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AFP Commissioner Tony Negus caught bullying and bastardising a second whistleblower

Canberra’s best known pants man Australian Federal Police Commissioner Tony Negus has been caught red-handed bullying and bastardising another whistleblower within the federal police. This is the same man who has been caught time and again covering up government corruption and the same man who was caught having an affair with his secretary Tamerra Mackell in 2011.

In the latest scandal federal police officer Brendan Thomson AFP is in the process of being driven out of the police force for sending Commissioner Negus an email blowing the whistle on the failings of the federal police in handling the Christmas Island 2011 riots. As it turns out the email is explosive in that it contradicts lies that the federal police told a parliamentary enquiry.

Lying to a parliamentary enquiry is a criminal offence and the parliament have the power to either jail or fine a person which is covered by the PARLIAMENTARY PRIVILEGES ACT 1987 – SECT 7.  So the email ties Commissioner Negus directly into the criminal offence.

Background – Brendon Thomson In 2010 Brendon Thomson was a federal police officer in the Operational Response Group or ORG (riot squad). He was team leader on Christmas Island which has a detention centre for illegal immigrants.

With overcrowding the risks were starting to escalate in October and November 2010 and Mr Thomson “placed at least seven both formal and informal briefs into my chain of command that the risks were starting to increase”.

On the 18th November 2010 the AFP announced that it would be withdrawing the riot squad in nine days. “Brendan Thomson returned to Australia and sent a desperate email to his boss, Commissioner Tony Negus, warning the decision was putting thousands of people at risk.” Mr Thomson sent a follow-up email to Tony Negus.

“Within days Brendan Thomson was stood down from operational duty and faced a misconduct charge for contacting the commissioner.” “That stand-down then continued for nearly 13 months”

The federal police removed their forces from Christmas Island  for political reasons in that they wanted “to expose the security failings of the Immigration Department and the detention centre operator, SERCO.”

In March 2011 there was a riot at the Christmas Island detention centre that lasted 6 days. At a parliamentary enquiry into the riots the federal police told the enquiry that “its intelligence was that the centre was generally calm in the lead up to the March riots”. This was clearly a lie and Commissioner Tony Negus knows it as Brendan Thomson had emailed him of the potential dangers on Christmas Island.

Last week Brendon Thomson wrote to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions asking them to investigate the lies that the federal police told the parliamentary enquiry. “Brendan Thomson is now on unpaid leave as he continues to fight AFP Management”  (Click here to read the full transcript or watch the interview on the 7.30 Report)

The key point for me is where it says Brendon Thomson “faced a misconduct charge for contacting the commissioner”. That says it all. Mr Thomson’s bastardisation and bullying has come directly from Commissioner Tony Negus and they are clearly trying to drive him to resign from the federal police which is what is known as a constructive dismissal.

Brendon Thomson’s crime is that he kept Tony Negus directly informed on a subject that Negus wanted to deny any knowledge of and worse still with the email there was a direct paper trail to Negus.

Ross Fusca

Brendon Thomson’s treatment is eerily similar to that of former federal police officer and whistleblower Ross Fusca who currently has proceedings before the Federal Court against the federal police. “As part of his evidence he alleges he was offered a promotion if he shut down the enquiry into the AWB oil-for-food scandal which he headed up when he was employed at the AFP.”

Mr Fusca also sent an email to senior officers in the federal police which read in part: “I refuse to be treated like a fool,” the email said. “This is a high  priority AFP national investigation, the task is massive. If no proper effective  support is given and maintained, I recommend closing this investigation.”

At 3.18pm on  December 18, Ross Fusca, the acting co-ordinator of the AWB  oil-for-food taskforce,  hit ”send” and his 30-year career began a rapid  downwards spiral. Fusca was quickly disciplined and demoted. Worse would come: stress leave, a humiliating return to work” and then the federal court action.

“The email triggered his immediate demotion and led to a series of events that ultimately ended Fusca’s career.” Fusca resigned in late 2010. A fairly clear-cut constructive dismissal from what I can see. (Click here to read my previous post on the Ross Fusca matter)

Bullying, bastardising and driving police officers out of the federal police seems to be a standard mode of operation for whistleblowers under Commissioner Tony Negus’s leadership. Especially ones who send emails that could embarrass federal police management.

Tamerra Mackell

In June 2011 it was revealed that Commissioner Tony Negus had been in the habit of taking his secretary and former Newcastle Knights cheerleader Tamerra Mackell on overseas trips with him. This was unprecedented as his predecessor Mick Keelty “usually travelled with a “staff officer” – a uniformed AFP officer who is a member of the Senior Executive Service, the highest ranks of the public service.”

Yet Tony Negus decided it was good idea to take his secretary who is a civilian employee and not a federal police officer for the purposes of “to provide support to” for “such as amending speeches when he is travelling overseas.” (Click here to read more)

Everyone in Canberra knows exactly what was going on with pants man Tony Negus and Tamerra Mackell. At the time the SMH reported Mr Negus “refused to answer questions about his relationship with an assistant he took on overseas business trips” (click here to read more) And that is where the story stopped with the media. One suspects plenty of phone calls were made to shut the story down.

It was tax payers money that Tony Negus was using to facilitate his affair and he should have been made to answer the questions. Having an affair is probably not a sackable offence but using tax payers money to facilitate it would be and Negus was protecting one person and one person only, himself. 

I did a post on the Negus – Mackell affair at the time in 2011 and took it down. It is the only post I have ever taken down from this site and it was my own decision as I felt there was not enough in the post and it was covered by the MSM. In hindsight I should have left it up as it goes to the character of the Tony Negus. By failing to address the media on the issue Negus has failed his own family that has to suffer the gossip as well as Tamerra Mackell and her husband who is a federal police officer.

Understanding and knowing how Negus failed his own family it becomes easy to understand how he will destroy the police careers of Brendan Thomson and Ross Fusca without even blinking.

I did manage to get a FOI file that has the expenses for Tony Negus and Tamerra Mackell for the period 1/03/11 to 5/07/11. (Click here to read the file) Someone with better knowledge of travel and expenses might be able to see if there are any irregularities.

Tony Negus cannot possibly be psychologically sound to be the police commissioner. The man is a nut case who only cares about himself and will destroy anything and everything in his road including his own family. He is as corrupt as they come as well. Mr Negus has a lot more form on the board when it comes to corruption than what is above which I have previously written about. (Click here to read)

There could and should be a parliamentary enquiry at the very least into Tony Negus and the issues raised above for starters. Federal parliament are in the process of passing new whistleblower laws which is probably too little too late for Brendan Thomson and Ross Fusca.

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  1. Another one. What amazes me, is how these people are able to shut down the MSM.
    I always believed we live in a free country, now i have serious doubts.

    Shane, good thinking to work full-time before the election, at least we will have somebody out there we can trust. Thanks.

  2. Scum rises to the top! On the topic of the election, I don’t want to put you on the spot or go of topic but I would like to know who are some honest people that I could possibly vote for?

    • Try adding to the ballot paper a little box and next to it:
      ‘MY DOG’.
      Then place number ‘1’ in the box.
      I have been supporting the ‘MY DOG ‘ party for many years and wish them continuing success.

  3. That was a stunning revelation about AFP Commisioner Negus.
    What next will turn up in the annals of these people in top positions!!!

  4. This scullduggery seems to be never ending, and who in every departmental line-up in Australia has the honesty and guts to obliterate it.

  5. The “Buck Stops at the Top” and any management culture type permeates through the whole entire organisation or organisations that that management is under or controlled from above. – it is a common fact of corporate life and perhaps even more prevalent in public life as they do not answer to the same laws and regulations that a private company director or officer has to. They are only answerable to the MSM and we know how ineffective that is.

    Who is Tony Negus’s boss as well as many other Government Departments and Government owned enterprises? the Federal Parliament of course, who also have a union culture of bullying, bastardisation, blackmail and extortion. So it is no wonder we end up people such as this running an extremely important organisation to the well being of our country as the AFP. Am I reading “Mein Kampf”……?

    Thankfully, of the many incidents in recent times in this regard you have also made much more clearer than the MSM and I look forward to your next post.

  6. This story should be on the front page of The Sydney Morning Herald. The Herald has become a joke. How about they boot their editorial staff over to New Idea and give us some real reporters?

  7. Lying to parliament is a federal criminal offence & yet it occurs time & time again. It constantly amazes me how often this gets shown to be correct, is well known about & then is simply glossed over or ‘airbrushed’ out of the way.

    Not one of our elected politicians has the stamina, or the backbone to do anything about it. The question must be asked of them – why? Another question – why are they even in office if they cannot uphold the laws of this country? It is their duty to do so when they are earning income off the public purse.

  8. We seem to have a growing problem with the relationship between those in positions of power within the Corporation that is Australia, and with a complicit, dishonest Mainstream media. At least its now becoming obvious to growing numbers of citizens.

  9. Cases like this show time and time again that whistleblowers are treated worse than the corrupt creeps they are exposing. Is it any wonder that there are so few when they see how others are treated not to mention the lack of support they receive from the media.

  10. Surely something has to be done to bring Commissioner Negus to account ? Why is it that these facts are not highlighted more and Negus given the axe!

  11. Nothing to see here. Everything looks above board and so therefore is. We all know there have been no vested Police interests and most definitely no untoward practises since the goodness of the Fitzgerald Enquiry flowed out from QLD to all corners of the nation ending cronyism forever.

  12. Can u believe it? Another senior fed does what he wants.Thumbs his nose at public accountability and guess …what will get away with it. Even an expose on the national broadcaster last week will result in zero. Oh but I assure you this guy will receive nothing but promotion and totally outrageous fiduciary benefits even if he is called to account and found wanting u should see the “go away” packages they give themselves……………..
    I luv this site this guy is fearless I promote this site to the youth of Australia.

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