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Corrupt judge Walter Sofronoff, who faces up to 6 months jail and owns a plane at Toowoomba airport, has gone into hiding

Walter Sofronoff has gone into hiding after illegally leaking the ACT Inquiry Report to Bruce Lehrmann’s favourite propagandist at News Corp’s The Australian Janet Albrechtsen and the ABC even before he handed the Report to the ACT government.

Walter Sofronoff owns a plane that is parked in a hangar at Toowoomba Airport which is Bruce Lehrmann’s hometown, he was personally phoning journalists and bagging whistleblower Shane Drumgold during the course of the ACT Inquiry and now he has gone into hiding and those are the 3 key issues we will look at in this article.

If you are new to this story in would be worth reading me previous article “Bruce Lehrmann outs himself as a serial rapist by failing to sue media over other alleged rape victims” as it has some background information. (Click here to read the article)

I emailed Walter Sofronoff the below questions on Sunday 6/8/23.

Sent: Sunday, August 6, 2023 10:45:08 AM
To: Walter Sofronoff <>
Subject: Media questions from Shane Dowling – Kangaroo Court of Australia

Dear Walter Sofronoff

I have a few questions for an article I am writing that has the working title “How much was corrupt judge Walter Sofronoff bribed to protect Bruce Lehrmann and the Liberal Party?

  1. Why did you break the law by releasing the ACT Inquiry Report to News Corp’s Janet Albrechtsen and the ABC?
  2. Were you aware when you leaked the ACT Report that it carries a 6-month jail sentence for leaking it as it is a criminal offence under section 17 of the ACT Inquiries Act 1991 “Nondisclosure of information by members etc”?
  3. How much were you paid to give a copy of the ACT Report to Janet Albrechtsen?
  4. Why did you give a copy of the ACT Report to Janet Albrechtsen when you knew she has been publishing lies and propaganda to protect Bruce Lehrmann and the Liberal Party?
  5. Why didn’t you give the report to other journalists?
  6. Do you have any relationship with Bruce Lehrmann, his friends or family?
  7. When was the last time you visited Toowoomba or its surrounding areas?
  8. Do you still have a plane at Toowoomba airport?

Please respond by 5pm Sunday the 6th of August 2023 in case I have further questions and so I can publish.


Shane Dowling

Walter Sofronoff responded 1 hour and 21 minutes later with the below email:

From: Walter Sofronoff <>
Sent: Sunday, August 6, 2023 12:06 PM
Subject: Re: Media questions from Shane Dowling – Kangaroo Court of Australia

I will be out of the office until 17 November 2023. If the matter is urgent please contact my assistant.

Get Outlook for iOS 

Email end

Walter Sofronoff has tried to make it look like an automatically generated email but as someone said on Twitter:

“LOL, he expects us to believe an “auto out-of-office” reply using Outlook for iOS took 80+ minutes! Pull the other one! He obviously doesn’t know technology, the times in the reply is proof that his thinly veiled attempt to trick us he is away is BS!”

I also sent Walter Sofronoff the above questions via text to his mobile phone. He has not answered the questions.

Walter Sofronoff owns a plane in Toowoomba

A regular reader gave me the tip that Walter Sofronoff is a pilot and had an airplane crash in 2014 just after taking off from the Toowoomba airport which is where Bruce Lehrmann is from and that explains some of the questions in the above email. 

The Courier Mail reported on the 2nd of August 2014:

Walter Sofronoff plane crash story

Key points in the article are:

QUEENSLAND’S former solicitor general Walter Sofronoff has miraculously walked away from a plane crash “without a scratch’’ after his Tiger Moth ploughed through a fence and hit a tree, coming to rest metres from a major highway.

Emergency services personnel said the QC was lucky to escape injury after the plane crashed only two or three metres from the Warrego Highway in Toowoomba.

Mr Sofronoff has been flying planes for 14 years. He bought the 1940s de Havilland Tiger Moth around 18 months ago. (Click here to read the article)

Based on what it says in the article Walter Sofronoff has been flying since 2000 and bought the plane – VH-BCC – at the beginning of 2013. 

A search on the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Aircraft register is the below: 

Walter Sofronoff plane details on CASA

(Click here to see the above details on the CASA website)

That means Walter Sofronoff has owned the plane for 11 years and it was at Toowoomba for at least a few years and is likely still there, but Walter Sofronoff has gone into hiding and won’t answer questions.

Toowoomba is a not a huge place so there has to be a chance that Walter Sofronoff at least knows some people that Bruce Lehrmann and his family know. But once again we don’t know as Walter Sofronoff has gone into hiding.

As a former judge Walter Sofronoff would have known there would be a perception of bias and he should have declared to the ACT government and made a public statement that he regularly travelled and stayed in Toowoomba and whether he knew Bruce Lehrmann or his family and friends. I asked Sofronoff in the above email which he could have answered and cleared the air but he has chosen not to.   

Walter Sofronoff worked the phones during the ACT Inquiry calling journalists to push his propaganda

Walter Sofronoff was personally calling journalists to trash whistleblower Shane Drumgold. How do I know? I spoke to him for 32 minutes after he emailed me asking to talk but all he did was trash Drumgold. The phone record on my mobile is below.

Walter Sofronoff phone calls

The bottom line is that Walter Sofronoff was trying to influence me to write articles trashing whistleblower Shane Drumgold’s reputation to help Walter Sofronoff stitch him up in Sofronoff’s ultimate goal to cover-up the Liberal Party – AFP cover-up of Brittany Higgins alleged rape at Parliament House.

The question that people should be asking is: What is Inquiry Chairperson Walter Sofronoff doing talking to independent journalists during the course of an Inquiry trying to get them to write articles trashing the reputation of whistleblower Shane Drumgold who is one of the people Sofronoff is meant to be investigating? And given that, how many times did Walter Sofronoff talk to News Corp propagandists Janet Albrechtsen and Samantha Maiden?

Someone on Twitter, where I have already published the above picture, said I shouldn’t publish Walter Sofronoff’s mobile phone number and normally I would agree.

But this case is different because I wouldn’t have Walter Sofronoff’s mobile number if he didn’t give it to me while he was trying to commit a crime and the fact that he gave me his mobile number is a key part of the evidence that should be on the public record. 

Walter Sofronoff has a lot of questions to answer and he can’t stay in hiding forever.

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  1. What a stitch up of Drumgold. Did the ACT government carry out due diligence before appointing Sofronoff?

  2. This is more proof our judicial system is so corrupt . It is a joke we desperately need a major overhaul and why are we not ALL treated EQUAL?what we do know is the government is a protected species and have a completely different law!

  3. This is the same Walter Sofronoff who was the author of the Qld anti bikie legislation during the time Campbell Newman was Premier .
    Walter was not pleased as the government had not gone all in as he had proposed to what looked to be to destroy peoples lives just because they associate with known members of motor cycle clubs

  4. Thanks for the excellent research on Walter Sofronoff. It seems his aim was to support Lehrmann and the Liberal Party against Higgins who was also originally a committed Liberal Party supporter.
    And ignored that leaking the ACT Report carries a 6-month jail sentence for leaking it as it is a criminal offence under section 17 of the ACT.
    What people will do to support the Liberal Party!

    Mr Drumgold said he’d hoped the inquiry would be a turning point for how allegations of sexual assault are treated. Our legal system doesn’t always result in justice in these cases, especially as any past behaviour of the defendant is not admissible. Yet could indicate a pattern of behaviour.
    Higgins had 4 days of intense interrogation. Lehrmann had the right to silence. The trial in sexual assault cases seems very much to favour the defendant. And punish the plaintiff.

  5. Fully agree with Dean, judiciary is a joke as there is no other way to describe them in general, naturally there are honest members of the judiciary but at the same time there are some whose deliberations are questionable and why don’t the honest members of the judiciary speak out to save their reputation, example of the disgraced former high court judge and sexual harrassment allegations which were apparently common knowledge within legal circles.

  6. The administration of justice has been brought into disrepute by the judges themselves.
    They are enabled by the registrars of the courts.
    Furthermore, crooked cops and crooked lawyers are protected by the system.
    Complainants are always given the run around and are faced with the choice of spending vast sums of their own money in an attempt to seek justice or just copping injustice on the chin.
    The system of justice is a racket.

  7. I thought Sofronoff’s manner lacked objectivity when I saw a clip of him intervening during Drumgold’s testimony.

  8. “In order to be profoundly dishonest, a person must have one of two qualities: either he is unscrupulously ambitious, or he is unswervingly egocentric. He must believe that for his ends to be served all things and people can justifiably be shifted about, or that he is the centre not only of his own world but of the worlds which others inhabit.”
    ― Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

    IMHO, it seems the likes of Walter Sofronoff only truly dwells in HIS own little world.
    Thank You KCA.

  9. Thankyou for your investigative reporting on this matter. I suspected something very fishy when it was noted that the judge leaked the report.
    The tentacles of corruption from Morrison are spread far & wide.

  10. I take it from the comments made here that the Sofronoff Report contained absolutely no findings of any merit? That the entire Inquiry was a “stitch up”? I was under the (perhaps mistaken?) impression that Shane Drumgold wanted the inquiry.

  11. This is getting so complex so it would be useful to have a detailed timeline of events, beginning when Lehrmann and Higgins showed up at the department. This would follow on with when Higgins was discovered, when (and how) Lehrmann left the building, when the deep clean of the office was ordered and when performed, when (and by whom) complaints were made internally, to police and to media, when political staffers, police and DPP responded (and the nature of the response), when police reports were prepared, when these were shared (and with whom) and importantly when an apparent multiplicity of leaks of professional and personal materials occurred (and identity of the leaker and the recipient as well as the degree of selectivity of leaked material and whom the leaks favoured/harmed). Often simply placing events in sequence helps to clarify the answer to the question “who benefits”. How about it Shane? There is no doubt you know more than most.

  12. Walter Sofronoff is corrupt. So is the AFP.

    It seems to me that Lehrmann is being protected to protect the LNP. The AFP/Judiciary are also protecting the LNP. Leaks/shifty stuff everywhere. Is the LNP paying Lehrmann’s legal fees?

    Drumgold has indeed been had. I hope he goes after them. I hope Sofronoff goes to a Correctional Centre.

    And after Sofronoff’s report, of course Lida Reynolds is now threatening defamation. I would like to see her cross examined.

  13. Yes, the administration of justice has been brought into disrepute by the judges themselves. The people who hold the belief that the judiciary is competent and impartial should be chilled to the bone. I have ample evidence to show seven judicial officers neglected their duties; dishonest and gave favors without fear.

  14. And why has no-one been prosecuted (or even mentioned) over the leaking of the contents of Brittany Higgins’ phone while it was in police possession?

  15. Hi, JY, I`ll equal your seven and top it up with four barristers and four solicitors. Do I win a prize?

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