Attorney General Robert McClelland

Julia Gillard’s corrupt past raised in parliament by ALP member Robert McClelland.

The former Attorney General Robert McClelland has let Julia Gillard know it is game on in relation to the prime ministership. By naming Julia Gillard and the case involving her then boyfriend Bruce Wilson who was involved in fraud and theft when he worked at the AWU in parliament last Thursday Mr McClelland has put the focus and blow torch on Ms Gillard and her involvement in the fraud.

Mr McClelland’s motives are fairly clear given that he is a well-known Kevin Rudd supporter and lost his position as Attorney General because he supported Kevin Rudd in the last leadership ballot in February. It has been picked up by two senators, the Nationals Barnaby Joyce and the Liberals George Brandis, who started asking questions on Friday in parliament.

Andrew Bolt broke the story on Thursday and has done two posts on it since which I will get to in a minute. But it looks like it could explode so let’s have a quick overview first.

This has been on the boil since last year when Julia Gillard moved hard and fast when it hit the main stream media. It started right here on this site with the post I did on the 7th August 2011 titled “Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s criminal history and her hypocrisy with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.” (Click here to read the post)

It was picked up a couple of weeks later by Mike Smith who was then a radio announcer at 2ue and he ran with it but focused on Julia Gillard’s involvement in the fraud. Andrew Bolt from News Ltd joined in the reporting and so did Glenn Milne from News Ltd.

Julia Gillard personally jumped on the phone to the then CEO of News Ltd John Hartigan and had the reporting by Bolt and Milne stopped. Mike Smith was also stopped from reporting on it so it is not hard to work out Gillard also phoned a director of Fairfax Media (owner of 2ue). At that stage Mike Smith had done an interview with Bob Kernohan who had signed a statutory declaration that implicated Julia Gillard and Channel Seven had also recorded the interview. The Channel Seven interview never want to air. So one has to assume Gillard also phoned Channel Seven owner Kerry Stokes or one of his executives. This has been covered in a previous post on the 5th of September 2011 titled “Has Julia Gillard blackmailed the Media to cover-up her corrupt past? The Fairfax Media and News Corp scandal.” (Click here to read the post)

Glenn Milne was sacked from a casual on-air position with the ABC and has never been heard of again at News Ltd. Mike Smith was suspended from 2ue and lawyers from 2ue told Mike Smith’s lawyers they were about to sack him so he took court action seeking an injunction to stop them. It was settled out of court and Mike Smith left 2ue.

There was nothing legally wrong with the reporting of her past or the Bob Kernohan statutory declaration. I have reported on it and posted the statutory declaration on this site and have never heard from the PM. My next post on the matter was on the 11th September 2011 titled “The Michael Smith 2ue emails to Julia Gillard and the Bob Kernohan Statutory Declaration.” (Click here to read the post)

The ABC television show Media Watch came out in support of Julia Gillard with an extremely biased show which I did a post on the 19th of September 2011 titled “The lies and deception of Media Watch and host Jonathan Holmes in defence of Julia Gillard.” (Click here to read the post)

My final post on the matter was on the 15th November 2011 titled “The day the Australian media died.” which covered the black out by the media under Julia Gillard’s instructions and their failings. (Click here to read the post)

Now back to Bolt and his latest posts on Robert McClelland throwing a hand grenade into the Prime Minister’s office.

On Thursday Bolt reported “McClelland brings back Gillard’s past to haunt her”

In Parliament today, McClelland hit back – by referring obliquely to an explosive scandal in the 1990s involving her then boyfriend Bruce Wilson, an Australian Workers Union state secretary accused of ripping off union money. McClelland said it was a case in which Gillard and he were “representing opposing clients” and “that matter has coloured much of my thinking in this area (of cracking down on malfeasance by union officials).

Even more pointedly, McClelland told Parliament the Government’s proposed toughening of Fair Work Australia’s investigative process did not go far enough, and needed the power to force union officials “to compensate the organisation for loss arising from their misconduct”.

As I mentioned, these issues also arose in those matters that I was involved with in the mid-1990s, which were file in both the then Industrial Court of Australia and the Federal Court of Australia. There are a number of matters, generally under the name of Ludwig and Harrison and others, but probably most relevantly matter no. 1032 of 1996. (Click here to read Bolt’s full post)

On Friday Bolt wrote “Gillard confronted with the scandal she almost buried”

Robert McClelland has lifted the lid on a story that many in the media have been too scared to touch – a scandal involving a then boyfriend of the Prime Minister.

The Financial Review reports on a story I broke yesterday:

Dumped attorney-general Robert McClelland says the Labor Party has not gone far enough in cracking down on corruption in the union movement, citing examples going back to the 1990s connected to Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

It is a good read as it has the transcript of the Nationals Barnaby Joyce and the Liberals George Brandis raising it in the senate. (Click here to read Bolt’s full post)

Then today, Saturday, Bolt writes “McClelland twists the knife”

Robert McClelland confirms he was indeed referring to a scandal involving Julia Gillard and her former partner:

Pressure on Julia Gillard’s leadership has intensified after an act of internal destabilisation by dumped attorney-general Robert McClelland that triggered a Coalition attack on the Prime Minister’s integrity…

Labor MPs viewed the comments as inflammatory and an act of revenge on Ms Gillard… (Click here to read Bolt’s full post)

This will obviously play out over the next few days and weeks. Why was it left to an ALP MP to bring this to a head in parliament and why the liberals and nationals have not gone after this sooner who knows.

But if the Nationals and Liberals drop off it will be very sad indeed. With Julia Gillard’s past she should have never been Prime Minister in the first place.

I was going to publish an affidavit that has come into my possession today but this story overrode it. But the affidavit is well worth a read to say the least. What is it about? I won’t say as it would pre-warn the person involved. But I will publish it in the next few days. So check back or subscribe to the free email notification.

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  1. It is well past the time that the Politicians and the Unions from all persuasions come under the scrutiny of the Legal System and the citizens of Australia.
    There is a great need for a corruption investigation system which the citizens can use with out fear or favour. .

  2. She has gotten away with this for far too long. And this is why shes trying to hold up Thomsons case. Even the so called ‘independent’ panel, to see if Thomson misled the parliament, wow, please dont tell me that report will be out anytime soon. Shorten and Albanese are in it up to their neck. Mc Clelland was the only one dropped from the front bench, i hope he blows the lid off this ELECTION, shes a liar, thief and should not be running our country.

    • Unfortunately all the whistleblowers information is falling on deaf ears. Australia needs someone with deep pockets to challenge this corrupted political and legal system. The unions have so much power that the Government has been corrupted beyond belief. The Canberra newsmedia is disgraceful, having been conned by the PM’s surprise ‘press conference’
      At the next election the Australian people must vote decidedly against corruption.
      It is our only chance

  3. Right on Ken
    and it needs to not only look at the corruption in their pasts and charge the people that protect them but also the lies and crap that they are dealing in when in power.
    Australian polliticians are as corrupt as any in the world,they will screw the people that they are supposed to look after just to look after their personel interests.Julia/Swan and co are the worsed examples that i have seen and that is why a lot of Australians are packing up and leaving we are over the garbage and the ripping off by our governments.

  4. Looks like it is safer to keep secrets rather than report them. If the ALP wins the next election, they will have black cars with thugs to take you away in a matter of minutes. Never to be heard of again.

    • This is true. I hope the youth of Australia can see it.
      The loss of jobs created by the Labors revolution, aimed at higher taxes, will affect our children who will become dependent on welfare. The higher taxes will kill businesses and create more unemployment. T his is what Gillard wants…power

      • Welfare dependency also breeds loyalty to the provider of the meal ticket. That’s one reason they encourage it.

    • Colin, you are spot on. It worries me that Australia may never be free again. Soon, I believe, this Gillard Government will engage in the greatest misleading advertising campaign ever .. just look at the Education spin already. . how much money is to be given to each school from 2014 ? Not a word. On form they will make promises after promises far into the future and then break them all . . except where it benefits them. But if you dare speak about the broken promises you will probably be taken away to Siberia !

  5. The most disturbing aspect of this alledged behaviour of the Prime Minister is the underlying stripping of integrity and honesty from the highest office in the land. What hope does any citizen have when such debauchment of the office is widely reported yet so flagarantly suppressed under what can only be described as a dictatorial decree. This can only lead to the deduction by thinking people ‘what else’ could be compromised? What the people see of the Prime Minister as with any person I guess is what they want you to believe. The perception establised by the actions of the Prime Minister herself is that the public don’t trust her. What worries me is that in much deeper international relationships what else is happening that we do not know? We have a right to seek accountability and for whatever reason the former Attorney-General Robert McCleland may use to raise this issue, if it does bring the Prime Minister down for the reasos now being canvassed we will owe him a debt of gratitude.

  6. @colin: they already do. look at what they’re doing (or assisting the US to do) with assange.then there’s the attempted internet filter. then there’s the fink report trying to shut down legal commentary and opinion IF it is unfavourable for them. then there’s the coverup of craig thompson, coverup of gillard. the appointment of a questionable administrator to HSU, appointing their own judges for favourable rulings…. etc etc etc.

    anyone want to live in a free country? perhaps it’s time to move to ecuador. if they take assange then i’m going to spend my tourist dollars there next time.

  7. by the way, my mother seems to be one of those dumb puppets who thinks everything is clean and whatever the media says is true. i have directed her to this site (so far unsuccessfully) and recently purchased love letters from the bar table for her. i eagerly await it’s delivery and then her response when she reads it. fortunately i think she is wise enough not to trust juliar though.

  8. It may appear vulgar but the old political maxim applies viz -” It’s better to keep someone inside the tent piddling out – than outside piddling in”. With malicious intent, the Robert McClelland expos’e must finally expose Julia Gillard and ‘that which should never be spoken’. With international politics now awash in a state of amoral swill, could this occasion be on a political par with that of US Secretary of State Clinton’s adventure into the shady real estate realms of White Water in Arkansas. Seems gender is no obstacle to a pursuit in shady deals.

  9. Plenty of people around like that CA! The truth on all this “goings on” with parliament is hard to digest the truth at first. Many people live in denial or are simply niaeve. You can’t force the truth upon them! Just leave the truth in front of them for them to find at their own will. In time, curiosity will get the better of them and they will come to terms with it. I have watched this site grow and is still growing fast. As this site grows the dominoes fall faster!

    • And the longer you leave it in front of people the longer they carry on their ignorant ways just like all the other sheeple, and nothing changes.

      • well the truth about julia gillards past was raised on the steps of the victorian parliament: Bruce Wilson featured in it . th crown were quite shocked to hear the truth. i think this will spread like a virus…

  10. At last, I have developed a rather favourable opinion of an ALP MP in the form of ex-AG, McClelland. I sincerely hope the lid is torn off the can containing this sordid affair. It is our right to know, but our generally gutless mainstream media, apparently, are only capable of copying and pasting press releases and the like because they are too frightened (or indolent) to actually get out of their comfort zone and investigate. Perhaps, job security dominates their thinking and so we say ‘goodbye’ to the independence of the Press.

    Thank goodness for blogs such as Kangaroo Court of Australia and brave journalists like Andrew Bolt who believe in our right to know and are prepared to put that right into practice.


  11. The unions are so powerful and dominant in this country, that the Liberals cannot persue union corruption related matters because of their fear of a back lash, similar to the Work Choices fight. Better to establish a fair playng field when they have both houses, early in a Government term. All IMO only.

    • The Liberals are pursueing thomson! I don’t think the unions are as powerful as they think they are expecial;ly when the citizens wake up to the union corruption

  12. you never cease to amaze me here it is it is true and the libs have got her on the ropes and don’t bring it up as an issue, shane your superman. when they dug up that old articale on abbott when he was at uni that’s when they should have pulled out this nugget.keep up the good work because if everybody hid there head in the sand the labor party will just keep wrecking this great country of our’s.

  13. Shane, It’s time that the people woke up to the corruption in the ALP, so many Ministers are aware of Gillards criminal actions with the AWU rort, yet they are happy to cover up for her. When it does become Public Knowledge and the voting public realise that they have a very dangerous woman as PM they will be even more shocked at those they have trusted, like Shorten and the G.G. and the Heiner affair mob, Rudd, Beattie, Bryce, Bligh, who have all agreed that “whatever it takes” is their motto to remain in Power! This Mafia mob of ALP members have to be removed and I hope that Mr. McClelland can help to clear the air about Gillard and the AWU rip off and the Unions corruption! What has Paul Howes done to get to the truth, nothing!

  14. The work that Shane is doing to enlighten us all is remarkable! Imagine the Press investigating and releasing these stories….it would have prevented these crooks from becoming PM and Ministers in the ALP! They don’t investigate anything because they are not worthy of being called Journalists, except for just a couple who deserve the title and a few who lost their jobs!

    • Pat McCann, years ago two intrepid investigative journalists brought down a President. Their names Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. To me they have always stood out as a beacon of hope to people like Shane Dowling who dare to ‘poke the fires of hell’. Back in 1988 when I took on the Government over selling out land to foreign interests here on the Gold Coast, the media hunted with the head-hunters. The same thing ocuurred when the Liberals angled to build a Senate team around Hanson to remove the Democrats. That story I called Manlygate never surfaced.
      To me Shane Dowling has the passion and fearless, yet measured skill to warrant thousands who think alike to marshall an army behind him. This country is sorely in need of a fearless press. We can help build it by giving this man real clout …that of massive support.

  15. I also agree, that the libs must do something about it, but if we have to wait untill Gillard takes us to an election, we may have lost too much with the carbon tax etc. another eighteen months of this government might very well wreck this country.

  16. I have three points to raise on this matter.The first is what are the whereabouts of the nefarious mr Wilson? Is he still in Australia?What is his currant employment status?
    Secondly I suspect the reason that the Liberals are not pursuing the matter is they have just as many skeletons in the cupboard and are not sure of which one’s and how many the Labor party have knowledge about.
    Thirdly I predict that mr Mr McClelland knows that Labor at the next election have more chance of winning the lottery than the election and wants to step aside before the slaughter.

  17. Hedley Thomas is the person who should be on to this – one of the greatest investigative journalists in the country. But then again, I forgot – he works for News Ltd doesn’t he? there goes than brainwave of mine down the gurgler.

  18. Settle down guys, nothing will happen at all. Gillard has a way to shut everybody up. I have not seen anything like it before. She will not even get into the subject and brush it off. She will say…we are moving forward….best economy in the world…kisses with Obama….best banks in the world…carbon tax etc etc etc. She will bulldoze everything she wants through parliament and after the next handout she will be voted back in again. That will be the end of this story which by the way I keep warming up too all the time and send it off in large lists for fear it will be forgotten. But I know it will. That is how this mob operates. Quite frightening.

    • You could be right. It is time to bring on the election now, before Gillard buys another term… If that happens all pensioners and retirees will be broke and dead before Australia recovers.
      It is that serious.

  19. after all the bagging juliar receives i thought i would even it out a touch and give her credit for something.

    thank you juliar, by being the most hated (and corrupt?) PM in australian history you are strengthening and galvanizing the australian people to expose it all and drive for some real change. i think history will ultimately show that it was mostly her doing that the political/judicial landscape in australia changed for the better by PEOPLE POWER. as i have stated before, i see a real political force potentially coming from all of this.

    so, other than toxic mince meat to cull our cane toad population, she is useful for another purpose.

  20. educated moron leaves school after spending half life there ,educated moron gets job doing photocopy’s for law firm connected with union
    none of them would be suitable for any real work what so ever , stealing is all they know

  21. yeah Juliair is into something big: i wrote to all the media about her past but nobody wanted to print my story: i sent an email to the USA and BBC and Europe news channels and nobody printed this story: Julia thinks that the Australian public is really stupid. she thinks that she can bluff her way around and give little handouts and keep the people happy. Queensland election results still did not give this ALP mob a wake up call. the ALP put it as a state issue. How much more intelligent does one need to be to read the results of an election….I am concernerd about the NBN Co …i really want to see the flow of money and contracts and also blind trusts and third party accounts … and we may as well start with school hall buildings and the pink batts ( exactly who are these contractors/ suppliers etc… but right now i just think julia and the ALP should just call an election because of this stubborness they are going to pay very very dearly…..andthe real losers are going to be us the taxpayers and the australin public…what a shame that such an intelligent country has to have a mob like the ALP governing….this is disgusting.

    • Accountability is lacking in all the programs you mention. Must be feathering the nest of those that donate. Corrupt to the core!

  22. Robert McClelland has exposed this contemptible woman for the hypocrite she is. Lets hope that as a country we can recover from the efforts of this lying corrupt individual and her seeming agenda to reduce us to a socialist paradise. Why does it take McCelland and not one of the toadying Canberra press gallery to expose the possibly criminal past of our dear leader. Oh well, there I have answered my own question.

  23. when Gina Rhinehart was busy buying up FairFax you should see Wayne Swan And Albanese salivating with fear beacuse suddenly theres going to be a new player with guts who is going to tell the real truth..this ALP mob are all running scared and suddenly they want to tell Rhinhart how top write editorials,,,this ALP mob thinks that alll australians are stupid ..the fear is now settling in… is now time for the TRUTH….something we all deserve….

  24. The people voted overwhelmingly for Kevin 07. They wanted “change”. Howard warned us of difficult economic times ahead, but no one listened. They wanted “change”. Julia got up by a short fingernail and by clambering over Rudd. Enough people thought it would be a “change” to have our first female prime minister, so they gave her a go. All of the promises she made to run an honest outfit were hot air. She does not have last say on any policy, as she relies on the Greens of the far left, and the support of the socialist union leaders. But, the voters don’t dig deep into their memories when an election comes around. When you have a majority of voters who are ignorant, socialist, or incompetent, why would you expect to elect a competent government. Labor has reduced Australian politics to it lowest possible level. At this level, the ideal of democracy unravels and we slide into economic anarchy. Still, when the ignorant majority are given an opportunity to make an intelligent choice, they still prefer to hear and believe the leftist propaganda. It sounds as though they will come out in front, if they stick with Labor, and they are so easily led that they just vote ALP. The really stupid ones go further to the left and vote for the Greens, who really believe that we can switch off coal fired power stations and build wind and solar replacements. Not a brain among them capable of calculating base load requirements and capabilities. Still, they and the militant unions are steadily shutting down industry in this country. All they need to do now, is get all of cars, buses, trucks, and trains off the roads and tracks and we can shut a few power stations down. The rest of us can leave for a country with a sane administration. Russia is looking good these days.

  25. Be aware, all those who put the mainstream media down, that the Government holds the power of Licence Issuing.
    As Fabian once said, ” You don’t have to own the Company to run the Company. Just hold the power of Licencing and they will agree. It is disappointing that those who do have the power to bring about change are in bed with the corrupt ones.
    Unfortunately those who go into Politics do so for the Power Serge and very few have ever been there for the Country’s needs.
    Sillie Jillie realy believes that she knows what she is doing, and that the people are behind her all the way. Her minders are full of garbage and feed her on it. Besides the woman has lived a very deceitful life and can’t distinguish between the Truth and a Lie. She is and always has been a Compulsive Lier.

  26. 1992 for Heaven’s sake! Allegations of impropriety that are now 20 years sitting in the pantry? Barnaby’s Senate speech gives explicit details and alleged dates of transactions that imply corruption,and implicate our Prime Minister in possible indiscretions.There are so many questions remaining unanswered from Senate speeches. That reporters x3 were persecuted for telling the Truth is unforgiveable.These three men must be compensated as these questions are duly answered. I personally believe the timing of this by Mr McClelland is well-thought out. We read Mr Rudd has secured another 15 MP’s Support in other media. Just how much did/does the LNP know? I agree with above article, why did the LNP wait so long?They have been informed about the above by citizens over the years, this i do know. Mr McClelland chose a time when Ms Gillard was overseas to announce this ‘oversight’.Why? Are the Buzzards circling? Chips on many shoulders in the Labor Party obviously getting heavier. I am shocked to learn that a PM and prior Senate Candidate, has not been thoroughly scrutinised by her own Party/minders.One thing is for certain, McClelland has stirred up a gigantic Hornet’s nest. Get your fly-swatters ready, there is some serious stinging coming ahead. Labor polling rock-bottom, fear of losing power, ok, let’s change leaders then! AGAIN! Rudd vs Abbott, better odds for Labor? A few more seats than if Gillard was leader? Shorten the odds? Ok, what dirt can we find in the pantry we kept for this rainy day and do we alert the opposition to help us? Why not? Works for everyone. An early election, minimal damage for both Parties, and if all above is proven, an ex-PM tied up in court for years and out of sight. It’s all about Timing isn’t it, to suit Politicians, not about the real People. To Hell with the Mainstream Press and their lies, and bullying of reporters, use the Internet to get the Truth out to the Populace. Once again, these three reporters must receive compensation and Justice once all comes to Light. Thank God for them.

  27. When I open the paper most mornings, I expect to see Gillard and Labor embroiled in yet another scandal…rarely am I disappointed. The unions really are pretty much dead in Australia and I suspect after the Craig Thomson and the Gillard affair they really will die altogether. That thought would have scared me once, but not any longer.

    Shane, if your site ever becomes a paywall is one I’d be fine to pay for.

    • It will never become a pay wall site otherwise it would undermine the purpose of highlighting the corruption to the public. But I do need to commercialise this site to some degree at least if I ever want to take it to the level that I would like to. So if you want to buy a t-shirt, coffee mug or a copy of my book it would be greatly appreciated. The links are at the bottom of the post or the Book Page and Shop Page are at the top of the site.

  28. The LNP have tried to bring Juliar’s corrupt past to account time and time again and have been prevented by gag orders.
    Maybe some time ago, a few may have believed Gillard’s adamant denial, but most would not these days, after witnessing the many blatant lies of Juliar and the ease in which she does lie.
    The mainstream media have cowered from airing Juliar’s past for fear of reprisals and not wanting to publish anything negative on the political party they support.
    It is about time a full enquiry is commissioned into Juliar Gillard, Bruce Wilson and the missing $1Million of AWU member’s funds and the whole nation is aware of her criminal past, alongside Rudd with his involvement in the deliberate shredding of evidence in the Heiner affair.
    The Juliar Union Run Liebor Party is a corrupt untrustworthy Government that should NEVER have been allowed to hold power of office.

  29. The Opposition should have pursued this relentlessly for years, but have had just as many damming failures, scandals, waste & mismanagement of the Liebor Party to pursue every week, but they have been gagged; so to speak Shane of recent times to bring this Govt to account and Juliar’s past in not being permitted to have a ‘debate’..
    Any time they have brought up the scandalous allegations involving Gillard and asked that Juliar answer questions in a debate it was denied.
    Gillard has scurried out of the chamber, a division was held and the opposition has lost a majority vote.,,,and that IS gagging debate.
    The likes of Stephen Smith, Albersleazy, Mark Dreyfus, Craig Emerson, Chris Evans and Mark Arbib have all stopped any debate in the parliament in both houses.
    Hears hoping this week will be different after the Ex AG referred to Gillard’s corrupt past in a debate on Thursday last week as did Brandis & Joyce in the Senate on Friday…but we wont hold our breathe waiting for this Liebor Govt to allow proper scrutiny or any accountability of their own accord.

  30. The ALP is no longer the ‘battlers’ party instead a conniving dishonest bunch of rabble comprising of corrupt lawyers, corrupt unionists and deceitful academics of the left persuasion. A corrupt party led by a dishonest woman who will stop at nothing ‘whatever it takes’ to stay in power. Carbon tax lie, queue jumpers, Craig Thomson cover up, Besetting Tony Abbott against Aboriginals and now Bruce Wilson corruption to name a few. Thankyou Shane for your vigilance and tenacity as the mainstream press have let us down by allowing this dysfunctional government to bully and stonewall the press and treat us with utter contempt!

    • The mainstream press is controlled by swan and Gillard .How can the truth be told. We really have a dishonest government

      • This is so obvious. However, things are about to change. Businesses are not advertising in the newspapers and this is one of the reasons they are moving to the internet. . . but even on the internet they will need advertising. Without advertising dollars (except the ones promised to them by ‘you know who’) they will not be able to employ all the journo’s, even the left wing ones. Once they lose their jobs, they will realise the bad policies of Gillard/Swan. Once their children lose their jobs, the message will be clearer >
        Without business there is no employment. Kill business you kill employment.

        And don’t forget . . . the Gov receipts (taxes) are down because businesses are NOT MAKING MONEY and so we borrow from the Chinese etc.

        Can we have an election now before it is too late.

      • I agree with you Ivan only i think it is already too late,there is little to nothing left to tax the hard working Aussy( private medi levy being means tested is a nice way of saying i need the money now and the country and medi care can suffer later) and it will take years and years to repay the money back that The wicked witch and the crow brigade have borrowed to keep us a float.Strange that a rich country with huge mining and farming incomes has to borrow instead of lending to others.Arr thats right we give it away
        silly me..

      • The tax burden is being carried by the 80% or so who own only 20%. The only way to rectify that I can imagine is to have a flat rate tax on income without deductions. If it were set to around 15% Australia would become a tax haven offering a lower cost – tax – than all other tax havens. The likely influx of money would more than compensate for the initial loss of government funding. It means everyone making an income would pay the same rate regardless of outlay. This would make it difficult for start up companies or businesses so, perhaps, there could be a deferment to support establishment of a business. Efficiency would be rewarded. No one could manipulate income to avoid tax but, should they do, the punishment should be exponential from 1000% for a first offence to 10,000% for a second to 100,000% for a third offence. Tax fraud is likely to be eradicated altogether this way. We should abandon all other taxes. I would support a sabbatical tax relief for certain essential industries like farming, medical research, teaching and nursing. We need to promote and reward a variety of essential industries and services because our national wealth relies upon those people. No political party in Australia would dare to consider such an approach, currently, because they each have vested interests which inform what they believe is in Australia’s best interests.

    • the new definition of battler is i live in a beautiful house and drive a new car and my children all attend uni ( remember when going to uni depended on you having a high intelligence ) end result schoolgirl attorney general who has never had a real job ins its life , why don’t that be honest and admit the new requirement for uni attendance is a. being female b, fake foreign student

  31. The recent Victorian experience has been revealing and does not augur well for those who wish for an honorable conclusion to any political malaise. In opposition, the Coalition rightly derided the appalling policies of the Labor Government: Myki, the desalination plant and the roll out of smart meters. But, upon acquiring power, they have endorsed these very policies. The absence of a clear policy direction from the Federal Coalition is troubling because the presumption that it couldn’t be any worse under an Abbott Government relies upon our imagination and, ultimately, wishful thinking. We need decisive, honorable and quality policies that protect our best interests without punishing us through overt and covert taxation. The carbon tax is an increase in the GST without calling it that. There is still no respite from invidious taxes like payroll tax, provisional tax, stamp duty and petrol excise – to which they add GST. Our expectations have been eroded over time through lies and dishonesty along with incompetence and, it seems, the abuse of power. We need to demand more of all political parties because the differences are more apparent than real – the Victorian Liberals prove that.

    • Mark, if you have skilled advice which you could pass on to the Victorian government which would enable them to undo Myki, the Desal plant, and any other unwise state projects, you should do just that. If you remember as far back as when Kennett took over from the Caine, Jolly, Kirner outfit, he brought on a large number of infrastructure projects which helped bring Victoria back from the lowest performing economy in Australian states to the highest performer. What the last Labor government did was waste billions of dollars trying to make landmark investments, few of which had any economic value whatever. When Abbott and co take over next year, they will be in a similar position to that which the current Vic government was – but many times the debt and no economic benefit to reap from hundreds of billions of dollars of waste. Wasted money is a big problem, because you and I have to pay it all back, plus interest. The waste of two terms in government with bugger all to pass on to the next government virtually guarantees that Labor will not get a third term. If they had been as smart as the Hawke / Keating combination they might have managed four terms. What a waste of six years.

      • I agree with you, Colin. The egregious waste of the last six years is astonishing. We needed a pipeline from the Ord and northern catchments to support each state. Victoria needed to lay a pipeline to Tasmania for our water reserves. It would have been cheaper to make public transport free than to introduce a flawed Myki system and return the services to public control. The desal plant has not met its contracted undertakings and could have been wound down some months ago. As it stands, the water it will produce will have toxic levels of boron! The smart meters emit RF radiation which is toxic to humans, animals and bees. I mention bees because without them we have little chance to produce crops. Successive governments seem to forget that tax deductible items that exceed a 100% deduction are enormously attractive to tax payers. Therefore, green energy, green whatever can be thoroughly promoted through that one measure. The same goes for other areas where tax deductions can be used to garner funding instead of using state funds. Whilst I understand that the same people provide the income for both, I believe there is inevitable waste in state applications and management. I wish we had Kennett as Premier, now in Victoria or as Prime Minister next year. To the extent that governments lose elections – oppositions do not win them, we have had little by which to assess a potential Abbott government. He hasn’t needed to do much but focus on the Government’s flaws, it’s time we learn of his vision. We need inspiration. We need a contract with our politicians whereby they will keep their word.

  32. Mark and Collin I couldn’t agree more with your comments although I am scared stiff to admit it. My worst nightmare will probably come true if and when the Liberals get into government and the real damage done by Labor/Green will unfold/uncovered. The whole country will be up in arms about the savings and cuts the government will have to make and God only knows…who wants to be a pollie?! Look what our vic government has to put up with. The Unions are going berserk bullying the companies and especially government to justify their existence. Of course it is a Liberal government and they would do that. Every cent they squeeze out of companies and Government means a vote comes election time. If anybody really would be concerned about the country they would sit quiet and wait until we are comfortable into the black and can afford pay rises like they demand. Rambling on…sorry.

    • We’re finding that out in NSW already Chloe, we’re in a world of debt thanks to the previous Labor government but no matter what O’Farrell tries to do to curb the terrible waste, he is met by the brickwall unions that want to take everyone out on strike every 2nd week..the teachers are striking again this week! the Nurses union is putting up ads complaining about everything the state libs are doing pretty much.

      The Libs are renowned for pulling things back into line but they do have a hard fight ahead of them.

      The mainstream public see these strikes and dissent and think the Libs are not doing the right thing and so it goes’s really too stupid for words. I have 2 sisters that are nurses and 3 close friends that are teachers, one a principle…not one of them is in agreement with either the strikes or the advertising and are pretty ok with what the Libs in NSW are doing…but their voices are not heard…the unions just carry on their merry destructive way. They do tell me of their collegues that feel the same way.

      It’s like footy teams..but it shouldn’t be a game! In the meantime the good of the state or the country is forgotten in the quest for power or the ‘I want my team to win no matter what the cost’ mindset.

      • Comment deleted by moderator – off topic – no more off topic comments please

      • Returning to the topic, then… the question needs to be asked: why doesn’t the union movement or this particular union ask questions about the loss it sustained through theft? Clearly, this raises many questions about the management of unions and it goes to the question of fiduciary duty as interpreted by union managers. One imagines that unionists have been duped for some time by those professing to represent the best interests of individual unionists with no clout other than collective clout. Can a government order an audit of the ACTU affiliates or unions generally as part of a Royal Commission into Systemic Corruption?

      • it appears that stealing from unions is not covered by any crimes act , do it from your job or any shop and the police will charge you , if its a union we are unsure if a offence has been committed and we cant charge the person etc

  33. Its claimed by an old-stager in political satire in Australia that Gillard threatened News Ltd and Fairfax et al .with a media enquiry on the scale of Leveson in the UK>
    As he commented:
    “Gillard continued a barrage of phone calls to the then CEO of News Ltd, John Hartigan and there was a meeting arranged at the offices of News Ltd. What exactly was said at that meeting may never be known but it certainly didn’t resemble what Gillard said it was about.
    The Leveson Hacking Inquiry was threatening to engulf Australia’s media and Gillard saw her opportunity. She used Bob Brown as a verbal battering ram to threaten Fairfax and Murdoch with an “inquiry”. Gillard herself publicly entered the fray with her now famous utterance: “There are questions that need to be answered.” That statement was carefully crafted to put the fear of God into the media. After much questioning she has refused to say what those questions might be”

    Could it be that’s Gillard’s questionable “moral” habits have left plenty more skeletons in the robes of ex-partners around Australia which are yet to be rattled?
    Stay tuned, this is going to be better than “Desperate Housewives”

  34. What we have seen and heard so far, with regard to a couple of union and ALP corruption and complicity instances, as so well put in the above article, is just the tip of the iceberg. If there was an audit of accounts and meeting minutes for the CFMEU, the ETU as well as the AWU, so much dreadful behaviour taking place across the entire Labor movement would be exposed, that only a very long running Royal Commission would be able to sort it all out and deal with it.

  35. Hey as stated earlyer we must give credit were credit is earned.
    Gillard and Rudd 07 have taken a country that was strong in industry and with money in the bank, and in just a couple of year have Succeeded in turning it all around.
    Now we have massive debt,our health system is about to get smashed, showen that trust is only measured by the lenght of the knife in your back,and that being a pollie makes you bullet proof in the eye’s of the law.we are the joke of the planet with these clown in power
    and i pitty the next government because the mess is bigger than what we are seeing now!!

    • We’re getting off topic with the comments. There does have to be some latitude there but can we try and keep it on topic as sometimes this site gets people deliberately trying to take the comments off topic.

      • Shane, who is responsible to Act on this case? If a Royal-Commission is indeed required, which Minister is in charge of taking this further? My homework shows a Royal Commission can be can be called from the Floor of the House {Lower}, by any sitting Member of Parliament. Do we petition for this? What is the next move to open up the whole truth in this scandal? thankyou, jeanie.

      • Nothing will ever happen if we sit around waiting for the politicians to do something. A petition in days gone by might have worked but by in large are a waste of time now days.
        We continue to put the blow torch on them until they crack. Blogs like mine are the new online petition. If a enough people support it then the politicians will act because they know it would cost them at the next election if they do not. It is starting to happen now. The online community combined have just as much power as the mainstream media. All the bloggers, people on Facebook and Twitter etc have had a huge impact and that will grow.
        So tell your friends about this site and tell them to “Follow this site by email” which is in the top right hand corner of the site (IT IS FREE)

    • bob -please don’t mention the word “”credit”” or credit card in relation to labour , we don’t want to embarrass anybody

  36. Hi Shane; is Mr Ian Temby’s last report due? I’ve been calling it game over since the NSW Fraud Squad raided the printers office at Palm Beach some 3 month’s ago. Mr Michael Smith was also adament about outcomes. There are so many balls up in the air , even the most ardent juggler would be pressed. Regards and thank you for this blog.

    • its such a shame that such an important piece of news only made it on page 13 today in the herald sun….carefully crafted journalism “skeletons….” how is it the jillie gilly is still getting away with fraud. I too am young and naive will it hold in court,…..

    • i have a sneaky feeling that there is more to this bizzare story about Jillie Gilly and the union millions. lets look at the firm she worked for: she is a partner, how did this come about? then there is the union millions and no trace of the main player from the uniuon! then the union lost millions but did not care about sueing the guy who stole the millions ! then Jilly Gilly is cleared and made a partner of the firm. How does one become a partner in a firm without $$$injection, (assuming Jilly is a partner) ,,,then Jilly Gilly says she was young and naive and was shocked at the bloke who gave her the miillions to spend on fine clothes shoes and home renovations….what a lovely story to evade court proceedings…

      as long as we have this militant union we are all going to be doomed in australia. The union is a big coporation> did anyone do the maths as to how much income the unions recieve on a fortinghtly basis. the poor workers will be shocked to see the figures. i am going to investigate all the unions and will soon publish the figures.

      right now the unions should concentrate on recouping all the monies that were misappropriated starting from the 1990s rather than shooting down real reforms that are being implemented by the state governments….

      • That is what i also am very curious about. Do you think, that these union-members, who apparently have the hardest and lowest jobs in the communities, as in cleaning the …. in hospitals and the like, do not have the ability to try and check what has happened to their money/

        That is just so sad, but I think that these thieves know the behaviour of their members very well and expect to get away with the thefts.

  37. Hi there Shane, Great piece as usual. Like you I cannot believe Gillard was made PM with her (alleged) corrupt past. A 32 yr old young and naive lawyer? Pull the other one. It’s interesting that Wilson ain’t talkin’ no matter what. Could it have been a condition of his settlement agreement with the union?

    (Rest of comment deleted by moderator – Too long and off topic. Sorry I do not write about the boat people issue. Just judicial corrupt, some political corrupt and matters related to this site.)

  38. Are our newspapers so entwined with the Unions and Labor that they will not go after the Union and Labor leaders with vigor like they used to go after Howard. Appears some reporters in the communist countries have more guts than our newspaper owners. I’ve been to these ‘eastern’ countries and read their papers.
    Maybe our newspaper owners have been paid off through all the taxpayer funded advertising? Appears I am on the money.

    • Follow the trail of global media control. It applies here too. Don’t think parochially and it starts to make sense.

    • it seems like there is something sinister happening in our media. if tony abbot had a past like juliasit would have headline news but if darling julia has a fraudulent past it gets page 13 and nobody wants to talk about it. the editors and jounalist are all well aware of this but are S@#t scared to report on it…..some have lost their jobs….we are becoming like zimbabwe with a tinge of china: i woild like to invite the unions to march in every capital city to show our digust at the media : but they will never have the guts to do the right thing for australians.

      • Yes, I wonder if every reporter fears that if they criticize the Government or the PM, they will not have the chance to ask the PM questions . . PM chooses from whom she takes questions.
        Also the advertising dollars must be so tempting . . so much so that they probably need to be identified as a bribe!
        I recall at the 2nd carbon tax (hoax) demo at Canberra, when Sky News was vying for Asian broadcasting rights with the ABC, the Sky News reporter said that the demonstration was small with only about 700 people. At that stage there were abot 3,000 to 4,000 people there. He was taken to task by the people around him, but that was off air.
        Come on you newspaper men and women, do the right thing, before these liars send us down the path of Greece. It may be too late for us retirees but why should our children have to repay Gillard/Swan debt to some overseas bankers
        Once the debt cristalises, you know what will happen to interest rates.
        Election now please.

  39. Wilson is just one of Gillard!’s lovers It is amazing how she managed to attract so many.
    Beauty is definitely in the eye of then beholder.

  40. Did the ex boyfriend go to jail? Julia claims she was naive, but she was in her 30’s and a lawyer. Naive, stupid or a liar.

  41. Gillard as a solicitor had a practising certificate renewed each year by the Law
    Society, regulated by the state based Legal Profession Act and overseen by the Legal Services Commissioner; all part of the plan to regulate the legal profession and their conduct. Probably all sitting on their hands now over the AWU matter.

    No, let McClelland’s bruised ego and hurt pride fester a little more concerning his losing the plum job of AG and Gillard pushing him into the background. During the last election in McClelland’s Sydney electorate, people were receiving phone calls and hearing a recorded message of Bob Hawke extolling the virtues of the great Labor Party down the phone. People with unlisted numbers also received the recorded messages. The great Labor Party ….

    Keep on getting angry McClelland, the woman has to go

    • I recieved that recorded phone call from Bob Hawke last elections! to say I was shocked is an understatement!

  42. Didn’t I tell you nothing will happen at all?! This is just how it works with this government.
    Absolutely amazing. But just wait until they find a way to connect TAbbott with the Slipper affair and see how the papers-frontpage – cover this for days no end.
    I urge you to send the link of this article around as often as possible. People have to wake up because they seem to be in a coma.

    • Chloe.People don’t want to know.They would rather be kept in ignorance because it’s bliss, or as Dame Edna said “It’s Niceness”.If a NSW type Independent Commission Against Corruption were established we could “Keep The Bastards Honest”.But guess who would be responsible for establishing such a body?The criminals who are in charge of the jail of course!!

      • You’re right uloola – people really don’t want to know. People prefer their ignorance because it relieves them of any responsibility in dealing with the consequences of their lousy choices.

        “Hello, my name is Kevin, and I’m here to help” – so said Kevin 07, so adept at telling people what they wanted to hear. His background, and that of his Deputy, was a matter of public record – it was all there for anyone to see – if they had a mind to look.

        So often we hear the question; “How could this have happened to our country?” It’s called the ‘donkey vote’ for a reason – that’s why MSM control has become such an issue. Now McClelland and his coterie of colleagues who have profited handsomely from the machinations of Party Politics, are crying foul when the very power-brokers who parachuted them into safe seats, or covered their criminal pasts and dubious ethics, decide that they are dispensable.

        None of them will ever be held to account and the only people who will pay, with lost jobs, lost homes and families, lost businesses and quality of life, will be the taxpayer at large – and their children.

        Wake up Australia – we’ve been asleep at the wheel for too long.

  43. If Campbell Newman reopens the Heiner Inquiry, Kevin O’Lemon is history.
    Don’t you think he’ll look good in orange tracky dacks and jumper with sneakers?

    • Regardless of any Inquiry convened to investigate the criminal conduct of any of our past Prime Ministers, the System will ensure that no prosecution will ever take place.

      Think of Richard Nixon and subsequently Bill Clinton – neither was prosecuted for ‘perverting the course of justice’ simply because it was deemed that it was the Office of President that would be put on trial and brought into disrepute, not the individuals who held that office.

      For similar reasons, the same applies here. Nobody who holds the Office of Prime Minister (or Governor General for that matter) will ever face prosecution for negligence in office or past criminal conduct simply because the public exposure of such matters would be seen to undermine the authority of that Office.

      Still … we can dream.

  44. To Shane Dowling et al – an article “Ruptured Union Seeks Enemy Within” is an excellent exposé wriiten by Murray Hogarth for the Sydney Morning Herald on July 30th, 1996. And to think this was reported on 16 years ago but still oh so relevant!

  45. okay my second comment. Im so very angry that this clown is our PM. It certainly would be front page news for months if this was a lib. How can she not be accountable to her beloved union? Shorten and Alboslezy were safe after the Rudd chalenge because theyr as dirty as her. Mc Clelland, Barnaby and the libs need to go at this relentlessly and so do us mere earthians. How are we not keeping up the pressure on this? Papers are scared for their jobs in this ‘democracy’, so come on people, lets blow the lid off for all to see, i miss Australia.

    • lets make a short movie and post on youtube and advertise this to the world. i am actively posting articles everywhere including youtube. but the reality of all of this is :
      this is just a decoy. the carbon tax nbn malaysia swap deal all a decoy…the ALP must blame Tony and make him look like that bad guy to keep debate about how bad he is then if this article hits the front page it will look small because Tony will already have been made the small is kind of weird the way the ALP is working…Shorten and conroy is in this too (remember Bill shorten swearing at Kathy Jackson usin the F*&%k ing word…welll so much for a work place relations minister and what about the latest Slipper case…just as it was predicted a friend Judge of the PM will look after the case and that is working in the ALP’s Favour…..basically we have a MAfIA Type of government.

  46. Yes Jenni,I wrote to my MP about it, he thanked me for the email via email, then this week I
    receiv ed a letter trough th Post, saying it would be taken into account when contributing to strategic decisions with my colleagues. The lett
    er was written on the 5th July, 2012

  47. I had not completely finished with my comment, I wanted to say, that the opportunity was lost as nobody said anything at that timel So I will be writing to him again, but at the moment the whole lot is on holidays, so i’ll wait, I think we need to get together and use ‘people-power’.

  48. I was not jokin g when I suggested people-power! I came here from Holland in 1954, during a visit to Holland in the eighties the price for coffee went up by over 20%. Holland being a coffee-drinking country, The people decided not to buy the coffee at that price,
    and nobody bought coffee. After five weeks they reduced the increase to 4%. See people stuck together, What should we do?

    • …I am trying to picture a youtube documentary where everyone …whole crowds… are standing in line with placards that tell the story from start to finish of this disgraceful Government, PM and the GG whilst everyone has a mouth gag on. It would be symbolic for many reasons! It would have to take place on a private property so that no thought crime police or media could stop it as it would be considered as trespassing anywhere else.. Shane is doing a marvelous job and we all owe a debt of gratitude that someone is prepared to put it out there but we must also realize that one day this could all be gone…and then what? Can anyone honestly tell me that for the last 5 years we have had a true… free… democratic country ? I have never In all my life been more afraid of the direction this country is taking. I want OUR AUSTRALIA back and we should send those who do not wish to enjoy the liberty’s of this country packing!

      • so guys let s get started. a short you tube movie with the information: or lets just dubb julia and Emmerson (he too was one of Julia boyfriend) and Nicola roxanne with bill shorten (they too were lovers) I need some ideas: maybe just words on placards and video and post with the Whyalla spook song br DR Emmerson: by the way look at the youtube video on Whyalla ( the one with about 50000 hits… i wrote some intrerest facts there…….i wait for some ideas….also how about a news paper like the MX paper that we get in th trains….

  49. its a horror movie, the twiots on my TV, horror movie with a stalanist CV, horror movie gagging you and me, and shes bringing Aussies nothing but pain. The lies are a flowin, the spineless are glowing oh yeah, the moneys a missing, from those she was kissing oh yeah. But the horror movie keeps on a lieing, just like the boats with people a dying, shes a horror movie, shes lieing and a theiving, and theyre mocking Aussies using their brains, yeah shes hiding all the thieves and their names.

    • excellent i will be sending this to the producers (these are amateur s who are studing tv production:trying to make it on the big screen) i will post it soon after it is completed.

      • patterson put couple more lines as i thought of them below, in 2 seperate posts, mayb 3, if u want to use them, cheers jenni

  50. just a start, come on, join in, thnk we can do better than the grub emmo, add on or change, whateva, but theres a start

  51. horror movie i was young i was naive, know i am old and i still wish to decieve, take me to court you’l never get too far, coz i paid the judge, i gave him a new car. The people are a talking and im still ignorin oh yeah. Il shut down the papers to stop all the nayers oh yeah, she a horror movie with a stalanist CV…………….

  52. i knew nothing when the money went missing, you’l have to ask the bloke i was kissing, shes a horror movie and shes blown a fuse, just like Emmo singing on the 6.30 news, shes a horror movie and shes not alone, with thomo and Emmo their cover is blown. Labor is a coverin but some of them are wonderin oh yeah, the web shes been weavin the grubs are a leavin oh yeah, shes a horror movie and people are awakenin, lost in her web of lies shes been makin, horror movie ……….

  53. Should be like football. She could be charged with bringing the office of Prime Minister into disrepute and suspended indefinitely while a Royal Commission investigates the whole worthless lot of her and her cronies and criminal charges can be arranged.

  54. Gillard has had an extensive list of lovers going right back to her student unions days. Craig Emerson was one such liaison which destroyed his marriage. It tells us a lot about the woman who is running this nation. She slept her way to the top, and didn’t care how many bodies were left behind in the process. How Emerson can look the camera in the eye and mention this woman on a daily basis is astounding.

  55. If Julia’s”availability” is the reason she’s managed to break through the “glass ceiling”,does this explain how she’s allegedly such a good “negoshiada” and why such an
    incompetent is now the Prime minister?

  56. Julia Gillard lies almost daily about the state of the Australian economy. In The Age today, July12th, we are told that the Australian economy shed 27,000 jobs in June this year. The very month that she lectured the G20 ministers about Australia’s successful economy. At present, there is more than $200billion of borrowed money circulating about in Australia’s economy, propping up the system to make the GDP look as though Australia is moving ahead in positive territory. This is the biggest lie possible. In fact it is the most expensive disaster Australia or many other countries have ever seen. She lies alright!

    • Colin, Your comment should not be Ms Gillard lies almost every day, she lies every day full stop. She does not know any better, she is a liar.

    • The media are too light on the PM and Wayne Swan . . where are the 800,000 new jobs this carbon tax ‘reform’ has created. I’m sure it was the Treasurer or the PM who said this would result. Not one reporter asks that question . . show us these new jobs that are being created!! Where are they, we know the ones that are going !!
      And the manner in which unemployment figures are calculated are a disgrace . . just heard of the family where husband lost his job, but because wife works and earns around $1,000 per week, he is not considered unemployed.
      Where are you journo’s ?
      Saw TDT tonight with the teacher up the tree in Tasmania. Main reason she is there is to stop the logging. But reporters failed to mention that the PM signed an agreement to stop the logging and then renigged. Selective reporting ?

  57. All we get is selected reporting about this horror of a PM, she is known to have warned media about reporting on her, she has personally picked up the phone to gagg ppl, our democracy is slowly slipping away, but assies are well known 4 our complacency, we need to speak out loud and clear, i actually loved being a complacent, ‘she’l be right’ Aussie and i detest her taking our freedom and media freedom away. Disgusting.

    • well i thought this article will show more of the nosense we have in Australia . We have all been conned and it seems that we are powerless at the moment: the Unions are with the ALP ..we must find a way to break this news to all the people: looking at poster drop at at the major train stations for starter and the open a website solely for this purpose and advertise it in the newspapers.
      read below:
      The Fabian strategy is a military strategy where pitched battles and frontal assaults are avoided in favor of wearing down an opponent through a war of attrition and indirection. While avoiding decisive battles, the side employing this strategy harasses its enemy through skirmishes to cause attrition, disrupt supply and affect morale. Employment of this strategy implies that the weaker side believes time is on its side, but it may also be adopted when no feasible alternative strategy can be devised.

      For those unfamiliar with the concept of ‘Fabianism’ it is named after Roman general Quintus Fabius Maximus. His whole military strategy was to delay and to engage in a war of attrition to wear down opponents. This is exactly what the PM is doing ,she is stubborn and must have her way: a classic example is her stand on the Asylum Seeker saga. And just blame Tony Abott. (wearing down the opponent)

      Fabians align themselves with the non-violent arm of Marxism by accepting the non-violent road of patient gradualism to total government.”

      The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
      Crest of the Fabian Socialists Society
      (founded 1884 by Francina
      Member since:
      a wolf in sheep’s clothing, represents the cunning behavior of the wolf. according to me it is always a symbol of evil and i dont expect that there would be a good thing behind this.

      Julia famously started a relationship with fellow Labor MP Craig Emerson whilst he was still married with three children. It is interesting that the media has not pried into the Emerson affair seeing as the glossy magazines usually attempt to trip up politicians for such personal follies. Can we imagine that Tony Abbott would receive such soft treatment if he started an affair with a married woman?
      But the problem here is the press is Sh&t scared of her: they dare not go into her private life:
      We in Australia should really be worried as long as Julia and the Fabians are in control: they have another agenda: the world population must be brought down to 500 000 000. (in other words elimate 90% of the world population)
      The new emblem of the fabians is the turtle:

      Tortoise is the symbol of Fabian Society, representing its goal of gradual expansion of socialism hit the society slow but hard.

  58. Abbott would be crucified unrelentingly if he had an affair with a married woman. Gillard really is the bottom of the barell….i hope they go ahead with the utube song/short movie, we need it to go viral

  59. i have just posted the following article on the Cliamte Spectator in response toJulias swipe on theNBN.

    Since the election of Fabain Socialsit Gillard we are seeing more and more (Fabian policies) come into play: For those unfamiliar with the concept of ‘Fabianism’ “it is named after Roman general Quintus Fabius Maximus. His whole military strategy was to delay and to engage in a war of attrition to wear down opponents.”
    Fabian socilaist is similar to communist but the method the fabians use is slow and steady to kill the opposition: we see it playing out everyday by the PM> Her stubborness to come to a compromise on the Asylyum seeker is just proof: she will frustrate and play the opposition until the oppostion gets tired and gives in. Another deeply distressing Fabians policy is to bring hardship on the community in slow and steady way>>>look at the Carbon Tax.:(They say people will be better off by the $10.10 compensation this is the start then slowly the expenses will creep in and the $10.10 wil be woth 10c))Fabians also likes to redistribute wealth and blame it on any one that opposes them.> Basically the Fabians which Julia Gillard is a passionate member of, are in favour of the NEW WORLD ORDER ..The Mining tax is another example ….They also lie to to the public and say no I didnot lie we just wanted to price carbon. they blatantly lie and laugh it out when confronted about the lie “aaahhh aaahhha aahhaa no, we must price carbon” this is the sort of cunning and sly method they use to con the community. All of this is playing out in front of all australian on a daily basis. The most dispicable method used by this ,mob is to announce something that the publiuc surely will not be happy with and in the same announcemnt blame the oppsition for not doing enough or warn the people that the oppsitions will tear it down .almost every policy that was announced by the PM and the deputy PM or Penny Wong, the opposition is always portrayed as the bad guys.The Fabians policy is to make the public believe that the opposition should not be trusted and this is playing out daily by the cabinet.. It is a real shame that the UNIONS and the Independents who can easily breakaway from this type of poilcy choose to remain and support the PM…I would suggest that anyone wanting to know the real workings of Fabians should look it up for theselves .Youtube has plenty of graphics….and yes the LOGO for the Fabians used to be the Wolf with sheeps clothing and of recent times it was changed to the TORTOISE to illustrate the fact that they will unleash their ridiculous 18century policies on modern day society slowly and and steadily…(research was done via goolge)

  60. that is so very interesting and you have Gillard right there in a nutshell, thnx patterson. I have written quite a few more lines for song/movie, above, hope you like. Thanks again for that post, very interesting

  61. As more and more Aussies lose their jobs because of Labor’s policies they will wake up to the real reason for our borrowings, not for infrastructure but to donate to others . . make us poorer and dependant on the Gov for handouts. These handouts will not be enough, so taxes will rise, Aussies will have to sell their assets to escape debt and survive. The buyers will be those people to whom Labor donates our wealth.
    It’s happening ! Just look at the empty commercial industrial properties up for sale ! No work man ! Except in the office of climate change etc where productive work is zero.
    This is the Julia Gillard story . . she is OK her income is protected for life. But working families watch out

    • The biggest concern I have is will the Liberal Party reverse the erosion of our Freedom and Democratic way of life? Or will they all come down with the Gillard Virus and start lying to the population as Gillard, Swan, and their other cronies have done all ready?
      The greatest disappointment this year is hearing Mr O’farrell (A Liberal Leader after 10 years of destructive Labor.) lie about the Grafton Gaol closure. He gave an ion clad guarantee that it wouldn’t close but has now done a back flip on his promise. As a Gaol it is to be closed with the lose of 150 positions, and down graded to a holding centre. The Gillard Virus in full bloom!! Politicians will and do take advantage of any and all means of achieving their desired outcomes. Even to the point of lying.
      Mr Abbott will be weighing up the prose and cons in Gillard’s lies. He will have the back room boys evaluating if he can pull of a few lies and getaway with it gambling on the fact that Gillard’s mob have bankrupted the country, which he can use as an excuse. Mark my words! The Liberals will do what ever their masters tell them to do, as well as those little voices in their heads.
      As a Nation of True Blue Aussies we must get the message over to this rabble that we will no longer tolerate their garbage. The only way is with the Media, print and Electric behind us. Write to your local papers and ring your local radio stations. Tell them the truth, ask about Gillard’s criminal behavior. Ask why there hasn’t been chargers brought before the courts. It scares the crap out of her to know that people are questioning her past.

      • In reply to Ken Taylor.What’s needed to stop the deceit is electoral reform.
        If you look upon Australia as a large commercial corporation and the voters as shareholders and their vote as buying shares to provide a dividend for our prosperity.
        If the election manifesto is seen as a shareholder prospectus and the promises made in that document is enforceable by law,the same should apply to elected representatives.
        That should “keep the bastards honest”if they are compelled by law to do what they say they will.
        P.S. What do I say to my children when they ask me”Daddy If I must tell the truth why don’t our politicians?”

  62. All pollies backflip, especially finding the absolute mess labor continually leaves them in. But i genuinley believe Abbotts not the type to,..sleep around, set out to decieve or put his blowhard policies before Aussies. It will be hard for him, look at the mess vic, NSW and Qld were left in. Yes, there will be things we dont like, but at least howard put his GST to a vote. There is more integroty in Abbotts little finger than Gillard, Swan, Emmo, Albosleze and the rest of them put together. Dont think you’d find Abbott being a sleaze.

      • The investigatve jounalust are sh?t scared of Fabians Gillard . They have been warned to leave the pm s past out or else. I am thinking contacting a lawyer yo press charges of reason against the pm. But first I need to check if lying is treason.

    • That’s sad of you to write that without including the details. He was 19 at the time, she didn’t want to keep the baby and it was adopted was so many at that time. As it turned out…the baby wasn’t even his! so Abbott had a lucky escape from that woman if you ask me! she was not very honest in their relationship was she. The full stoy is on wikepedia and has been written elsewhere as well.

      As for becoming a priest…it was something he thought about in his younger years, and decided it wasn’t for him…why anyone would think that a cause for gossip is beyond me!!

      • exactly susan, big difference in a young teenager in uni and a 30odd yr old solicitor, just plain wrong putting them in the same grubbiness

  63. oh for god sake, of course he may have got up to usual young peoples uni stuff. Gillard was in her 30’s….biiiiiiiig difference, you really are picking straws. We all did stupid school stuff, go back to school stuff and no one is pure. What a load of rubbish, im talking about Abbott as an adult, think he is a decent humanbeing, not a saint, sheesh people

    • And another point re Abbott- he grew up. After 19 he obviously decided the error (in his worldview) of his way being in an adulterous relationship and opted for a monogamous married life and has not repeated his mistake. Gillard, on the other hand, obviously hasn’t learnt and continues in her adulterous ways. maybe she finds advantage in this behaviour, who knows?

      • Fair Go 2Bobs Worth, two uni students getting together for a bit of hanky panky is not adulterous. Unless one party is married to another, of course, which is unlikely to be the case with teenagers at uni. At worst it could be described as careless behaviour, which is what the result indicated.

      • Please note – I did preface my adulterous reference to Abbott’s (and the Christian worldview) whereby any sex outside of marriage is considered adulterous.

      • You did, 2 Bobs Worth, but the definition of adultery is definitely between one person and the wife or husband of another. Between two consenting single people it is referred to as fornication. But why that is to be frowned upon in this day and age is quite odd. The point is, JG was in an adulterous relationship with all moral and legal rammifications, whereas Abbott was not. He was just being a naughty boy.

      • Quite so Colin- I believe we know what we’re on about here- the act of fornication and the act of adultery are considered equally “unrighteous”(1 Corinthians 6:9). However,not wanting a religious debate on which is “worse”, back to the Abbott vs Gillard topic.
        While I concur that such behaviour is not frowned upon today, maybe we, as a society, are reaping the consequences of such a world view. From the Christian worldview ( and I assume Abbott’s) sex outside of marriage is “frowned upon” and Abbott’s views on this are well known (ref: advice given to his daughters about remaining pure till marriage)
        When God’s laws are violated, forgiveness can happen on repentance, but consequences still have to be faced- Abbott faced those consequences with the “illegitimate child”possibility- but, judging by his advice to his daughters, he obviously learned from his “mistake.” Gillard,on the other hand keeps on repeating her mistakes, the consequences of which may be her downfall- if the exposure of the Wilson affair reaches its final conclusion. Its all about the consequences of your actions.

  64. This is called Fabian bastardry-something that is close and dear the pm. This is the very policy the entire alp and unions are following to The tee . The will make life a living hell for all middle class . They will denigrate us all to handouts ie make us de

  65. Surely other people have to wake up now, she has already advised that she ‘will decline to answer’, but surely we have ‘a right’ to know what kind of person she is, or do you only have rights if you run a union?

    • Juliia is fabian: she follows the policy to the tee: the policy is bacically 18century Cr$p. the policies were made up by a group of men and women who took the law upon themselves to push a cult like agenda and in this moderm world we have some people who are desparate to push this outadated policy onto an unsuspecting audience: They are wolves in sheep clothing and this is still their MOTTO and now they have change it to con us all.They have adopted the TORTOISE…”The Fabian Coat of Arms was originally the WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING, that may have been a tad too telling as it has now been replaced with the TORTOISE which portrays slow and steady, the motto of their tortoise is “When I strike, I strike hard”. can anyone see the parallel of the PM and this policy….

  66. reply to patterson, yes read your previous post on Fabians, the more I learn, the more
    frightened I become, she is evil our PM.

  67. hello i found an interesting article and thought of sharing it here:

    NEWS UPDATE 20th July 2010: Julia Gillard Treason Charge
    by Logan R. Anderson

    (The rest of the comment deleted by moderator as it is a breach of copyright to copy someone else’s whole post. If you want to you can put a small portion then put a link back to the original post.)

  68. Read the full article patterson, the more I read, the more horrified I am, surely we cannot allow this situation to continue?

  69. What chance do the Real People of this country have when the Criminals control the courts, Government, and Press? It is easy to understand why there has been civil unrest in some countries with the type of corruption we are now experiencing.
    Is it that the average Australian is to complacent and to self centred to bother about the criminal elements controlling his/ her daily life as long as he can meet his own goals on a daily bases? I have travelled the world, been to places where one payed the gate keeper to enter, and also payed the local constable to be permitted to keep traveling. The level of corruption was evident in these placers. How ever what we are now experiencing here is greater then these placers as it is being protected by appointed minders and the fear of retribution. If it did all come out into the open what would be the chances of an action against the person divulging the truth? Once it is fully exposed to public scrutiny I believe the public will protect the innocent.
    I fear for the children to come, and what they will inherit!

    • Ken- you ask
      “Is it that the average Australian is to complacent and to self centred to bother about the criminal elements controlling his/ her daily life as long as he can meet his own goals on a daily bases?”
      No, Gillard has hobbled the MSM with blackmail threats to screw them with endless “inquiries” and regulation- they’re really spooked. The only way we find out about her malfeasance is through the blogosphere- and the Fink report seeks to nobble that too!
      Gillard is said in some quarters as being a great “negoshiator”- is her negotiation style to get her own way by screwing people- literally and figuratively?

  70. Thanks for that link Michelle,I’m going to follow Pickerings progress on this matter.At last we have some more movement on this issue.The “lame stream media” must be gnashing their teeth at their “blind Freddy approach”and casting around for some other subject to blanket the front page and starve this affair of more oxygen.

  71. Attention Shane. via Pickering. Things may be starting to hot up soon.

    …Too many people lie injured and still bleeding in the aftermath of the Wilson affair. They are now determined a certain lady will also spill blood.

    The Pickering Post has it on good authority that legal proceedings will shortly commence out of Melbourne. The star witness will be a person the Lady knows well…

    • hi everyone
      with permission from Larry Pickering i sent the pickering post article to the high commission of SIngapore (they named an Orchid after the PM), Malayasia,USA,Canada,switzerland, China.} i just want the world to know that something is terribly wrong in australia and we seem helpless just like the people of Zimbabwe…only when the stomach itches for food does the uprising begin,,,,,we are heading in that direction because of the ridiculous and outdated Fabian Bastardry policy that our PM and her stupid followers in the ALP,greens and the Unions are following. for those who are not familiar with Fabiansm , it is communism and the motto is the wolf in sheeps clothing only changed resently to the tortoise to symbolize the slow and steady way of unleashing the fury of the Satanist Bitch which is no doubt being felt by every sector of society. just today one Labour MP decided to retire but she will do this at the election time next year.(if this MP really cared about australia and the real reason for going in to poitics she will resign NOW not next year….I know that as soon as the election is held A royal commision of enquiry will be held and the Fillthy stinking S&^t of the main players will be out there for all to see and the all the actors(alp mps, independents, greens and slippere) will be lumped in the same basket…..

      • omg! what a damn sad world we live in…whatever happened to us? sometimes I believe the worst people are not in gaols…they’re walking amongst us. Ok..that’s an exaggeration but one does get very disillusioned. 🙁

      • The Pickering article is dated October 17, 2011. Anything more recent? And what has that got to do with anything about Gillard and ALP that he writes? Him being involved in business that went belly up doesn’t make anything from him about ALP and Gillard incorrect.

        From article: … Chief Superintendent Steve Hollands said officers were exploring whether a fraud had been committed. “The possibility also exists that it could have been a legitimate scheme which has failed,” he said …

        Do you have proof that this isn’t true? Reading further down it sounds like he wanted to make the most that he could from his investment. Businesses aren’t charities. Ultimately, buyers should beware. There is a chance that you’ll do your dosh on any investment. If you cannot afford to lose, or think the price too high, don’t invest.

        Him being a bankrupt doesn’t automatically make him wrong about Gillard and ALP. He isn’t charging for access to his Pickering Post so I cannot see that as a dodgy business investment.

      • Apologies Shane. Upon reflection I concede people should be made aware of Pickering being bankrupt and involved in questionable business practices. More thinking before firing on my part in future.

  72. That was from someone called Richard. I’m confused now as I just saw a reply from Michelle and that seems to have gone as well. 🙁

    • Yes it was weird so I deleted the lot. And please do not cut and paste the comment back up again as it had addresses in it which should never have been put up in the first place.

      • Sorry, you’re right. I think I was just a bit confused by such a strange post. I actually answered it from my email and didn’t come in here till a few moments later.

  73. Mike Smith and Glenn Milne are good brave people who reported the truth on Gillards past. Both Smith and Milne have been dealt a grave injustice over this. Mediawatch and its host Jonathan Holmes were responsible for twisting the truth by saying that smith and milne defamed Gillard and as a result of that getting smith and milne sacked. I hope smith and milne sue the ABC and mediawatch for the program lying, biased reporting over this union scam. Bob kernohan has written in his affidavit what had happened, it is enough to get Wilson, Gillard and many others indicted once and for all. Mike Smith, Glenn Milne and Bob kernohan, thank you and I salute you.

  74. So now theres a man who worked alongside Gillards ex, willing to spill the beans in exchange for immunity. He says hes been sitting on this for 17 years. Heres hoping. Even though i dont believe in immunity, sometimes it is needed to get to the crux of it. S’pose Gillard will be frantically ringing around today to make sure his statement is never heard. But he is willing to tell police ALL.

  75. If Mr Blewitt can’t get the police or the lame stream media to act then he may wish to leave a plain unmarked anonymous envelope in Mr Dowlings letter box and a copy in the box of Mr Smith.

    • this mob in government are so thick they just can see the seriousness of the allegations. the wane swan mr weetbix says “No implications in Gillard-AWU link: Swan” how much more stupid can anyone in government get. this gang are just wrecking the parliament and showing behaviour that is akin to “teenage parties gone wrong”

      • Unfortunately history tells us that they will get away with it.The ABC interviewed some of the whistle blowers but they would not go any further because they don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them and that’s with a board of directors that was stacked with right wing Howard government appointees.The old adage “the bigger the lie the more people will believe it” applies here.Print media will avoid any in depth investigation because of the revenue generated from government advertising and nowadays they need “those rivers of gold” to say solvent.Alternatively the Liberal governments in the two states may encourage their respective police forces to pursue the matter but they may have bigger skeletons in their closets than Gillard.

  76. uloola, what rot that the libs may have bigger skeletons. NOTHING is bigger than what the PM of Australia is implicated in. She is meant to work for us and we are within our rights to know what this horror of a PM has done. The union thugs wont let that happen, nor will goose or ‘i agree with whatever it was the PM said’ shorten. Im sure both sides have skeletons, but of this magnitude? Im sure labor woulda dug up something this big in their ‘dirt files’.

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