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How the Canberra Bubble has protected Chief Robodebt fraudster Kathryn Campbell and kept her on $900,000 a year

Chief Robodebt fraudster Kathryn Campbell’s appointment to her $900,000 plus a year job advising on the AUKUS submarine deal come under scrutiny in parliament Senate Estimates hearing last week and it shows Canberra public servants rort the system as much as any of the corrupt politicians do.

Kathryn Campbell potentially faces criminal charges as the Robodebt Royal Commissioner Catherine Holmes has specifically had the Robodebt Royal Commission extended one week, from a June 30 ending to July 7, to allow her to make referrals to the National Anti-Corruption Commission which starts operations on July 1.

There are 3 short videos below that are a must watch for all voters as they show the Canberra Bubble jobs for mates fraud and theft scam in action. The last 2 videos are from the Senate Estimates Hearing where you will see Defence Secretary Mr Greg Moriarty ducking and weaving.

Below is a short ABC video on Kathryn Campbell’s performance at the Robodebt Royal Commission:

Defence Secretary Mr Greg Moriarty is in the next 2 videos so it worth knowing a bit about his background:

Mr Moriarty commenced as Secretary of the Department of Defence on 4 September 2017 and was reappointed for another 5-year term in September 2022.

Mr Moriarty first worked in Defence from 1986 to 1995, primarily in the Defence Intelligence Organisation. He also served in the Headquarters of the United States Central Command in the Persian Gulf during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Prior to his appointment as the Secretary of Defence, Mr Moriarty held senior roles in the Prime Minister’s office, first as the International and National Security Adviser and then as Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. (Click here to read more)

In the below video Defence Secretary Mr Greg Moriarty tries to justify appointing Chief Robodebt fraudster Kathryn Campbell’s appointment to her $900,000 plus a year job advising on the AUKUS submarine deal.

Former Senator Rex Patrick tweeted on July 3 the below video and said: Here’s how jobs for mates is done in the Australian Public Service Secretaries circle: The $1.2M Secretary of Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet talks to the $942K Secretary of Defence about finding a place for $890K Secretary Kathryn Campbell, then seeks the tick-off from the $794K Public Service Commissioner.

In the below video Senator David Shoebridge gives Defence Secretary Mr Greg Moriarty a hiding on the lack of accountability and the “protected club”.

I think Prime Minister Anthony Albanese not sacking the heads of numerous government departments when Labor came to power in May 2022 is something he and the government will regret because Scott Morrison and Co didn’t appoint them for their capabilities.

The reason I decided to publish this article is because the public rarely gets to see the heads of a government department being shown to be totally incompetent as Defence Secretary Mr Greg Moriarty is above and he is the guy in charge of the $368 billion AUKUS submarine deal.

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  1. For anyone who followed the Robodebt RC religiously, it is obvious to me that the video clip in this news article is Kathryn Campbell’s (AO, CSC with Bar) second appearance before the Commission. How could you forget a cocky, confident Kathryn Campbell in her first appearance before the Commission? In the above video clip, Kathryn Campbell AO CSC with Bar was very subdued – especially when compared to her appearance before Senates Estimates Committee. The practice of putting key ADF personnel in Senior roles in the public service was always going to come back and bit them on the arse. Heads have got to roll and criminal charges laid as a deterrent to stop further politicisation of the Federal Govt Public Service

  2. KCA, I have followed your articles for awhile now and am thankful that you are uncovering the corruption within the Australian Government and other areas. Keep up the excellent work in bringing JUSTICE to the world we live in today Many thanks.

  3. When Morrison was in, they tried to get something going then. If she wants to save her arse then she will have to dob in all the morrison lot, for they started the under hand dealing. It is not just this lady, it is the whole lot of them skimming off the top, plus more. This goes deeper than any of us are aware of. The Federal government have not been accountable for so long, it is refreshing to see it come to the surface so people can see Australia is not broken it is the people behind closed doors that are .Maybe now people will start to see how corrupt our former governments have been plus the current ones.

  4. Always has been – Politicians come & go – Heads of department bureaucrats & public servants just roll over into the new political party that’s been elected & stay forever. The Public service Club just rolls on & look after their own when it comes to new lucrative positions become available. Doesn’t matter if they are not qualified for the position. Same situation applies in all Governments whether Federal or State Public services,

  5. Makes me think of a joke I heard some years ago now (with some additions).

    Boss: So, what salary are you expecting in this position?
    Applicant: Around the $900,000 per year mark but it would depend on the benefits.
    Boss: All right then, how about four-week fully paid annual leave, long service leave, full medical and dental payments, a 20 percent salary superannuation fund, workers’ compensation insurance, flexible work hours, etc. Oh Yes, and did I add that you will not need to be accountable for previous or current positions held, legal fees will be paid for any past, current or future misunderstandings or indiscretions, possibly more inappropriate appointments, employee assistance program, and the use of a car every day?
    Applicant: (Paying attention now) Really? You are kidding aren’t you!!!
    Boss: Oh, indeed yes, but you started ALL THIS!

    I really find it very difficult indeed to understand the internal appointment processes of the APS. I’m sure it cannot ALL be like this. IMHO, it conjures up, for me … a conga line of entitled, belligerent, unprincipled, worthless, incompetent, lazy, disrespectful individuals that lack a moral and ethical compass. I’m sure a psychiatrist would have a field day!

    Great work KCA, appreciate your efforts.

  6. This is an issue across the APS not just in Canberra. The APS became deeply policitised during the Morrison era and Albanese isn’t much better. The APS Executive cover for each other and their Ministers up to the point of endangering themselves and then they will sacrifice the subject who disappears with a “package”, this is what will happen to Kathryn Campbell. No accountability. The APSC is so up itself don’t expect any leadership there.

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