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Global elite Rupert Murdoch fakes “resignation” from Fox and News Corp boards to avoid financial liability for his crimes

Rupert Murdoch, who has for decades promoted global elites who rape and pillage government finances around the world, has faked his resignation as executive chairman of Fox Corp and News Corp to avoid his legal and financial labilities for his countless crimes.

Murdoch’s fake resignation has been motivated by the growing list of lawsuits against Fox Corp and Fox News with the latest being filed only 12 days ago. The New York City’s pension funds and the state of Oregon sued Fox Corporation on the 12th of September 2023. Interestingly it wasn’t reported by any Australian media that I can find nor is it being mentioned in any of the reporting regarding Murdoch’s resignation.

America’s ABC News reported:

New York City’s pension funds and the state of Oregon sued Fox Corporation on Tuesday, alleging the company harmed investors by allowing Fox News to broadcast falsehoods about the 2020 election that exposed the network to defamation lawsuits.

The lawsuit, filed in Delaware, accuses the company of inviting defamation claims by amplifying conspiracy theories about the election, including a suit Fox News agreed to settle for nearly $800 million with the voting machine company Dominion Voting Systems.

“Fox’s board of directors has blatantly disregarded the need for journalistic standards and failed to put safeguards in place despite having a business model that invites defamation litigation,” said New York City Comptroller Brad Lander, who manages the city’s pension funds.

In a statement, Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum said the Fox breached its fiduciary duties by disregarding legal risks.

“The directors’ choices exposed themselves and the company to liability and exposed their shareholders to significant risks,” she said. “That is the crux of our lawsuit, and we look forward to making our case in court.” (Click here to read more)

The Murdoch’s and Fox’s conduct during the Dominion defamation case also included criminal conduct and I published an article in March 2023 titled “Rupert Murdoch faces jail for threatening employee to lie under oath in $1.6 billion Dominion defamation case”. (Click here to read more)

New York City’s pension funds and the state of Oregon are not only suing Fox Corporation but are also suing the directors such as Lachlan Murdoch and Rupert Murdoch.

The New York City’s pension funds and the state of Oregon case joins a list of current lawsuits that will cost Fox $billions such as the $2.7billion Smartmatic defamation case that is still afoot and is almost identical to the Dominion case which Fox settled for $1.17 billion ($US 787.5 million). (Click here to read more

Lawsuits against Fox Corp directors is a huge liability now and in the future with dozens if not hundreds of lawsuits to come from Fox News knowingly promoting lies and Rupert Murdoch knows that. By resigning now Rupert has drawn a line in the sand for what he can be sued for.

Two key benefits for Rupert Murdoch to fake his resignation:

  1. By “resigning” publicly as Chairman and an executive, but still being in charge, Rupert Murdoch gets to do what he has always been doing running the companies but with no legal accountability which also means no financial accountably from potential future lawsuits regarding his future conduct.
  2. Rupert Murdoch might still be able to be sued for past crimes as Chairman and an executive but for future crimes he can say he is no longer a director or an employee of the company so is not liable.

Australian media have reported the fake resignation as per below. I have highlighted the key parts which shows it’s a fake resignation:

Rupert Murdoch steps down as chairman of Fox and News Corp

The SMH reported – September 21, 2023 — 11.43pm

New York: After building an empire over seven decades, Rupert Murdoch is stepping down as the head of Fox and News Corp.

The Australian-born media mogul announced on Thursday (US time) that he would transition from his roles as chair of Fox Corporation and executive chairman of News Corp in November.

His son Lachlan will become the sole chairman of both companies, while Rupert Murdoch will become “chairman emeritus”.

The 92-year-old informed staff of his decision in a letter that stated he was still in good health but “the time is right to take on different roles”.

He added that he would continue to “be involved every day in the contest of ideas” and warned that the “battle for the freedom of speech and, ultimately, the freedom of thought, has never been more intense”.

“I am writing to let you all know that I have decided to transition to the role of Chairman Emeritus at Fox and News,” Murdoch wrote.

“For my entire professional life, I have been engaged daily with news and ideas, and that will not change. But the time is right for me to take on different roles, knowing that we have truly talented teams and a passionate, principled leader in Lachlan who will become sole Chairman of both companies.”

Regarding the Dominion Voting Systems donation lawsuit’s that cost Fox Corp $1.17 billion ($US 787.5 million), the SMH says:

While the matter never made it to trial, Murdoch made stunning admissions in earlier depositions, including the fact that presenters had “endorsed” Donald Trump’s lies of a stolen election knowing they weren’t true, and that company executives could have intervened to prevent those lies from being aired.

“My father firmly believed in freedom, and Lachlan is absolutely committed to the cause. Self-serving bureaucracies are seeking to silence those who would question their provenance and purpose. Elites have open contempt for those who are not members of their rarefied class. Most of the media is in cahoots with those elites, peddling political narratives rather than pursuing the truth.

Our companies are communities, and I will be an active member of our community. I will be watching our broadcasts with a critical eye, reading our newspapers and websites and books with much interest, and reaching out to you with thoughts, ideas, and advice. When I visit your countries and companies, you can expect to see me in the office late on a Friday afternoon.” (Click here to read more)

As you can see in the parts in bold above, Rupert Murdoch made it clear in his letter to staff he was still in charge even after “resigning”.

Below is Global elite Lachlan Murdoch’s LA house which cost him US$150 million in 2019. The house was used in the credits of “The Beverly Hillbillies” TV series (Click here to read more)

Lachlan Murdoch's LA House

Rupert Murdoch and Lachlan Murdoch are 2 of the biggest “Global elites” but claim they are fighting elites when Murdoch says: “Most of the media is in cahoots with those elites, peddling political narratives rather than pursuing the truth” which is exactly what Rupert Murdoch and Lachlan Murdoch do with their media.

Rupert Murdoch and Lachlan Murdoch own houses worth 100’s of $millions around the world, own boats worth 100’s of $millions, own corporate jets worth 100’s of $millions, collude with politicians around the world, pay very little tax around the world and try and claim they are not elites.

Below Global elite Rupert Murdoch lands in Melbourne aboard his $80 million jet (19/8/18)

Rupert Murdoch lands in Melbourne aboard his $80 million G650 jet 19/8/18

The SMH reported – September 22, 2023

Make no mistake, Rupert Murdoch will still be calling the shots

News Corp has been asked if Rupert can still attend board meetings in this role as chairman emeritus, and if there is any boardroom business he will now be precluded from attending.

The family has gotten used to running the two businesses, with a combined market capitalisation of about $US27 billion ($42 billion), as their personal fiefdom despite owning a minority stake in both.

Murdoch’s control of the super shares that dominate voting rights at both Fox and News Corp gives the family about 40 per cent of votes despite owning just 14 per cent of each. (Click here to read more)

The below video is a podcast of this article:

(Click here to watch the above video on YouTube)

Report Murdoch, Fox Corp and News Corp are refusing to answer the question of whether “Rupert can still attend board meetings in this role as chairman emeritus, and if there is any boardroom business he will now be precluded from attending”.

This is very important because if Rupert is showing up to board meetings in his new role as “chairman emeritus” he could also potentially be sued as a director which would put his $billions of personal wealth at risk and undermine his fake resignation strategy to avoid accountability.

Rupert and the Board will have “Directors insurance” to protect them but I doubt the insurance covers knowingly publishing lies.

Whether Rupert Murdoch is a director, executive and liable was an issue during the Dominion defamation case and his fake resignation is undoubtedly at least in part motivated by that experience.

The Guardian reported in April 2023 days before Fox settled with Dominion:

Fox News under fire for ‘credibility problem’ over late disclosure of Murdoch role

A judge said Fox News had a “credibility problem” as it prepares for a $1.6bn defamation trial after the company disclosed for the first time in nearly two years of litigation that Rupert Murdoch was an officer of the company.

On Monday, Fox News and its parent company Fox Corp head to trial over Fox’s coverage of false election-rigging claims. Murdoch, chairman of Fox Corp, is expected to testify.

Fox News had disclaimed that Murdoch was a company officer, which shaped how Dominion litigated the case, according to Nelson. As a Fox News officer, Murdoch would probably have been subject to more investigative discovery by Dominion.

“It is very troubling but this is where we are,” the Dominion attorney Justin Nelson said, adding the Dominion only learned of Murdoch’s role on Sunday and got its first document with Murdoch’s title of Fox News executive chairman on Tuesday morning.

Superior court judge Eric Davis called the delayed disclosure “bizarre” and chided Fox attorneys for having made representations that Murdoch wasn’t an officer of Fox News, only to reverse on the eve of trial. “I’m not very happy right now,” Davis said. “You have a credibility problem.” (Click here to read more)

The Dominion defamation case shows Rupert Murdoch has recent history in trying to hide from a court his true role, and therefore liability, at Fox Corp and Fox News which supports my view that Murdoch’s resignation is a lie designed to avoid his future criminal and financial liabilities.

Rupert Murdoch is a global criminal and nothing he says can be trusted but right on cue other media publish his lies of “resigning” without questioning his motives or whether its true.

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  1. Worse still, ridiculous suggestion that Australia’s most embarrassing PM in modern times, the Hon Tony Abbott may be invited to join the Fox Board, surely must be some sort of media beat up to be a joke, as low and grubby as Murdoch’s are, no board could invite Abbott onboard but then Murdoch’s have form for low despicable behaviour as highlighted in the above report.

  2. Thanks KCA
    You’re tireless efforts to expose the evil of the world are greatly appreciated
    Especially your reporting of the most evil of them all, Rupert.

  3. If I recollect correctly Rupert had to give up his Australian Citizenship and took up American Citizenship when he moved into America to run his companies there. Has Lachlan also got American Citizenship now? He may be prevented to run the empire from America.

  4. Goodness!

    Dame Elisabeth Murdoch (Deceased) is the mother of Rupert Murdoch. I just wonder sometimes what she really did think of her son and grandson, and their global business pursuits.

    If I am not mistaken, I think Dame Elisabeth warned Rupert not to buy the News of the World. The British tabloid accused of phone hacking, dragged Murdoch’s media empire into a major scandal.

    Ah dear, what Mothers have had to put up with sometimes.

    I believe she would have not been too pleased with Rupert’s continuing antics.

    Good account KCA, Thank You

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