Rupert Murdoch and King CharlesGovernor-General David Hurley

King Charles conspires with Rupert Murdoch to destroy his son Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

King Charles has been colluding with Rupert Murdoch, via his wife Camilla, to destroy the reputation of his son Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. Prince Harry has strongly alluded to this without expressly stating it in numerous interviews he has given to promote his new book.

With the abuse of the Australian constitution over the last few years by former Prime Minister Scott Morrison with the help of the Governor-General of Australia David Hurley, who is His Majesty The King’s representative, then the secret relationship between King Charles and Rupert Murdoch becomes an issue for Australian voters that needs to be exposed.

Also, as part of that exposure, the conduct of King Charles and Prince William towards Prince Harry points to them not being fit to be King of England let alone King of Australia which is also issue for most readers of this website as it is an Australian-based website.

Prince Harry will never be King of Australia so what he does or doesn’t say or do has no impact on Australia. But King Charles is King of Australia and Prince William will likely also be King of Australia at some stage before Australia becomes a republic if it ever does.

To be fair Prince Harry has accused most of the UK tabloid media of the same thing as he accuses Murdoch. But there is a powerful piece of video evidence linking King Charles’s wife Camilla to one of Rupert Murdoch’s media puppets that seems to have been swept under the carpet by the media as they try to protect their own reputations by attacking Prince Harry and his wife.

Prince Harry unloads on Rupert Murdoch in his book Spare

It has been reported Prince Harry says the following about Rupert Murdoch in his book:

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, unloads on Rupert Murdoch in his new memoir, saying he has long believed that the conservative media mogul is “evil.”

“Of course, I didn’t care for Murdoch’s politics, which were just to the right of the Taliban’s,” Harry writes in “Spare.” “And I didn’t like the harm he did each and every day to the truth, his wanton desecration of objective facts.”

“Indeed, I couldn’t think of a single human being who in the 300,000-year history of the species who’d done more collective damage to our sense of reality,” he writes of Murdoch. “But what really sickened a frightened me in 2012 was Murdoch’s ever-expanding circle of flunkies: young, broken desperate men willing to do whatever was necessary to earn one of his Grinchy smiles.” (Click here to read more)

King Charles and Rupert Murdoch

During the course of Prince Harry’s recent interviews, he accused Buckingham Palace, which was overseen by Queen Elizabeth and is now overseen by King Charles, of leaking negative stories about him and his wife directly to the media for many years. Prince Harry also heavily criticised King Charles’s wife Camilla.

Prince Harry attacked the UK tabloid media for their many negative stories and he used a recent example in December 2022 where British television presenter Jeremy Clarkson wrote an article in Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun newspaper in the UK and said he:

Hates Meghan “on a cellular level” and he was “dreaming of the day when she [Meghan] is made to parade naked through the streets of every town in Britain while the crowds chant ‘Shame!’ and throw lumps of excrement at her”. A screenshot is below. (Click here to read more)

Jeremy Clarkson was forced to apologize for the above article after a public backlash but Buckingham Palace, King Charles and Prince William have stayed silent on the issue.

What the media haven’t reported is Jeremy Clarkson’s close relationship with King Charles’s wife Camilla, but they just touched on it. THE SMH reported:

In a recent interview with ITV, Harry criticised Clarkson as well as the royal family for not commenting on the matter at the time. It was reported in December that Clarkson, as well as another vocal critic of Harry and Meghan, British journalist and broadcaster Piers Morgan, had dined with Camilla, the Queen Consort, at a Christmas lunch alongside a handful of other hand-picked celebrity friends.

Morgan, a fierce rival of Clarkson who once punched him three times in the head during a long-running feud, lost his job from ITV’s breakfast television program in 2021 after he cast doubts over Meghan’s claims of racism within the royal family (Click here to read more)

Camilla dining with 2 of the biggest critics of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is very telling but as per the video below her relationship with Jeremy Clarkson runs a lot deeper which makes it impossible to believe Jeremy Clarkson didn’t have the support of King Charles and Camilla when he wrote the trash talking dribble he did in December 2022 about Meghan Markle as per above. What is also telling is that King Charles and Camilla have not publicly condemned Jeremy Clarkson’s attacks on Meghan Markle.

Camilla’s Country Life

In July 2022 a documentary went to air that was clearly designed to boost Camilla’s reputation and Jeremy Clarkson was in the documentary at Camilla’s request which shows that Clarkson has a close relationship with Camilla which is relevant to Jeremy Clarkson’s attack on Meghan Markle and the lack of comment by King Charles on Clarkson’s attack. It was reported in July 2022:

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed how he used to share a cheeky cigarette or two with HRH Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, back in the day. In a new ITV documentary which aired this evening (July 13) the former Top Gear presenter was on his farm as he was set to feature in a special edition of Country Life – one which the Duchess herself was guest editing.

The documentary, titled ‘Camilla’s Country Life, took viewers behind the scenes of both Camilla’s time as guest editor of the magazine and certain areas of her life never-before-seen. While on his farm in the Cotswolds, documentary filmmakers asked him to talk about the future Queen Consort, to which he revealed (much to the delight of many viewers): “I think we get on very well.

“Um, we used to go… perhaps I shouldn’t say this, but we used to go and sneak a crafty fag round the back of things. But I don’t smoke anymore.” When asked if Her Royal Highness still partakes in a ‘cheeky cigarette’, he said: “I think she might still sneak a crafty one in occasionally, but you’d have to ask her.” To which the narrator quickly pointed out to viewers that the Duchess has not ‘smoked’ in decades. (Click here to read more)

In the below video, Jeremy Clarkson talks about sneaking a cigarette behind things with Camilla. But Camilla hasn’t smoked for decades which means that Jeremy Clarkson has known Camilla for a long time.

(The full Camilla’s Country Life documentary can be watched on the ABC by clicking here. At the 20 minute mark Jeremy Clarkson talks for about 3 minutes regarding his relationship with Camilla)

Update 24/1/23 – I published the below video on YouTube with further evidence of King Charles’s close relationship with Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun newspaper and Camilla’s close relationship with Jeremy Clarkson.

There can be no doubt that Jeremey Clarkson’s attack on Megan Markle was either co-drafted by Camilla or at least given her approval after the fact which King Charles by his silence has also approved.

King Charles and Prince William are both weak and spineless for not at least publicly criticising Jeremey Clarkson and their lack of action supports Prince Harry’s claim that Buckingham Palace is colluding with the media to attack him and his wife Megan Markle. And to be more specific that means Kings Charles, via his wife Camilla and her friend and Murdoch puppet Jeremey Clarkson, is colluding with Rupert Murdoch to destroy his own son.

Camilla Parker-Bowles, now known as the Queen Consort of the United Kingdom, was regularly reported as being Britain’s most hated woman for being the “third person” in King Charles’s marriage to Princess Diana so Camilla has a lot to benefit from shifting the spotlight and public hate to Prince Harry and Megan Markle.

And that is exactly what Harry has in effect said in his recent interviews where he spoke of the attacks on him and his wife being about other Royals trying to rehabilitate their reputations by attacking him and his wife by colluding with the media with leaks. And right at the heart of it is the dirty digger, Rupert Murdoch.

Australia becoming a republic isn’t the top of the agenda for many Australians but with King Charles now being in Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch’s hip pocket the sooner we become a republic the better.

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    • It seems that the queens departure has opened the door for complete removal of civil liberty’s in the uk and a flow on to Australia as the separation of powers act has been completely ignored in recent years

  1. I found your viewpoint on this morning’s Post to be very disappointing. Putting all feelings of antipathy for the Murdoch press and their lackeys aside, Haz’s sketchy Memoir is the ultimate betrayal of family loyalty and trust and I don’t consider Charles and William’s silence is ‘weak and spineless’ by not publicly defending the grifters. More so, since Haz and his wife had the gall to accept a Humanitarian Award for their slanderous allegations of racism which, though it’s on record, Haz now denies that they said it and once again blames the press. Further, giving the religious zealots an excuse to start beheading ‘non believers’ again is sickening. If he were my son I would disown him.

    • You say “Haz’s sketchy Memoir is the ultimate betrayal of family loyalty and trust”.
      But what about Charles and the Palace leaking fake stories about Harry and Meghan? For example, the abusive one in the article by Camilla’s good friend Jeremy Clarkson attacking Meghan.

      And what about Charles’ relationship with Camilla while he was married to Diana? You don’t think that rates a mention for “betrayal of family loyalty and trust”? Harry obviously does given how much he has spoken about it.

  2. Haz’s version of many events and Meghan’s ‘truth’ has been disproven and they have publicly – without shame- denied their slander and therefore, his allegations of fake stories cannot be relied upon. There are two disparate sides to this tale and it’s being milked on all sides but mainly for personal gain by the Sussexes.

    • Who cares what Harry and his wife do as Harry will never be King of Australia. But Charles is and William will be. You have been sucked in by Murdoch and the Tabloid media who want the public to focus on Harry while ignoring Charles’ grubby conduct which is what Australians should focus on as he is the King of Australia.

  3. “ Indeed, I couldn’t think of a single human being who in the 300,000-year history of the species who’d done more collective damage to our sense of reality,” he writes of Murdoch.
    He could have stopped at the word “damage”

  4. The antagonism of the press against Harry’s choice of wife, Meghan Markle would have started due to her heritage – Native American. And also would there have been any risk of a ‘throwback’ baby?
    The British Royal family cannot be sullied by anyone not European.
    Of course any prominent woman can be and is abused by the press, especially the Murdoch reporters.
    Think Lindy Chamberlain, Princess Diana, US Ice Skater Tonia Harding, Julia Gillard, Jacinda Ardern, and Markle.
    Whereas Prince Andrew, with his inappropriate behaviour with young girls, and our own ex PM Morrison, are ignored. Being males.
    Harry was attracted to Markle because she supported good causes. Like his mother, Diana.
    All the female UK MPs wrote a letter to all the UK papers strongly criticising their abuse of Markle.
    And Harry decided he had enough of the Royal nastiness. Isn’t his book name ‘Spare’ meant to suggest his body could provide if William his brother had a need?

    • Irene James – Meghan’s Mother, Doria is not a Native American – she is a Black African-American with Links to Nigeria. This is why so much incorrect information & conversations on Social Media is incorrect & people believe it.

  5. Think of the ladies Harry could have married if the British tabloid press had respected their privacy ,had not have stalked them everywhere they went much like they stalked Dianna before her marriage to Charles .
    Any wonder why Harry married Meghan , a lady who knew what to expect and knew how to deal with likes of Murdoch and his Mob .

    • Well. Meghan is even a less acceptable addition to the British Royal family if her heritage is African/American. She certainly doesn’t have full European ancestry. The only ancestry wanted.

  6. How on earth can anyone have any respect for the bloody lot of them? But, in particular, that tired old spoiled rotten royal pimp and his old trollop. One only has to remember the recent display of bared teeth over a leaky pen. How dramatic!

  7. I did pass through the village where Camilla grew up in, in 1993 the incredibly small Pub – the Owner who I think was wanting to set records straight, mentioned something about bicycles and locals.—-and how some of the locals were viewed by other inhabitants of that small village that looked across to the White Horse on the side of the mountain….

  8. If, theoretically, my grandparents had murdered my mother and all the evidence was easily available for anyone to examine, I don’t think I’d be too stupid to work it out.

  9. Even if the Royal Family was as perfect as the monarchists want them to be, there is no place for them in the Australian system in 2023. It is time to remove the shackles. The idea that a member of some random foreign family should be the Australian head of state is ridiculous.

  10. I have NEVER, even as a child understood why this “royal” family has all these privileges and “own” these majestic dwellings.

    IMHO, they do not with their pompous exaltation; belong in the world of 2023. While I vehemently do not agree with or endorse the methodology used to dispense with the Russian Imperial Romanov family of Nicholas II of Russia, his wife Alexandra Feodorovna, and their five children: Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, and Alexei; I do firmly believe this “royal” family should be removed from these buildings and their riches be absorbed back into the consolidated revenue of the UK and / or with shared payments / grants to all of the old countries of the Commonwealth.

    If as a result, they are left homeless, I believe a council home or flat should, without question, be provided, for each family unit within the “royal” family.

    QUESTIONS: Please explain. I am only too willing to stand corrected.
    (1) Really, what is so special about this group of individuals that is relevant in 2023, other than some out of date, historical standing or relevance?
    (2) What are the original sources for their current accumulated wealth?
    (3) Does the plundering and colonisation of old-world countries have any relevance to this wealth? (Think about all the Commonwealth countries)

    There are more questions than willing answers about the “royal” family, its history and its individual members, but I do not think that truthful answers would be provided.

    This family can now be ranked with all the other current trend reality TV shows.
    They are an unworthy distraction to the real everyday challenges of Australian families and society.

    And please, no references to fighting under the union jack flag. Australian lives were continually sacrificed, for no worthy reasons, under the notion of this all-inclusive empire. What an absolute disgrace. We Australians, continually give up our sovereignty. This time it is the yanks!

    These are my honest opinions.

  11. Absolute rubbish having a monarchy in this day and age. Nothing more than a cult made up of very mediocre individuals. The sooner Australia becomes a republic the better

  12. All the “royals” should be done away with and all that stolen wealth be returned to the members of the Commonwealth. That aside Harry is just another whiny spoilt brat who blamed everyone else for all his shortcomings. If it wasn’t for his family ties he would not have made the millions he has for his utter garbage.

  13. Murdoch seems to have a habit of using his media machine to protect his high profile cronies.

    I had a similar experience with the Murdochs “Harper Collins”, ‘Kerry Stokes, the Boy from Nowhere.” In the book, Andrew Rule exposed the estranged son, (me), as somebody who was given so much help, despite the son’s alleged many character flaws. The narrative gave a glowing account of this high-flying philanthropist at the expense of the truth, and one son’s credibility. Despite my pleas to the publisher to let me explain my version of the facts, ie: a father that would sell his own son down the river to protect his share price and reputation – and a father who would betray his first family in many circumstances, I was denied this justice.
    Its not the first instance of Murdoch betraying the truth to protect his fellow media baron. Some years ago, Colleen Egan wrote a glowing article to this amasing mans achievements, two loved sons by his side. However, like the picture of Dorean Grey, the hidden image was much darker. That dark reality is a man who would walk out on some of his children. I had some success in vindicating this lie. Egan was going to run my story as a main article in a followup. She told me how happy she was that I wasnt seeking any payments. Not long after, she left Murdochs Perth Sunday Times, and began a plumb job at the West Australian. I think Rudd was right to call for a Royal Commission into the Murdoch Empire.

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