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Perjury is now standard practice at the AFP after 8 police were preparing to lie in court to stitch up Latrell Mitchell and Jack Wighton

Rugby League players Latrell Mitchell and Jack Wighton were saved from criminal convictions because the nightclub they were at in Canberra had CCTV otherwise the perjured evidence of 9 police officers would have likely been enough for conviction.

But the old media have been missing a key point in their reporting and which is after one police officer committed perjury, Sergeant David Power, up to another 8 officers were planning on committing perjury to support Sergeant Power but the scam was exposed before they could.

Sergeant David Power was exposed committing perjury last Tuesday (31/10/23) and even apologised. The SMH reported:

The most senior police official involved in the arrest of Latrell Mitchell and Jack Wighton has apologised after admitting he gave false evidence while testifying against the NRL stars.

Sergeant David Power, in the witness box on the second day of the hearing at ACT Magistrates Court, admitted key details he provided in the case did not occur. Power had previously alleged he kicked Wighton out of Fiction nightclub after he saw the NRL star with clenched fists, anger in his face and holding a man by the shirt.

Police alleged Wighton and Mitchell, who will become teammates at South Sydney next year, fought each other outside the venue. However, Power claimed he had a “long-term memory issue” after his version of events was challenged by Wighton’s barrister, Steve Boland.

Boland said the police had attempted to “frame” his client, labelling the case as an “old-school stitch-up”.

The bombshell revelations came after Boland used CCTV footage to put together a timeline of events that contradicted Power’s version. Boland labelled Power’s testimony as “a total and utter fantasy you dreamt up to justify everything that happens”. Click here to read more)

The following day, Wednesday the 1st of November 2023, the prosecutor said they were not calling anymore witnesses and the case was dropped.

The reason the prosecutors decided not to call more witnesses is clear and it is the part the old media are not reporting.

The other police officers who were due to give evidence, up to 8, would have made sure their evidence in their witness statements aligned with Sergeant David Power’s evidence that we now know was perjured. That means the other officers were about to commit perjury as well. I discuss that in more detail in the below video:

(Click here to watch the above video on YouTube)

Interestingly, in June this year, the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions sent a letter to Canberra Raiders chief executive Don Furner, then Jack Wighton’s boss, proposing Jack Wighton issue a public apology and plead guilty to fighting charges. (Click here to read more) (And no, the ACT DPP wasn’t Shane Drumgold who was on leave at the time and has since resigned)

Latrell Mitchell and Jack Wighton are now considering possible civil action against the ACT police which is about the only way the full truth might come out but the police would likely settle for any amount wanting a non-disclosure agreement to hide the truth.

No need for the public to fear as the corrupt police are under investigation by the same corrupt police force: “A number of ACT police officers have been referred to an internal standards panel after charges against NRL players Jack Wighton and Latrell Mitchell were dismissed in the ACT Magistrates Court yesterday.” (Click here to read more)

By itself the attempted criminal stitch up of Jack Wighton and Latrell Mitchell is bad but it is a lot worse when put together with other recent examples of the same police force acting in a similar manner as outlined below.

The ACT police do not have their own police force and the Australia Federal Police (AFP) are contracted to do local policing in the ACT which they do via a division called ACT Policing.

ACT Policing is the same AFP division that was up to their neck committing perjuring and tampering with evidence at the ACT Inquiry into police corruption. I published an article on the 31st of May 2023 titled “AFP Detective Scott Moller committed perjury at the ACT Inquiry trying to conceal aiding and abetting Bruce Lehrmann” which starts off:

Detective Superintendent Scott Moller has blatantly committed perjury at the ACT Police Corruption Inquiry when he gave evidence on Tuesday the 23rd of May and the 2 key witnesses are Bruce Lehrmann’s barristers Steve Whybrow and John Korn.

Steve Whybrow and John Korn have in effect accused Detective Superintendent Scott Moller of helping them with Bruce Lehrmann’s defence and that is why Scott Moller refuted their version of events when he was in the witness stand.

The dispute in evidence between Scott Moller and Steve Whybrow is really Moller’s downfall at least as far as these key issues are concerned. But I will start off with the John Korn issue first which is minor in comparison. (Click here to read more)

On the 8th of June 2023 I published an article titled “AFP Detective Marcus Boorman’s tampering with a police document to conceal Bruce Lehrmann’s lies exposed at the ACT Inquiry” which starts off:

Detective Inspector Marcus Boorman deliberately deleted 2 key paragraphs of a document written by other police, that accused Bruce Lehrmann of lying, which was sent to a senior police officer to determine the prospect of rape charges against Lehrmann as per the below video of the ACT Police Corruption Inquiry

There can be no doubt that Detective Inspector Marcus Boorman tampered with the police document in an attempt to stop Bruce Lehrmann being charged with raping Brittany Higgins.

What makes it worse is that Bruce Lehrmann’s barrister Steve Whybrow told the ACT Inquiry that he had a conversation with Marcus Boorman during the rape trial and Mr Whybrow claims that Marcus Boorman told him he would resign from the police if Lehrmann was found guilty. That is further evidence of Boorman being biased in favour of Bruce Lehrmann and helps explain why Boorman tampered with the police document. (Click here to read more)

During the ACT Inquiry into police corruption the police said numerous police who were on the investigating team regarding the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins by Bruce Lehrmann were on stress leave and obviously could not give evidence to the Inquiry.

I believe Marcus Boorman was one of the officers on stress leave and his handiwork above was exposed by other witnesses which I think explains why he took stress leave. I emailed the ACT police media team and they would not tell me how many police were on stress leave.

The other 8 police officers lining up to commit perjury to support Sergeant David Power should have gone on stress leave like the police officers did at the ACT Inquiry to avoid perjury.

I wonder if ACT Policing’s Sergeant David Power, Detective Superintendent Scott Moller and Detective Inspector Marcus Boorman know each other? Of course they do. They are part of the corruption cancer at ACT Policing and the AFP.

The ACT government should tear up their contract with the AFP to provide a police force for the ACT and employ their own police force.

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  1. Remember this is the same ACT policing who were found by the Commonwealth Ombudsman of having breached meta data laws thousands of time, miserable excuse from AFP that these thousands of breaches were “just” technical breaches. Meanwhile AFP raid journalists and whistleblowers homes which produces no evidence of any wrong doing. . excellent suggestion that the ACT Government jettison AFP and re introduce their own ACT police service, the residents of ACT should not be paying for this uncontrolled rabble called ACT policing.

  2. I do not want to draw away from the seriousness of this specific matter BUT the stories I have read over the years and continue to read about the conduct, capers and administration of the Australian Federal Police (AFP), in the true sense of the words, are mind boggling which leads to total mind numbing.

    Those historical and current articles on the AFP have for some years now conjured in my mind a TV program I used to watch as a boy. “Bob Monkhouse’s Silent Movies”. There was a troupe that were featured weekly, the Keystone Kops. They are the epitome of the AFP. Do yourself a favour and watch this:

    Say no more; now you know what I mean. The AFP is indeed IMHO, a laughable bunch of inept and incompetent individuals. If this was not such a serious matter, it would indeed be outrageously entertaining and preposterously hare-brained, just like the Keystone Kops.

    The current AFP IMHO should be disbanded and rebuilt and rebranded under a new name and employ individuals that are professionals in their fields.

    If this does not occur, we will just get much the same questionable and baseless outcomes.

  3. We desperately need accountability and until then things will only get worse . If that is even possible because we have to be now one of if not the most corrupt country in the world . It is an insult to our diggers who fought and lost their lives to provide a fair and free country. This behaviour is most common now in all government services and departments

  4. What Montaigne says about lying is so true. This country is beyond the pale with the level of corruption along with incompetence. Not surprising the state of mental health keeps rocketing in such a society.

  5. Just a theory but I think they drink too much. This undermines their memory of which night clubs have working CCTV and which don’t, leading to them purger themselves.
    Give-up the booze AFP and start using most of your mental capacity 🙂

  6. Thanks for that article.
    I get my local news from an Australian newspaper, and their coverage seemed [to me] to indicate that Wighton and Mitchell are a pair of louts who are lucky not to be in a lot more trouble.

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