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Peter Dutton’s dirty laundry of corruption scandals is a mile long and overshadows his leadership

Peter Dutton has a long list of corruption scandals that have never been addressed in the past but would need to be before he was ever to become Prime Minister. Some of the scandals I have written about over the last few years which are listed below and in the below video.

Peter Dutton’s position as leader of the Liberal Party and leader of the federal coalition are under the microscope in the old media for 2 main reasons:

  1. Because the Liberals lost the Aston byelection, “marking the first time in over a century, since 1920, a sitting government has won a seat from the opposition in a federal by-election”.
  2. Peter Dutton’s handling of The Voice referendum.

But a third reason, and I would argue the main reasons, Dutton’s leadership of the Liberal Party and coalition is not tenable is his history of corruption scandals which the old media are not reporting. The old media have an attitude that once a story is past the media cycle they rarely report it again which is what the corrupt politicians count on.

New media independent journalists and social media users on the other hand are on board the internet truth train that never forgets and when appropriate, and sometimes when not appropriate, old corruption stories are raised again. An appropriate time to look over Peter Dutton’s corruption scandals is now given his leadership positions are under the microscope.

In the below video I discuss six articles I have written about Peter Dutton which raise corruption allegations and the links to the articles are below the video.

Links to the articles mentioned in the above video:

  1. October 2020 – Federal MP Peter Dutton covers up $39 million fraud and theft at the Australian Border Force
  2. November 2021 – Peter Dutton perjures himself to win a $35,000 defamation payout but refuses to sue regarding numerous allegations of corruption
  3. March 2022 – Peter Dutton handed over $82 million of taxpayer’s money to another dodgy company and his alleged cokehead friend made money selling cars to the same company
  4. September 2022 – Peter Dutton perjured himself trying to get $250,000 compensation new Four Corners interview shows
  5. October 2022 – Peter Dutton and his dodgy $1.8 billion deal with Canstruct who had no staff, no revenue and no assets. Will the NACC investigate?
  6. February 2023 – Peter Dutton attending George Pell’s funeral is the political equivalent of tying your dinghy to the Titanic after it hit the iceberg

The bottom line is Peter Dutton will never become Prime Minister because if the corruption scandals were addressed properly he would end up in jail and that’s no place for a Prime Minister. But Peter Dutton is not fit to be opposition leader either and there must be someone else in the Liberal Party who can replace Dutton and doesn’t have the same amount of baggage that Dutton has. 

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  1. The Opposition Leader is of similar character and calibre as many current MPs/Senators currently sitting in Canberra, as they say, Australia the lucky country run by very ordinary people… reflection on those who vote for the likes of the Opposition Leader.

    • October 2018 Peter Dutton insists he has never made money from a family trust linked to childcare centres owned by his wife, which opponents say put his eligibility to sit in parliament under a cloud.
      My wife’s business is her business, I have never taken a dollar of dividend or distribution,” he told the National Press Club in Canberra on Wednesday.
      It seems this arrangement is OK for MPs in our governments.

  2. There is apossible replacement for Dutton, Andrew Laming, the cleverest Liberal out there and widely experienced in Life Issues.

  3. They are all tarred with the same brush. One week you target Albanese. This week its Dutton. It just shows how corrupt most of our pollies are, along with Judges, Lawyers, the old media, etc. I not aware of Andrew Laming who Whyn Carnie has recommended but I personally think the likes of Senator Alex Antic would
    be a great opposition leader replacement for Dutton. Check out this man & his policies. Certainly talks a lot of sense .

  4. Another thing. You have to give Dutton some credit for voting “No” against the Voice to Parliament even though he knew that his decision would be unpopular with the populace. At least he stuck to his principle & didn’t back down. Where here in S.A.,we didn’t even get a vote for a voice to S.A. Parliament. What happened to democracy ? At least we get to vote in the Federal referendum…

  5. William Betham was sentenced to 10 years jail for drug dealing, served 7, then had his deportation cancelled by Dutton’s office when he was Minister.

    • Dutton is good mates with a slime bag coke dealer that imports those horrid RAM trucks. He even did an ad for them. I was informed that the dudes are coke dealers and very dangerous people. Dutton seems to only care about money as well. If there’s a dollar to be made he will find it.

  6. Unfortunately corruption is bred into the culture of politicians , courts and government agencies. If you don’t tow the corruption line you don’t get a start

  7. There must be a way to rid ourselves of the tyranny of our judges, lawyers and politicians.
    Perhaps, a revolution?

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