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Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s criminal history and her hypocrisy with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

Julia Gillard had criminal allegations made against her in 1995 when she was accused of helping her boyfriend steal over $1,000,000 from the Australian Workers Union (AWU) and helping him spend the money on such things as her personal home renovations and dresses.

Julia Gillard has never denied helping him rip off the $1,000,000 plus dollars, what she has done is denied doing it knowingly. Her part was helping set up an account called the “Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association” and possibly other accounts that the money was laundered through when she was a lawyer working for Slater and Gordon who were the solicitors representing the Australian Workers Union.

The allegations against Julia Gillard were initially raised in the Victorian Parliament in 1995.

In an interview with Glenn Milne of the Sydney Sunday Telegraph in 2007 Julia Gillard said:

41  Conspiracy to bring false accusation

(1) Any person who conspires with another to charge any person falsely or cause any person to be falsely charged with any offence against the law of the Commonwealth or of a Territory, shall be guilty of an indictable offence.

Penalty:  Imprisonment for 10 years.

(3) A person may be found guilty of an offence against subsection (1) even if:

(a) charging a person falsely pursuant to the agreement is impossible; or

Criminal Code Act 1995

Division 137—False or misleading information or documents

137.1  False or misleading information

(1)  A person is guilty of an offence if:

(a)  the person gives information to another person; and

(b)  the person does so knowing that the information:

(i)  is false or misleading; or

(ii)  omits any matter or thing without which the information is misleading; and

(c)  any of the following subparagraphs applies:

(i)  the information is given to a Commonwealth entity;

(ii)  the information is given to a person who is exercising powers or performing functions under, or in connection with, a law of the Commonwealth;

Penalty: Imprisonment for 12 months.

Julian Assange was quoted as saying that the Australian public should consider charging Julia Gillard with treason when he was on the ABC Q&A program on the 14th of March 2011. Whether that could be justified I do not know. But certainly having Julia Gillard and Robert McClelland charged with the two laws I mention above could be sustained.

It is worth noting that section 13 of the 1914 Crimes Act empowers every Australian to institute criminal proceeding so there is no need to wait for the police who of course would never do it.

When Robert McClelland was asked about the Federal Police investigation on the 10th December 2010 he alluded that the police investigation could take a long time and he referred to the Godwin Grech investigation as an example. This is fairly standard for the Australian Federal Police to drag it out for as long as possible than quietly sweep it under the carpet when the media attention has gone.

But the Federal Police announced only one week later that WikiLeaks and Julian Assange had breached no Australian laws. Lo and behold that was the same day Dr Muhamed Haneef flew into town.

Who is Dr Haneef and what was he doing in Australia? He was here for a mediation meeting with the Federal Government on the 20th of December 2010 to settle a multi million dollar claim for wrongful arrest and detention in 2007.

This is what it says on Wikipedia: “During the 2008 inquiry into the Haneef affair, documents have revealed that former Prime Minister John Howard became involved in the case within 48 hours of Haneef’s arrest. Lawyers in the case have suggested that the early involvement of the Prime Minister mean that John Howard colluded with Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews to politicise the issue.” (Click here to read more)

“Police officers Neil Thompson and Adam Simms who interrogated Haneef refused to charge him.” Adam Simms is a Queensland Police Officer and Neil Thompson is a Federal Police Officer.

So they had a senior Federal Police Officer, Commander Ramzi Jabbour, come over the top and charge him which is basically unheard of that leads one to believe it was being driven from the top. This it what it says on Wikipedia: “The Manager Counter Terrorism Domestic, Commander Ramzi Jabbour, had lost objectivity and was “unable to see that the evidence he regarded as highly incriminating in fact amounted to very little”.

Given the Dr Haneef scandal Julia Gillard should have known better than to level the claims she did against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and then refer it to the Federal Police. It is worth noting that she has never apologised to Julian Assange or WikiLeaks for making false allegations against them.

In summary Julia Gillard is not up to being Prime Minister of Australia. Julia Gillard is a qualified lawyer and you only have to read the above to realise that she is not much of lawyer let alone a Prime Minister.

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Update 5/9/11: Julia Gillard over the last week has been threatening the Australian media to not report on her past which I raise above. I have done a follow-up post which is at:Has Julia Gillard blackmailed the Media to cover-up her corrupt past? The Fairfax Media and News Corp scandal.

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  1. I have just deleted previous comments and opened the comments section again on this post for two reasons. 1. Things have changed a lot since I published this post on the 7th August 2011 and 2. The comment section was originally spammed a lot. All future comments will stay.

    • The Advertiser, Saturday April 21 published a story about the AG Nicola Roxon denying she knew that Assange’s lawyer was on a travel watch list and will require special approval to return to Australia. This is very bad if any lawyer engaged to represent and Australian citizen needs authority to enter that person’s country of birth So apparently Australia has a watch list as well as the US. At least they are open about it because up to now I did not realise that such a list existed.

      • The lawyer you are talking about is Jennifer Robinson and she is an Australian who was leaving Heathrow airport in the UK. So why would she need clearance to return to Australia. Very weird happenings to say the least. One might suspect that the US put her on their watch list which was confused by the UK authorities

  2. Does anyone else think that if we had a Governor-General who was interested in more than flower arrangement and wearing big hats this would be a John Kerr moment? The longer we don’t have an election the longer we suffer paralyzed government, and worse, a flowering of the cult of personality in the Labor side that would even irritate Jo Stalin.

    • Hi Paul, the Governor General has been involved in the Heiner affair, other implicated include Kevin Rudd (the person who appointed her as GG) and Queensland Labor MP’s and even previous Labor Premiers. She is a Union plant. It is all quite weird, not the least being her son in law is Bill Shorten. If you read Noel Pearsons article in the Weekend Australian on his strategy to get the primeministership, you would see that Quentin Bryce does more than just arrange flowers.

    • The GG has no authority to remove a PM or govt unless certain conditions are met,and they are normally when a govt can no longer govern,either they don’t have the numbers in the House of Reps or Supply has been stopped.

  3. The big question that remains unanswered.

    Notice the names of the people involved. Shorten!!

    This is the indelible stain on the History of Australia.

    Why did the media shut up?

    Was this not about the same time as there was hell being sought at the same time as the Murdoch furore?

    We all have a name for this?

    This woman is not fit to be a lawyer, let alone a leader of this fine country.

    For Queenslanders we get the next hit.

    24 March 2012 should go down in history as the day that the ALP is removed from Qld political history. They have ripped off this state for a very long time. The current members p.ss on the memory of those there beneath the Tree of Knowledge in Barcaldine.

    VOTE 1,2,3,4 and 5 for the LNP and put the ALP last. We need a change.



  4. http://www.thepunch.com.au/articles/julian-assange-deserves-a-fair-trial-not-this-crap/
    Liberal MP writes:
    “The evolving plan to bump Assange along legal systems to get him in front of a US grand jury is disappointing. If the US believes an Australian citizen has a case to answer, at least be upfront about it. If Assange has done anything more than offend the powerful few, it is time for that case to be fully elaborated and heard by a truly independent judiciary.”

  5. hardly surprising as a corrupt past is a prerequisite for becoming powerful in this country.
    If you succeed in destroying some part of the society i.e introducing a carbon tax, you’ll be rewarded. If not, your past is somehow “uncovered” where you can be hung out to dry, humiliated and then given a job with Macquarie Bank – hah
    Damned if you do…blah blah blah

  6. Nothing surprises me with this woman. She’ll possibley go down in history as the most devious and untrustworthy person in the Public Service ever in Australia and I cringe very time she steps up on the world stage. I hope the rest of the world does not consider that she is a credible example on womanhood in Australia. Kevin Rudd is a choir boy compared to her and her antics.

  7. There is one law for we great unwashed, and another law for the traitors who run this Government of this once proud land of Australia. It has gone to hell in a handbasket.

  8. Julia Gillard is still the PM ,who has so brazenly stood up as a picture of innocence and being so instrumental in the manipulation of others and getting away with it. Nobody seemingly is capable of her removal in the disgrace she deserves. Why is that so?
    Corruption, collusion, conspiracy and greed fit every line contained in this article, but nobody is doing anything about it. The Labor party has succeeded in hoodwinking it’s followers to believe that my parents always voted Labor and I will follow in their footsteps. They cannot see that they approve of and condone the action of the Trade Union front bench faction, in the manipulation they continue to follow. Julian Assange is to be commended for his stand but it is a pity that others are not following suit. Bring Julia before the courts and to goal where she belongs.


  9. You need to include 2 important things:
    1. That a sworn affadafit was signed last year swearing that these allegations were TRUE
    2. That Gillard personally had online news articles which had scans of the affadafit removed

  10. This is staggering, how it passed my attention at the time I cannot explain. The fact the main media does not seem to want to touch this is astounding as it is despicable

  11. While I agree with comments re PM(S) Gillard, and yes it is hypocrisy re Wikileaks . But that doesn’t make wiki leaks acceptable as I cannot condone the release of information re military actions/names etc. Information that the rest of the world doesn’t need to know about our government because it is not always in the best interest of Australia or Australians – such blatant abuse of freedom of speech is part of th reason Australians are losing their rights under the duplcity of discrimination.

  12. “Mr Gude — Consistent with the provisions of the legislation I am informed that the first thing Ms Gillard did, when asked what she would be doing and why she was getting out of Slater and Gordon, was to pay back moneys to the AWU for work”.
    Pay back?
    This was money raised by extortion. It did not belong to the union.
    It seems the union was able to keep the provably extorted money.

  13. I heard the Wilson/Gillard story on 2GB this morning. This will not go away. She really is an old whore and an alleged thief. But, her photo will end up in the hallowed halls of parliament alongside decent men and woman of all parties. How sad. Were both Wilson and Emerson and whoever else married when the poor naive Gillard had her romantic liaisons with them.

  14. Why hasn’t Wikileaks and Assange covered Julia Gillard’s murky past? Surely this is right up their alley and offers Assange some payback as well! If it is true then it should be easy for Wikileaks to attack.

  15. How do you think she got to become Governer General, you scratch my back and I will scratch yours. This went all the way from Anna Bligh to the G.G. and Gillard.Thank goodness people are starting to see the light.

  16. Keep an eye on the mike smith interview with alan jones you posted on YouTube Shane. It is not there now. I tried looking for it under the names “alan jones”, and “mike smith 2ue” along with also “mike smith interview” and its not there now on all of them. Maybe it has been taken off by one of Gillards cronies by finding out that interview is on YouTube for many people to listen to. If that’s the case Julia Gillard is trying everything she can to silence the people who are reporting the truth in the media and websites. Gillard is a very nasty woman if she and her government are doing this. I hope that the smith/jones interview is still on YouTube.

  17. I can understand why no one in the media wants to risk there job at the moment, but I can’t understand why the liberal party is not talking about? Can you give us any insite as to why?

    • … because every political party is tarred with the same brush, moving towards the same agendas while manipulting the public into believing that they are different ~ it’s a big scam!

  18. Thank you for making this site! Youve done an amazing Job. Yesterday I watched the doco ‘Obama Deception’ and it made me wonder if Julia, like Obama, is a puppet for the elite bankers of the world.

  19. Please pay attention to how Gillard shuts opponents: She said she was not getting into specifics about issues 17 years ago ”when you are not able to put to me any contention about why this is relevant to my conduct as prime minister today”.

    WHY IS IT RELEVANT TO HER CONDUCT AS PM TODAY – BECAUSE PAST BEHAVIOURS ARE BEST PREDICTORS OF FUTURE BEHAVIOURS as proven by mounting scientifc research and as all psychologists and psychioatrists know. and as we all know and see now because Gillard lied so many times and her lies weren’t little white lies but she called them pledges at the time she made them to Australian people. Did someone also instruct her to lie then and now? It is probable as a) past behavior predicts future behaviour, and b) she does not seem to be able to show integrity on most issues, bringing us back to a). So, next time Gillard asks how is her past relevant to her conduct as PM – it explains her lies, shifty and evasive verbal responses, backstabbing tactics, all of which individually and collectively are not good qualities for a PM.

    • Relevance to how she performs today is immaterial. If you are made prime minister today and it is later found out you have a criminal past that no one knew about before because there had been a number of cover ups, then you have to answer for that now. Enough said

  20. I have questions no one seems to have asked her. If she was in a relationship with Wilson when the slush fund was being set up, was he already a home owner with no mortgage. She would have known this at the time. So anyway soon after he is suddenly able to buy a house outright which she did the conveyancing for. So she would have known there was no mortgage registered. So how did Wilson suddenly explain the large windfall to Gillard. I’m assuming there’s a windfall, most likely people who own a house outright don’t risk everything setting up an extortion racket.

  21. Julia Gillard is a really bad liar. She is obvious when she is telling a lie and arrogant and dismissive when questioned about her credibility. No one but no one can deny this fact. From the imfamous lie about the carbon tax to defending craig thompson, she has no moral backbone and way to much baggage.Regardless of what can now be proved she will never be embrased by the public, and that’s why we will see another leadership tilt shortly.

  22. This whole event has shown just how important that a prime minister must have integrity and a clean past! She is a hypocrite and this makes our whole political system a joke! Don’t worry about the baseball bats lets get the D9 started!

  23. I thought Town Mode was the company Julia used to do the renovations. Town Mode was just a name used to throw people off the track of the money. $17000 on clothing?

  24. JULIAN ASSANGE has been detained six years without charge it must end and him brought back to Australia.,’ ‘It’s time for the Australian government to make a stance and stand up for an aussie patriots human and legal rights.’ -As an Australian citizen I find the silence from both parties indicates a complete lack of sovereignty in that they’re not willing to stand up for truth, justice or human rights – He is a victim of arbitrary detention. He should be freed and entitled to compensation and most importantly freedom and family – Assange is nothing more than a “political prisoner. “I hope that in light of his great service towards freedom and truth President Donald Trump will seriously consider granting a full presidential pardon,” U.S authorities have not charged Assange with any crime, nor have Australian officials. I hope that the government of Australia has taken notice and will no longer continue to assist in the shameful imprisonment of an Australian hero,” Australia have failed greatly to protect whistle blowers. We should be supporting those with the courage to do what is right, and expose corruption of any kind. The media is now a “mouth piece for out of touch elites and the political establishment. Assange is an Australian who has stood up for the public’s right to know, for freedom of information,” Mr. Assange has shone a bright light on the corruption of those who presume to rule us. Mr. Assange must be granted a presidential pardon absolving him of any crimes alleged against him. He is a hero and must be honoured as such.

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