below, and the fact that he was booked to be “Event compere” shows the link to News Corp and Janet Albrechtsen.

But I am alleging that that News Corp and Janet Albrechtsen conspired to bribe Walter Sofronoff to get a leaked copy of the ACT Inquiry Report so they could frame the early reporting to attack Shane Drumgold, which is what happened, and Sofronoff’s payback was at the very least free promotion of his Barrister business where he would be charging around $10,000 to $20,000 per day.

Although, I’m sure Sofronoff overcharges so it might even be higher than that.

There is also the question of whether Walter Sofronoff would have been paid a fee to give the Queensland Media Club talk which could be construed as a further bribe.

It must be remembered that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp illegally hacked hundreds of phones in the UK to get stories including a dead teenagers phone, lied on Fox News to keep Trump in the Whitehouse and bribed police in the UK for stories. So bribing an Inquiry Chairperson is small change compared to News Corp’s other crimes.

The Queensland Media Club talk was scheduled to be delivered a week before the ACT Government were planning to make the ACT Inquiry Report public on the 1st of September which means Walter Sofronoff’s talk potentiality would have been covering matters in his ACT Report that were yet to be made public which is very strange.

What is also strange is that I sent Walter Sofronoff an email with questions regarding his crime of leaking the report on “Sunday, 10:45:08 AM, August 6, 2023 ” and he responded 81 minutes later with an email on “Sunday, 12:06 PM, August 6, 2023” which said “I will be out of the office until 17 November 2023”. (Click here to see the emails)

I suspect Walter Sofronoff’s email saying he was “out of the office until 17 November 2023” was designed to avoid answering the questions that I sent him and my suspicion is supported by the fact that Sofronoff had a talk planned at the Queensland Media Club on the 25th of August.

The ACT Inquiry Report was meant to make findings into the alleged cover-up of Bruce Lehrmann’s alleged rape of Brittany Higgins. But all Walter Sofronoff did was put a mafia style hit on whistleblower Shane Drumgold and find the perjury, deception and illegal leaking to the media by the Police were not a problem.

If Sofronoff had found there was a police conspiracy to cover up the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins, which there clearly was and still is, then that would lead to the politician’s involvement in the cover up which goes up to the Prime Minister Scott Morrison, his staff and other MP’s and staff.  

The ACT Inquiry Report was given to the ACT government on Monday the 31st of July 2023 and they were not going to make it public until the 1st of September 2023.

On the day after (1/8/23) the ACT Government received the Report the Queensland Media Club were advertising the below ad on Twitter:

Walter Sofronoff - Queensland Media Club

(Click here to see the above tweet on Twitter)

It says on their LinkedIn page: “The Queensland Media Club is the official political, business and media forum of the Queensland Parliament Media Gallery and the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance.” which mean News Corp are a member of the Queensland Media Club and would have organised the event for Walter Sofronoff.

I have had a look at the Queensland Media Club Twitter account where they promote most, if not all, of their events and I could not see any others hosted by a News Corp journalist which also points to News Corp organising the event on Walter Sofronoff’s behalf for their “Quid pro quo” deal.

Sales must have been slow for the event and on Tuesday the 8th of August at 12.17pm News Corp propagandist Samantha Maiden published the below promotion impersonating a story:

Walter Sofronoff eventSamantha Maiden wrote:

Walter Sofronoff KC, the former judge who led the inquiry into Bruce Lehrmann’s trial before being accused of leaking his own report, will break his silence over the fallout in a speech on “politics, journalism and social media vs the presumption of innocence”.

After declining to comment on the fallout this week, Mr Sofronoff has announced he plans to canvas the controversy in an address to the Queensland Press Club.

It is titled Politics, journalism and social media vs The presumption of innocence and promises that Mr Sofronoff “will address the handling of allegations made by Brittany Higgins against Bruce Lehrmann and issues raised”.

“The event will be hosted by two-time Gold Walkley Award winner Hedley Thomas, of The Australian newspaper.”

Tickets are available for $189 with all proceeds going to the Queensland Media Club. (Click here to read more)

I wonder if “all proceeds” meant after Walter Sofronoff was paid a fee.

The event was cancelled 2 hours and 27 minutes after Samantha Maiden published her promotion on the website.

(Click here to see the above tweet on Twitter)

When they first started promoting the event on the 1st of August the “issues” were already known. Someone obviously put a call through after the Samantha Maiden / promotion was published and the event was cancelled.

Maybe someone called Walter Sofronoff and reminded him you are not allowed to profit from your crimes such as writing a book and/or giving interviews etc and Sofronoff would have been giving the talk trying to profit from his crime of leaking the ACT Inquiry Report to Janet Albrechtsen. And would answering questions from journalists about leaking the ACT Report at the Event be classified as profiting from his crime given he is refusing to answer media questions since last week? 

Events like the above are not organised in a day. Walter Sofronoff and Janet Albrechtsen would have been organising the talk for weeks, and maybe months, before they started promoting it on the 1st of August. And maybe they started talking about the event at the same time they started talking about leaking the ACT Inquiry Report to Albrechtsen.

I published the below video on the 8th of August on YouTube titled “Walter Sofronoff and Janet Albrechtsen’s great lie. The ACT Report was only leaked to her first”

(Click here to watch the above video on my YouTube channel)

Weeks before Walter Sofronoff gave the Inquiry Report to the ACT government on Monday the 31st of July 2023 Sofronoff had already leaked the report to News Corp propagandist at The Australian Janet Albrechtsen.

Albrechtsen has been writing articles and publishing videos for the last 18 months or so attacking Brittany Higgins and defending Bruce Lehrmann to protect Murdoch’s cash cow the Liberal Party which have tried to cover-up the alleged rape since just before the 2019 election. Albrechtsen has even published video interviews with Bruce Lehrmann’s barrister Steve Whybrow attacking Brittany Higgins.

On Wednesday night (2/8/23) Janet Albrechtsen published a detailed article on The Australian website attacking Shane Drumgold for about the 30th time.

The SMH report on the 3rd of August 2023:

Sofronoff chaired the inquiry into the abandoned trial of former Coalition staffer Bruce Lehrmann earlier this year and handed his findings to the ACT on Monday, but Canberra was rocked when The Australian reported on the findings against the Director of Public Prosecutions, Shane Drumgold, SC, weeks before they were expected to be made public. (Click here to read more)

This is obviously an ongoing investigation by me but lets recap the key parts of the above evidence:

The Queensland Press Club event was organised by one of their members (News Corp) and was going to be hosted by a News Corp journalist (Hedley Thomas) with the author of a report (Walter Sofronoff) who illegally leaked the report to another News Corp journalist (Janet Albrechtsen). And the Event was promoted by another News Corp journalist (Samantha Maiden) on a News Corp website (

And the leaking of the report by Walter Sofronoff financially benefited News Corp. And the Queensland Press Club event organised by News Corp was going to financially benefit Walter Sofronoff at the very least with free advertising for his Barrister services and possibly with a speaker’s fee for the event.

But the question is, why was Walter Sofronoff even dealing with News Corp anymore given Janet Albrechtsen had breached the embargo deal he had with her not to publish the report? Because there was no embargo.

Once again, there is a powerful prima facie case of the “Quid pro quo” (“something for something”) deal between Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and Walter Sofronoff and explains why Sofronoff has gone into hiding at least from the media.

The reason that there was originally so much protection for Bruce Lehrmann was not to protect him but to protect the Scott Morrison government because the alleged rape happened on the 23rd of March 2019 and the election was on the 18th of May 2019. Scott Morrison, his staff and others thought the publicity would do too much damage to their re-election chances so they covered it up and it just kept snowballing from there until Brittany Higgins went public in 2021.

Walter Sofronoff’s job was to protect the police who were involved in the cover up otherwise it would lead back to Scott Morrison and others. 

Rupert Murdoch’s motivation is to protect his cash cow the Liberal Party which is in effect the political arm of News Corp as Murdoch runs it.

Scott Morrison and his government did the same thing with the Robodebt cover up as they have with Brittany Higgins alleged rape cover up. They kept covering up the illegal Robodebt up while it damaged and destroyed lives until they couldn’t cover it up anymore.

So for all the people wondering: Why they are protecting Bruce Lehrmann? They’re not anymore but they are still protecting Scott Morrison, the police and others and Bruce Lehrmann benefits from that so it looks like he is being protected.

Hopefully the National Anti-Corruption Commission is doing their job and have a few phones taped and judgement day is coming for at least some people listed above. But even if they are not, there are a lot of court cases coming up which will expose more of the crimes committed in the cover up.

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  1. Well said..
    The report does nothing to reveal the real problems and Sofronoff’s treatment of good guy Shane Drumgold is disgraceful.

  2. Another day in Australia, business as normal, suggestions that continually flow of bribery and corruption, News Limited has no boundaries, a truely evil organisation with ACT policing in need of training on how to do their job, senior AFP officers contradictory evidence about each other, an inquiry into the effectiveness of ACT policing by a former NSW Commissioner who himself was a complete embarrassment and suggestions as to collusion, just another normal day in Australia…..

    • Always wondered how the SAS could cold-blooded kill over 15 innocent people and yet not even a slap on the wrist for the murderers.

  3. No mention of Sofronoff’s report avoiding mention of his brief to address the problems with how sexual crimes are investigated by police and the judicial system. Why did Sofronoff ignore his brief? This absence negatively impacts every woman in this country.

  4. Long overdue Royal Commission into both the judiciaries and legal professions Australia-wide with the large number of barristers and solicitors disbarred over the last two decades. But with so many lawyers infesting both major parties, I can`t see it ever happening. Or the RC`s recommendations getting off the ground. (sigh)

  5. “Without strong watchdog institutions, impunity becomes the very foundation upon which systems of corruption are built. And if impunity is not demolished, all efforts to bring an end to corruption are in vain. “
    Rigoberta Menchú, Nobel Prize laureate – Guatemalan human rights activist

    I feel very disappointed and sad in the Australian judicial system.

  6. The Sofronoff recommendations are all smoke and mirrors. They offer no suggestions for reform.

    ‘In the ACT all juries in criminal trials must render a unanimous verdict’.

    That means criminal cases like the alleged rape are decided by only one often biased person.
    Sofronoff failed to even mention that. How can the opinion of one random punter be regarded as justice?

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