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AFP Detective Marcus Boorman’s tampering with a police document to conceal Bruce Lehrmann’s lies exposed at the ACT Inquiry

Detective Inspector Marcus Boorman deliberately deleted 2 key paragraphs of a document written by other police, that accused Bruce Lehrmann of lying, which was sent to a senior police officer to determine the prospect of rape charges against Lehrmann as per the below video of the ACT Police Corruption Inquiry

There can be no doubt that Detective Inspector Marcus Boorman tampered with the police document in an attempt to stop Bruce Lehrmann being charged with raping Brittany Higgins. 

What makes it worse is that Bruce Lehrmann’s barrister Steve Whybrow told the ACT Inquiry that he had a conversation with Marcus Boorman during the rape trial and Mr Whybrow claims that Marcus Boorman told him he would resign from the police if Lehrmann was found guilty. That is further evidence of Boorman being biased in favour of Bruce Lehrmann and helps explain why Boorman tampered with the police document.

On the 6th of May 2021 police collated a briefing paper for the ACT Chief Police Officer Neil Gaughan outlining the key evidence which also included the spread sheet of the key and contradictory evidence Bruce Lehrmann and Brittany Higgins.

In June 2021 Detective Superintendent Scott Moller sent evidence to the then ACT Deputy Chief Police Officer Michael Chew to determine how the matter would proceed and to potentially decide not to charge Lehrmann.

Scott Moller wrote an executive briefing for Michael Chew which has become known as the Moller Report that did nothing more than attack Brittany Higgins and Moller also attached a report from Marcus Boorman which was called the Boorman Minute.

The Boorman Minute also had the spread sheet of the key and contradictory evidence Bruce Lehrmann and Brittany Higgins. But Detective Inspector Marcus Boorman deleted 2 key paragraphs that accused Lehrmann of telling lies to the police as per below which was blatantly an attempt by Boorman to improve Bruce Lehrmann’s chances of not being charged:

In the video Counsel Assisting the Inquiry Joshua Jones questions Detective Superintendent Scott Moller about Boorman tampering with the police document because while Detective Inspector Marcus Boorman has provided a statement to the ACT Inquiry, he is not being cross examined on the statement. From what I can gather Marcus Boorman is on stress leave as a result of the Lehrmann investigation. 

The gravity of Marcus Boorman’s conduct above needs to be added to the list of lies the police have been telling which I am collating such as the article and video “AFP Detective Scott Moller committed perjury at the ACT Inquiry trying to conceal aiding and abetting Bruce Lehrmann“. When you collate all the lies the attempted cover-up by police becomes more obvious.

Lehrmann’s credibility was not strong and took a dive when he gave evidence in March 2023 in the Federal Court which I published an article about titled “Justice Lee confirms Bruce Lehrmann is a compulsive liar. Why didn’t he sue Brittany Higgins & who’s protecting him?“.

Lehrmann decided to have another roll of the dice and did an interview with Channel 7 on Sunday (4/6/23), and it didn’t go well as per the below video and he has done his defamation claims damage because he was caught out lying again several times.

Bruce Lehrmann has legal problems all over the place and I have no doubt those legal issues will catch up with him soon. 

But the bigger issue now is the ACT Inquiry and the widespread lies being told by many trying to cover-up the police and political cover-up attempts. The National Anti-Corruption Commission is reportedly going to investigate the police and political cover-up attempts so my articles and videos might help the NACC.

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  1. Wouldn’t hold my breath NACC will be productive in much form whatsoever, as from KCA reports, so many involved seem to have issues handling the truth, a person holding rank of Detective Inspector allegedly on stress leave, all over an alleged sexual assault complaint, what goes on in ACT, hopefully serious crime doesn’t swamp AFPs ACT offshoot or sick leave will sky rocket. The stress of crime in the national capital!

  2. Furthermore, entire sorry saga involving political interference, interference from old media to protect their vested interests casts a sad shadow over Australia and our failed legal system..
    In relation to the reporting of an alleged sexual assault in the ACT, any other jurisdiction outside ACT, a complainant would present to a local police station to report their complaint of assault, action of local police would most likely be handled by a plain clothes Senior Constable with supervision from Detective Sergeant, yet in the AFP ACTs jurisdiction we now see from the KCA reports, the reporting of the alleged sexual assault involved senior constables, Det Inspector, Det Superintendent, Commander, Chief ACT officer, Commissioner and we have a complete debacle over which AFP officers are telling different stories, suggestions of records deleted, everything possible to silence dissent, rushing to cover their tracks, would suggest the citizens of ACT have reason to be bitterly disappointed with their contracted police service for which they pay for at great expense, and yet the stats show ACT policing have lowest clear up rates in relation to sexual assaults…

    • Wouldn’t bet Brittany is too pleased with the televised attempts of Ms Wilkinson et al at coaching and directing the plot for her defence over a long lunch.

  3. Same same but different in Victoria.There is a lawyer meddling between the police and Mr Chew?

  4. Small potatoes compared with how courts cover up judges bias and errors. Very few of the legal or judicial fraternities speak out on the corruption. If they do (Watson, Wilson), they are soon gagged. If you are hit with an adverse judicial decision and want to appeal (and survive), you have to rob a bank to pay for your legal costs. Look at the Roberts-Smith trial–$25 million so far and the best part of a year. Will he appeal? Will his backers fund him? This legal farce has to be cleaned up. Who wants to fund lawyers retirement plans?

  5. Victoria is different, in so much as here, the Premier himself equates to the alleged criminal, the victim and the Chief Witness, all the while directing the Police, Judiciary and sundry investigations. He is the epitome of a one man band.

  6. The Feds had decided to flush their reputation down the toilet ages ago. They were quite happy to crack down on journalists and whistle-blowers, and they abandoned the investigations of the crimes committed by Angus Taylor and Michaelia Cash. Now like the L/NP, this is another outfit that protect rapists.

  7. Corruption by the ACT Police, the AFP, politicial involvement . What we all need to know is why Miss Higgins was compensated with over $3 million of taxpayers money when no convictions were involved & the case was abandoned. And who paid for all the court costs (millions?). And now Mr Lehmann is also taking legal action for defamation. Both the accused & defendant will come out financially well off. The lawyers too, have done well for no result. So much for the winners & the losers are the taxpayers, as usual.

    • Brittany Higgins has said she was not paid $3 million so where do you get “over $3 million”. And I doubt Lehrmann will get any money form his defamation cases or even see them through to a trial..

  8. “… police seek and preserve public favour NOT by catering to public opinion, but BY constantly demonstrating absolute impartial service to the law.”
    Sir Robert Peel – Father of Modern Policing – Principle 5

    In this instance and IMHO, AFP could be AMBIGUOUS FALLACIOUS PREVARICATOR …

    Just saying!

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