Commissioner Ian Cambridge

Ian Cambridge returns serve against Kangaroo Court of Australia attack and drops the boot into Julia Gillard

Commissioner Ian Cambridge’s diary notes from 1995 to 1996 have been leaked to The Australian. The timing of the leak is only a matter of days after I had posted two stories on his criminal conduct and attacking his honesty and integrity. I have no doubt Cambridge has leaked the diary notes himself in an attempt to protect his reputation and credibility and conceal his own crimes that I have written about in the posts. There is no other logical reason for him to have leaked the diary notes.

The diary notes are Cambridge’s protection and power and there is only one place the leak would have come from and that is Cambridge himself because diary notes are something you do not give to anyone especially if they have evidence of criminal conduct of others.

Cambridge had 17 years to leak the notes but did not. The AWU scandal has been reported on and off substantially since last year yet he has only leaked them a few days after I started my attack on his conduct and credibility as well as his crimes.

But Cambridge is caught between a rock and a hard place. Like the rest of the country he is watching union and labor party corruption starting to crumble around him, but more on that later in the post. Then I pulled out the sledge-hammer and started to go to town on him. Firstly writing about his criminal conduct while he was a commissioner at the NSW Industrial Relations Commission and then dissecting his affidavit in the AWU Scandal and showing the holes in that and also showing his call for a Royal Commission to be the bad joke that it was and nothing but a lie.

Ian Cambridge has taken a huge risk and inflamed the matter that could blow up in his face and he would only do that to protect himself. This site is the only place that has been outing him for the corrupt person that he is.

I did a post on October the 14th titled “Julia Gillard and Bruce Wilson AWU fraud investigation gathers pace. At the end of that post I wrote “I have been sitting on some information and will start writing about it in the next week or two. But here is a question for you. In 1996 Ian Cambridge wrote to the Federal Labor Government asking for a royal commission into the Gillard / Wilson / AWU fraud. Not in a million years were they ever going to have a royal commission given the Labor Party are an extension of the union movement and Cambridge would have known this. So why did he write to them seeking a royal commission? That first came to my attention in 2006 and it hit me straight away what Cambridge was up to.” (Click here to read the post)

Cambridge knows who I am and he knows the evidence I have on him. He would have been made aware of what I wrote and started to worry.

Then on the 4th of November I did a post titled “The Julia Gillard, Ian Cambridge and Shane Dowling connection.” where I provided direct evidence of his criminal conduct. (Click here to read the post) I flagged at the end of that post that I would do another which is still in the pipeline but I followed up on the 11th November with the post titled “Ian Cambridge and Bill Ludwig covered up the 1996 AWU fraud case which helped Julia Gillard” (Click here to read the post)

Wednesday’s stories in The Australian

There were a number of stories in The Australian on Wednesday (14/11/12) about the same thing.  The key part was Wayne Hem a former AWU employee said he was given $5000 by Bruce Wilson to deposit into Julia Gillard’s bank account. This was supported by notes in Ian Cambridge’s diary notes. This would not have been a story if Ian Cambridge had not leaked his notes as it is only hearsay and would have left The Australian wide open for a potential law suit.

Wayne Hem says he also deposited other cheques for Bruce Wilson. Mr Hems also says that Cambridge and the  AWU had him sign a statutory declaration in 1996 about his evidence which seems to have gone into a black hole and never seen again. I think Cambridge just played Mr Hem for a fool and was making out that the AWU was doing something about the fraud so Mr Hem did not go to the police or media.

Ian Cambridge refuses to answer any questions but he did confirm the diary notes are his. This also tells me he leaked the notes himself because if he did not confirm it The Australian quite possibly would not have run the stories as they could have been forgeries.

It says in The Australian that Wayne Hem signed a statutory declaration last Sunday (11/11/12) and questions were sent to the Prime Minister on the Monday. They seemed to have moved hard and fast last Sunday which is strange given The Australian says they had been dealing with Mr Hems for a fortnight. Maybe the post I did last Sunday had something to do with it and maybe that is when the diary notes were leaked. Who knows, but it is strange.

Why Cambridge has good reason to be extremely worried

The days of massive protection and cover-ups for union and Labor Party criminals is coming to an end and Cambridge is watching it unravel before his eyes like the rest of us. The difference being is that Cambridge has plenty to hide and would be very worried.

Cambridge is sitting back and watching a former union and Labor Party heavy weight like Michael Williamson face criminal charges and Craig Thomson is in a lot of trouble even though there was a massive attempt to cover it up by the Labor Party machine. In NSW former Labor politicians are under investigation at the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). No one is safe anymore. This would unsettle any union person with plenty to hide like Cambridge.

He is watching people involved in the AWU scandal getting trashed in the media for their role in the cover-up and people coming forward like Ralph Blewitt with evidence.

He is also watching the heat put on Julia Gillard for the AWU fraud and her clumsy handling of it. Then I put the blowtorch on Cambridge and he would have said to himself it is time to protect myself and stuff everyone else.

Cambridge could and would not respond directly to my allegations but by leaking his notes he has managed to get some positive media which he would be hoping would negate anything I write about him and stop other media picking up on what I have written.

People talking up Cambridge’s honesty and integrity

Some people are talking up Ian Cambridge as being an honest and ethical person. That will come back to bite them. Anyone who has followed the AWU scandal closely knows Cambridge took a bribe and shut his mouth when it counted.

Robert McClelland for example has been in the media saying what an honest and great guy Cambridge is. Mr McClelland was Ian Cambridge’s lawyer in 1996 so is not impartial. And it is worth noting that McClelland only last year was helping Julia Gillard cover-up the AWU scandal by appointing Bernard Murphy as a Federal Court Judge. I did a post in October last year titled “Julia Gillard appoints Bernard Murphy, her partner in crime from Slater and Gordon Lawyers, as a Federal Court of Australia judge.” (Click here to read the post) McClelland will play on either side on any given day depending on what is best for him.

I think the above is important because besides Bruce Wilson and probably Julia Gillard, Cambridge is the one who would have the best knowledge of what happened and where all the evidence is. And by leaking his notes he has cracked. The above is also important as some people would think that by leaking his diary notes Cambridge is trying to do the right thing and have justice done. Well that is the wrong thing to think. Cambridge is a criminal on the run and has leaked his diary notes to try to take the heat off himself. The heat that I have put on him and will continue to do so.

When did Cambridge take his diary notes to the police? He didn’t. That says it all in relation to his honesty.

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  1. The disappointing number of people pledging support shows WHY Julia is toughing it out.
    A complete No-Brainer.
    The saying : ” People get the Government they deserve ” is thorough proof.
    How pathetic are we ???
    All mouth and no spine !

  2. And now, surprise, surprise, there are three empty files. Just how stupid does the ALP think Australians are? The fact that only the file pockets or file boxes remain proves that the files existed and now have been (illegally) removed. If there were files, someone in the various organisations that owned them prepared them, doubtless someone read them (even if it was only the clerks doing the filing or handling), and now someone has removed them. That is a lot of readership and probably photocopies.

    Very fanciful to think that cracks will not appear in this conspiracy to practice one or all of misfeasance, malfeasance or misprision. There may even be a law somewhere on the books that allows for the PM to be impeached.

    All it requires is men of good will to do nothing.

    • But how do people get in and take files. It could only come from a order from above, very above, and what of the people following the order, do they turn a blind eye out of fear? And for how long. If I was a newspaper with a few bucks, I would put out a reward for any info, it would not take long for a story to appear. And it would sell a lot of newspapers.

  3. Slater and Gordon files going missing. Ian Cambridge files suddenly turning up. How the MIGHTY are FALLING the little drips of water from this webpage are slowly eroding their foundations SOON THERE WILL BE AN ALMIGHTY CRASH as they fall one by one This web page needs to be kept open Any donation no matter how small helps to keep this nation honest for your children and their future. Without these pages we would be ripped of at every level Parents especially reading this web page should understand that it is an investment to honesty for the future of their children not just themselves. I have a grandson and i dont want him being controlled by the Gillards and the Cambridges and the Buce Wilsons of this Nation of ours

    • Missing files is not a good look for an allegedly professional business that handles delicate and important legal documents for their clients. Perhaps they are so wealthy they can afford to be complacent. On the other hand, maybe they treat their clients with contempt. Time will reveal all.

      • There has to be a police investigation into these missing files and who had access to them? ,but i won’t hold my breath .The police have done a terriable job investigating this government ,Slipper,Graig Thompson,WILLIAMSON just a few investigations that have been stalled and held back….. WHY???? do the police work for the people or the government?

      • Robynne, it is becoming very apparent the neither the Police nor the Government work for the people. Like the Judiciary, they work for who pays them. And not particulary well either. If they worked for us (wo)men in the street we’d be able to tell them what to do or sack them for doing otherwise.

  4. Even if this matter doesn’t get to a court of law, it should raise some serious questions for the biggest jury in the country, namely Australian voters, at the next election.

    • Bob It WILL get before a court of law These gangsters are sweating so bad at the moment THAT IF THE COURTS DIDN’T GET THEM THEY WOULD DROWNED IN THEIR OWN SWEAT lol Every drip of sweat erodes their foundations even more This web page has been getting nothing but POSITIVE results so far AND MORE TO COME

      • But what it comes before the courts and is presided over by the likes of Rares, Murphy, keane et al?

  5. Shane, exposing the corruption within the unions and the ALP is the right thing to do.

    Gillard and co are destroying a great nation with their socialist agenda.

  6. It is early days Shane if the crowdfunding site does not hit its target. Your site has No bias as evident with Cambridge and people will respect that! Keep it up and go hard at them!

  7. Keep up the good work Shane. I as a 75year old citizen cannot believe this mob of thieves we call a government can survive on this evidence there is against them. It has got to be stopped. I hope my grandkids don’t have to suffer the degridation of being a banana republic in the hands of these greedy bastards. Allan From Myalup W.A.

  8. We’re losing this country and few seem to care or do much about it. As someone already commented, this is demonstrated by the poor response to this appeal; we’ll get what we deserve, but won’t be happy when we do. Tough!

    As a migrant of some 30- odd years, I’m completely sickened watching this fabulous country slowly deconstruct and by the stench of corruption emanating from Canberra and Sussex Street (not that the other side are totally innocent, but it seems to be wired in the Left’s DNA).

    As a self-funded retiree doing it much tougher than I expected, I can only put my hand up for $100

    Can I respectfully suggest NOT terminating the appeal and letting it run? It takes time (I didn’t see the appeal until today). And what-ever happens in that regard, I’d be quite happy to put my small contribution in for your on-going expenses.

    Thanks for what you’re doing and Good Luck!

    • Ian The only reason there has been, NOT a POOR response simply a SLOW response because the page needs more and more publicity by tweeting it and more facebook viewing and the POSITIVE side is that that is what is happening i totally agree REMOVE the deadline and let it run further as i think the deadline was too short in relation to the short time the web page has been in existence I now see Kangaroo Court of Australia mentioned in a lot of places where it would never have been mentiomed before And people like Ian Cambridge are now on the run because of this web page

      • I agree rh…Kangaroo Court is just taking off….as are a couple of others who are working toward an honest outcome on all things government
        if everyone tweets and forwards it will gather momentum

  9. ‘Underbelly’! Eat your heart out.
    He who must be ‘O’Bayed’, they need you to sort this out! ( if you are not too busy at the moment?)

    • Robynne There are always witnesses who will keep coming forward as these legalised gangsters like Julia Gillard and others try to stem the flow of evidence against them Evidence will always turn up eventually despite all the moves that are made to destroy files etc. These legalised gangsters have so many enemies amongst honest people that they cannot get rid of all the evidence against them

  10. Dear Shane,

    Your article is mind boggling! How is it possible for these people to keep getting away with their criminality? How come they don’t seem to be accountable for their actions? Now, if I had committed what they have, I’d be in bloody jail! Does this mean there are different laws for different stratas in our society?

    I’ve sent your ” post” , to very single one of my contacts in Australia, with my own comments, about trying to support you, in how you’re trying to restore some modicum of respect back into the country we all love so much. I also told people about how, when we applied to come to Australia, we had to swear on a stack of Bibles, that neither we, nor our parents, grandparents or great grandparents, had ever committed any crimes. We had to PROVE our good character, because, we were told, if we had the smallest misdemeanor ( apart from a parking ticket…which we hadn’t) , it could jeopardise our chances of coming here. We were prodded and poked and every aspect of our innermost details were laid bare, for all to see, and we didn’t mind one bit… We were, after all coming to a paradise called AUSTRALIA! And now, our very own Government is knee deep in unbelievable shenanigans. They make me cringe with shame

    You have our unmitigated support, Shane. I will try and make a donation as soon as I can. We were involved in the Storm Financial disaster, lost the bloody lot, and now living on a Govy pension. Fortunately, we have a son who supports us as much as he can.

    We wish you the very best of the best in your rather arduous endeavour. I just want my old Australia back.

    Thank you Shane, for being ” there” for this beautiful country. May God bless you every step of your way.



    Sent from Claudette’s iPad 🐨🍃🐨🍃🐨🍃

    • Claudette The fact that at present you cannot donate financially is no big problem The fact that you are using your computer and your contacts throughout Australia is extremely important and very valuable to Shane and this web page as publicity is extremely important in getting Shanes message out to more and more people And from what i see it is getting more and more publicity every day

  11. I do not udnerstand how Gillard is still in the top job. She would have to be the most wicked, lying, corrupt, vicious, deal making, mean mouthed, hard as nails, ugly politician we’ve ever had. Nothing seems to get in her way. She has managed to bribe the independants. She has managed to shut up the most powerful newspapers in the country. She’s got away with theft of union funds. WHY CAN’T WE GET RID OF HER, why do we have to wait another 10 months???

  12. Shane, why not form a coalition with Andrew Bolt,. You both seem to chasing the same cause. Two heads are better than one to bring this issue to a head. You both seem be “on the money”, but the issue is “dragging on” for such a long time & doesn’t seem to making much headway. We need this to come to a head quicker than it is progressing at the moment. Before we know it , it will be Federal election time & Gillard will be gone.Without these matters brought to finality & no charges laid, Gillard will be entitled to a full PM’s pension for life , along with all the other retired pollies’ perks (Gold pass,office ,secretaries,chauffeurd limo, driver, etc., etc.
    Surely a Bolt/Dowling coalition would get a lot more publicity, support & notice.

    • joining up with blogs….
      Smithy…Kangaroo… Independant Journos all differing in the way they present …..I Just love them all and Piers and Andrew have a very wide readership….just keep plugging away with reference to all blogs…

    • Bolt is a gatekeeper with no values. He only writes as he’s told. To go with him in any way would be compromising in the extreme. Don’t consider it.

    • Sam Paul said it all when he said Bolt is a gatekeeper tied down to bosses But the way things are going at the moment and the revelations disclosed by Shane here on this page will bring things to a head a lot quicker than you seem to think. Bolt actually has been losing face lately and although not a spent force has lost a lot of impetus lately as can be seen on the Bolt Report Combined giant steps can land you in a bog Better small but firm steps forward every time makes for solid progress Which this page is Gaining with Shanes guidance

      • Hi Shane, My mail box is starting to groan from all these new comments, so if you could just send me the new posts I’d be grateful. Like a lot of Australians I think you’re doing a wonderful job. When I can I’ll try and send you a donation. Kind regards Bob Banner

      • I can not change it. When you get a new comment there should be a link there to stop the new comments. When you comment it has a box which says “Please notify me of follow-up comments”. Make sure you do not click that box


  14. There is no doubt Ian Cambridge leaked his diary notes to the australian newspaper to cover his tracks Shane. I believe he has seen your blog and has taken taken action by leaking his diary entries to make it sound like he’s a good guy and in some way try to discredit you Shane. I believe everything you have said about Ian Cambridge shane. Cambridge is dangerous, corrupt and a liar who used his position in the awu fraud to bargain for a higher position in the unions/industrial relations. Cambridge is no hero, he is in fact a criminal and sold his soul to corruption.

  15. Shane as a pensioner on state pension I could not donate a great deal but I done my level best for a good cause. I would donate my Lamborgini if I had one I would give anything to see these bastards pay. The Craig Thomsons of this world are crap and they rob the poor of their hard earned cash. Robin Bastards not Robin Hoods. Allan Myalup.W.A.

  16. There isn’t anywhere on the planet that is perfect but when you travel around different countries you soon learn how much we are being shafted in this resource rich country and how shabbily we have been governed for a very long time.

    This was and could be the Lucky Country but it isn’t anywhere near that now. We are the limping country, being hobbled by wicked lobbyists and greedy multinationals are just draining it to death and our third rate corrupt politicians and bureaucrats cannot see past their paypackets and into the future that our children and grandchildren will inherit. I really gives me the …..

    • Some of the electorate voted for the ALP. They then showed us what a mob of ex Unionists, ex Commos and believers in International Socialism can do using Subjective Truth, prevarication and Committee Dictatorship. That last term is an oxymoron but the ALP don’t have anyone with the balls or brains to be Leader. Snakes in the short grass. Easily seen but still hard to kill and avoid being bitten.

  17. On responding to the above item, as a observer of Federal politics, I’am very concerned at what is going on down there in Canberra and more important, how the current Federal Government is performing. If Gillard and her questionable government manage to last till this time next year, it will mark 40 years of following Canberra. I am appalled at what I’m reading and listening to re issues surrounding Ms Gillard and a full account needs to be provided by the PM. However, I’m some-what disturbed that three files are now missing and even one from the Federal Court, possibly from its Brisbane Registry. I find it unacceptable that someone or perhaps a group, can put at risk, the fabric of our society and law system – just for their own agenda/s. I also impressed with the information being posted to this site.

  18. Well it is obvious Cambridge took a bribe! If you take a bribe you take a bribe! The Honourable thing to do would be re-sign from been a commissioner and come clean on “whats Happened” here. He may re-store his integrity that way and be looked on favourably by the public. At the moment he is a Coward and be judged with NO integrity

    • Cambridge is ‘worried’; if you take a bribe once, you take another a few years later. Why is the media hell bent on removing the PM. Is it perhaps that she’s
      clean and they are not? Anyone can fill in a diary anytime. Think on that!

      • j. bennett, re: “Is it perhaps that she’s clean and they are not?”, are you for real? is it the ALP or a union you’re associated with?

        yeah sure, come on julia, tell us everything that happened so that we can see once and for all how clean you are! come on, we’re waiting! oh. silence. ok. don’t say anything in case you incriminate yourself, or in case it raises even more questions. just let stooges like bennett plant seeds of “doubt” all over the internet instead.

        even a mildly intelligent person sees right through what you’re trying to do.

      • Easy to see who voted labour last election study before you write or you make a fool of yourself The media is not hell bent on removing the PM Honest Decent Australians are hell bent on not only seeing her go but seeing her and Cambridge where they belong and that is prison

  19. Let’s face facts, about honesty.
    A honest person denies a allegation, and attempts to prove their honesty, they want to talk about the subject of the allegation. And, if any doubt their talk, they willingly engage with the doubters.
    On the other hand, a dishonest person will also deny a allegation, and refuse to elaborate on their denial, even if some doubt, their denial.

  20. Terry you could’t have worded it better A decent honest person will fight to clear their name a liar and a cheat will try everything to keep the situation quiet.

    • I recomend that all, especially, the PM and her aplogists listen to the interview betwen Alan Jones and Julie Bishop MP this morning. It is uninterrupted for 25.42 minutes and can be found by a search of 2GB radio in Sydney.
      Hope this link works:
      Now that is a report without all the personal allegations and what the matter is about….concentrating on the facts. A great summary.
      Now would the PM or her apologists kindly listen to the matters raised and provide a detailed factual reply ewither here or to Alan Jones. It is the least that can be done to inform those who pay your salaries. Time the politicians realised that they are mere employees and the public is the boss. The public deserve an explantion, even if some of the public are afraid of facts.

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