Bill Shorten

Statutory Declarations show Bill Shorten and Stephen Conroy trying to put the political hit on Kathy Jackson.

Below are two unchallenged statutory declarations showing federal politicians Bill Shorten and Stephen Conroy trying to get union charges laid against Kathy Jackson in an attempt to discredit her and/or have her sacked from her position as National Secretary of the HSU.

The statutory declarations say this happened back on the 15th April 2012. It obviously failed and looks like they went for plan B which was to have an administrator appointed to the union branch and have Kathy Jackson and others sacked.

If the statutory declarations are true it is very disturbing and at this point they have to be taken as being true as Shorten and Conroy have not filed anything with the court to refute them. What they ultimately show is two government ministers trying to shut down a whistleblower and cover up corruption.

The union charges would be things like dereliction of duty and if other union members signed of on them then she could have been sacked from her position. Although I believe it would have needed to go to a vote of members.

It is my understanding that the two statutory declarations were part of an affidavit that Kathy Jackson tried to file in the recent Federal Court proceedings. It is also my understanding that Justice Flick refused to allow the affidavit to be filed.

The lead-up is best summarised by an article by Kate McClymont at the SMH on the 26th of April 2012 where she says:

“The Government’s move to place the critically ill Health Services Union into administration, the business equivalent of intensive care, has probably less to do with concern for the members’ industrial wellbeing and more to do with the deep concern that the HSU contagion is infecting the broader union movement and adding to the death rattle coming from the Gillard government.”


“Added to the problem is that Labor heavyweights have been unable to shutdown the HSU’s whistleblower, Kathy Jackson.

Jackson’s launching of action in the Federal Court this week, which was aimed at disqualifying 17 of Williamson’s supporters, if successful might have delivered control of the HSU to her faction” (Click here to read the full article)

Bill Shorten has said on the 7.30 report in relation to the Peter Slipper court proceedings that “I think I, like all Australians, want to get to the truth of the matter.” and “I think Australians just want to know the truth of the matter. That’s what I know that’s what the Government is interested in.” (Click here to read the transcript) I totally agree with Mr Shorten. And I think Bill Shorten and Stephen Conroy should come clean and sign affidavits or statutory declarations and address the two statutory declarations below. Verbal responses by Shorten and Conroy would not be sufficient given the below are statutory declarations.

Statutory Declaration by: Fleur Behrens

  1. I am employed as an Industrial Officer with the Health Services Union East Branch
  2. On 26 April 2012 at about 1pm I received a phone call from Marco Bolano. He said words to the effect
  3. “The barrister wants us to try and get an affidavit from Sherrie Jacks confirming what she said about speaking to Bill Shorten”
  4. Can you go with Lorraine and see if she is prepared to give an affidavit
  5. I contacted Lorraine Di Pietro and we met together at the Austin Repatriation Hospital in order to speak to Ms Jacks.
  6. Lorraine and I spoke with Ms Jacks. I made a recording of that conversation. I did so on the basis of past experience in the present crisis of Kathy Jackson and others being “verballed” in relation to conversations that they had with persons associated with Michael Williamson or his ALP allies. I was concerned that there was a significant risk of this occurring in relation to Ms Jacks. I believed &at under the Surveillance Devices Act l was not prohibited from recording the conversation
  7. Ms Jacks advised me that on Sunday evening on the 15th April 2012 she had received a telephone call from Ms Diana Asmar
  8. Ms Asmar had asked her if she knew anyone who would sign charges against Ms Kathy Jackson and that she needed them signed by midnight that night.
  9. Ms Jacks told me that she advised Ms Asmar that she did not know anyone who would sign the charges.
  10. Ms Jacks then advised that she spoke to Mr Bill Shorten who was with Ms Asmar at the time.
  11. Ms Jacks advised that Mr Shorten asked her how two of their mutual friends were, Ms Jacks then asked Mr Shorten what he was doing.
  12. Ms Jacks advised that Mr Shorten said words to the effect that ‘he was there helping Ms Asmar’
  13. Ms Jacks advised she then spoke again to Ms Asmar, Ms Asmar advised that she had to go as she had a list of members to call and they needed to find someone by midnight to sign the charges

(Click here to see the full statutory declaration)

Statutory Declaration by: Lorraine Di Pietro

On Wednesday 18 April 2012 I attended a Sub Branch meeting at the Austin Repatriation Hospital scheduled for 10.3Oam.

At that meeting Sherida Jacks the Sub Branch President, told me that Diana Asmar had telephoned her the previous Sunday evening (15 April 2012).1 understood that Ms. Jacks said that Diana Asmar in her conversation with Ms. Jacks, indicated to Ms. Jacks she was with Bill Shorten and Stephen Conroy.

Ms. Jacks conveyed to me that Ms. Asmar asked her if Ms. Jacks knew anybody who would sign resolutions against Kathy Jackson by midnight on that evening. I asked Ms. Jacks what the resolutions were, she advised that she had asked Ms. Asmar what they were but was not told.

Ms. Jacks advised that Bill Shorten then got on the phone greeted her and I understood that Ms. Jacks relayed that Bill Shorten said something about appreciating her help. Ms, Jacks advised that Diana Asmar then got back on the phone, Ms. Jacks then declined Ms. Asmar’s request and also advised her not to bother contacting another member named Rhonda Barclay.

Ms. Jacks advised that Ms. Asmar then said that that was fine and that she had a list of members that she was calling anyway.

On Thursday 26 April 2012 l attended the Austin Repatriation Hospital with my colleague Fleur Behrens for the purposes of speaking with Ms. Jacks regarding our conversation the previous week. We found Ms. Jacks and she agreed to speak to us.

Ms. Jacks clarified that she did not say that Stephen Conroy was with Ms. Asmar when she called on 15 April 2012. She advised that she had said that she assumed Conroy was there because she had assumed Ms. Asmar was calling from Conroy’s Office, as Ms. Asmar told her that she was calling from the Office. Ms. Jacks assumed that was Mr. Conroy’s Office as Ms. Asmar’s husband worked for Conroy and they often utilized his Office.

Ms. Jacks confirmed to me and Ms. Behrens that Mr. Shorten was definitely there as she had spoken to him. She advised that she had met Bill Shorten before through the HSU and through her husband’s and another relative’s ALP connection. She advised that she considered Mr. Shorten a friend.

Ms. Jacks then went through what had occurred on the evening of 15 April 2012 with Ms. Behrens and me.

She advised that Ms. Asmar had contacted her on the Sunday evening of 1 5 April 2012 and said she was calling from ‘the office’.

She advised that Ms. Asmar asked her if she knew any members that may be willing to sign resolutions against Kathy Jackson and that they needed them signed by midnight. She then told Ms. Jacks that Bill Shorten was with her and then said to someone in the Room, that she was speaking to Sherri (Ms. Jacks). That person said “ask her how Peter and Norm are” she recognized the voice to be Bill Shorten’s.

She advised that Bill Shorten came to the phone said hello to her and asked how Peter and Norm were, Mr. Shorten told her he was there helping Diana.

She advised that Ms. Asmar then got back on the phone and Ms. Jacks told her that she was not able to assist and also suggested that Ms. Asmar should not bother contacting another member named Rhonda Barclay for assistance.

She advised that in response Ms. Asmar advised that that was alright and that she had a list of members to keep going through.

(Click here to see the full statutory declaration)

The two statutory declarations seem to be consistent with an interview that Kathy Jackson gave on the 27th of April where she says “”For the minister to come in here and make out that he’s got clean hands when his hands are dirty as, is just astounding,” she said.”

and “Where were they eight months ago when I raised these allegations? People in the ALP knew about this and did nothing about this. And here they are turning up today trying to make out that they’re here to help.” (Click here to read the full article)

The Financial Review obtained a full copy of one of Kathy Jackson’s affidavits and did a story on the 21st June 2012 titled “Shorten abused and threatened me, says Jackson” which says:

“Employment and Industrial Relations Minister Bill Shorten was involved in a physical confrontation with union leader Kathy Jackson and threatened to cut her off politically and personally when she refused to back his ally in an internal Labor election, the national secretary of the Health Services Union has claimed.”

“He was red in the face. He said words loudly to the effect: ‘You will f—ing well vote for the candidate that I tell you to vote for. If you defy me, you will never be welcome in my home again and you will never have our support when you f—ing well need it.’ (Click here to read the full article)

Bill Shorten has form on the board for this sort of thing. It is worth repeating what I wrote in a previous post:

As a side note back at the end of February 2012 Electrical Trades Union New South Wales secretary Bernie Riordan “accused of pocketing $1.8 million in directors fees was appointed a commissioner  of Fair Work Australia just the day after long-running legal action against him  was withdrawn.” (Click here to read more) I wonder who put the call through to make sure the legal action was dropped so he could be appointed to FWA?

Bill Shorten was the one who appointed Bernie Riordan as a commissioner. He did not just decide to appoint him the day after the legal proceedings had been dropped. The planning for appointing him would have been weeks in the making. It looks to me that Bill Shorten did a deal to appoint Bernie Riordan as a commissioner to save embarrassing the union movement and the Gillard Government even more. He probably did a deal with the people who launched the legal action against Bernie Riordan along the lines that he would appoint him a commissioner and they could move up the pecking order in the union and Labor Party. The point to this is that is consistent with how Bill Shorten operates as outlined in the two statutory declarations above. Sticking his nose in union matters to protect the Labor government which is an extension of the union movement.

Stephen Conroy and Bill Shorten work as a Laurel and Hardy team in the Victorian Labor party and they were part of the team that stabbed the then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in the back, so destroying a whistleblower union official like Kathy Jackson would be nothing but breakfast for them.

I will do a follow-up post with more documented evidence of interference by the Labor Party in the near future.

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  1. Does seem that Shorten is the problem. Anyone else noticed how quickly Craig Thomson has disappeared from the news cycle?

    • Yes, you are right, Paul, Shorten is nothing but a union thug using manipulative language to hide his illegal activities. About time the media stopped beating about the bush and do some real reporting …. and pig’s fly.
      If Craig Thomson had been a Coalition MP, he would have been hounded to hell instead, because he is Labor, the media tread softly, softly.
      Craig Thomson would have been the downfall of any government except, of course, a Labor one.

  2. I wonder what all of little Billy’s children will all think of him when they grow up and read the history. He will never be Prime Minister – too much dirt from wayback.

  3. I hope the days of thugs like Shorten being “shortlisted” for the Prime Ministership are numbered, or better, finished. I am 50 and hope I live the average lifespan and never see the likes of this mob rule our great land again. Disgraceful scum. Great work on the site!

  4. What an unmitigated grub this Shorten character is, Conroy following close on his heels – both implicated in the cover-up of Gillard’s Victorian shenanigans. Smug bastards aren’t they? – so sure of themselves, so certain that they can manipulate people to their political advantage, so confident that they are ‘Untouchables’. And so they are.

    And just who is this Flick character who refused to allow these documents to be used in court proceedings? How can we still delude ourselves that we live in any kind of Democracy?

    We have this huge kerfuffle over whether the Sleazy Speaker put the ‘hard word’ on an employee, while a senior Government Minister uses direct foul-mouthed intimidation against a Union employee demanding she do as she’s told. Where is Justice for all the Kathy Jacksons of the Union Movement?

    When will Australian workers wake up and send this Cabal of Union Hucksters packing? This situation shames us all. We have surrendered our nation to organised crime.

    • They deceived their way in Blackswan! We have not surrendered yet! If we let the corrupt win on this, than I will agree we have surrendered. “It is Not over untill the fat lady sings”

    • Yes, we have indeed surrendered control our nation to organised crime, but the question is how we wrestle it back. I am an employer and STILL FairWork Australia have not finalised the pay rates for my staff, who are entitled to the new rates this Thursday.

  5. Shorten is nothing less than an ex-union thug and Conroy is a fool in the true sense of the word. What a pair! Unions are a pathway for intellectual lightweights with a twisted socialist agenda. They use their deluded members fees to pay themselves whatever they determine amongst themselves then put those very members out of work out of spite or some petty point scoring exercise. Wake up union members these people don’t care about you, they will steal your money and put you out of work just to make themselves look as if they are doing something for the ‘workers’. Remember this, they will still have a job after you are scraping along on the dole. They will retire on a nice pension and they won’t give you a second thought. To top it all off while we have an ex-socialist lawyer with a dubious record in charge of this country people like Shorten will be given a free ride into government.

  6. A Tasmanian coal mine which collapsed tragically a few years ago has just been closed down, very quietly. Shorten milked its awful notoriety day and night during the activities to save miners but his true interest was to show-off on TV while the miners’ families ignored him and wept alone. Many said box-head needed his ears boxed. What a prize w-nker!

    • I can remember that over a year later the widow had not gotten one cent from all the donations that the people of this country gave. Australians wept along with the families of those involved in that tragedy but the unions just used it as a political vehicle, to push their PR dog and pony show and to make money. Shame on them all.

  7. If Julia , with her corrupt history can become PM, I do not see why Bill wont make the grade. Just another weak leader supported by corupt practices in this country. I used to be proud to be Australian. Now I see how corrupt this country really is through unions and Labor

  8. Bill Shorten, the smiling assassin … the union heavy weights have all had their heads in the trough including Kathy Jackson. The SMH reported that she had chartered accountants/auditors change her $522,570 employee related benefits (in the financial accounts) changed to $75,884 … well of course if you head up a union, this is what you can do.

    Yes, I can imagine Bill Shorten screaming and spitting at her because she has jumped ship but they have all been in it together, ripping off all the workers in their path.

    The affidavit provided by Jackson would have been filed in the registry of the Federal Court as a matter of procedure but the judge may have struck out parts of it or even the whole affidavit. I just can’t find the Orders on the particular case before the Court though. If the whole affidavit was struck out by the judge, then the orders would have fully stated the reason, eg abuse of process.

    I think this whole site by Shane has clearly shown the cosy relationship between the Federal Court and the Executive arm of Government.

  9. The Labor/Union party are definitley scared of contagion! In shutting down Kathy Jackson and discrediting her will in effect shut down any other whistleblowers. Hopefully their is enough momentum with this to bring on all past, present and future whistleblowers( me included) to destroy this rotten apple. Kathy started the momentum, it is now up to us to keep it going. Spread the word far and wide!

  10. I would not put anything past Stephen Conroy, he is one of the all time worst and this could well be a very important nail in the coffin for Bill Shorten’s ambitions.
    The HSU affair has ruined the reputation of everyone involved including Fair Work Australia and the handpicked judges charged with damage control. The ALP is quite rightly deeply concerned about its effect on people’s opinion of the union movement and the ALP as a whole . The irony is , as is so often the case ,it is the concerted effort to cover things up including protecting the guilty and pursuing the whistle blower that for most people is the most repugnant aspect of the whole sorry tale

  11. Another great bit of detective work Shane. Keep at it.

    *She advised that she had said that she assumed Conroy was there because she had assumed Ms. Asmar was calling from Conroy’s Office, as Ms. Asmar told her that she was calling from the Office. Ms. Jacks assumed that was Mr. Conroy’s Office as Ms. Asmar’s husband worked for Conroy and they often utilized his Office.*

    This is from affidavit #2 . Others are in the poo for using their office and cars ect. for private enterprise. How does the ALP go using their offices for union business? I’m no longer shocked to hear the ex union heavies of the ALP aren’t all that ex. What a stink we now have from our government. They have a hell of a hard time with ethics. If they had any and used them they wouldn’t be anywhere near the trouble they’re in. The sooner they’re gone, the better.

  12. I hear the Liberal party has paid lobbyists on there executive as stated by Clive Palmer. One lot is as bad as the other, both are in the organised crime game. We are really going to become a banana republic.

  13. Why wouldn’t they ? it’s a pity they didn’t put a real hit on Kathy jackson . This woman is a sell out to the whole union movement and pretty soon she’ll be facing criminal charges for fraud and embezzlement from the HSU . Dream on Shane if you thing Kathy Jackson is a clean skin whistle blower. She’s up to her neck in it and it’s all going to be revealed .

      • It’s a pity that the mainstream media hasn’t run with this like they did with Craig Thomson . A free lance journalist by the name of Peter Wicks has been writing for ‘ INDEPENDENT AUSTRALIA was given or came across documentation that Kathy Jackson has been ripping off the HSU in big way instead of me itemizing all what this sell out has been up too , go to I A news and also VEX NEWS and Peter has his own blog called WIXXY LEAKS . Wixxy is the same as Shane he likes uncovering corruption and telling the truth . Shane have a read of the above and tell me that Kathy Jackson is not a sell out to the HSU and the whole union movement . Finally Shane you’d be the first to understand why the mainstream media has not picked up on what Wixxy has uncovered

      • I am working on a post on Peter Wicks and Independent Australia. In the post you will see Peter Wicks is nothing like me at all as you claim. So lets leave it at that. You can raise him all you want then.

    • I never said she was clean but she did blow the whistle on a lot of corruption. You sum up the union movement and Labor party where you say “This woman is a sell out to the whole union movement”. Yes you obviously want the corruption to continue and you support Shorten and Conroy using tax payers money to run their union campaigns.

      • Kathy Jacksons middle name is litigation . Wixxy has made some serious allegations and printed documents to back up what he’s said ,if all that is a pack of lies why hasn’t Jackson gone after him and taken him to court for slander ? I shall wait for your article with bated breath

    • ha ha ha. looks like you’ve been caught out again eric. it just adds more weight to my conclusion that you are just a propaganda boy. this time trying to spread more misinformation with a “seemingly similar” site to this one, but in my opinion just another poison tentacle of the ALP/unions.

      gee, i am excited to see what shane will write about that site is and its “independent” journalist. i’m not even going to bother seeing it coz i can deduce from you and your posts what it’s all about.

      as someone else said on KCA, even just the mention of a future post from shane will have these cockroaches scuttling for cover.

      • You are just so far off the mark it’s incredible but like you said when you put your mind to something nothing going to change it .What single minded bigoted life you must lead . Is KCA the only place you look to for online news . Not one story I’m aware off on this site has been picked up by other media organizations and put out to the masses. I lost faith in Shane when he started the ‘ people magazine ‘ muckrake

      • re: “not one story on this site has been picked up by other media”

        do you think perhaps your almighty leader juliar has effectively shut down the mainstream media? what about other smaller media they can squash? it would seem so since anyone who has dared to report juliar’s link to the $1m AWU fraud has been sacked or silenced. VERY few journalists DARE to report anything bad against this government for fear of reprisal.

        re: “when you put your mind to something nothing going to change it”.

        ok, 1 lousy point to you… i walked into that, my mistake. for those those need an interpretation – when i said i won’t bother visiting that site i left the door open for big, colorful words like “bigoted” to be used to make ME look like the closed minded fanatic. people, notice all the key words they use to make THEM look like the persecuted victims and others look like the fanatical, closed minded, extremist, corrupt individuals. see next point for more info.

        re: “Is KCA the only place you look to for online news.”

        no. but shane does incredibly good research and he tells it like it is, with evidence to support. he has made some remarkable statements which he would not have made unless he had that evidence. some other sites are just pushing the agenda of the criminals, it’s usually pretty easy to spot what their motives are. for your satisfaction, i will go to the site you suggested to have a look. when shane does his article on it i might post a comment and let you know what i think.

        btw, what do you have to say about the stat decs above? are they lying? i notice you dared not say anything about that issue.

      • If you don’t like ‘key’ points being raised about what you have said then don’t say them . You’ve now got me as some fanatical labor nut how wrong you are .1 point to me are you writing for points and one upmanship ? Kathy Jackson brought quite a few affidavits to court the two in question one of them was done by her sister in law and the other is a Jackson supporter within the HSU both of which were dismissed by the judge . Another affidavit Jackson tried to halt proceedings with was allegedly from her shrink but it was not signed and not dated . I think Shane is pulling your leg confused Aussie

      • It does not matter who did the Statutory Declarations. They are unchallenged so they stand and have power. You say one is by her sister in law and another is a supporter within the HSU. They both work for the HSU. Where do you think she was going to get stat decs supporting her. From Michael Williamson or Craig Thomson?

      • I won’t bother debating any more with you eric, i can see there is no point. i will just say a few final words for the benefit of others who may not see some vital points.

        corruption within our political and judicial systems and unions is rampant. that is undeniable. particularly with our current government note the VERY close ties between all three of those areas – that alone speaks volumes.

        what i want (and i believe shane, and others who post here) is for some real change to bring all this corruption to an end. regardless of what kathy jackson’s position is in all this, it was she who exposed some of it and try to create that change. and that is not a bad thing at all, it is commendable. so then who on earth would want to stop her from doing that, discredit her, set her up, and do a “real hit on her” as you suggested? ONLY THE CORRUPT PEOPLE WOULD. and only the corrupt would suggest that it’s all kathy and everyone else is honest.

        as for something being dismissed by a judge we’ve all seen how judges can give tainted/biased rulings, take bribes, be appointed as an “administrator” to “bury” certain criminal acts/organisations, etc etc etc. this is a hot and damaging political/union issue and it would not surprise me if there is further criminal activity going on such as unlawfully dismissing credible evidence.

        so once again eric, what’s your position in the ALP/unions? your denial alongside all your posts say two contradictory things.

        probably see you on the next article.

  14. eric, are you just a union boy spreading misinformation? i would think so. shane summed it up perfectly in his above reply: “…you sum up the union movement and labor party…” and “…you obviously want the corruption to continue…”

    it’s astounding how kathy is now being turned into the villain. it’s quite obvious from the stat decs above that the union movement is going to set kathy up. no matter what “evidence” arises in future, from what i have seen thus far i will NEVER believe that it is genuine. the most blindingly obvious point is that if she was involved in any wrongdoing she would shoot herself in the foot by coming forward. it simply makes no sense… nobody would do that.

    and knowing that you’re a good union boy spreading the propaganda, your statement that “she’s up to her neck in it and it’s all going to be revealed” reconfirms my suspicion that she WILL be set up – it’s just a matter of time. and your adamant statement suggests to me that you have inside info about it. now do you want to reveal to us how you are involved in the ALP/union movement?

    • Like you say your NEVER going to sway from what is already a fact in your eyes even discontinuing the debate shows me you’ve already made your mind up .I can’t wait for what Shane is going to come up with in his next post . If his whole case rests on 2 dodgy affidavits you and he should dig a little deeper before opening your mouths.

      • i can/will alter my conclusion with credible evidence. if not that, at the very least give me a plausible story without any holes and without any obvious malice/bias to/against anyone, and then i’ll start to rethink.

        so then, your plausible story is that kathy is the person who stole/defrauded the HSU (and nobody else) and then blew the whistle to eventually bring attention on herself? come on… you’ve gotta come up with a better story than that.

  15. You are so right concerned Aussie! The problem with been a whistleblower is the enemy throw that much shite at you eventually something sticks.

    Also things can be manipulated and you can be demonised for trivial things you may have done. It is hard to be completeley clean working in the government because their is so many rules.

    Sometimes rules need to be broken to achieve a common sense outcome with no
    intention of corruption, mismanagement etc.

    I agree with you CA, that Eric has just publicly stated that Kathy Jackson is to be set-up.

  16. Why is it that when a person whistleblows and suffers reprisal after reprisal and “the system” never charges anyone for the offence of “reprisal”!!!!!! I am in Queensland and am a whistleblower and find it extraordinary to find that each government department has created their own internal witness support units!!!!!! What a joke….all they do is get information from the whistleblowers to “cover up” more!!!! If the government were serious about stopping corruption they would set up an independent body to support, investigate (and not whitewash) whistleblower concerns and complaints regarding reprisal…..and set some serious punishments for these acts!!!!

  17. i have never liked either one of them and to read this i am not surprised of there intimidation to other people they are typical union thugs one on one there weak but combined they are strong. if you can find out these details why doesn’t the lib’s get out there with this ammunition.after watching shorten the other night talking to albarici on ABC this makes him out to be a Hippocrate.

  18. “I never said she was clean but she did blow the whistle on a lot of corruption”

    As far as I can tell is everybody saw the HSU as a source of rent and influence within the ALP and the more it amalgamated the greater the revenue stream and patronage available to whoever made it to the top

    Kathy Jackson used accusations of corruption in order to further her own ambitions and her own revenue stream. She made accusations of corruption against a rival faction, Pauline Fegan. Pauline Fegan got hold of documents that demonstrated her then husband had been using prostitutes on Union credit card. Kathy Jackson then managed to “produce” documents to prove it was Craig Thomson was visiting the exact same brothels on union credit cards – she then bundled these documents up and sent them off to Slater and Gordon – who dutifully issued a report. Then, with the assistance of Michael Lawler, she sent the same bunch of documents off to Fair Work Australia.

    Meanwhile, after the amalgamation, Kathy Jackson began to use the same tactic of alleging corruption to extend her revenue stream and political patronage in the new amalgamated union by moving on her NSW equivalent.

    Kathy Jackson is the logical evolution of the ALP-Union political nexus. The tragedy for all parties is that there was more than enough loot to go around, it was only Kathy Jackson’s mental instability and desire to have it all that has brought the whole circus to a shuddering halt. Ms Jackson seems to have used the same tricks to move sums of money into private accounts as everybody else.

    To the extent that her instability and graspingness as precipitated this, yes we do owe her, but she is not better than the rest of them, only a little more crazy

  19. Could those comments from Eric please be taken off. They are personal insults and make this page look trashy. Surely we can discuss issues with some decency even if it gets steamy.

    • I was at work but have deleted them now and will block Eric. When someone starts making threats and using foul language at others it adds no value and does undermine the site. Also he wanted to spam a few other sites.
      Unfortunately this will happen from time to time.

  20. @chloe: no i don’t think they should be taken off. i am certain that eric is some kind of ALP/unionist who is here to spread misinformation and try to discredit everything and everyone that exposes them.

    i think it highlights exactly how these sort of people work: deny everything, spread lies (even if they are absurd), and then react in an aggressive, intimidating, threatening, and violent way when people aren’t fooled. (just take at look at his wish for a real hit on kathy! disgraceful.) it is good for people to see who they really are. to put it a better way, it is NOT good to hide this behaviour – that’s how these people operate so well… hiding their true selves. expose all their true colours i say!

  21. A good case of divide and conquer above me. I have a relevant you tube video discussing this! It is a bit of a rant but some important points expecially at the end.

  22. keep on going eric, show everyone who you people really are.

    i did you a favour and went to the site you mentioned. like i predicted previously, i believe it is just a poison tentacle of the ALP/unions.

    having a look at many of the articles, EVERY ONE OF THEM WITHOUT FAIL WAS ANTI COALITION AND PRO ALP. it was anti tony abbott (TA) for not supporting the carbon tax, anti TA for not fixing the asylum seeker problem (even though juliar and the greens did this), anti john howard (JH) for the nauru solution, anti TA/JH for racism, anti the australian newspaper for not agreeing with the govt and writing unfavourable articles, and it goes on and on.

    and you dumb fools have the audacity to call it “independent australia”. i believe this is merely a thinly veiled arm of the ALP. like i said, i open my mind to facts and even plausible stories, but i’m sorry… i see right through the propaganda.

    considering you were so keen to get everyone to that site, for the third time… what role do you play within the ALP? from your words and tone, i’m guessing “thug”.

    p.s. you ALP/unionists are not very bright – typical ignorant, poorly behaving, low class people. did you know that you could possibly face criminal charges for the threat you made above? (well, possibly not, coz if you’re one of their goons i’m sure they’ll protect you through corrupt politicians, police and judges.) although i think it’s very unlikely you know who i am and where i live, as a precaution i will warn you that if anyone comes near me or my family threatening/inflicting harm i have a constitutional right to defend ourselves, and i will exercise that right should the desperate need arise.

    p.p.s. you had better pray that nobody makes a report to police about your threat. you may very well get a knock at your door (or your door knocked down!) at some early hour tomorrow morning. sleep well.

    just had a thought… is this a not so well disguised attempt to deliberately draw unfavourable attention to KCA and so the dictators within the government can try to shut down unfavourable commentary AGAIN? eric, i’ve come to learn a lot about the ALP/unions and would not be surprised if this is a possible motive for your threat.

  23. eric, spent more time at that no so independent site and the “leaks” site. wanted to have a real good look. scattered throughout is jibes and propaganda like:

    “Tony Abbott is reported to have said that earthquakes will always be a lower magnitude under a Coalition Government.”

    “Craig Thomson sat down to a homemade vegetable risotto with his wife Zoe, and tried to stay positive.” (the inferred “victim”, i assume?) while the writer says “In Sydney, I was with my wife, Felicity, scouring our way through bank statements, looking for clues as to where the HSU members funds were being spent.” the writer then goes on about kathy jackson in great detail. the inferred “thief” i assume?

    “I guess this tells members when voting in any upcoming election, that a vote for Lillicrap is a vote for Jackson, something best avoided.” – influencing HSU members to vote in a certain way?

    Kathy Jackson: “An upcoming Insanity plea? I guess that would explain the endorsing of Tony Abbotts Industrial Relations policies…” – another jibe at TA and coalition and to associate and discredit him with “links” to the HSU fraud?

    pages and pages of dribble, 100% trash in my opinion. like i suspect, well organised propaganda sites for the ALP/unions. so there you go eric, i read it but saw right through it.

  24. when i’m wrong, or possibly wrong, i will step up to the plate and admit it. eric, my assumption MAY have been wrong about you being an “agent” of the ALP/unions. another possibility is that you are the typical blind fool they have relied on to get into office and to help cover up their activities without any consequences.

  25. Whistleblower?? Kathy spent months trying to hide the corruption within the HSU. Ask her about proposal Kathy and Michael W put to the Nat exec that sought to have all previous financial transgressions written off. Some whistle blower more like
    a greedy grubby crook.

  26. Yes, well after this rort maybe we should look at other so called Union Funds. One particularly interesting one would be the so called NSW Public Service Association, located in a comfy office block in a main street of Sydney. Yes. I have some figures maybe other ex Union members can assist me to show the light on this mob of well, ‘persons’???????

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