David Hurley, Paul Brereton and Kathryn CampbellGovernor-General David Hurley

Governor-General David Hurley, his $18 million fraud and his mate NACC Commissioner Paul Brereton

National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) Commissioner Paul Brereton is friends with Governor-General David Hurley and Robodebt fraudster Kathryn Campbell which creates a huge issue as corruption allegations against Hurley and Campbell have almost certainly been made to the NACC to evaluate and investigate if they think it is warranted.

As you will see in the pictures below Paul Brereton, David Hurley and Kathryn Campbell were senior Army officers at the Sydney University Regiment in 2008. You will also see photos of at least 2 of them together in 2016, 2022 and December 2022.

Governor-General David Hurley and the $18 million fraud scam

I published an article in August 2022 titled “G-G David Hurley had more meetings in 2021/2022 with the CEO of the fraudulent $18 million charity than Scott Morrison” which says is part:

Scott Morrison was exposed on Thursday (7/4/2022) as being the key decision maker, in collusion with Governor-General David Hurley, for giving $18 million of taxpayer’s money to a charity, The Australian Future Leaders Foundation, that doesn’t exist except on paper.

The Australian Future Leaders Foundation is reported to “have no office, website or staff, apart from three directors” (Click here to read the article)

There are still journalists and people on social media investigating The Australian Future Leaders Foundation scam and Governor-General David Hurley’s involvement so I would expect that someone has made a complaint to the NACC and if no one has I think it is only a matter of time before the NACC do investigate because it has corruption written all over it.

In relation to Kathryn Campbell, I published an article about her 2 days ago titled “Kathryn Campbell’s Robodebt lies on video and her friendship with NACC Commissioner Paul Brereton” which starts off:

Kathryn Campbell, advisor to the AUKUS program on $900,000 per year, has been suspended for her role in the fraudulent Robodebt Scheme and is possibly facing criminal charges. Most people would not know whether her suspension is justified or not but in the video below she is in full flight lying, deceiving and showing contempt for a Senate hearing into Robodebt.

What is also concerning is her friendship with National Anti-Corruption Commissioner (NACC) Paul Brereton, but more on that in a minute. (Click here to read the article)

The Department of Defence announced on Monday (24/7/23) that Kathryn Campbell had resigned, “Defence can confirm it has accepted Ms Kathryn Campbell’s resignation from the Department with effect from Friday 21 July 2023.”.

The purpose of this article is not to make out the cases in full against Governor-General David Hurley and Kathryn Campbell but to point out they do have serious corruption allegations against them and the fact that the NACC’s Commissioner Paul Brereton is a long-term friend. So, there is perceived bias in a huge way in any potential NACC investigation into their alleged corruption and the NACC should make a public statement on the issue to protect the NACC’s reputation.

What makes it worse is the Robodebt Royal Commission recommendations for criminal charges are sealed so we don’t know if the NACC are investigating Kathryn Campbell and the fact that the NACC have all their hearings in secret except in exceptional circumstances makes the whole matter scandalous.

Pictures are worth a thousand words as per below:

Governor-General David Hurley, Paul Brereton and Kathryn Campbell are in the picture below from 2008. The picture was published in 2016 on the Sydney University Regiment Facebook page.

David Hurley, Paul Brereton and Kathryn Campbell

The above picture (2008) depicts then Vice Chief of the Defence Force and Honorary Colonel of Sydney University Regiment, Lieutenant General David Hurley, (left, now His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley, AC, DSC (Ret’d)) reviewed the historic ceremonial parade with (LtoR) the Brigade commander Brigadier Paul Brereton (centre, now Major General The Honourable Justice Paul Brereton, AM, RFD) and the Regiment’s commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel Kathryn Campbell (now Brigadier Kathryn Campbell, CSC and commander of 5th Brigade). (Click here to see on Facebook)

Paul Brereton, Kathryn Campbell and John Brennan

(Above are 3rd from left Paul Brereton, 3rd from right Kathryn Campbell and her husband Paul Brennan 2nd from right) (Click here to see the source – “Frontline” Dec 2022, Vol 22 No. 4. Page: 20)

I published the below video on YouTube (25/7/23) on this matter:

(To watch the above video on YouTube click here)

Kathryn Campbell and David Hurley in 2016

Above is Kathryn Campbell and David Hurley (Far right) – 5th Brigade – Australian Army – 2016 (Click here to see on Facebook)

Paul Brereton, Governor-General David Hurley and Kathryn Campbell

Above is Paul Brereton on the far left, Governor-General David Hurley and Kathryn Campbell in the middle at the Sydney University Regiment in 2022. (Click here to see on Facebook)

I emailed the below questions to the NACC on Monday (24/7/23) regarding the article I published on Sunday regarding Kathryn Campbell and Paul Brereton:

Sent: Monday, July 24, 2023 3:55 PM
To: NACC – Media 
Subject: Media request – KCA – Re: Commissioner Paul Brereton

Dear Sir/Madam

I am an independent journalist and I have a couple of questions regarding a possible perception of bias / conflict of interest regarding NACC Commissioner Paul Brereton:

  1. Is the NACC currently investigating senior public servant Kathryn Campbell, who is currently suspended without pay from her $900,000 role as an AUKUS advisor, because of the finding of the Robodebt Royal Commission?
  2. Did the Robodebt Royal Commission refer Kathryn Campbell to the NACC for further investigation for her role in Robodebt and/or the evidence she gave at the Royal Commission?
  3. Does NACC Commissioner Paul Brereton personally know senior public servant Kathryn Campbell who is also a former Major General in the Army Reserves?
  4. Is NACC Commissioner Paul Brereton friends with Kathryn Campbell and/or her husband John Brennan?
  5. How many times has Paul Brereton met Kathryn Campbell and/or her husband John Brennan?


Shane Dowling

And I received the below response from NACC on Tuesday afternoon:

From: NACC – Media 
Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2023 4:38 PM
Subject: RE: Media request – KCA – Re: Commissioner Paul Brereton [SEC=OFFICIAL]


Good afternoon Mr Dowling,

The Commission does not comment on the subject matter of the referrals which it is assessing for investigation.  As the Robodebt Royal Commission has stated, parts of its report have been referred to the Commission.  The Royal Commission has suppressed that part of its report, in order to avoid prejudicing the conduct of investigations by the NACC.  It would not be appropriate at this stage for the National Anti-Corruption Commission to disclose more than the Royal Commission has determined to disclose.

Our latest media update published on our website explains how we manage situations where persons potentially affected by a corruption investigation are known to members of the Commission – Update: referrals, assessments, process | National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC)


NACC Media

The NACC didn’t address most of the questions I asked which is common for government departments, but they would argue that if they did address my answers it might prejudice the conduct of their investigations. I will keep investigating and following up on the issue.

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  1. Mates protecting mates, MPs protecting MPs, Judiciary handing down decisions that reflect mates protecting mates, nothing to see here, more important to shoot the messenger, media protecting their vested interests….KCA does an excellent job reporting on these matters, old media writing cover up stories that only illinformed or ignorant would believe, another day in a corrupt country run by very ordinary people.

    • Tony Cee,

      You are confusing me, you use the words “ordinary people”.

      Little Johnny Howard often referred to The People of Australia, as “ordinary people”, I remember Little Johnny in the Liberal Party of NSW as a person whose Father had alleged doubtful business in Papua NG. He was desperate to become a true Liberal and yet many of us true Libs got out of the Party as we could already see the downhill slide in the NSW Liberal Party before he was nominated for PM.

      Many true Liberals consider Howard to be one of the most ordinary politicians in the Liberal Party, that has now been exceeded by …..
      Given ones experience of the last 40 years in this downward spiralling world caused by POOR QUALITY beings, I think it time we had a think about the words the normal healthy minded people use and that they refer to and describe accurate observations and FACT.

  2. Thanks again. There are myriads of connection that one has to follow, the Army Reserve (as evidenced here), the SAS/ASIS/ASIO (in Timor Leste and Afghanistan) and many more.
    Is Kathryn Campbell still a member of the Army Reserve, and being paid by them?

  3. Campbell, Moriarty, Pezzullo- all Army Reserve Officers together- Sydney University Regiment, Remember the Rum Corp?

  4. Australia is an amoral country consisting of power drunk political criminals. Federal ICAC a albanesey Joke.

  5. Just a reminder that senior members of the Army Reserve are highly likely to associate with one another at multiple events connected with their roles. Also that the alleged failings of Ms Campbell have only become public knowledge in recent times. If/when Ms Campbell is called before the NACC, then no doubt Commissioner Brereton will no doubt recluse himself on the grounds of a previous association, however close/remote.

  6. I`m convinced politicians of all stripes love inquiries and Royal Commissions. They can set the terms of the investigations, the time limits, who runs the digging, and whether (or not) to implement the recommendations. Remains to be seen if our much-lauded NACCER follows the trend.

    • WHEN are pollies – over many years now going to face fact that The People are NOT placated by Royal Commissions’ and such like, and are angry that their intelligence is abused and their TAX monies TOTALLY wasted.

  7. SUR are the very epitome of Part Time Weekend Warriors and Chocolate Soldiers.

    During the Vietnam War it was a bolt hole for Liberal and Country Party supporters to avoid doing national service (ie. being conscripted).

    • The Sydney University Regiment is a Reserve forces infantry unit. They are affiliated with a British Rifle Corps Unit. Their rank insignia are black with red back cloth back grounds. The woke have made the CO and the Regimental Sergeant Major both women. As an old soldier this makes me quite sad.

  8. Judge them all by the company they keep.
    Birds of a feather, flock together.
    They look like a mutual protection racket.
    It’s like a mafia.
    Can’t we lock them all up for racketeering?

  9. “…when like-minded people get together, they often end up thinking a more extreme version of what they thought before they started to talk to one another.”
    ― Cass R. Sunstein, On Rumours: How Falsehoods Spread, Why We Believe Them, What Can Be Done.

    We all need to stay alert or we will be further enslaved and misinformed by the multitude of their minions that also desire lusty heights.
    Heights and station that will never be forthcoming.
    Such trickery abounds.

  10. I found years ago that when you send a letter to a government official that has embarrassing questions, they will often try to ignore you. If they answer, they will only answer any unembarrassing question you asked, and ignore the rest. If they can’t find one they will pretend you asked one and will answer this imaginary question. They will only answer one question, so if you have a number of questions you have to send them all separately.

    • I’ve had this experience numerous times. I estimate I’ve only had 2-3% of my Requests for Information from my so-called federal representative, actually answered.

  11. Has anyone checked out what McBride has written about Hurley and the cover-up of war crimes in Afghanistan which McBride is facing gaol for revealing?

  12. I find it difficult to understand how this secretive Catholic Cabal is allowed to exert such influence.

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