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Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard sets up Watergate style dirt unit for opposition politicians.

Julia Gillard’s office has set up a unit to go looking for dirt and slime on opposition politicians. This raises a few questions, about a million questions in fact. This has been openly admitted by Prime Minister Gillard which says a lot about her state of mind given that it would not have been set up without her authority.

I always knew that Julia Gillard was big fan of the former US President Richard Nixon, hence the title of a previous post “Julia Gillard’s Richard Nixon moment.” but with the new dirt unit she is obviously a lot bigger fan than I thought. (Click here to read the post and watch the video)

Does Julia Gillard think that the Australian voters are happy for her to spend tax payers money and time for her and her colleagues to go looking for dirt on opposition MPs and Senators? I thought governments where there to govern but apparently this is not the case.

The story first broke on the ABC:

“The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is playing down claims that a dirt unit is operating in her office.
Alexandra Kirk broke the story this morning on AM.

Labor sources told her the PM’s director of strategy, Nick Reece, has coached ministerial staff on how to find background information on Coalition frontbenchers.

A document calls on staffers to find details on their opponents’ “younger days”, articles in student newspapers, and any fundraising, companies or legal cases that they’d been involved in.

The Prime Minister says it’s reasonable to scrutinise Opposition frontbenchers.”

and goes on to say:

Labor sources say Mr Reece’s 11 point “to do” list on gathering information on Coalition frontbenchers, starts with point one: “ready to go”.

It includes their “younger days”, pecuniary interests, fundraising, study trips, social networking and personal websites, and quote “potential issues, such as litigation”.

Regular readers well and truly know about Julia Gillard’s “younger days” and her involvement in the AWU $1 million fraud. I wonder if that will get a mention when they report back to Gillard. (Click here to read the post)

Julia Gillard wrote an opinion piece for The Age in 2007 titled “Who you going to call? Dirt-busters” about this very topic where she says:

“But whether the Australian people are interested or not, dirt-digging is now huge business in federal politics. The Howard Government just loves using taxpayers’ dollars to finance its re-election.”


“Everyone in politics plays the game hard. And so we should. There is too much at stake at each election about the future of the nation to pull our punches. And as a politician I expect scrutiny. But should the public be footing the bill?” (Click here to read the full article)

No they should not Ms Gillard! Make the Labor Party refund our money.

Politicians looking for dirt on their competitors is nothing new, what is so galling is that it is being openly run and promoted by the Prime Minister. Julie Gillard’s office has form on the board for this type of thing if you remember the Australia Day riots as it became known where one of her staff members tried to incite a riot by Aborigines against opposition leader Tony Abbott. Gillard’s staff member resigned. Gillard claimed she did not know before hand but she was certainly involved in the cover-up.

But given she has set up the dirt unit in her office, which shows her character and how she operates, her statement that she did not have prior knowledge of the Australian Day riots looks like a straight out lie and even more so given that we know she was involved in the cover-up.

Richard Nixon who had similar operations when he was President of the US ultimately had to resign as he was facing near certain impeachment for his part in the cover-up.

This what it says on Wikipedia:

“The Watergate scandal was a political scandal that occurred in the United States in the 1970s as a result of the June 1972 break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C., and the Nixon administration’s attempted cover-up of its involvement. The scandal eventually led to the resignation of Richard Nixon, the President of the United States, on August 9, 1974, the only resignation of a U.S. President. The scandal also resulted in the indictment, trial, conviction and incarceration of 43 people, including dozens of top Nixon administration officials.” (Click here to read more about Richard Nixon and Watergate on Wikipedia)

If Julia Gillard had not covered up the Australia Day riots who knows what would have come to light. It must be noted that her staff were involved in criminal offences such as trying to incite a riot. The post I wrote on the scandal is titled “Julia Gillard’s office lines up the Aborigines against Tony Abbott but it backfires badly.” (Click here to read the post)

In the last couple of weeks the government has been pressuring the media and opposition to back off from the federal politician Craig Thomson who the whole country knows is guilty of fraud and theft. Yet Ms Gillard and crew think it is fine to go digging for dirt on others. What are they going to do with the dirt they find? Give it to the same media they do not want to write about Craig Thomson?

And what about Julia Gillard closing down the media on her corrupt past which started here last year with my post “Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s criminal history and her hypocrisy with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.” (Click here to read the post)

Other media started running with the story and Julia Gillard jumped on the phone to media executives at News Ltd, Fairfax Media and highly likely others and had the reporting closed down. Not for legal reasons but for political reasons. I also did a post on that titled “The day the Australian media died.” (Click here to read the post)

If and when Julia Gillard and Labor politicians approach the media with dirt they have on opposition politicians will the reporters also ask questions about Julia Gillard’s past involvement with the AWU fraud and theft?

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  1. Shane , you talk about shutting down the Media , i am just wondering if you have noticed that one can no longer send a reply to any news item on Yahoo ,so the majority while some were stupid in their replies are now silenced , so much for democracy until this government falls on its own sword .

      • Yahoo got some bad press, mostly from media watch, over the rather extreme nature of a lot of the comments, which (maybe to their credit) they didn’t seem to moderate. Even so, it did descend into a battle of the paid shills most of the time over there.

      • ok… maybe “cost cutting” and “to moderate extremists” is the official line, but i think the timing of it tells a different story. it just so happens that the censorship began around the same time as julia had her meeting/phone-calls with the media bosses. coincidence only? doubt it.

  2. Shane – re the dirt files to be compiled by Labor. Isn’t this what Slimy Slipper’s lawyers are putting forward as a defence ? How can they come out with “Mr Slipper’s barrister David Chin claimed Mr Ashby’s case was aimed at benefiting Mr Slipper’s opponents while counsel for the Commonwealth Julian Burnside QC told the court Mr Ashby’s case had been “brought to damage Mr Slipper and help his opponents” and then Roxon stating “The Commonwealth strongly believes that this process has been one which is really for an ulterior purpose, not for the purposes of an ordinary workplace complaint,”. The Labor party are a bunch of hypocritical bums.

    • Why does Ms Roxon as AG stick her nose into a matter before the court? So much for the separation of powers and why pay Julian Burnside QC to be counsel for the Commonwealth.

      • Allison, Roxon complained that Thomson was being unfairly abused before the court case, by rumour etc. but that does not apply in this case because ASHBY is not one of Gillards men! She should NEVER have been promoted to the position of Atorney General by Gillard.

  3. I have made comments on several news papers in their blogs using your link here to her past and non not one was published. I thought they might let one through by accident. Nop! We cannot keep this woman in power. She is revolting. Everybody must do their utmost to publicize what she is really like. I only fear that more handouts will mean more votes or even swings. Money does talk a lot!

    • She is not very bright if she can’t think for herself and does as her family tell her! Find someone with brains!

    • Pat McCann, my friend is a senior partner in an accounting firm, she passed in the top 5% in Australia when she did her Professional Year. Brains she has in spades.

  4. The events that resulted in the Australia Day riot are enough proof that they run a dirty-tricks operation from her office.

    • I still get so wrilled up over the Aust Day fiasco.To me this could be a watergate scandal and i feel it is not done and dusted and there is more to know but Julia came out and said the fellow was sacked and the media have left it alone

      • Oops sorry correction for above post i wrote that this fellow was sacked when actually Julia said he resigned

    • Its three weeks later and the Federal Police in their corrupt wisdom have decided there is nothing to see here.

      A friend of mine tells me we actually have no system of Law in this country because our Constitution is technically invalid, and that the whole system of Statute Law is a massive fraud against us. Between the actions of the Federal Police and some of these Posts about our Legal Officials and their conduct, I’m starting to think he’s ahead of the pack on this where before I though he had just been too long in the tropics.

  5. She is “playing the man…not the ball” as rugby coaches used to say. She believes that by encouraging “asylum seekers” she builds votes, just as Obama has just done with Mexicans. Crean was brave enough to say last week that he is not in favour of dirt files when there was plenty of governing work to be done. The next to go will be Wong. Never again should we countenance the tactics (“politics”) of this woman. She has set South American standards of criminality never before seen here. Her party sits beside her and gloats about her “toughness” but that is a misnomer. She is a very bad person with very bad supporters. The few good ones will have to protect their party…not her.

  6. Shane, it puzzles me as to why that young (35 years old) and naive young SAG lawyer has not been thoroughly exposed – notwithstanding the Victorian Hansard report – by her opponents for her consorting with that sort of bloke from the AWU all those years ago.

    It beggars belief that she could know nothing about his outrageous activities. How can she really expect anyone to believe he only whispered sweet nothings in her ear while she groaned for more (things, of course) unless she is truly a naive person, in which case those that gave her the opportunity to wreck my country of birth ought to hang their heads in shame.

  7. Ah yes, dirt files … remember what Anna Bligh did towards the end of the Qld elections … threw everything she had at Campbell Newman but it didn’t work as Labor was slaughtered at the polls. All great tyrants have dirt files on people but none as large as their own.

    • You could actually see the wind go out of Bligh’s face the day the Newman corruption attack died in the arse. I think that tactic of Bligh’s actually contributed some extra votes to Newman on the day.

      • I agree with you Paul. I cannot believe that Bligh agreed to partake in the disgusting mudslinging that was the Qld election. I don’t think Anna Bligh is inherently corrupt like Julia Gillard. You could actually see her shame in herself on that day you speak of. I was not at all surprised when she resigned the morning after the election. Australia cannot wait 18 months for an election, the corruption of this Federal Govt is tearing our country apart.

  8. Hi Shane; in my younger more naive day’s, i thought the Murray Farquhar scandal was about it. I u’stand tribal influence does have it’s sway over those that sit in judgement of us. What you are saying HERE is a whole new ballgame. All the court cases that influence our lives, now have to viewed through the prisim of influence. You keep asking the most important question———WHY? Thank you for this blog and it has been broadcast long and wide by myself. Regards, Peter.

  9. What else would you expect from Gillard? Think of the worst possible and Dear Julia can go
    further downhill . This Sister of Satan is evil on Earth.
    Her once loyal Labor footsoldiers are deserting her in droves worse still they want revenge.
    GMG – Gillard Must Go. I long for the Election and watching TV that Saturday Night, I am having a Party – a lot have already sent their RSVP.

  10. Anyone who can LIE to the degree this woman does and expect to get away with it, is mentally unbalanced so inciting riots , trying to DIG DIRT on others, when her own background is so corrupt, is considered NORMAL by GILLARD! Shane, what chance does Ashby have with Justice Rares on the bench? God help Ashby!

  11. Let us hope that GILLARD, with her slippergate method of DIRT FILES, ends up as NIXON did! I remember his speech denying any guilt, trying to look so concerned and then BANG…he was gone! You are NEXT , Gillard!

  12. I can only hope that even the blind ‘I vote Labor because my dad did’ person will see this woman for what she is. A vicious, lying, divisive ex. socialist lawyer that will pursue her twisted socialist philosophy at any cost to normal moral standards and the economy of this country. If my straw poll of people I know is any guide most see her this way and can’t wait to destroy her at the next election.
    She has succeed in invoking in me a reaction I didn’t think I was capable of, one of pure hate for her and everything she stands for. I am a person that has voted Labor in the past when I thought they had a genuine agenda for this country rather than her retain power at all costs and bugger the voters and country agenda.

    • Labor probably had an agenda in the past and some really good people.
      I am only glad I have read your comment as well as I feel exactly the same way and I was getting guilt spasms over it. I feel so desperate to get rid of that woman that I am considering sitting in Uni library and look for answers. How desperate can one get?! I could despair hearing some of my friends as well….but we voted all of our lives Labor and we think Gillard is just wonderful. She looks after us..What you can hear is me banging my head on the wall.

  13. Sadly, everything is correct about our Prime Monster.
    Gillard is an arrogant, immoral, unprincipled, untrustworthy, deceitful, pathological compulsive liar, who is not fit to be PM.
    Gillard will do whatever it takes to retain power and that includes covering her past and covering the disgusting behaviour of some of her MPs.

    Misused union money and no recovery, we only need to look at the missing $1Million of Australian Workers Union members funds when Gillard assisted her lover Bruce Wilson to set up accounts when she worked as a partner at Slater’s & Gorton in her mid thirties &Wilson was secretary of the AWU.
    While Gillard acknowledged she assisted Wilson, she said she was young & naïve & did NOT do this ‘knowingly’.

    Gillard as Minister in the Rudd Govt for Workplace Relations was handed a report in 2009 and was advised by the CEO Williams of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission that included audit reports by Slaters & Gorton & BDO Kendall about the misuse of funds from the HSU by Craig Thomson and concluded that this should be handed to police immediately.
    Gillard ignored referring the report to police and handed the reports over to her new FWA to try to bury it and the go slow investigation that did not reach an outcome until May this year.

    The disgraceful Australia Day fiasco that was a deliberate attack on the opposition leader, orchestrated by the PM’s Office, that did NOT have any proper investigation.
    Tony Hodges was the fall guy for this and was quickly made to resign and sent across to the UK and Kim Sattler remained in her job as Unions ACT.
    This was a total setup from the booking of the restaurant right next door to the 40 year anniversary tent embassy in Canberra to host the ‘inaugural awards’ for volunteers to gain Tony Abbotts acceptance to attend, to the rehearsed question put to Abbott in Sydney by the ABC reporter Antonette Collins, everything was a plan to set Abbott up.
    Even the adverse security assessment of the restaurant was overruled by Gillard, when security had questioned the closeness to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy Anniversary.

    Kim Sattler, Gillard’s long time mate from the unions and fellow member of Emily’s List was a guest at these awards, then Sattler rushing down to inform the organisers of the Embassy celebrations that Tony Abbott was RIGHT NOW stating that the embassy should be pulled down & that he was over at the Lobby Restaurant and to go and front Abbott, was to incite a riot to attack Abbott and led the charge back to the restaurant, uploading photos & sending hate blogs at the same time.
    To think Hodges OR Sattler would risk Gillard’s safety, or that Gillard did not know what they were doing is ludicrous.


    As we now know Abbott was doing NO such thing and the perpetrators of this orchestration were turning things around that Abbott had previously said back in Sydney much earlier to THEIR loaded rehearsed question & CHANGED Abbotts answer to suit their agenda!

    Gillard & her mate Sattler strutting at an Emily’s List dinner, funny how Gillard says she did not think she knew Sattler at all, yet she’s been pictured sitting next to Kim Sattler numerous times over the years at union functions.

    The ‘getaway’ was a performance and instead of going out the back quietly & exiting decided on the extreme for the cameras.
    Lights camera action by the disgusting deceitful Juliar Gillard!
    The lone cameraman Mark Jessop from channel 9 to CAPTURE JuLIARS pretentious CONCERN & even the AFP security assessment giving the whole detailed exit route up so close on camera is unbelievable, looks staged & just lights camera action from the conniving manipulator!
    The pathetic Gillard was in no danger; but she rushed out of the entrance with the AFP for pure drama and was dragged down the hill, losing her shoe.

    The great manipulator:

    The pre-election promise NOT to implement a fraudulent carbon dioxide scam tax, but ignored the electorate anyway.
    Carbon pricing that does NOTHING for the environment, but is all about grabbing taxes the govt is NOT entitled to, to control our energy needs is the hoax of the century.

    An election cannot come soon enough.
    NOTHING Gillard says is truthful.
    Julia Gillard is JuLIAR.
    We have a person who IS detrimental to our country.
    A person who will do & say ANYTHING to remain in power, who IS pure evil.
    A dirt file should just be on JuLIAR!

    • Please try and keep comments a bit shorter next time and with fewer links as it almost becomes a post itself and others will want to do the same which makes it hard for me to moderate.

  14. The corruption and treason is way above the head of most commentators I am sorryy to say which are parochial. The real corruption of Australain lackey politicians can be found in the Lema declaration in 1975. Please search it. Our politicians must keep power no matter what as that is what is demanded of them to implement. Present bs is a distracting sideshow of ‘bread and circus’ with no affect, no matter which mob come out on top in our little world.There is a bigger game afoot.

    • You are 110% correct here. Ever noticed how many compromised, controllable (bribe-able or blackmail-able) narcissists and criminals are allowed to enter and remain in our Parliament unchallenged? We are observing a few exposed to the light just now, and seeing just how protected they are. Just who is really running our country and our Prime Minister? Gillard’s takeover appears to be a coup in more ways than it first appeared. It used to be called treason pre-globalization.

      • Yes there is corruption of the highest order in the Federal Labor Govt. I didn’t want to submit to conspiracy theories but there is no other explanation. Kangaroo Court of Australia are working to try to expose corruption in the system. In the end law and order is the only way to bring about their demise.

  15. Millions of Australians are waiting to stab Gillard in the back .
    Kevin we hate her as much as you do.

    • There is a dirt file on Kevvie that has been hidden by the Beattie/Blight Govt. The new Qld Govt are bringing on an enquiry that will encompass the Heiner Affair. Watch this space, Go Campbell Go.

  16. i watched roxon the other night and nearly had to reach for a bucket.between her and the dirty dozen they want to sway the justice system to suit there agenda as to make out that Ashby is the bad guy here and not slippery pete well so much for letting the courts sought out legal procedure. oh and by the way who’s paying for his queens council they don’t come cheap. and nearly had to use the same bucket this morning watching our glorious leader telling the heads of the world how to run there country’s well where quietly the laughing stock of the world now this confirms it.

  17. Seems that a ‘dirt file’ is pretty useless these days, unless the subject of the mud-slinging is a member of the Opposition, then the MSM flunkies will be all over it like a nasty rash.

    Firstly we had a bloodless coup when the Social/Marxist/Fabians seized Government from the popularly-elected Abbott & Co. Then we have increasing evidence of organised crime and money-laundering as a network of flunkies is established in the judiciary and law-enforcement to render them all untouchable. Hardly worth mentioning that when it comes to screwing her major legal clients and cabinet colleagues, anything goes these days.

    Seems Thomson has been hung out to dry because increasing scrutiny of his activities has lifted the lid on the septic tank that is the union movement and the stench is attracting way too much attention to the nefarious activities of all of them.

    Dirt files are nothing new, but the fact that mountains of dirt have come to light on this current rabble and what happens? Nothing – a big fat ZERO. They are still in government, still voting, still making and enforcing policy that will destroy this country and take us decades to recover from.

    Is Gizzard’s aim to be able to point her talons at the Opposition benches and say “We aren’t as bad as them?” What a typically pathetic way to establish some sort of credibility.

    Women in positions of power in this country have had a lousy track record – think Lawrence, Kirner, Kernot, Bligh et al. They haven’t been trailblazers; they have demonstrated a scorched-earth policy that has left only destruction in their wake, and Gizzard is the queen bee of corrupt narcissism that will leave this country reeling.

    • Blackswan, surely with this much corruption there must be a chink in their armor? How to get an election?

  18. Politicians have slung made since the year dot. What really interests me is how the media deals with such mud-slinging, as in what it mentions, how it spins it and what it ignores. That speaks a lot to who really runs this country and how they want our thinking and opinions to be shaped.

  19. Both sides have backhoe’s for digging up dirt and that’s one of many reasons I have no time for either side of politics. The sooner we get rid of political parties the better.

    • John Greer, that is a naive, silly, simplistic statement. We need honest ethical politicians that are truly held to account by our courts. People like you, with opinions like yours, created this mess by not truly engaging your brain before voting (or donkey voting). Someone has to govern otherwise we’ll get a dictator in, what will you do then John?

      • BBPD, what makes you think we haven’t got a dictator in power now. And we can’t do anything about it for some 17 months!! How can we get to an election?

  20. Deejay, I agree, never seen a woman’s head that turned me off so much, especially with the new ala Kristine Kennealy hairdo. To Big Bad Property Developer, there’s always anarchy as an alternative if Government fails.

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