Kangaroo Court of Australia

2012 Crowdfunding campaign for Kangaroo Court of Australia

The below crowdfunding campaign has finished and was unsuccessful and no money was raised. It was at least 12 months before its time. This site will continue for the forseeable future and I believe it is not to far off before I can work on it full-time. Thank you very much to the people who supported the campaign. If you would still like to donate it would be appreciated. The details and link are on the donation page. (Click here to go to the donation page)

I have set up a crowdfunding campaign on the website Pozible. While this site is showing a lot of promise and grows everyday it is still a long way off before I could work on the site full-time. (Click here to go to campaign page)

The idea of the campaign is to expedite this websites growth and allow me to work on it full-time for at least the next 12 months depending on how much is raised. Pledges will only be processed if the minimum target of $60,000 is met in the time frame of 40 days.

It went live at midday today and will finish at 12pm on Monday the 19th of November. If you would like to make a pledge it would be greatly appreciated. I know some people can not afford it so maybe you would like to help promote the campaign. The link you can use for emails to friends and Facebook etc is: http://pozible.com/kcoa2012 Please do not put the link on other peoples websites as they have their own funding issues.

I decided to do it like this as it accountable for all to see and gives some certainty about where I am heading.

I will put updates on this page and at the bottom of the posts I do until the campaign is finished.

The website New Matilda needed money to keep going or they would close and used Pozible in 2010 and raised $175,000. So I believe at least $60,000 is achievable.

I have a long-term funding plan with books and t-shirts etc. But while this grows, it is not there yet.

As regular readers know this site started in January last year and for the first 20 months I only made money from selling my book and t-shirts. Those sales have only started to cover costs the last few months. I added a donation button 2 months ago and while that has helped I could not live off it.

I believe what I do adds a lot of value to the media landscape and believe I can drive change with the support of enough people. This site now has over 1670 followers. If enough of you throw your support behind the campaign it will be a success. I will be promoting the campaign other ways as well.

I am in the process of setting up a “Supporters Wall” page for people who have donated and would like their name on there.

For further information and to pledge go to: http://pozible.com/kcoa2012

Or click on the picture below:

When you go on the Kangaroo Court of Australia page on the Pozible site you click on “Support Project” which is on the right hand side. Then you sign in and select the amount.

If you have any questions please email me at: shanedowling at hotmail dot com

Thank you for your support

It would be greatly appreciated if you spend a minute using Twitter, Facebook and email etc and promote this post. Just click on the icons below.

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  1. Do a weekly video podcast with insights / interviews etc so that folks that work & listen to media like me can have the time to be informed on daily / weekly issues from K Court… Cheers Jon.

    • That is one of the things that I want to do, but have struggled time wise running this site on a part-time basis but will do it if I raise the money which will allow me to work full-time on this site.

  2. i did not make a pledge for the crowdfunding campaign – i won’t go into any reasons but basically i cannot afford anything right now. i have not even ordered my KCOA t-shirt which i have been planning to get for a while. i’ll certainly get it before the next election.

    what really bothers me about that campaign is that it will probably be the people who can afford it the least who will need to come up with donations to support this site. if i had the means to make a substantial donation i would do it in the blink of an eye, yet ironically if i had that means then it is possible that i would not want the system to change and thus would not want to donate to shoot myself in the foot! when i think about the huge amount of money being thrown about by small/medium/large enterprises, organizations, or employees, what’s a few hundred of even a few thousand dollars to them? not much really, but what a whopping difference it could make to this country. very sad situation IMO.

    i have learned not to donate a cent to charities (lots of accounts of rorts – sound familiar?) but i would like to support KCOA some time in the future. having the truth and blatant criminality exposed… this is the only cause i have belief and trust in.

  3. A part of the problem might have been the use of the term CrowdFunding Campaign since I for one ignored that item having no clue as to what it meant and only lately understood what it was about. I did donate a small amount directly via paypal sometime back but don’t have the means at the moment to support you further.

  4. Don’t lose heart. You have people listening and that’s worth a lot. Unfortunately people just don’t like to part with money which is understandable so for many of us its a labour (hate that word now) of love. It is hard to reach people: your average Joe believes the courts work and assumes they will be there when he needs them. People don’t find out about you until it’s too late and there is not sufficient weight of numbers. I like the idea about Youtubing to bring in new followers: It has to be biting, funny and satirical. If it’s just a rant or dry news people won’t watch. Make them laugh and be appalled at the same time. It’s the best way. Even then I don’t know if you will ever raise enough to work full time. The independent media in Oz has to fight hard for donations too, but you can make a living out of it. *it* can be done: It’s just hard work. Until then console yourself you have people listening. Think about youtube. You need to reach them *before* the courts have screwed them over. And remeber: Be funny!

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