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Ian Temby Final Report into corruption at the HSUeast Branch

Below is the final report by Ian Temby QC and Dennis Robertson into corruption and fraud at the Health Services Union East Branch. It shows a multi-million dollar fraud which you can read in the full report below.

The first couple of pages are from the credit card usage which shows them spending on such necessities as $50 worth of Krispy Kreme doughnuts four days in a row (as you do), $170 a week on flowers by one employee, another who spent $80 a day on parking on a regular basis and personal shopping at an IGA supermarket. I find these of interest as the fraud paid for almost everything they did. Then there is a page with Michael Williamson spending over $56,000 on credit card in the 9 months before he stood down.

Also the Communigraphix Pty Ltd printing fraud is in full below. That is where the union was paying ten times as much as they should have been for printing and Michael Williamson and Craig Thomson were given credit cards for their own personal use by the printers as a kickback. It is well worth a read just for the part where it says in relation to Peter Mylan and the answer he gave to a question, “this was a completely useless response to the request for information” said Ian Temby. Mylan who was the acting General Secretary of HSUeast was clearly trying to hide the corruption or a total fool.

If you want to read the full report please go to the bottom where I have the links. It is split up into 4 parts.

Ian Temby Final Report – Click on the links below

Part One—–Part Two—–Part Three—–Part Four

I have just quickly read the report myself and may update this post when I have a second read.

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  1. The whole mob in the ALP are the same: they are running and trying to hide but everytime they take a turn to the left or right they are confronted with more issues : this is now becoming a nightmare to this mob. they really do not know what to do. I hope they dont damage the evidence and burn the buildings because recently Annonymous was hacking the computers (anonymous is none other than this MOB. they are preparing us for this . they already said that annonymous is hacking the government sites….This is the evil of FAbian…this is what they will do. if you check out the policies of fabiansim and contrast it to Julia Gillard and the mob(ALP GREENS INDEPENDENT) you will see that this GANG is fulfilling every bit of this “bastardry” to the tee.. we are being taken as SUCKERS and the DEVIL is laughing at us: Athiest = Satanism .

    • So Tongaat your saying the Labor mob are acting as Anonymous and hacking their own computers?
      I hope your wrong if that is the case because after reading that Temby report it looks like Anonymous is our only hope! Anonymous, Wikileaks what have you got to say on this?

  2. I am pretty much in shock so to say and I am not a Union Member. Never was never will be. However, I am absolutely dumbfounded to why non of those members is up in arms about this. They can put quite a show on and demonstrate etc in huge numbers when it comes to pay increases but nothing here with over $ 20 Mill of their money misused. I should think they would demand their money back even if that of course will never happen but just to make a point. And OMG the statement of our PM. Words just seem to fail here.

    • As a HSU member I can say that we haven’t done anything about his because as a group we have been led by the nose for too long – some members resigned in disgust. I held in there because our health service is so bad you do need someone to help you – though I have to say they are pretty useless at representing rank and file members when it comes down to it. We have also allowed one power group after another, including the Labour Government to take over proceedings – each power group has been relatively effective in covering up it’s own tracks to our detriment. We have been misled again and again but it is hard as a group to get organised because rank and file members don’t even have access to member data bases so we can contact each other – I would have liked to have done something but I have been so busy with work and Family.


  4. Chloe.
    You mention that non (none) of the members are up in arms.
    Someone close to me who is a member forwarded and e-mail that had been sent to that person. The e-mail contains the full Temby report attached. On a rough estimate, there are 280 recipients for that one message. I understand that the recipients are mostly, if not all, HSU members.
    I can assure you that the members are up in arms, but there is one problem. Practically all are Labor people and are therefore in a bind. Knock the unioun and betray Labor or stand for what is correct, lawful and deserving.
    Clearly a moral hazard for many union members, yet an example of common public atttudes that have allowed this mess in the first place…….SLOTH!
    Now some of those 280 recipients may send the e-mail on to other and so on. I suspect that many will became more annoyed and actually may dispense with Uncle Sloth.
    Krispy creams four days in a row? damm if it was for four weks then the Union members would be lining them up in hospital with a syringe in hand……Oh what a beautiful thought! Now just tun over Mr. thompson/williamson, this won’t hurt a bit!! My friend would surely be very delicate in carrying out the exercise.

  5. Thank you Shane. Like Chloe, I have never been a member of any union and I can’t understand why the HSU members are not crying for blood! Certainly that of Williamson and Thomson. This is just the tip of a big iceberg, as ALL UNIONS should now be investigated for FRAUDULENT behaviour by the OFFICERS. As most of the front bench of Gillards cabinet are drawn from the Unions, they should demand an INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION, starting with AWU and HSU and any doubtful behaviour should make it imperative that anyone, e.g. Thomson, should be stood aside until they are Proven Innocent!

    • I was a member of HSU East when it was known as HREA and as a member of the union attempted to expose the corrupt conduct of Michael Williamson and his cronies in 1998 by taking legal action through the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board and the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal. The proceedings were dragged out for 5 years and the case and the evidence were ultimately never heard in public because of the extreme hostility of the Tribunal itself. I received the most brutal treatment from the union and its lawyers. MY anger is not directed to the ordinary members who were unaware of what was going on but the authorities and in particular lawyers and judges who in my case acted to protect union corruption.
      You are right about HSU corruption being the tip of the iceberg-I am aware of the same misconduct happening in other public sector unions. However the biggest problem of all in my experience is the judicial corruption of the kind that I encountered when I tried to bring the problem into the public domain. I follow this website because it is one of the few that is identifying the ultimate source of the problems in australia-the kangaroo court system and the crooked judiciary that protect entrenched power.

    • PAT,


  6. Nothing will happen to any of these Union Heavies. There are no rules in law as to how they can spend Union members money, so no offence has been committed. That’s how Union Executives in all of the Unions have behaved over the years, including Gillard.

    The only answer to this problem is to elect an LNP Government, who have vowed to bring Unions into line with Company Law. Only then can Union Member be assured of some justice.

    • And these same union heavies are on Boards of Industry Super Funds. God help the funds because the Gillard Govt won’t

      • And all these union run super funds are heavily invested in the scam renewables schemes, that’s why they support Liebor’s fraudulent carbon scam tax. Corrupt to the core is the Union Run Liebor Party.

  7. As a 15 year old in the UK I got a job on a building site as a fitters mate, I was to be paid 12 pounds a week before tax. Out of that I had to pay about 3 quid a week in traveling costs to site

    Within days I was “interviewed” by this 50 odd year old fat slob from the union who told me how much I was to pay each week whilst on ‘His” site. 1.50 a week.

    As you can imagine, I was a bit shocked and explained my situation to him, I was left in no uncertain terms what the outcome of not joining would be.

    I asked him if I could think about it as I wanted to talk to my parents about it, he said ” Of course you can sonny, you got 30 seconds”, he then got up, picked me up by the scruff of the neck and threw me against the wall.

    I sort of got the message. This was 1969 different days, I had no “Uman Rights” then I can tell yer

    I left that job after 6 months and went to work for another outfit doing gas conversions, they to had a union but no body really joined.

    I have not been a member of any union since. Still no harm done, I survived.

    These cretins are no more than organized crime, hopefully Abbot will take them on and we will be rid of this Union dominated Labor mess forever.

    • I worked on construction sites for over 40 years, like Boiler I too was told “if you don’t join you don’t work”. I refused to join and went to the office to tell the boss I was quitting. He said If you stay I will pay your fees, this I did but as soon as that job was finished I quit the union. I have never been in a union since, moving from job to job to avoid them.Unless you have worked in the building industry you will have no idea how corrupt the union officials can be, calling stop work meetings to slow jobs down, calling strikes for the most ridiculous reasons and although I never came across it personally I often heard of union reps taking bribes.

  8. All that money on krispy kremes! FAT PIGS! From what I’ve read a big % of the HSU are immigrants with not a lot of english and low education…they probably don’t know how to protest. Poor sods!

    This really is very, very disgusting and shameful.

  9. Ah, well there it is in black and white by Ian Temby – I am reminded of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” – Williamson et al are the shrewd and greedy pig people. Power corrupts – how very true.

  10. The HSU is probably more corrupt than some other unions but I suspect almost all have some degree of corruption. The educational and linguistic limitations of the HSU members have been taken advantage of by the criminals at the top.
    The lovely Craig Thompson appears to me to be delusional at a quite extraordinary level; I see that his wife is now in the media sprouting the same rubbish that he has been going on with.
    One can only hope that some good will come of all this but as long as the Labor Party is dependant on the unions I doubt it. At the very least the clique of criminals should be put before a court and every effort made to claw back at least some of the stolen funds.

    • That fact that our media editors appear to have become so involved in the latest Thomson sympathy ploy (poor loyal wifey this time) tells me a bit about who our media really works for.

      • The wife Zoe is a former transport workers trade unionist who also worked for Reba Meagher the ALP health minister & is a member of the Labor Party.
        She started reading the news on the local radio station on the central coast when she moved up there with Thomson.
        The whole story is all a ploy and all about me me me instead of the union rip offs, surely she would be aware of the perks & rip offs having the same background as a union official, it is the ALP way!

        The woman is stupid if she believes him and even more stupid if she thinks this PR bull crap will wash with the public.
        Thomson has been FOUND guilty of 167 breaches relating to misuse of union funds, not just an allegation.
        This is all about Thomson, the upcoming election & her own career prospects.

        Samantha Maiden from Fairfax did a story recently that Zoe went along with Thomson to put their house in her name to save $thousands in stamp duty in the First Home Owners Scheme, because Thomson had bought & sold several properties & was not eligible.
        He made out Zoe & him were not a couple, yet he was there from day one & this was his registered business address & she was also very pregnant at the time.

        The bathroom incident about reporters stalking the wife when she was pregnant having a shower was denied and was just part of the sympathy act of Thomson.
        The magazine article is all a PR exercise for both of them.
        Conniving is the Liebor way & all spin and lies.
        Oh brother, they should both write a book, fiction, with their imagination!

  11. Bloody shameful i reckon………but becks the question if thats whats been going on in that union……what has been going on in the others…this needs to be looked at maybe there are alot more fingers in the pie …..tip of the iceberg

  12. After reading that, Temby looks like a “Toothless Tiger” regarding the Gillelands and that he “recommends changes”. So we are still no different from where all this started! Temby wanted to see the Gillelands and talk to them about their company dealings with the union. The Gillelands refused. Why are they Not made to answer questions?What a joke! Also the $50 shares in the company, alarm bells ringing straight away!

  13. Some of the blogs here seem to think by electing a liberal government that corruption will some how disappear. How can it when they are just as corrupt in there own way. Yet others call for an inquiry which would be carried out by our corrupt legal system it would be like putting the rabbit in charge of the lettuce. However I have a dream and that dream is that both major political parties will be sitting together on the opposition benches both in opposition ho what a dream.

    • Not a dream mate, a nightmare. Just imagine more of the pathetic lot of ‘independants’ we have now. Running the Country? The treasury? As to Union corruption, the LNP have stated that if, and when, they are elected, they will bring in legislation to bring the Unions under the same Company Laws that the rest of the Nation abides by.
      Not perfect, but a hell of a lot better than the No Law for Unions we have now.

  14. So John does that mean just leave things the way they are ? it does not mean every single person is corrupt………as every person in the hsu are not corrupt …but if things are kept in a warren you end up with all the crap that eventually floats to the top. Maybe if people were gunna go to jail in the end it might be more helpful to every1….ooh 1 other thing why doesnt the TAX OFFICE investigate this ? i put my tax in late once and i was fined…….dont quote me on this but my understanding was the HSU was about $15 million in debt …but could donate $660,000 to the Labor party….I dont no who is corrupt or not but sheesh man something needs to be done .

  15. I would really really like to hear what Keating/Hawke/Kelty make of all this…….PJK always had such acerbic wit for the “Tories”….what does he think of these filthy scum with their fat pigs’ snouts deep in the troughs of Union members’ funds?
    Great work again on the site….and you are vindicated Gerard Crewson. Hold your head high!

  16. Yes well, I wonder will they have a subject one day in the education curriculum covering the Corruption of the 2012 era with in the Government and the Unions? Sort of like Alcopone and the Boot Legging Days of the 1920’s. Every one was in on it, and then along came Shane.
    Keep up the good work Shane. There are more people coming on board and many more who are starting to awaken to the Truth.

  17. Nailartsua, I agree something needs to be done, but both major political parties believe they have a god given right to rule. If you have a look at political parties they are mainly, only interested in short term policies that give them a political advantage over there opponent. None are interested in nation building. Now just to take the power away from them we need to stop voting for them. Either vote for minor parties or independents, there power base needs to be broken up. Then we might be able to get rid of legal aid which would be a great start in correcting the corruption in our legal system and save hundreds of millions a year.

  18. Hmmm well i think telling the truth would be a good start no matter who is in power. Campbell Newman has come out and said the Qld government can only participate in the NDIS trial once they get the books in order (pay down Debt) which would be around 2014 . Hes being truthful in that respect … Im not sure what the answers are but this minority government has been terrible …i travel all around Brissie in my job and the same thing that occurred in the state election that i was hearing, is probably worse for the Federal government….so i am predicting a routing of the labor/greens alliance in the coming election… and if i am wrong i will quite happilly eat apple pie with cream (hehe yum). I might add 2 things stick out …..the carbon tax and the axe-ing of kevin rudd…they are the 2 overwhelming points uttered. Since that has happened Labor NSW trounced……Labor Qld trounced…and on and on .Labor Federally( We will wait a see )…………….only my opinion( from what i have been hearing on the ground all over the place ) Gillard says : I can look you in the eye and say to you : I tell the truth , even when i lie .

  19. Hi Shane—————let’s cut to the quick here. You know that Mr Ludwig has undue influence. One only has to look at his offspring to see compromises that are made. This buffoon has reached his use by date . Please look at this person. Yes i enjoy your site.

  20. I only wonder when the Trade Union Members are going to wake up to the fact they are a total cash cow for this disgraceful mob of thieves. Talk about robbing the poor, to remain rich. Whilst The Queen of Thieves Gillard’s Cronies dine on the backs of the workers, the worker is being shafted by the very ones they trust.
    You just can’t help some people, no matter what you do!

  21. Yes its incredible that the members of the HSU seemingly except being ripped off by their executive officers. Why they dont storm the union officers and throw out these thieving scum is beyond me. And they should also demand a full criminal investigation of the thieves in power. The evidence is clear and should be acted upon. And the scary thing is that the majority of THE LABOR GOVERNMENT ARE EX UNION ..Also there must be a full investigation into Gillards involvement in the Woods criminal union theft.

  22. What a lucky country we live in, we havn’t got Adolf Hitler ruling us.I am totaly discusted with the Australian Media,” Free speech” what a laugh,send back Julien Assange and lets hear some truth for a change. It is people like you and Andrew Bolt that gives me hope for this currently corrupt government. Best wishes on your endeavours, I have ordered a “T” shirt I will wear it with pride. Allan S. Usherwood.Myalup WA.

  23. I resigned from a Union which was corrupt and I was threatened by a couple of drongos sent to try and intimidate me. Unfortunately for these two drongos, I was more mad then sane at the time and had them thrown off the premises. I never joined a Union again and saved over 5 and a half thousand dollars over the rest of my working life.

    I believe that the working class needs Union representation. With out it they would be at the mercy of every thieving, swindling boss that the Good Lord shovelled guts into.

    Having said that, I just pray and hope that Tony Abbot keeps his word and doesn’t pull a swiftly along the lines of “it would all be to hard, or I was only lying to you like Silly Jillie did a number of times” and force through the changes to the laws and have EVERY Union in this country State as well as Federal brought under the Companies Act, or the Clubs Act. Untill then I can only recommend that EVERY UNION MEMBER in this Great Country resign in protest from their Union under the belief that there is corruption in the Management of their Union. It would bring the Labor Party to their Knees.

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