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Lachlan Murdoch’s big mouth set to cost Rupert Murdoch, Fox and himself $billion in the Dominion defamation case

Rupert Murdoch and his companies Fox Corp, Fox News and News Corp are under full frontal attack in numerous court cases for their lies and what could bring them undone is Lachlan Murdoch’s stupidity by his admissions in the below video.

The biggest of the court cases is the defamation case by Dominion Voting Systems $1.6 billion against Fox Corp and Fox News in the US which is set for hearing in April 2023.

Over the last few weeks Lachlan Murdoch and Rupert Murdoch have both been deposed and forced to answer questions under oath. (Click here to read more) A transcript of that evidence has not yet been made public but will be sometime in the future.

One of Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch’s defences from any personal liability in the court cases is that in their management roles, they do not tell journalists what to say.

But in the below video, Lachlan Murdoch says that he “works closely with the managers of those newsrooms and it’s important they get the positioning and the messaging right”. Those “managers” would be the editors who work directly with the journalists overseeing what the journalists write. So Lachlan by his own admission is only one step away from directly telling the journalists what to write.

Lachlan also says he works closely with the managers of the Newspapers. So why doesn’t Lachlan leave it to the managers of the newspapers to work closely with the editors? Why does Lachlan override the managers of the newspapers and give direct instructions to the editors?

It’s because Lachlan and Rupert want to give direct instructions on what is and isn’t written or said because they are running a propaganda business masquerading as a news business.

That is proven by Lachlan’s line where he says, “and it’s important they get the positioning and the messaging right”. A news business reports the news, so they don’t need to worry about “positioning” and “getting the message right”.

Lachlan then says, “we don’t always get it right”. Well, they would get it right if they focused on reporting the news and not worrying about the “positioning” and “getting the message right” for Rupert and Lachlan’s propaganda.

The video below is Lachlan Murdoch being interviewed at the New York Times Deal Book Conference in November 2018.

(Click here to watch the full interview on YouTube. Lachlan Murdoch’s interview starts at the 2 hour and 30-minute mark)

In the video one person asking a question points out that Lachlan Murdoch told the audience he is left-leaning which is a blatant lie. Lachlan is not left or right, he is a criminal who says anything to make a dollar. Lachlan says at the end of the video we have to get along and be more tolerant of others yet it’s Lachlan and his father Rupert who sell and promote hate and division via their media.

Like most criminals, Lachlan Murdoch is not overly bright, he just has a lot of money which gives him access to a lot of advisors and speech writers so in public he generally doesn’t seem as stupid as he really is.

Lachlan’s lawyers are back in court on Monday in Australia for his defamation case against Crikey trying to add Crikey’s owner and CEO as defendants. If they are successful in adding the 2 new respondents it will likely delay the court case which was meant to be heard in March 2023.

I think it might be a tactic by Lachlan and Fox to delay the court case in Australia as they would want the more important Dominion matter in the US to be heard first. Because both matters cover similar ground and Lachlan will be giving evidence in both matters so if Lachlan is caught lying on the witness stand in Australia that could potentially be used in the Dominion case in the US and cost the Murdochs and Fox $billions.

Judgment day for Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch is not far off as they have done too much damage to too many people. They won’t be gone in one year as they have too much money but 2023 could be the start of a huge slide downhill for them.

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  1. It is disingenuous of the Murdochs to defend themselves by saying that they don’t tell journalists what to write. Most certainly, there isn’t a list of specific instructions, signed by Rupert and Lachlan, on the newsroom wall. The newsroom culture is absorbed by osmosis. Journalists are expected to know what’s expected of them or they’re out.

  2. You only have to look at the people employed by Murdoch to understand what direction and message News Corp and its associated companies are prioritising.

    News Corp thrives on division, government protection and massive subsidies and will do whatever it takes to protect their ultra-conservative views and massive profits fuelling their propaganda machine.

  3. So only Murdoch is biased? I don’t think so, as the bulk of the media is controlled by big money and espouse the same line but on the left. Vote for the senile President and his motley crew of thieves or they are out. the laughable same script reporting across the US and the puerile reporting in Australia where you get two minutes of story with two minutes of station promotion and ten separate adverts! Plus inevitable man bites dog stories and medical breakthroughs? Media is now the problem but your insane hatred of Murdoch is irrational and so biased you have no credibility at all.

    • Mr Bower, I notice you didn’t challenge any of the facts in the article but it’s a bit hard when the facts have come directly out of Lachlan’s mouth. Sounds like you’re a News Corp employee trying to protect the boss with the 2 wrongs equal a right argument.

  4. Love your smoke and mirrors, Mr Bowyer. Trying to make News/Fox look good by smearing news organisations is not going to fly. Remember the stark difference between news and propaganda. You’ve only got to remember that Ol’ Rupe himself has admitted he was “coerced” into admitting that climate change/global warming was actually real by his advertisers as they threatened to take their ad money elsewhere.

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